1. Meatpie

    Technical problems October 2013

    Hi all, Technical problems will continue to plague the community until next week, we apologize for any downtime and ask for patience. We are upgrading to latest security patches unfortunately the process has turned out quite challenging we are working to get it all sorted by the weekend...
  2. Meatpie

    USA Government Shutdown

    The current US government shutdown will be felt across America. The federal government is the country's largest employer and the fallout of this crisis will be felt by millions of citizens they serve. Jere you can discuss with other members how the crisis has affected you personally and...
  3. Meatpie

    Nigger autopsy from 1980

  4. Meatpie

    I can't believe I am going to die

    I often take long walks and stare at the sun, pondering when and how I am gonna croak I am in denial of my own death. All your knowledge, experience, memories...erased forever. I strongly believe humans of the future will be able to extend their lives greatly still death will come for every...
  5. M


    My name is Kyle, im from MN. Im into hangings and love to be tied up and choked.
  6. O


    hello everybody !!!! my name is orangeade. I love hanging crucifixions...
  7. S

    Other necrophilia forums?

    This is an amazing site so no disrespect to it with this topic, but I'm noticing it's mostly guys here (as its called cutedeadguys) and I am a girl so I'm not sure how much I belong, does anyone know of a forum catering to females into necrophilia more? or maybe there is room for me here, I...
  8. S


    Hi got told about this by a friend... Thinking they were fucking with me cuz I'm not gay. I'm not homophobic or anything... And enjoy a lot of gore... Not in a sexual way tho! And it seems everyone is gay here! Nice 2 meat u all anyway ;) I'll have a bit more of a look may stick around may not.
  9. B

    New Color and Design

    Just wanted to say I really like the new color and design of the board! A nice change!
  10. Art Of War

    Los Alfaques Disaster 1978

    In 1978, a tank trunk with23 tons of proprylene exploded as it past the camp site. 217 people died, 100 in the discotheque. It was summer and people were just finishing lunch.
  11. Art Of War

    CDG Re-introduction by SerialStalkerNZ

    Greetings CDG, I am re-introducing myself as a member of CDG as I feel a personal need to. I have been a member of this site for about 2-3years, mainly in a tourist capacity. Recently, I personally realized how important this site is in acting as a positive healthy environment with for like...
  12. stustustugoo

    under 18 years of age

    i think it's time that CDG as a community adapt a new mandatory rule of no postings of any guy under the age of 18. we owe this to ourselves as a community as well as for our own safety and well being. lets consider that a person DOES NOT have to be in the nude to be considered pornographic ...
  13. D

    15 anos - dead and with soles

  14. jiangzhu

    School students have been raped and murdered the scene photo

    Somewhere in the middle school students were raped and murdered and autopsy outflow some photos on the site. Is not new, maybe somebody seen these figure, but it is very precious, the female student is maniac adultery after being strangled...
  15. M

    nude nooseplay

  16. L

    In My Blog : THE HITCHICKER .. Chlorod Stripped Strangled

    The Hitchicker is chloroformed , stripped , strangled , killed Watch the full video in my blog :
  17. Meatpie

    YAHOO ANSWERS: How can I get cutedeadguys and bestdeaths shut down permanently?

    A gay dude on Yahoo called Noah Maxxima has posted this question and got some funny replies. I found his profile here, sad fuck lives in Canton, Georgia. Anyone got his facebook?
  18. Meatpie

    PHOTOS: Chaos in Kent as 200 are injured in 100-vehicle pile-up on the Sheppey bridge

    A 100-vehicle pile-up on a bridge in heavy fog today left eight people seriously injured and 200 with minor wounds in what witnesses called ‘carnage’. The incident on the new Sheppey crossing bridge in Kent started at 7.15am and continued for 10 minutes as cars and lorries crashed into...
  19. E

    My introduction

    Hello. I am Eric. I have been looking around on this site for a few days now, and been afraid to post anything. I opened my eyes to this whole thing a few years ago after I witnessed an accident. Unlike the normal person I was very interested in what I was seeing, but freaked out at the same...
  20. todd00009

    Photo Collection of Very Cute Dead Guys

    Check out this collection of Very Cute Dead Guys - These are photos taken on the set of some of our film productions... Hope you like! --Todd, Film maker for