1. barryds


  2. S

    Other necrophilia forums?

    This is an amazing site so no disrespect to it with this topic, but I'm noticing it's mostly guys here (as its called cutedeadguys) and I am a girl so I'm not sure how much I belong, does anyone know of a forum catering to females into necrophilia more? or maybe there is room for me here, I...
  3. S


    Hi got told about this by a friend... Thinking they were fucking with me cuz I'm not gay. I'm not homophobic or anything... And enjoy a lot of gore... Not in a sexual way tho! And it seems everyone is gay here! Nice 2 meat u all anyway ;) I'll have a bit more of a look may stick around may not.
  4. B

    New Color and Design

    Just wanted to say I really like the new color and design of the board! A nice change!
  5. deaddirty

    Bizarre death - cobra and condom

    Bizarre case, not made easier by Google translate from Thai. this guy was found dead apparently from cobra bite, but wearing a condom on his dick! Explanations on a postcard please! ..!! Big news so far, newspaper headlines this morning June 9 hueha as. "Young Ayutthaya was the Cobra...
  6. stustustugoo

    under 18 years of age

    i think it's time that CDG as a community adapt a new mandatory rule of no postings of any guy under the age of 18. we owe this to ourselves as a community as well as for our own safety and well being. lets consider that a person DOES NOT have to be in the nude to be considered pornographic ...
  7. Meatpie

    Do you recognize this fit athlete? He is dead.

    First member to post a reply with correct answer will get a 50% boost in reputation level. If the member already has good rep level we will award him FREE ELITE MEMBERSHIP!
  8. W


    Hey I'm an 18 year old female. I like everyone. I don't even know why I'm here soooooo yeaaa....
  9. billtp66

    For real snuff out

    I know this is crazy but I really o want to die. I want to just disappeared forever just like I have never been here. Just wondering if anyone might can give me ideas. Or maybe want to do it. I know I shouldn't post this but I really want to just disappear forever and just want to end it...
  10. ArrowMan

    Dead KIA Assad soldiers and SyrianRebs lotsa lotsa laid Assads all kindsa boner killed Assad soldiers way too hot bearded sexy reb mega sexy bareshirt bearded...
  11. A

    More new pics of Redrum´s

  12. Meatpie

    EXCLUSIVE: Hundreds killed in Egypt Civil War

    Exlcusive pics from a few hours ago, hundreds of young guys killed today including 43 police officers as Egypt Civil War spreads. Morgues across Cairo are overflowing with dead young guys. More soon. :outgunned:
  13. ICE

    Anyone in for some fun with old friends of us all?

    Yes I know I'm sorry to break the news before Meatpie did. But some of our old friends are back online. Just when we thought they learned... They are back. Yes the sicko's are back at it. JoX, Twisted Truck, Bope all the lot. Even our old friend Geo is on in it. Be carefull when creating...
  14. cowboy4brian

    BoDangles Tied up, Strangled, and Jerked Off

    Hey guys... As some of you know, I use to date BoDangles, I had him hogtied with a sheet wrapped around his ankles and then around his neck and I let him strangle himself out in this video. I'm looking for guys who want to play real time, I am located in New Jersey. I am VERY much into...
  15. Fideliodemo

    Joshua Blake Carpenter aka Fratman Everett Committed Suicide

    I did not see a mention of his passing on the forum. Reminded me of when Matthew Edison Bremer aka Sean, the Corbin Fisher model passed. Joshua Blake Carpenter July 20, 2013 Joshua Blake Carpenter, 21, of Jonesboro, Ark., died Saturday, July 20, 2013, at his residence. Josh was of the...
  16. Meatpie

    R.I.P. metalmachine, young guy from Spain

    One of our top posters has comitted forum suicide. :RIP: R.I.P. metalmachine, young guy from Spain. He said he is leaving because of phyzzique's attitude towards him. In his last message to me he said "CDG is dictatorship forum and I am sick of it."
  17. sunray


    A vacancy has occurrred to go round doing the unenviable task of checking assets before bodies are moved from crime scenes. Example pictured below. Any takers?
  18. PiercedChest

    Do you think of your own dick as a HE, an IT, a SHE or something else?

    One of our fellow forum members recently announced he thinks of his own dick as a HE, and I confess I think of mine as an IT. Now I wonder how many others share one of our viewpoints, or maybe even think of their cock as a SHE, or something completely different. Feel free to let it be lnown to...
  19. jon_b

    Reinaldo Curcio

    Reinaldo was gun down inside his car - just look at the number of bullet holes!! Someone really wanted him dead - he was riddled with bullets :shock: sorry - just noticed I posted these pics in reverse order :dunno:
  20. J

    I'm odd, right?

    The message at the top of the page says I should introduce myself so why not? I think I'm odd. Mainly, I have a fantasy which I would really rather not fulfill in which a muscular top is fucking me bareback and strangles me until I lose consciousness, maybe forever. I shoot my load pretty...