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  • first time to hang a man later. i want him to struggle turn red and lose consciousness. what duration should I give him but keep him breathing and dont die?
    PUPPY2000 - if you cleared some space in your inbox we could chat on here. I only give my email to people I know well and trust - in fact I am extra-cautious about people who try to get my email without us getting to know each other first.
    Would love to hear from you. I love older men into this stud. Email me please at
    Thanks Kaito. I have sent you a PM, but post another message here if you do not get it.
    i'm chinese.And I aften hang myself.I am not handsome but I realy hope someone like looking at me.:-D As a Chinese, how to talk with you.
    As the world's foremost Wiki Booster, YOU, deaddirty, came to mind as soon as I read this paragraph:

    '"The Starry Night," Vincent van Gogh's 1889 masterpiece, captures a small village beneath a luminous sky. But the painting's enduring mystery lies in the dark, flame-shaped form in the left foreground. What was van Gogh attempting to convey with these elusive brushstrokes? What might this menacing presence in an otherwise tranquil landscape suggest? For years, there seemed to be no answer. Then we checked Wikipedia. It's a cypress trees.'
    River Clegg, Honest Museum Audio Tour
    Alex, I am thinking "Dead as a dodo" - surely the dodo should be the symbol of the Real Death sections, scavenged upon by the site Red kites, ie I suppose us.
    deaddirty, I only just discovered what I should have suspected all along: the word "dodo" is Portuguese for "stupid". It is not right to call a bird stupid just because it was too innocent and ill-equipped to defend itself against murderous humans. I want that bird back! If dodo cloning is a success, then work will begin on the passenger pigeon (which was a surprisingly beautiful bird).
    If cloning is used to bring an animal back from extinction, I hope it is decided to reanimate Raphus Cucullatus first!

    L in uk too
    Your email, I want to make connection with you, you can send me some files I can't download from the website.
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