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    19-year-old Beheaded after Jumping under Train in Russia

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    16 Young Parachutists Killed in Russian Plane Crash

    A plane carrying a group of parachute jumpers crashed in the Russian region of Tatarstan on Sunday, killing 16 people and injuring six, the Emergencies Ministry said. The aircraft, which came down near the city of Menzelinsky, had been carrying 20 parachutists and two crew members. Six people...
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    Russia forest fire damage in 2021 worst since records began

    Russia has endured its worst forest fire season in the country’s modern history, according to recent data from the Russian Forestry Agency analysed by Greenpeace. Fires have destroyed more than 18.16m hectares of Russian forest in 2021, setting an absolute record since the country began...
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    Pedestrians Run over by Speeding Car in Russia

    Old video from 2018 when a car rammed into pedestrians after swerving across a street in Sochi. A 63-year-old local man was killed on the spot and three more pedestrians were seriously injured. The driver, named locally as 23-year-old Sergey Antonyan, escaped the crash uninjured. News...
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    Morgue in Russia with Dead Naked Young Hairy Guy

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    Young Motorcyclist Crashed at High Speed in Moscow

    According to witnesses dude was going over 200 km/h.
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    Man Jumped from Balcony in Krasnoyarsk, Russia and Landed on Car Below

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    Motorcyclist Struck and Killed by Car in Russia

    Dude was 67.
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    Tornado hits Andreapol, Tver Oblast, Russia

    Three people including a child were killed when this strong tornado hit Tver region on August 2, 2021. More than a dozen people were injured.
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    Young Bus Driver Impaled and Killed by Metal Piece Which Fell from Vehicle in Front

    Happened in Russia a few days ago.
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    Morgue in Russia Two Videos in HD
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    Busy Morgue in Russia

    Fresh video from July 2021.
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    Young Man Hit and Killed by Train Arm Amputated

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    Drowned Man in Russian Lake

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    Russia Marks Second Hottest June in History

    June 2021 was the second-hottest June in Russia’s recorded history, with even more record-breaking heat to come, the country’s weather chief said at a press conference Tuesday. Russia recorded its all-time temperature record for the month of June less than a decade ago in 2012. The country can...
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    Young Man Jumped from Block of Flats in Kemerovo, Russia

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    Naked Guy Holding his Cut off Penis in Russia after Self-mutilation

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    26-year-old Motorcyclist Kills Himself in Crash in Russia