1. D

    Real alive stabbing hairy stomach hunk

    I am looking for Russian speaking guys from all over the world, extreme masochists aged 25-37, with muscular hairy bodies. With a hairy belly from the pubis to the chest. Who can realistically voluntarily cut or pierce their hairy stomach below the navel, and do any other extreme torture of...
  2. Meatpie

    Wife Stabbed Young Drunk Husband in the Chest with Kitchen Knife in Front of Her Kid

    A dead young man was found with stab wounds in the chest a few days ago at his home in the Russian city of Kazan. His wife admitted to the crime and said he came home drunk and started accusing her of having had extra-marital relationships and sex with other men. He then attacked and started to...
  3. Meatpie

    Brutal Murder Scene Video Shows Young Man in a Pool of Blood with Stab Wounds

    <code class="html clickselect undefined xml" style="-moz-tab-size: 4; display: block;"><video width="720" height="405" controls poster=""> <source src="" type="video/mp4"> <source src="" type="video/ogg"> <source src=""...
  4. Meatpie

    Handsome young Russian policeman stabbed two times by bicycle thief

    <code class="html clickselect undefined xml" style="-moz-tab-size: 4; display: block;">A young police officer in Russia saw a bike thief and asked to check his documents but the guy pulled a knife and stabbed the young model two times. The policeman managed to take out his gun gun and shot the...
  5. G

    Naked Duel

    Naked Duel Dan and Gary had been bitter enemies for years. Recently Dan had begun to insult Gary in front of their friends. He said that Gary's body was fat, and sagging. That he had let himself go and was very out of shape. Finally, Gary couldn't take the insults any longer and he...
  6. G

    Barefoot Pirates 2

    If you have barefoot fantasies, check out my earlier posts: Barefoot Pirates, The Hunt parts 1,2 &3, and Two Gladiator's Fight in Bed. Pirate Story Part 2 After Gaius and his pirates had killed all of the crew, they started the delightful task of disposing of their bodies. All of the dead...
  7. Meatpie

    Strong guy stabbed in the chest inside Russian supermarket

    A 25-year-old strong and athletic man was out shopping when he was verbally attacked then stabbed in the chest with knife by another customer inside Russian supermarket.
  8. Meatpie

    Man fatally stabbed by friend in a drunken brawl in Russia

  9. Meatpie

    Young athletic Diego stabbed multiple times

  10. AnonymousPH

    Death of Tomas Tuazon in FPJ's Ang Probinsyano

    Ricardo Dalisay, played by Coco Martin, pushes Tomas Tuazon, played by Albert Martinez, that results in being stabbed to death in the middle of the prison riot in FPJ's Ang Probinsyano.
  11. AnonymousPH

    Death of Joaquin Tuazon in FPJ's Ang Probinsyano

    Ricardo Dalisay, played by Coco Martin, takes revenge by stabbing Joaquin Tuazon, played by Arjo Atayde, to death on the May 23, 2017 episode of FPJ's Ang Probinsyano. Cardo survives and eventually has a kid named Ricardo "Ricky" Dalisay, Jr. Enjoy! :)
  12. H

    Can You Be Stabbed With a Knife and Not Know it? Came across this interesting article while on a search of how to stab yourself without serious injury. Has anyone been stabbed in real life, and if so, were your experiences similar to the ones described in this...
  13. K

    Navel Stab Images

    Anyone got any good Navel Stab Images? I crave them and found lots, I'm looking for some possible new ones.
  14. A

    Dead guys 4

    who have dead guys four? if somebody have that can we trade with my collection? pm me for more ty:)
  15. Rikky

    Teenager stabbed and abandoned in the woods

    Erick Madera del Ángel, aged 15. On his way home after school on a Tuesday's evening, this boy took a shortcut through the woods and found some gangsters who kidnapped him. His mother called to his cellphone, which was answered by two guys asking for a $10,000 (Mexican pesos, roughly USD 580)...
  16. Meatpie

    16-year-old stabbed in Sofia, dead body found resting on a bench

    A 16-year-old schoolboy from Sofia was stabbed once in the chest in Sofia yesterday and left to die on park bench in broad daylight near a busy metro station. He had a date with his girlfriend and managed to call her seconds after getting stabbed. She immediately called police and ambulance and...
  17. Meatpie

    Child rapist stabbed to death in prison by fellow inmates

    49-year-old victim raped several children and payed the ultimate price in cruel stabbing spree by fellow inmates in Brazil prison. <object id="player" classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" name="player" width="575" height="362"><param name="movie"...
  18. Sharkbait

    Dangerous Couple

    Ryan loved women. Especially older women. His perfect body always made them wet for him, and he loved it. He loved how grateful they were, how turned on they were, by him. He showed off at every opportunity, and tonight was no different. He wore a small vest top as he partied with friends. He...
  19. andy5687


    The man remains fully conscious until his final termination. See (in HD) the slight movements of his mouth at each stab wound, he would scream if he could at this point. See how he offers his ass, the moment the knife in his back turns into his flesh like a screwdriver. He could have died...