1. Brian2012

    Bad Santa

    Chapter 1. Ethan's Scams Catch Him Out Christmas was coming and with it, the spirit of giving and joy. But for some, it brought something far less pleasant: Bad Santa. Bad Santa was a mysterious entity that seemed to bring only terror in its wake. It wasn't long before rumors began to spread...
  2. Matthew

    Some fat daddies

    Hope you like them!
  3. phoenix_orochi

    Guys make a trip to kill a guy

    Interesting. :unsure:
  4. E

    Handsome dead guy examined

    Beautiful death stare.
  5. kitanaprincess

    Four Robbers Reunite At The Morgue

  6. I

    Semi naked dead guys

    Mostly from El Salvador and Mexico
  7. J

    Police strip protestor naked and kill him brutally

    The Occupy Nigeria movement in 2012 started as a protest against fuel prices and ground-swelled into a mass protest against ill-governance. Many people who carried out their right to protest peacefully were killed in brutal fashion. One of them, Ademola Aderinde, who joined the protests in Ogba...
  8. T

    Agents killed .... they new too much

    They new to much, so they needed to be killed... CGI .. still leaning
  9. Meatpie

    Hairy rebel gutted in blast

  10. P

    Young Guy Killed

    The cock is blury but you still can see it a bit.
  11. P

    15 yo Boy killed

  12. D

    Amazing Russian Hipster Beheaded Over A Girl

  13. AnonymousPH

    Three drunk minors killed, three others injured at a train accident

    It happened in Manila, Philippines last morning, October 22, 2016.
  14. P

    Teenager boy killed

  15. P

    16 yo Boy Killed

    Here's the video..
  16. P

    17 YO boy beaten to the death

  17. Z

    guys were chloroformed and killed for human flesh (from movie)

    chloroformed undressed for washing wash the body put the naked guy on the table
  18. J

    link for Naked Body of Asian Youth Killed in Labor Camp

    Click on this YouTube link to see this sad scene...
  19. P

    Cute 15 yo Boy Killed

  20. P

    Young Boy Killed by car accident

    He is only 12 yo