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Oct 7, 2008
If you are looking for a particular image post here and a fellow member will help you out. Don't start a separate thread about it, it would be deleted.
Yes, but I have so many pics it will take me days to find him, but I will share, I promise.
hi i am looking for the photo of the naked dead body of the assasinated liberian president, when he was killed his body was put on a display and they show it to the villagers
Any pic of good looking dudes in crotch rocket (sportbike) accidents? I don't have "original" pics, but I have some autopsy reports of squids (dudes who do something stupid on motorcycles).


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You mean "squids"? Supposedly it was used in US Navy. Abbreviation of squirly kids or something.


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Request: Dead Car Wreck Boys

Hi Gang,
Im rather new to this site and really liking it.
I dont know if I am allowed to post a request in
this area, so please forgive me if this is off-topic
in this area.
Im looking for the set of pics of two young males
who died in a car wreck. Im sure many of you regulars
know the set Im talking about.
Two pics are posted here
Thanks so much for your help.
Just use the search option, I think they are in "Car Acccident Collection"
Okay first off I would like to post some images of the types of guys i like to see more but with my type of software I can't :( So I am looking to find guys who are dead while wearing a wetsuit either from scuba, surfing, swimming etc... I just think its hotter then plain skin. So please help me out, thanks!
There are images here somewhere of two Palestinians killed wearing wetsuits like you described. They were definitely Palestinians killed by Israelis. I hope this helps you with your search.
As for me, I've been looking over a decade for one picture I saw. Someone posted pics from "Life" magazine and I hoped it would be there but it wasn't. This picture was in the inside cover of Life magazine and it was a great color photo of a hot dead British cop killed by members of the IRA. He was so hot maybe in his thirties or forties and the mob of IRA thugs had stripped him down to his underwear and socks which were dirty from the dirt he'd been dragged through. I think there was a priest there praying for his soul. I had saved it but I lived at my parents and they threw out my stash of magazines.:confused:
yeah i think i have that picture in my other account at I should bring them over here, i have about 8 or 9 dead guys in wetsuits.
yeah i think i have that picture in my other account at I should bring them over here, i have about 8 or 9 dead guys in wetsuits.
OH! Please post the dead cop. I love that dead hunk o' beef!:sm (27):
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He wasn't dressed but the captions said he was a policeman.