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    33-year-old Stole a Taxi and Fatally Crashed into a Tree

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    Six Killed in Road Accident in Krasnodar Krai, Russia

    Six dead at the scene four injured after truck slammed into mini-bus in Krasnodar Krai, Russia.
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    May be repost. examining an overdose corpse.
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    Young Man from Chelyabinsk Committed Suicide by Gunshot to the Face Seated on Comfy Sofa

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    56-year-old Worker Shredded by Lathe in Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia

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    Young Father Beheaded and Chopped up in Bathroom by his Older Brother

    Handsome and hairy 31-year-old man was found beheaded and chopped up in bathtub in a Russian town on November 11. Locals were shocked when police announced the killer was his 32-year-old brother and that the body was found after their dad came home from work. The man called the cops right away...
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    Overflowing Morgue in Moscow

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    Rich Kid from Moscow Becomes a Beggar after Ex Girlfriend Pressed Charges for Assault and Battery

    A popular rich kid and influencer from Moscow has been forced to beg in the streets after prosecutors pressed charges against him for assault and battery of ex-girlfriend. They have frozen all his assets and he is not allowed to have any money. Dude is 21. In October under the influence of...
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    Four Young Friends Die Together after BMW Crashes into Pole

    Russia. Three lads around 20 and one chick.
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    Young Man Jumped Under Train in Russia

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    Young Lad Hit and Killed by Train in Russia

    According to reports he was very drunk and failed to notice the coming train in time.
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    Young Motorcyclist Killed in Russia after Smashing into Car

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    Two Construction Workers Killed in Crane Collapse in Russia

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    17-year-old Jumped Under a Train in Russia

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    Big Hungry Bear Started up Digging up Fresh Graves in Russia and Eating the Corpses

    A big brown bear was shot dead in Russia a few days ago after the hungry beast developed a taste for human meat and started digging up fresh graves in Sverdlovsk Oblast. The animal shredded the human corpses and pieces of human flesh were found strewn about in the local graveyeard. The man who...
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    20-year-old Killed in Car Crash in Russia

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    Insane Russian Muscle Machine Flexing Show

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    Several Guys Killed in Road Accident in Russia

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    Inside a Morgue in Russia

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    Young Man Jumped from 18th Floor in Perm, Russia