1. proton

    22 yr old tongue pushed all out hanger

    From the Czech Republic. 22 yr old had hanged himself in the bathroom. Since it is an old construction house, then the shower rod was made from a much more solid thick steel pipe, as oppose to the modern aluminum hollow types and was attached by going almost all the way through the brick wall...
  2. cowboy4brian

    Hangings in Texas

    Anyone around? (346) 704-4801 Kockykowboy@gmail.com
  3. proton

    Wait! Do NOT cut him down! He is not dead yet.

    WTF was that about??
  4. proton

    Pleasure That Kills

    Some interesting photos I had found on other site, showing people who had died while masturbating. Autoerotic asphyxiation, breath play, strangling orgasm, etc. For the last unfortunate young woman there is also a sad news article link to the story. Obviously it is a VERY dangerous way to seek...
  5. Mickael93

    Iran : Bear hanged

    maybe already shown here this hanging took place a few years ago
  6. M

    Hot hanging Scene

    Hot scène
  7. Meatpie

    Autopsy on Young Hanged Dude

    >>>Download in 4K<<<
  8. D

    Snuffed and tortured: Furries

    This is some of my favorites Furry draws of multiple fury artists
  9. proton

    Strangled While Streaming Online

    Young man accidentally strangles himself while streaming online. First part shows short compilation from his earlier streams and the kind of extreme and very dangerous sex games he was into. Then 1/3 into it, it shows his death. If you continue listening, you will hear someone calling and...
  10. NemesisBlaze

    Non Role Play USA MA - Isn’t It Time?

    [As the fatal bellman rings his bell] To take a step away from mere fantasy role play and see what it’s actually like? The beautiful, seductive route of death. It’s a process not a final destination. What’s is really like? What lies beyond? Not for the faint of heart and certainly not just...
  11. cowboy4brian

    Austin Hangings - Real-time Only No Cyber

    Looking to be hung in my leather and boots. Real-time only. No cyber. Leather. Boots. Raceplay. Trampling. WickrPro: kockykowboy@gmail.com (346) 704-4801
  12. cowboy4brian

    Austin Texas Hangings

    Looking for people close-have a lot of free time and can travel within the southern states Looking for an evil hangman. Kockykowboy@gmail.com on Wickr Cowboy4Brian on KIK Messenger or e-mail Kockykowboy@gmail.com
  13. moscowmikey

    Real Self Hanging in Football Gear with cum

    Short video of me jacking and hanging myself in football gear with a decent cum from me at the end. Interestingly, I had to watch the video to see that I had cum...I just started pulling up the rope when I felt like I was getting close. Apparently the noose takes me the rest of the way. Message...
  14. E

    Hanging man art

  15. Meatpie

    Handsome Young Man Hangs Himself on a Metal Fence in Russia

  16. E

    Hanging 2 man

  17. cowboy4brian

    Strangle and Dangle and Hang by a Noose in Texas

    Looking for people nearby... Cyber isn't my thing. KockyKowboy on Wickr Cowboy4Brian on KIK KockyKowboy@gmail.com
  18. 4

    looking for someone

    anybody live near Kittery Maine? looking to do some roleplay and get hung by the neck and other kinky necro stuff. i have albums with pictures of me.
  19. E

    Hanging game

  20. cowboy4brian

    Strangle and Dangle and Hanging By a Noose

    Because you was strangling and dangling and hanging by a noose! Cowboy4Brian on KIK KockyKowboy on Wickr KockyKowboy on WhatsApp Lets get together, real time only, no cyber