There's this video of an autopsy of a 14yo boy that died from dengue fever. It used to be on here and on Best Gore but they both got removed. If anyone still has that video please PM me. Thanks a lot.
Looking for a particular vid or clip? Don't hesitate to ask in this thread. Fellom members will try to help you find what you are looking for. Please don't start a separate thread about it because it would be deleted.
Does anyone have or have a link to videos of girls actually BEING killed?
more decapitations, amputations and OH id love to see anything with eye tourture .. there just arent enough eyes getting cut out
I'm looking for a video of a young man who died by hanging from his house, when the police came to do a preliminary autopsy, they checked his penis by taking it out of his pants. , please help me
Does anyone know of any videos of electric chair executions or water boarding torture?
Hi meatpie, having real difficulty in accessing video morgue technitons washing young man in Russian morgue. Any chance of repost . Thanks.
I'm looking for a video about anatomy of a fattie. And a behead video for an criminal fattie.Please, the best meatpie!!!! (;´ ༎ຶД༎ຶ`)