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    Drug Addict Dies Naked in Russia

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    Another Incredible Russian Lad

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    Pedestrian Hit by a Car in Russia

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    Morgue in Russia

  5. Meatpie

    14-year-old boy beaten by drunk neighbour dies in hospital

    Van Krapivin was only 14 when he was brutally beaten by his drunk neighbor Roman Pronin on May 1, 2017. Pronin struck the kid on the head with a dumbbell as the boy tried to save his own mother Natalia from who suffered 27 stab wounds by Roman but survived. The boy was rushed to hospital...
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    Train Suicide in Russia

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    Russian Lad Wants to be a Girl

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    Students of Forensic Medicine Practise Crime Scene Investigation on Hot Model in Russia

    Unlike in the West where students only practise on boring plastic medical dolls in Russia students of forensic medicine are allowed to use alive models in class. Photo is proof.
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    Lokomotiv Moscow Defender Innokentiy Samokhvalov Dies at 22 in Moscow

    Lokomotiv Moscow defender Innokentiy Samokhvalov died during an individual training session forced by the coronavirus lockdown, the Russian club announced on Monday. "He felt bad during an individual training session, the circumstances (surrounding his death) are still being clarified,"...
  10. TorquesPlayHouse

    Jealousy Beheads in Russia

    This is my first share, it’s from BG, and happens to be my favoritist set of photos, I’ve creamed myself to many times over the years! I hope you get to too! He did a beautiful job on that neck 🤤 The story goes that Artrom Shustov a 19 year old Russian male was stabbed to death and Decapitated...
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    31-year-old Beaten and Raped with Baseball Bat

    Fresh from Russia. Real blood. Extreme fetish not something we see every day.
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    Russia Sex

    COVID-19 in Russia. All exclusive from private video collection of handsome CDG member. Open Hole
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    Near Fatal Smart Phone Distraction in Moscow Metro

    Woman distracted by her smart phone falls on the tracks at a metro station in Moscow just seconds before a train arrives.
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    Weekend Selection of Perfect Russian Boys