1. P

    Young boy autopsy

    This site seems to be not interesting anymore, since the lock for the non elite account... But here is the video
  2. P

    Young boy drowned and his funeral

  3. Ma5520475

    play sleep Asian boy

  4. V

    Kill me, please!

    Hello! I want to play a role play. I am a tall and skinny boy. 16-18 years old and I'm an athlete, I wear sneakers hi tops. I want someone to kidnap me, torture me, violate me and spoil me in the worst possible ways. I make edited images. If you see my profile, I have images with boys and...
  5. secretchamber78

    Death scene of a teen spy novel

    Below is the final scenarios of a novel I collected many years ago. The plots of the whole novel are like this: Four high school kids with ages from 15 - 17 completed many daunting tasks for the government; but finally their identities slipped during a task and the dark corporations knew the...
  6. J

    Heart lover here

    Interested in heart attacks and cpr. Send me a message if you're the same!
  7. V

    Destruction from the ass

  8. V

    perverse monsters take advantage of Zack.

    Hi, I have several ideas for my next stories. What do you think of these images and how would you like them to continue? In this image, several creatures hit him on the boy's eggs, which they would like to happen later. while a bee plays with the penis of Zack, a female ant inserts in the ass...
  9. V

    boy in trouble

    visit my blog: I am about to finish the entry of my blog:night of perverted witches and I have tried to put into the story, several suggestions that you have asked me. now the end is coming and I would like to know, what would you like to happen to Zack: -more...
  10. Kaito

    A cute 18 Chinese boy was dead when basketball

    I am Chinese and my English is bad. This boy was dead suddenly when he played basketball.The photo is only one.
  11. J

    A Boy Dies in the Woods

    The trail is all but deserted. The tall, thick tree trunks don’t let much light filter down onto the narrow path. There is little undergrowth, leaving only short ferns covering the hillside. It’s a cool day in the forest. Dylan is walking alone. At age 18, he has an athletic build, with a lean...
  12. C

    Cross Country Boys

    Part 1 The weather was incredible. I was hiking out in the woods, wearing a tank top and basketball shorts. I looked up into the sky, lifting my hand to shield my face from the sunlight filtering down through the big, green leaves and onto the fern-covered deerpath I was walking on. Aside...
  13. AnonymousPH

    Parking boy found dead in Balagtas, Bulacan, Philippines on December 12, 2016

    No further info
  14. P

    Young teenager boy drowned

  15. G

    3d Art _young fat boy before his gutting

    Hello Nothing like of the smell of chlorophyl...and this belly before his guts on my shoes!!
  16. J

    Video: sleeping Asian twink date-raped, you think, Flo?

    Here's an interesting video, flo59! Pants and shirt already pulled off the sleeping twink, and the guy can't wait anymore. He needs to get his rocks off before the boy wakes up...
  17. P

    15 yo Boy killed

  18. G

    3d Art _young indian vs Wendigo

    hello Wendigo at work!!!:winner:
  19. G

    Fat boy , fat guts

    hello there:tognue2: bellies pulsions: act number...i can't remember!!!! daz3D and photoshop good appétit and week_end thank you
  20. P

    Saving drowned boy