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    Russian Woman Murdered her Husband and Slept Next to his Corpse for Four Years

    Recent discovery by police in St. Petersburg, Russia. Couple had two daughters who lived in the same apartment and the older girl knew what happened but insane killer mom threatened she will put her up in an institution if she went to prison so the girl never told anyone that her mother kept...
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    Two Young Men Killed in a Street Fight in Russia

    Both dudes were 28 and stabbed after a street fight over loud music they were playing inside a car. Killer was 43 and caught by police.
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    Dog Ate Face of Dead Owner

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    Young Man Attacked and Killed by a Pack of Stray Dogs in Russia

    Happened in the town of Astrakhan dude was 35. :Merry Xmas:
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    The Murder of Two Young Men in Russia

    In March 2012 a charred corpse was found near the Shkotovo-Artem highway in Russia. The corpse was discovered in a pile of garbage and sand by a local resident walking his dog. A month later, in the same area, another corpse was found in an iron barrel filled with sand. The forensic examination...
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    Granny Crushed under Truck in Russia

    Somewhere in Arkhangelsk. Victim was 63 and was crushed under a Kamaz truck.
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    Four Shot Dead in Sakha Republic, Russia

    Bodies of two guys and two women were not found for about a week. Killer was caught. According to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, he turned out to be a 50-year-old local resident. A registered 12-gauge hunting rifle was seized at his place of residence. In addition, the police...
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    Driver Killed after Helicopter Blades Struck High Voltage Cables

    Nasty accident in Russia after helicopter blades struck high-voltage power lines cutting one of the ceramic insulators whick broke off and struck a passing car below killing the driver instantly.
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    Mobile Crane Operator Killed in Explosive Tyre Burst

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    Young Man Comitted Suicide by Releasing Toxic Gas Balloon inside a Car in Moscow

    He even left a warning note on the dashboard for whoever finds his corpse that a poisonous gas was released inside the car.
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    Two Workers Killed in Accident at a Plant Near Moscow

    The workers were repairing a 6-cubic-meter tank which was under pressure. Suddenly the aluminum barrel burst and turned the men into mincemeat. Both passed instantly.
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    Hockey Player Dies after Fall from 18th Floor in Ryazan, Russia

    The body of 21-year-old Georgy Savin was found on June 22 and police believe he comitted suicide.
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    Young Lad Killed by Pack of Stray Dogs in Russia

    Old case but now without watermarks.
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    Russian Teen Dies in Train Surfing Accident after Running Away from Home

    He fell from the roof of a train in Moscow region in front of eyewitnesses waiting at a platform. He lived in Ramenskoye, Moscow Region and his stepfather regularly beat him. Because of the constant abuse lad started skipping classes and this was not the first time he ran away from home but...
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    Carousel Collapse In Russia's Orenburg Leaves 20 People Injured

    Horrifying video captured the moment a chair swing ride in Russia collapsed — injuring about 20 people, including at least two in critical condition. The carousel’s roof, which held the chained swings, fell as the ride in the southwestern city of Orenburg was spinning at top speed on Sunday...
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    Two Trams Collided in Rostov-on-Don

    From a few days ago. No one was injured.
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    Dyadic Death in Yakutsk

    44-year-old Russian man shot his ex girlfriend and her handsome and lean new 24-year-old boyfriend then sat on the couch removed his right shoe and sock and aimed the barrel of a 12mm Benelli hunting rifle towards his skull while pressing the trigger with his toes.
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    Morgue in Uzbekistan

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    Drunk Russians Killed a Friend and Decided to Cook Slices from his Ass and Back