1. V

    Guro vore

    Hello! I'm making images where monsters and creatures attack, catch, rape, abuse and devour boys who wear sneakers. I am looking for who makes stories with my images. I can make images of your tastes, I will not charge you money. but they will have to pay with stories. my gmail...
  2. V

    Kill me, please!

    Hello! I want to play a role play. I am a tall and skinny boy. 16-18 years old and I'm an athlete, I wear sneakers hi tops. I want someone to kidnap me, torture me, violate me and spoil me in the worst possible ways. I make edited images. If you see my profile, I have images with boys and...
  3. V

    Rp kill boy

    Hello ! I would like to play rp where they raped, torture, kill a boy who wears basketball sneakers. The more violence and blood the better. It doesn't matter if you're a murderer or a monster. If you are interested I leave you my email. tentaclesvore@gmail.com
  4. V

    rp game:young man in serious problems

    I would like to play a roleplay game where: I am a young athlete, and a monster attacks me and kidnaps me. I want him to torture me, rape me and then devour me. Who wants to play like the monster?
  5. V

    Guys in very serious trouble 2

    Hi, nice to meet you again. They have been asking me for images with more deaths and a lot of gore. Here I leave some images with small stories. I would like your comments to be more extensive and descriptive. since making an image costs me a lot of time.
  6. V

    Guys in very serious trouble

    Hi, nice to meet you again. They have been asking me for images with more deaths and a lot of gore. Here I leave some images with small stories. I would like your comments to be more extensive and descriptive. since making an image costs me a lot of time. deaths with thorns. Max has been...
  7. V

    boy in trouble

    visit my blog: tentaclesvore.blogspot.com I am about to finish the entry of my blog:night of perverted witches and I have tried to put into the story, several suggestions that you have asked me. now the end is coming and I would like to know, what would you like to happen to Zack: -more...
  8. G

    Triple "D"

    Triple D : decapited, disembowell, devoured:teddybear: http://www.imagebam.com/image/e610b2732155683 http://www.imagebam.com/image/b405f5732155743 http://www.imagebam.com/image/744258732155803 http://www.imagebam.com/image/acc749732155843 http://www.imagebam.com/image/511729732155933...
  9. Meatpie

    Old classic morgue set and one of first gore photos I saw

    Saturday blast from the past - this is one of the first gore sets I downloaded as a teenager, back then I downloaded all pics on a CD and kept it in a wardrobe as I computers had little disk space. I instantly loved this guy and knew I had to become a morgue tech. :green grin::hearthrob: Who...
  10. B

    Seriously looking for victim in central US

    I'm a dominant black male in his mid twenties looking for a hot victim to end. I'm into beheading, eviscerating, dismembering, hanging, impalement, and a lot more. Would love to hear you scream as I hack pieces off of you and you blow your final load. Or even just to feel you go limp as I choke...
  11. G

    Fat boy , fat guts

    hello there:tognue2: bellies pulsions: act number...i can't remember!!!! daz3D and photoshop good appétit and week_end thank you
  12. B

    6996 Part3

    :welcome colour:
  13. B

    Gore, Torture Link?

    Hello guys, have you got any link of gore, torture on deep weeb?
  14. J

    Hey Kids want to see a dead body? (Really Gory)

    He sure has a mouthful, and the other one could not keep his head under pressure
  15. R

    STORY: Destination - Abattoir 4

    Destination: Abattoir 4 The curtains flutter, caught in a breeze funnelling through the open sash window. It is July, admittedly, but the gusts are of tropical warmth the type of which London witnesses only two or three days a year. Flimsy cream affairs, the curtains cannot block out the...
  16. FappyDude

    Anime Gore/Vore/Cannibalism

    Hello, I'm not very active here but I thought I'd contribute with some pics I've done. I mostly focus on anime characters but I also like doing video game characters. This is the first time I've created a thread and the first time uploading something. Hope this works. The characters belong to...
  17. Melina666

    Any swede around? Well, you don't have to be a swede but..

    Interested in talking to/meeting a fellow swede who shares this whole gore-fetish thing! I'm kinda new to this whole fetish, so it would be fun to talk with someone who's likeminded, so... And, well, ya don't have to be Swedish, but I'd prefer it since then we would have a chance to meet IRL...
  18. S

    Camp Muscle Pines: Jock Massacre

    Chapter 1 The moon was full and the forest surrounding Lake Adonis was peaceful. It was early July and even though the sun had set it was still absolutely boiling. Jack and Ali hiked through the woods, it was late and they had been walking all day, their young, strong bodies were tired and...
  19. Vandome

    Hot dead guys in Brazil

    My first topic where I hang pictures of cute guys in brazil, some drowned, shot and several other ... Enjoy them:totally hot: Disclaimer, pictures are not mine I found just the internet.