1. kitanaprincess

    Four Robbers Reunite At The Morgue

  2. I

    Semi naked dead guys

    Mostly from El Salvador and Mexico
  3. J

    Police strip protestor naked and kill him brutally

    The Occupy Nigeria movement in 2012 started as a protest against fuel prices and ground-swelled into a mass protest against ill-governance. Many people who carried out their right to protest peacefully were killed in brutal fashion. One of them, Ademola Aderinde, who joined the protests in Ogba...
  4. T

    Agents killed .... they new too much

    They new to much, so they needed to be killed... CGI .. still leaning
  5. Meatpie

    Hairy rebel gutted in blast

  6. P

    Young Guy Killed

    The cock is blury but you still can see it a bit.
  7. P

    15 yo Boy killed

  8. D

    Amazing Russian Hipster Beheaded Over A Girl

  9. AnonymousPH

    Three drunk minors killed, three others injured at a train accident

    It happened in Manila, Philippines last morning, October 22, 2016.
  10. P

    Teenager boy killed

  11. P

    16 yo Boy Killed

    Here's the video..
  12. P

    17 YO boy beaten to the death

  13. Z

    guys were chloroformed and killed for human flesh (from movie)

    chloroformed undressed for washing wash the body put the naked guy on the table
  14. J

    link for Naked Body of Asian Youth Killed in Labor Camp

    Click on this YouTube link to see this sad scene...
  15. P

    Cute 15 yo Boy Killed

  16. P

    Young Boy Killed by car accident

    He is only 12 yo
  17. P

    Young Teenager Murdered

  18. P

    Young Boy Killed

    He was 13 yo...
  19. K

    Pokemon bodybuilder murdered

    This poor machoke was doing bodybuilding when he met the wrong pokemon trainer.
  20. K

    Killed men Bara/ Anime art

    Raped and snuffed by an alien