1. verlup1


    What happened to this guy? Looks like something or someone ate him.
  2. Meatpie

    2010 Baghdad church attack

    The 2010 Baghdad church attack was a terrorist attack on a Catholic cathedral in Baghdad. It started during Sunday evening Mass on 31 October 2010. The attack left 60 Christians dead and more than 100 had been taken hostage. The al-Qaeda-linked Sunni insurgent group the Islamic State of...
  3. P

    Crazy Chinese guy sit in the road

  4. Art Of War

    Viagra Overdose = Penis Amputation

    Gentil Ramirez Polania, 66, from Colombia had an erection for days which lead to it being amuptated!!!!
  5. Meatpie

    Chechen terrorist Tagir Sulebanov offed by FSB

    Tagir was a member of the Caucasian Front organization, an islamist movement trying to establish their own muslim state inside the Russian Federation. They are part of a wider global jihadist front and are supported by Al-Qaeda. The United States government has offered US$5 million for...
  6. Meatpie

    WTF is Al-Shabaab? Are you ready for global jihad?

    Al-Shabaab fighters believe they have a duty to Allah and fight a global jihad for single muslim state No religion in history has caused so much senseless violence and war...Islam is once again rearing it's ugly head with the latest terrorist attack in Nairobi led by the Al-Shabaab militant...
  7. stonefree

    killed during SAMU

    I have no idea what is SAMU but he is cute
  8. Art Of War

    Earth Death by Earthquakes

    At times I am in doubt that the Earth will last until the Sun slowly kills it, millions of years from now. Fault lines acts like hairline fractures on the earths crust which grow larger and larger in time and connect with other hairline fractures becoming one large fracture. Fractures can...
  9. B

    New Color and Design

    Just wanted to say I really like the new color and design of the board! A nice change!
  10. phyzzique

    Dude stabbed to death then thrown in culvert

  11. todd00009

    Sneak Peak at September 18th BestDeaths videos

    Some really good videos here... More DEAD BOYS CLUB killings... The RETURN OF CHAD AND JAKE! More HUNTER! and MORE BEST DEATHS!!!
  12. P

    Naked guys dead in the grass;-Penis.html
  13. Meatpie

    Photos: Hundreds evacuated after flash floods hit Colorado

    Five people feared dead and more than 200 unaccounted for after flash floods hit the American state of Colorado. As rescue teams attempt to help those trapped, entire neighbourhoods have been washed away. Floodwaters flow past a destroyed...
  14. Meatpie

    Thousands to volunteer to honor 9/11 victims

    Thousands of people have pledged to give blood, donate books, pass out blankets at homeless shelters and volunteer at soup kitchens today to honor all those killed 12 years ago on 9/11. One World Trade Center looks stunning. Meanwhile mass murderer Bashar of Syria has threated the USA with...
  15. Meatpie

    27-year-old football player Hector Sanabria dies of heart attack during match [VIDEO]

    A fit player from a third-division Argentine soccer club has died of a heart attack during a match. Club Deportivo Laferrere says Hector Sanabria collapsed in the 29th minute of a game against General Lamadrid on Tuesday — a day before his 28th birthday. Doctors attended to...
  16. J

    Introductions b4 executions
  17. Meatpie

    NYC soldier cute as a model killed in Afghanistan

    Staff Sgt. Michael Ollis, 24, of Staten Island was killed in Afghanistan Wednesday. An Army carry team carries the transfer case containing the remains of Army Staff Sgt. Michael H. Ollis upon arrival at Dover Air Force Bas in Delaware Saturday. Flags on state government buildings will...
  18. 9

    It does happen

    Eric had been going down hill for several months after a loss of his partner to someone else. He more or less decided what the hell - live life to the fullest because you never know when you will be given a crappy deal. It was hard for Eric to turn off the feelings that had been in play for...
  19. Meatpie

    India express train in Bihar kills 43 people crossing track

    At least 37 people have died after being hit by an express train while crossing the tracks at a remote train station in the Indian state of Bihar, local officials say. The passengers, mostly Hindu pilgrims, had just alighted from a local train at Dhamara Ghat station and were on...
  20. Meatpie

    Ajmol Alom, 16 stabbed to death in London

    A 16-year-old schoolboy stabbed to death in a double knife attack in east London may have been killed by a gang from a rival estate because he tried to protect his friends. Ajmol Alom was knifed in the thigh in Spey Street, Poplar, at around 10pm last night in an 'unprovoked attack', Scotland...