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    Naked Dead Man Found in Russia Eaten by Wild Animals

    Age 62.
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    Winter Trams in Russia

    All photos taken in Yekaterinburg in January 2023.
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    Car Obliterated by Train in Russia Pulled by Truck with Mangled Victims Still Inside

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    Young Man Jumped from a Building in Krasnodar, Russia

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    Two Young Paragliders Killed after Crash Landing between Parked Cars in Kuban, Southern Russia

    Video here.
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    Two Young Paragliders Killed after Crash Landing between Parked Cars in Kuban, Southern Russia

    Happened on Nov 24, 2022.
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    Young Man with Big Feet Fell from a Building in Russia

    Not much details happened in Murino, a town in Vsevolozhsky District of Leningrad Oblast, Russia.
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    Russia's Efforts to Take us Offline Continue on a Daily Basis

    I know it's hard to believe but for a couple of years now Putin's internet censor agency has been actively trying to take us offline and blocked access to our site in Russia. The attacks continue on a daily basis. The offical name of Putin's internet censorship and surveillance machine is...
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    Izhevsk School Shooting

    On 26 September 2022, former student Artyom Kazantsev entered School No. 88 in Izhevsk, Udmurtia in west-central Russia and opened fire with 2 pistols killing 15 people and wounding at least 24 others. Officials said he, wearing a balaclava and a T-shirt with a swastika, killed 11 students, 2...
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    Man Commits Suicide inside Russian Hospital Setting Himself On Fire

    53-year-old COPD patient set himsel on fire inside a hospital in Novosibirsk. The fire was quickly extinguished and it didn't spread but the man passed away.
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    Young Man Jumped from 19th Floor in Russia

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    Former Inmates have Spoken to the BBC about Being Systematically Raped and Tortured in Russian Prisons

    Former inmates have spoken to the BBC about being systematically raped and tortured in Russian prisons. Leaked footage of such abuse was circulated by an insider last year, and now victims have told the BBC why it happens and how they are fighting for justice...
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    Bus Driver Killed in Moscow after his Head got Stuck in Doors

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    Handsome Young Man Killed in Building Explosion in Stavropol, Russia

    Happened in 2017. He was 25 and some sources say he was a terrorist and was deliberately targed by FSB. No one else was injured but the entire building had to be evacuated.
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    Three Dead in Sochi from Overdose

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    Dead Skinny Guy in Russia

    No info but looks like he has a gunshot wound in the head.
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    Young Man Severed in Two after Car Crash in Russia

    Happened in Sakha Republic and according to sources the driver was drunk.
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    Man Killed in Electric Scooter Accident in St. Petersburg, Russia

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    62-year-old Hunter Attacked and Killed by a Bear in Russia

    Happened in Irkutsk region on June 11, 2022. The bear was also found dead near the hunter with fatal wounds and the investigation concluded that there was a fierce battle between the two. The man's skull was completely crushed.
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    Hungry Russian Bear Dug up a Man's Corpse from Village Cemetery and Ate it

    Happened earlier this year in Russia.