1. EdsbeGores

    several deaths

  2. EdsbeGores

    I would choose: / and you would choose what type of person if you could, and what to do to them

    I saw the photo of these two guys on a forum, apparently they are already dead, but I can imagine them dying slowly during a hanging, both at the same time, in order to see which one hold on the longest...
  3. JonCamp

    Young, rugged, and very kissable

  4. phoenix_orochi

    AI civil war photos for arrow.

    Hello. i have this little present for arrow that he likes civil war soldiers. Hope you like mate.
  5. engorgio

    Mixed bag of guys

  6. Matthew

    Medical training videos on a dead guy genitals

    Doctor probably had a wonterful time.
  7. Matthew

    Some fat daddies

    Hope you like them!
  8. engorgio

    Flipped Over With Eyes Wide Open

    I love how they move him around while he stares at nothing.
  9. Code10777

    Ukrainian victims

  10. groveport64

    Dead with dick out... guy has guts

  11. groveport64

    Dead dudes of the day...may contain nuts

  12. groveport64

    keeping your mind on the road

    This guy really has his head in the game, last pics final destination in real life. Do cars not have airbags in these countries?
  13. groveport64

    Guy with a great smile

    Grinning from ear to ear.
  14. groveport64

    Some dead guys with cock

  15. groveport64

    Dead Soldier Replicas

    So apparently you can purchase very realistic replicas of dead soldiers for use in prop movies. Who knew. I saw one on this site, the pic is of the head, suprisingly very realistic.
  16. qwerty

    Guy autopsy

    A young guy is examined and autopsied after his unexplained death.
  17. qwerty

    Real morgue play

    Who is interested in real plays in middle europe? I like morgue and dolcett or similar fetishes with me as the victim. All without injuries. age: 44 weight: 155 pounds height: 70 inches You can write me a message here or at, my profil there is Qwerty_11. here some pics of my body:
  18. Jeremygay

    Ritual sacrifice

    one of my greatest fantasies would be to be the victim of a cult and the object of some sort of ritual sacrifice…. a good scenario for roleplay texting, what do you think?
  19. Brian2012

    Spartan Warrior Stories

    Chris - Murder Brian stared out of the window, his eyes transfixed on the elite soldiers that patrolled the land. Everywhere the soldiers went they had the attention of the ladies in their sexy slick look. Dressed in a red cape and slick black briefs the soldiers were nicknamed Spartans...
  20. ricky3

    Slaughter time

    Slaughtering man.