Hi there. I am looking for pics of dead guys feet and ass. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Search the Death Images section for 'feet' and 'ass' - that should give you the ones where someone has specifically mentioned them.
Does anyone have pictures of her body? They say she laid on the ground for 15+ minutes with people walking by after falling to her death from the 8th floor. Happened in the UK.

A quick question, does anyone know his name? I used to have this guys Instagram but I can’t find him anymore. Thank you

Wow. What a beauty. He would be an ideal playmate.
There are more pics of these guys yes I will have a rummage.
I found these photos by chance, but without context or any information.
The accompanying text was only Muslim prayers.
I don't know the year (probably before 2015), I don't know if there is video or if there are more photos and in what resolutions.
Image searches show no results.
Has anyone seen this before and know anything?

First time I see, very brutal nice find thanks.
Hey. I'm looking for pics of severed legs (that still have sock and footwear on it), I used to have set of those pics few years ago (mostly from Mexico and middle east), but I lost it.
This is probably too much to ask, but well