1. Flyingdick1962

    Suicide live on the street

    Suicide live on the street. A man cuts his throat with a machete. It is repeated several times.
  2. J

    Am looking for a brutal master who cuts my pubic area and cock !

    20 year old teen boy is looking for his hard master who cuts my pubic area and robs my cock and my balls brutal acts as Tropähe .. He wants to torture me and wants to eat me! :hot::hot: Please contact us!
  3. K

    The butcher

    Pretty nice dead piece of meat !
  4. M

    STORY: The Debt

    Jake visited home twice a year, usually. He’d moved away when he went to college-- the first one in the family. Scholarships, loans, anything to get the education he knew would get him enough money for-- well, just to get the hell out of New Mexico. He felt trapped there, trapped by the...
  5. Meatpie

    Autopsy dude, India

  6. Meatpie

    Spanish man cut up his brother and stored body parts in freezer

    Stacked up: Police found the body parts under his food A Spanish butcher who cut up his own brother and stored the parts in his fridge-freezer next to his food has been caught after he turned himself in to the police. Aurele Almanza, 48, claims to have killed his brother Osmas, 52, in...
  7. jon_b

    3 heads & a warning message ..

    ...all neatly displayed on a statue :dunno:
  8. M

    Fantasy Scenario #7

    The boy leans back against the wall with his head turned down. I know he’s watching me, though; he’s been eyeing me as much as I’ve been checking him out. Late teens, medium height and build. I can see his pecs through his tight t-shirt. He has curly hair, kinda dirty blond. There’s a faint...
  9. Meatpie

    Chainsaw suicide

    Chainsaw suicide is extremely rare but not impossible as the below pics show. Hairy 39-year-old decided he had enough of life and cut his neck with chainsaw.
  10. Meatpie

    Exclusive death photos of drowned British gangster Patrick Molloy, 28 from Cambridge

    Patrick Molloy, 28, from Cambridge had a criminal record in the UK and was jailed for a violent assault outside a bar last year. After he was released he went on a vacation to Thailand with his mates where he drowned after trying to escape local men who were chasing him with knives. A local...
  11. phyzzique

    ♥♥♥Two Bad Boys in pickup truck morto♥♥♥

  12. stonefree

    killed during SAMU

    I have no idea what is SAMU but he is cute
  13. M

    2 Castration videos which made me cum tonight 2 videos made me cum tonigh!! Someone wanna get castrated?
  14. M

    VIDEO: Chinese guy got killed, cut, fucked after death Website is all in Chinese, click the player under [视频地址1:] SO HOT, 10 mins video recorded the whole process.
  15. W


    Looking for anyone interested in swapping manip pictures or maniping photos of each other for personal pleasure! I love feet, cutting myself in half and beaheading! Don be shy! Message me!
  16. S

    Bus train colission in Ottawa Canada today

    A train and a bus collided in Ottawa this morning, ripping apart the front end of the bus and killing 6 people. One survivor reported seing a bus passenger cut in half . Story is here
  17. Art Of War

    L.L.K (Love Lust Kill) 1 : Scene 5 Small Talk (draft

    Submitting a draft screen from a screenplay I am working on am asking for some feedback to see audience reaction. Scene 5 : Small Talk [Dante wakes up, his eyes hurting from the bright light and as his eyes adjust to the brightens he realizes he is on a bed, and the room he is in is roughly 8...
  18. Meatpie

    Young guy killed in Gaza

  19. todd00009

    Meet KT and watch him die...

    KT is BestDeath's newest actor. He comes off as a cocky bad ass with a real "fuck you" attitude... We killed him on camera many times, and he kept on coming back for more.... Hope you like him... Watch his extended and uncut naked introduction on BestDeaths this week... His intro includes...
  20. A

    two men beheading NEW