1. W

    Handsome man with glasses and nice jawline

    No detail found, anyone know where this is?
  2. proton

    Strangled dead in front of a mirror (Austria)

    Case from Austria. 29 yr old naked man found strangled dead in front of a mirror, using a well oiled leather belt, secured with a plastic cable tie to the upturned furniture behind him. Dried marks from a cum shot can be seen on the mirror in front of him. He was not dead long at all when these...
  3. S

    Louisiana Neighborhood Shooting

    Security camera footage of neighborhood shooting in Louisiana.
  4. dead and naked

    dead and naked

    probably died on a brain aneurysm. wont know till they take the body to the morgue and examine
  5. groveport64

    Dead with dick

    Does anyone know what the marks say in these pics?
  6. ligoudan6668

    A dead chinese

    Looks like an accidental death
  7. M

    Son kills father and sliced his face off

  8. M

    Chubby British guy died in Cambodia

  9. M

    Elderly man autopsy

    He was dance teacher.
  10. M

    British teacher died in Cambodia

  11. M

    Handsome chubby Asian man died face down

    And video of turning him over.
  12. M

    Fat bloated Man is inspected

    He was Polish P.E teacher
  13. M

    Fat man is examinated in the morgue

  14. altsxman

    Classic Death: In Black & White

    maybe some old... maybe some new.... but all dead & sexy... just waiting for someone to make love to them...
  15. qwerty

    Autopsy pics of a 32-year old guy

  16. M

    Fucking my ex one last time

    I posted pics of my ex a while ago, playing dead, we broke up but we still talked a bit, he still sent me nudes from time to time Some teasing him being strangled One day I told him about meeting again, he had in mind fucking, but I had other plans. We met at his house around 8 pm, his...
  17. C


    MOCKING DEAD <iframe width="853" height="480" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  18. N

    Victim 8

    Hey guys After literally years of planning, CDG member Tmorose and I have finally set a date for our necro session. He will become victim 8 on my necro resume. I am attaching a link to his profile where you can see some of his dead pictures. He is every killer's dream...
  19. johnny1743

    【Playing Dead】Asian guy dead by suicide with head shot

    "I'm sorry to everybody. This is how my end" a guy said. Then he use his gun and suicide himself. Hope you like it. Enjoy it.
  20. altsxman

    A Police Shooting !

    do you like...? anybody got more police shootings, to add to this thread?