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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 429. Alex

Scott sat in Craig's house and listened to the request that the Brotherhood member had. He wanted Scott to kill his boyfriend named Alex who was returning from a short work break, however he specifically requested that the death was made to look like a robbery and Craig said he also wanted to be involved but as a victim. He explained that this way he got to witness the whole thing and Alex would have no idea as to his involvement. Craig explained that the two of them were to have a day together which Scott was to stalk their every move on. Then the next morning Scott was to carry out the act.

Scott liked the sound of the idea and perversely looked forward to carrying it out. Craig opened up his phone and showed Scott a couple of pictures of the intended target.
The first saw Alex sitting on a sun lounger with one of his legs bent up, a good looking young man with a well-tanned and toned body indicated to Scott that Alex was a guy that had many other guys turn their heads when he walked into a bar or club.

The second picture saw Alex sitting at a table in nothing more than a red pair of shorts, Scott thought it must have been one that Craig took of the young man whilst they were on holiday. Either way both photos showed Alex to be a guy that Scott would have personally targeted himself.

Craig explained that Alex was due back later that day and the two Brotherhood members cracked open a few beers as they told stories about their experiences with the order. Craig was extremely fascinated to hear all the ones that Scott had to tell.
As the two talked Craig's phone buzzed and the young Brotherhood member chuckled to himself as he looked at the picture that Alex had sent from the airport. He showed it to Scott and then replied "miss you xx"

The two carried on talking and around forty five minutes later Craig's phone buzzed again. This time Alex had sent a picture text, the message read "Be with you soon xx" and the picture showed the unsuspecting young man walking to his departure gate and provocatively sticking his tongue out as he went.

Scott knew he had to go but before he did Craig gave him the itinery that he had planned for the next day so Scott knew the areas where to be so he could observe their every movement.

Scott was at the beach bright and early, he eagerly awaited Alex & Craig's arrival as he wanted to see what the target looked like in person.
He didn’t have to wait long as the happy couple soon came into view as they strolled along the beach, initially they walked together before Alex broke away and ran a little in front, Scott watched as Alex dressed only in a pair of shorts tried to persuade Craig to hurry up.

Not wanting to make it look like things were not normal Craig dashed up to his boyfriend and gave him a hug before the two finally decided on a position on the beach where they could set up for the day. Scott watched as the two guys rubbed sun oil on each other’s backs and then settled down to catch some rays.
After a few hours of sunbathing Craig headed off to get a couple of drinks, he used this time to check in on Scott and after a brief chat he headed back to his boyfriend with two melons filled with alcohol. Alex grabbed his and began to suck the alcohol from it.

Scott continued watching as Craig & Alex snuggled up under the sun, both had topped up their tans significantly and it soon became time to pack up and leave. The watching killer knew the time was right when he saw Alex kneeling up on his towel, as he did the sun glistened off of his still oiled body capturing the fantastic curves and tone of his great body.

However he knew that the fun wasn’t over yet as Craig had explained the plan to him and the next port of call was a nightclub.
Craig had told Scott that he wanted to ensure Alex had a fantastic day before the plan was to be put into action and after a day relaxing at the beach the two would always drop into a local club to down some beers and have a good time. Tonight was no different as the two lovers partied the night away. Scott's guess that Alex would turn heads in a nightclub turned out to be true as a shirtless Alex was the centre of attention as he wandered shirtless back and forth to the bar.

When they got home that night Alex & Craig didn’t stop there as they retreated to the bedroom where the fun continued long into the night.

The next morning Craig sent Scott the signal so he could begin to put the final part of the plan into action. Ensuring he had everything he needed Scott made his way up to the apartment.

Meanwhile up in the apartment Craig and Alex went about their business. Alex worked out in the gym he'd set up in the apartment whilst Craig lingered in the kitchen. Moments later there was a knock on the door, Alex didn’t look up from his workout as Craig headed off to let Scott in.

"Ok are you ready?" Craig asked as he opened the door. Scott nodded and smiled as he held a gun in his hand, "Good, good." Craig replied before adding "Right pistol whip me and lead me inside."
Scott looked at Craig, this was the first he had heard of this part of the plan but did as requested and lightly pistol whipped his fellow Brotherhood member before pushing him into the apartment. Alex was in the middle of a bicep workout, with his headphones in the attractive young man had no idea as to what had happened at the door, he even failed to look over when Craig was bundled into the room by Scott.

However that soon changed when Scott pushed Craig into Alex, initially annoyed at being disturbed Alex was about to have a go at Craig until he saw the look of fear and panic on his face followed by the barrel of a gun being pointed right at him.
"Wow wow. What the fuck!" Alex shouted as he pulled his earphones out, "Whwhwhatt do you want?" He asked not wanting to piss the unknown intruder off.
"Shut the fuck up and move onto one of these chairs." Scott demanded "Any sudden moves and I’ll shoot. I'm going to tie you do the chairs and then rob the place, if you do as I say no one will get hurt."
"Hey man, there’s no need for this we haven’t got anything." Alex said as he tried to plead with Scott and also tried to make his way towards the door.
Scott wasn’t stupid he knew what Alex was trying and immediately pointed the gun at the hot hunk "Don’t fucking move. One more step and I’ll fire. Get your arse over to the chair." Scott shouted as Alex stopped in his tracks.
"Listen Al, do as he says and we can get through this please. I don’t want anything go to happen to you." Craig begged as he sat himself down on one of the chairs. Alex looked over at Craig, he wanted to resist but he also wanted nothing to happen to either of them so he did as Scott requested and sat himself down on the other chair.
Scott took his backpack off and took out some rope, knowing that Alex was the one he could have the most trouble with he tied him to the chair first before then doing the same to Craig. It was at this point that Scott now stood in front of the two bound guys.
"Well that was fucking easy." Scott laughed "Now tell me where your valuables are."
Alex remained quiet and refused to say a word before beginning to threaten Scott which was something he expected and had discussed with Craig.
Instead he turned his attention to Craig and slapped him around the face as he repeated the question. "We don’t have anything. Please leave us alone." Craig begged as he began to sob.
"Don’t give me that bullshit." Scott shouted "Tell me where your valuables are." This was followed by Scott clenching his hands around Craig's throat, and pretend to begin to strangle him. Craig made the noises that people made whilst they were strangled and Alex fell for it as he tried to free himself from the chair and shouted "Fucking leave him alone. I'd like to see you try that on me."
Scott stopped what he was doing and looked over at Alex "What a good idea." He said before grabbing another piece of rope and this time flinging it around Alex's neck and pulling it tight.
Alex immediately gasped for air but found he couldn’t take any in, he continued to struggle his bare legs kicked the air and his feet scrapped the floor. He tried to push himself off the chair. His body thrashed in the chair “huarrrrk, urrghhh, arghhhhhh. Crraaaaaigg help me please. I can’t breathe.” Alex uttered as his face went red and his eyes filled up. Scott stare at Alex as he struggled in the chair and Craig attempting to be a good boyfriend tried to free himself to try and help Alex. The last thing Alex saw was the face of his killer looking at him. Alex looked over at Craig as the Brotherhood member shouted “Alex” as the lights went out in the young man, his body eventually stopped twitching his eyes fixed on Craig as his face was red, and Scott watched as Craig’s body jolted in the chair a few times and then sat still.
With Alex dead Scott untied Craig who immediately came and stood next to the Brotherhoods killer in front of their victim. Alex's body spasmed in the chair for a few more seconds before remaining still, his vacant blue eyes staring into the abyss as drops of spittle dripped from the corner of his mouth and onto the floor.
"Well that was fucking hot." Craig announced "And it was all captured on the secret cameras I installed."
"Really." Scott replied as he began to undo the restraints that tied Alex to the chair "Something for you to look back at. But don’t you feel a bit sad or guilty, I mean he was your boyfriend after all."
Craig looked at Scott as he calmly replied "Nope I don’t feel guilty at all. You see Alex thinks I didn’t know he cheated on me whilst he was away. It was when I found this out that I decided he had to go, in fact I can’t wait to tuck into the bastard."

Scott chuckled as the two carried Alex into another room, the Brotherhood's butcher looked down at his latest conquest, took a photo for his own records and then began to harvest Alex for all his meat.

Once he was finished Scott began to pack up and asked Craig want he wanted to do with his boyfriend’s remains and head.
The Brotherhood member had decided to bury Alex's remains deep in the garden but asked Scott to keep the dead hunks head out. "Alex always gave good head." Craig joked before telling Scott it would come in handy.
With everything now tidied up Scott was ready to leave but not before Craig insisted he stayed and dined on a succulent piece of Alex's meat for lunch.


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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 430. Sam

Sam headed to the shops, the sexy nineteen year old needed to get a few things in but like many Australian guys he left the house were very limited clothing. Sam liked to show his body off and was wearing nothing apart from a pair of light green shorts. He didn’t have a care in the world but was quickly about to discover that being in the wrong place at the wrong time had real consequences.

Scott was just driving along when he spotted Sam turn and begin to walk down a side road, his attention was immediately drawn to the teenager's lean and toned body along with his sagging shorts.

The streets were near enough deserted and Scott took the opportunity that had presented itself to him. He drove a little further ahead of Sam and pulled the van to the side of the road, he slid the side door open and patiently waited.

As Sam approached the van he spotted the side door open and was a little intrigued as to why, once he was at the van Sam stopped, he hadn’t seen anyone approach or come to the van whilst he had been walking and made the decision to check inside. The shirtless teen poked his head inside and was immediately struck on the head by a tire iron. The blow stunned Sam momentarily and gave Scott a chance to drag his prey inside the van and shut the door.

A dazed Sam squirmed about on the floor as Scott quickly set himself upon him. He pinned Sam down and held the tyre iron over his throat, Sam gasped and gurgled as he frantically tried to breathe but could do nothing to get the strong attacker off of him. His arms flayed about widely as his legs kicked the air and bashed against the floor of the van. Death was imminent for Sam as his face went red and his eyes began to bulge, seconds later an elongated gasp escaped the teenager as his body went limp. Scott knew that Sam was dead but always liked to make sure as he continued to hold the tyre iron in place for a few more minutes. Sam's eyes stared up at him as his tongue protruded slightly from his mouth as his body convulsed briefly in death.

Scott stood up and slapped Sam on his chest as he laughed to himself. In the space of only half an hour he had found and killed a young man. He drove to a derelict warehouse and prepared to dump Sam's body, he carved the figure 12 into the dead teenager’s chest and then dumped the body in one of the large metal bins.



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Chapter 431. Ethan

The next job for the Brotherhood soon came as Scott took another call from Jared, he'd recently dispatched a young male escort for his colleague but Jared now requested his services once again.

Jared wanted Scott to come and visit his brother at university and told the Brotherhoods killer that he wanted him to acquire one of his brother’s house mates. The Brotherhood member went on to explain that he had a thing for this particular house mate ever since he first visited his brother at University. There was something about the young man whose name was Ethan, he had a fine athletic body with a fantastic pair of defined legs that turned Jared on and made him want to consume the uni students flesh. Taking out his phone he showed Scott a couple of pictures of Ethan, the first showed the target in a pair of yellow shorts as he showed off his fine body, the lighting in the picture appeared to bounce off of Ethan's chest and Scott was rather impressed with his meaty pecs, from the same picture Scott could also catch a glimpse of Ethan's legs and informed Jared that he had appeared to have selected a fine target.

The second picture Jared showed focused solely on Ethan's legs and Scott could immediately see the definition on Ethan's quads and calves.

The plan was for Jared to bring Scott to the student’s house and arrangements had been made that saw the Brotherhood members staying a couple of nights, although Jared's brother had no idea as to their ulterior motives.

The two Brotherhood members arrived at the house that accommodated four university students in the early evening. Jared's brother greeted them as he embraced Jared and shook Scott's hand. Scott was introduced as an overseas business contact that Jared had to pay some hospitality to and Jared's brother seemed to buy it. He led the two Brotherhood members into the house and introduced them to his fellow housemates.
"Evening guys you already know my brother Jared and this is Scott a business contact of his from the UK."
There were only two of the other housemates there as one was away and Scott spotted Ethan straight away, dressed in a LA Lakers vest and shorts he was sat on the sofa with a laptop resting on his lap. The young hunk looked up and made a gesture with his hand and nodded his head as a welcoming gesture.

That night the guys got to know each other a bit better and as Scott and Ethan talked they realised they both had a common interest in football and Ethan invited Scott along to a game he had to play in the next day.

The next morning Scott and Ethan got ready and prepared to head to the football match. Scott was all ready to go as he waited for Ethan to leave the house and when he did he was impressed with what he saw as the young man dressed in a vest and black shorts that showed off his fine legs left the house with his bag and clutching a lime green pair of football boots.

When Scott arrived at the location for match Ethan invited him for a little kick about. With his football shorts on and socks rolled down a shirtless Ethan grabbed a football and booted it to Scott who controlled it and passed it back.

This went on for a few minutes until the rest of Ethan's team came out and preparations for the match began.
Scott enjoyed the game in which Ethan's team ran out comfortable winners and saw the Brotherhoods target have a particularly good game himself and Scott kept his eyes constantly fixed on the young hunk. At the end Ethan's team all came out of the changing room dressed in shirts that had 'Ballarat Boiz' etched on the front in reference to the area in which they were based but again Scott paid particular attention to the young footballers defined legs.

That evening the housemates and guests cracked open a few beers and had a laugh as they celebrated Ethan's football win amongst others. The university students felt comfortable around Scott and already knew Jared this added to the fact that Aussie boys liked to wear as minimal clothing as possible saw a shirtless Ethan sitting on the side wearing nothing apart from a tight pair of denim jeans that clung to his well-developed legs.

The night became more jovial as it went on and as more alcohol was consumed the lads began to do things they wouldn’t normally have done including getting up close and a bit personal to each other’s as 'straight' boys normally did.
Looking through his some photos the next morning Scott found a few he liked including one of Ethan that appeared to zoom into the young man as he poked his tongue out.

Scott went to the gym with Ethan the next morning and immediately found himself getting involved in an intense workout that lasted a good few hours and saw each muscular hunk spot for each other. At the end of the mammoth session Ethan admired the effects of the workout on his body and as he admired himself in the mirror and took a couple of snaps Scott couldn’t help himself as his eyes fixated on the targets fine legs.

As they were leaving the gym Scott noticed that Ethan had taken quite a shine to him as the young footballer got up a bit up close and personal as he cracked a joke as the duo made their way back to the car. The reality was Scott didn’t mind this at all as it meant he could use it to his advantage when the time came to kill Ethan.

Back at the house Scott took a few moments away from the group to explain the latest updates to Jared. The Brotherhood member was impressed as he listened and eventually told Scott he wanted the deed done that day, Jared was struggling to contain himself when he was around Ethan and could only think about dining on the hunks flesh.
Scott understood the point Jared wad making and prepared himself for the deed.

It was early afternoon and Ethan had decided to bunk off classes so he could stay with Scott and Jared. The music was turned on and the beers opened as the trio got into a bit of the party atmosphere. Ethan was loving it, "who needed to study." He said "When you can just party." And partying was what the hot uni student was doing. Dressed in nothing but his shorts and flip flops Ethan downed drink after drink. Still completely oblivious to the fate that awaited him and also failing to notice that both Scott and Jared were eyeing up his body.

Scott looked over to Jared as he grabbed an empty beer bottle and indicated that he was about to strike. Jared gave a nod in return and distracted Ethan whilst Scott approached him from behind. Seconds later he brought a beer bottle come crushing down on the back of the hunks head, Ethan stumbled forward a bit disorientated and shaken giving Scott the opportunity to move in for the kill. Before Ethan could comprehend what was happening Scott slung a garrotte around the young man’s neck and pulled it tight.
The pressure of the garrotte being pulled tight around his neck saw Ethan rock back on his heel as he threw his arms about wildly. Scott could feel his victim’s powerful body tense as he fought for his life. Ethan gasped for air as his hands tried to frantically claw at Scott and his legs kicked backwards in wild attempts to make contact with his attacker.
Scott was an experienced hand at this and the reality was that Ethan was fighting a losing battle as his face went red and his eyes started to bulge. Around a minute later Ethan let out a final groan as his body went limp in Scott's arms.

"Wow that was fucking hot." Jared announced as Scott lowered Ethan's body to the ground, both looked down at Ethan on the ground as his eyes looked up at them, the garrotte still wrapped tightly around his neck. "I can’t wait to tuck into him but quickly let’s get him in the boot of the car and tidy up. We don’t know when the others are back." Jared added as he assisted Scott with their latest victim.

Ethan was placed in the boot of the car as Scott sent a message on the housemates Whatsapp group that suggested Ethan was heading out to meet a girl, whilst Jared tidied the broken glass. When the university students returned that day there was no evidence to suggest what had happened and that Ethan's body lay in the trunk
Of Jared's car.
That evening Scott and Jared said their goodbyes as they drove off with Ethan’ body in the boot of Jared’s car which he planned to butcher when he was hungry.


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Chapter 432. Max
The police had discovered Sam's body in the metal bin when the refuse collectors came to empty it. They knew the serial killer had struck again due to the figure twelve that had been carved into Sam's chest. Their main concern was apart from the previous victims they had not yet found they still hadn’t found victim eleven which meant there was a least one more new victim out there.

Scott took a stroll along the beach, he was taking a well earnt rest from the Brotherhood and knew they would be requiring his services again fairly shortly.
Although he wasn’t ready to kill for the Brotherhood Scott was never really a guy to turn down an opportunity if one presented itself to him and this was what was just about to happen as he spotted a stunning young man taking his dog for a walk along the beach.

Dressed in nothing more than an Orange pair of shorts Max was indeed a stunning young man with an athletically fit and toned body. As he threw the stick for his dog into the water he had no idea that his every move was being watched.

Scott liked the look of the hot young man he had stumbled across and discreetly followed Max as he headed back to his car, put the dog inside and rolled down the windows. Max then headed off to the local surf club to hang around with some friends. Scott watched as Max drank a few drinks with the others guys and the killer knew he had to bide his time for the right moment to strike.

That moment came soon enough as Max was left alone for a short while at the club. His club mates had all hit the open waves for a little bit and Max who was still downing his drink offered to look after all their gear. Scott slowly approached the hot aussie as he sat by himself on a bench.

"Can I help you?" Max said to the unknown stranger that was approaching him. "This is private property so you shouldn’t be here."

"Oh I’m sorry." Scott replied "I’m just looking for my dog she hasn’t come this way has she."

"Sorry dude." Max replied "I've not seen anything and I’m currently on my own here. I can ask my guys if they have seen it when they finish riding the waves."

"Good. That’s good." Was Scott’s reply to the young hunk "It’s good that you are on your own?"

Max was confused "why's that?" Was his response to the stranger.

Scott laughed as he pulled out a knife from his waistband and coldly said "because I can do this."
Max didn’t have any time to react as Scott stabbed him in the chest, the young hunk moaned and groaned as he was repeatedly stabbed in the chest and it wasn’t until Scott withdrew the knife for the twentieth time that Max's blood soaked body finally lay motionless in the chair.
Scott was careful not to stand in any of the young man's blood that seeped out on to the floor and lent over ready to carve the serial killers trade mark number into Max's body. As he stared down at his latest victim he soon found out he had left himself no space to carve the figure into Max's chest so instead he carved the figure '13' into the middle of Max's forehead and left the young man to be discovered by his surfer friends.


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Chapter 433. Tristan

With Max's body still warm Scott noticed another member of the surf club that caught his attention. Tristan had just finished riding some waves and left his friends out there to enjoy themselves, instead Scott watched as the young surfer got cosy with a female who had been watching.

There was something about Tristan that cried victim, maybe it was his blondish, brownish hair or athletically toned body but in reality Scott didn’t care and thought about ways he could end the hot surfer’s life.
Tristan's efforts with the girl paid off as she handed him her number and address and arranged to meet up later that day. As the female walked off Tristan was happy that he had played his cards right.

Scott followed closely behind Tristan as the young surfer carried his surf board to his car. The killer knew he would have to strike soon but from experience Scott knew that the time wasn’t right.

He watched as the shirtless hunk bound the surfboard to his roof rack and then jump into his car.
As Tristan went to start the engine Scott thought the opportunity to make the young surfer a victim had passed. However he was soon looking up to the heavens and thanking the gods as Tristan's car failed to start. As the shirtless hunk jumped out of his car and popped the hood Scott seized his chance and approached.

"The curse of the motor car." Scott joked as he walked past Tristan who had his head under the bonnet.
"Fucking tell me about it." Tristan replied as he came out from under the bonnet to ask a potential favour. "Do you know anything about cars?" The young surfer asked knowing that if he could get some help it could save a fortune.

Despite being distracted by Tristan's fine body Scott replied "I know a little about them, do you want me to help you?"

Tristan smiled as he replied "yes please that would be great."

"Ok jump in and try to start her up." Scott urged as he looked under the bonnet. Tristan did as was asked and Scott listened as the engine sputtered and choked. "Ah I think I see what the problem is. Do you have any tools?"

Tristan jumped out of the driver’s seat as he replied "I think I have some in the boot. Let me look."

As Tristan headed to the boot of the car Scott knew this was his chance as the area was isolated with few people about and those people were still out riding the surf.

"Just let me have a look." Tristan said as he bent over into the trunk unaware that Scott had now moved behind him.

With the knife he had just used to stab Max to death in his hand he grabbed a surprised Tristan pulled his head back and slit his throat. Blood spurted from the wound as Tristan whose eyes were open in panic clutched at the wound. Scott in turn wasted little time and bundled the dying hunk into the trunk of his own car. As Tristan's dying eyes looked up Scott carved the figure "14" between onto his chest with one number being carved onto each pectoral muscle. Tristan's finally gurgles emanated from his body as Scott shut the trunk and then closed the bonnet of the car.

As he drove away there were now two members of the surf club waiting to be discovered.


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Chapter 434. Tim

The next request from the Brotherhood came from one if its law enforcement members. Paul was a police officer with the Australian police and had called upon Scott to acquire him a guy he had stopped and searched recently. There was something about this guy that oozed sexiness and screamed 'eat me'.
Paul took out his phone and showed Scott a picture of Tim the intended target. Paul pointed out that Tim was the dark haired guy in the middle with a fine toned body, with shades on and a pair of Bonds underwear sticking up from his waistband.

'Nice looking guy.' Scott thought to himself as he had a good look at the picture and now waited as Paul found the next one he wanted to show him. This photograph was a head shot of Tim and showed the dark-haired hunk with his greeny brownish eyes. From the photo Scott could see that Tim was a handsome young man, the photo also teased Scott as it caught a good amount of Tim's upper chest and left the rest to the imagination.[img]
The benefits of Paul being a police officer were immense as he had easy access to Tim's address. But a quick check of the young hunk's Twitter profile soon showed both Brotherhood members that Tim would not be home that night and was instead visiting a night club with some friends. This night club would be Scott's first point of call.

Scott arrived at the night club and found Tim was already there, he found his target on the dance floor. Dressed in a dark top and jeans Tim's muscular arms were clearly evident as the young man enjoyed himself.

The more the night went on the more Tim got drunk and at one point he removed his shirt and now wandered around the club in a white vest until he finally decided to leave for home in the early hours of the morning.
As Tim left the club he had no idea he was being followed home. Tim arrived at home just as his family were heading out for work and school and soon put his head down to get some sleep unaware someone else was now prowling about downstairs.
Scott snuck about the house until he finally found his target who lay on top of his bed in nothing more than his underwear, he hand was down the front of his pants as Tim was dead to the world.

Scott grabbed his phone and took a quick picture and then grabbed a pillow and brought it down over Tim's face. The attack instantly woke the young man who immediately tried to claw up at his unknown attacker. However Tim was in a perilous position as Scott held the pillow firmly over his face as he smothered Tim. Tim was making muffled sounds and begging for his life from under the pillow, his arms and hands were reaching up and he was trying to grab Scott but Scott held firm, the sounds continued as Tim bucked and thrashed on bed trying to throw Scott off. However he soon began to labour his movements, he thought of good times and his family, he didn’t want to die, he was too young, “please. Please” he shouted as he went slower and moments later he let out a “humph” and his arms went limb his legs flopped down. Scott then got up and sat on Tim’s face with the pillow holding it into place as he massaged the smooth lifeless torso, Tim’s body convulsed a few times and it looked sexy as his muscles constricted. Scott moved the pillow from his face, Tim’s eyes were wide open staring into space, his mouth wide open the death stare looked horny. Scott rubbed and licked Tim’s perfect body, he played with his solid pecs before wasting no time in conveying it to the car and driving back to Paul’s.
Once at Paul’s the police officer instructed Scott to harvest the meat from Tim’s prime athletic body.

When this was completed Scott handed Paul the succulent meat before taking a few prime cuts for himself. The Brotherhood member had left it to Scott to dispose of the remains and most of the young hunk was ditched in the desert to be picked clean by scavengers. He had special plans for Tim’s head and skull fucked the young man later that night.


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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 435. Zane

Scott was on the lookout for another victim had been told of an area where he could pick up a rent boy. Heading to the location he soon spotted a few guys that he liked the look of but found himself being drawn towards one particular guy who unlike all the others appeared to be playing it cool and didn’t look as desperate to be picked up.

Zane was an 18 year old who had only been involved in this sort of thing for a few months. He had heard about the easy money that could be made from a friend and gave it a go and had not looked back since. The young man was dressed in a black vest and blue shorts as he sat on a bench and awaited a customer. He'd seen Scott but decided to play it cool to see if this punter was interested.

Scott put his window down and called out “How much for sex?” Zane who had already been eyeing Scott up replied “$50 for a blowjob or $150 and you can keep me for the night” Scott thought about it, “jump in, let’s find a motel” Scott said to the young guy, who quickly opened the passenger door and jumped in, Scott looked at the guy, he had a hot face, and whose body seemed lean, he did not appear to be your normal street rent boy, he appeared to clean, his clothes were fresh, and as Scott looked down he could see the lad had clean manicured hands. Scott introduced himself and the rent boy said his name was Zane. Scott wanted to ask questions but before he could drive off, Zane asked for some money up front. Scott said he would give $50 now, and the remaining money would be paid in the morning. Zane agreed and took the cash offered as they drove Zane pulled his vest off and as he sat shirtless he placed his hand over onto Scott’s thigh and passionately rubbed it. Scott smiled to himself. As they drove to a motel.

Once they arrived, Scott parked up and told Zane to wait in the car, he didn’t want to be seen with him, in case anybody saw them together and when Zane went missing would put two and two together and remember Scott. He went into the lobby and hired a room, he walked back outside and parked up, to his annoyance he was unable to park directly outside his room as a car was already parked there. Both guys walked into the room. Scott stared at Zane, as he showed of his nice lean body. Zane stood there and appeared nervous, Scott asked him if he was ok, and he told him he was, “Have you done this before?” asked Scott. “Sure, sure I have” Zane answered confidently, as Scott approached him, although his eyes suggested otherwise.

Scott pushed Zane back on to the bed and licked his abs, Zane felt uneasy at first as Scott worked his way up his body, Scott playfully bit at Zane's pecs and tweaked his nipples. Zane began to get turned on, Scott thrust his hips against the hot teenager and gently moved up and down, Zane's uneasiness fell away, and he sat up, Scott took his own top off, and Zane copied and repeated what Scott had done to him, he became aroused and felt Zane's warm tongue licking his body, he then undid his trousers and pulled his pants down to expose his large uncut cock. Zane just stared at it, the uneasiness returned to his face. Scott said “you’ve really not done this before have you?” Zane shock his head. “Right, I’ll lead the way, do as I say, I won’t hurt you.” “Ok” Zane said timidly. Scott told Zane to open his mouth wide and when he placed his penis in it, to gradually suck and massage it, when he cum, he told Zane it was up to him if he wanted to spit or swallow. Scott grabbed Zane’s head and shoved his penis into his mouth, he felt the hot teen heave as it hit the back of his throat and quickly moved back, giving Zane room to suck. Zane started slowly but as he sucked he grew in confidence, he went faster and faster, and grabbed hold of Scott’s cock so he was in control. Scott moaned and groaned pleasurably and thought, he’s a quick learner. He felt himself about to cum and pre warned Zane by tapping him on the shoulder and giving thumbs up. Zane prepared as the cum fired in his mouth. Scott withdrew as Zane stood up and spat the cum into a tissue. Both guys fell on to the bed. Scott asked Zane if he had ever had sex with a guy, Zane was honest and said he hadn’t, Scott was puzzled and desperate to know why he had become a rent boy. Zane explained he had tried to get work, but jobs were few and far between there. He needed money and spoke to someone he knew that was doing it and they were making a fair bit of money. Zane wanted the cash and this seemed easy work. Scott asked him if he had thought of the dangers involved, Zane was honest and said he hadn’t really given that a thought.
Scott felt sorry for The teenager, but he had to do what he had planned at some point, besides Zane should have considered the dangers at some point, he asked Zane is he wanted to give or receive and as it was the first time, he wanted to receive.

Scott promised him, he would break him in gently, and suggested a bit of foreplay. He pulled Zane's underwear off to reveal the teen’s hidden treasure. Zane then removed Scott’s trousers and both boys began to cuddle and kiss each other’s bodies, they caressed each other, stroking and massaging their naked torso, Zane then rubbed his dick up along the top of Scott’s abs, Scott grabbed his cock and playfully bit it, both boys got aroused and the time had come for sex. Scott told Zane to lie back on the bed, and then wrap his legs around his body, Zane did as he was told and Scott pulled Zane into him, he warned him it may hurt a bit, but the pain wouldn’t last. He then told Zane to brace himself as he rammed his semi erect cock into his tight arse, Zane looked distressed at the point of entry and felt a terrible pain, Scott began to thrust his body up against Zane, he gradually got faster as the pain turned to great sexual feelings for Zane, who was making sounds of enjoyment, Scott fucked harder and Zane moaned louder, boy this guy can take it thought Zane as he shot his load into Zane. Both boys falling onto the bed exhausted. “That was good” an excited Zane said. And both boys pulled up their underwear. Scott got two beers from the mini bar, and both guys began to drink them, Zane got up and walked to the bathroom, Scott’s eyes fixed on the hot body leave the room, he quickly grabbed his jeans and grabbed a three capsules, he opened each capsule and pored it into Zane's can of beer. He quickly shock the beer can as he heard the bathroom taps run and placed it back on the side. The bathroom door opened and Zane ran back and jumped onto the bed next to Scott, Both lads lay next to each other, cuddling and fondling with each other’s body, Zane downed his beer. Scott nodded and waited. Zane climbed on top of Scott, and massaged his torso. He suddenly stopped abruptly and rubbed his forehead, he lay himself down next to Scott, Scott asked if he was ok and Zane told him he felt a bit dizzy. Scott told him to relax, as Scott had been right so far, Zane listened to the advice.

All of a sudden his body began to convulse, he twitched on the bed and began to foam at the mouth, Zane felt himself unable to move as the convulsion took over his body, Scott watched his muscles contract and relax rapidly and was being turned on, Zane tried to turn to Scott for help but was helpless, he wandered what had set the convulsions off, and hoped that Scott would help him. Scott had other plans however and placed his hand down the front of Zane's underwear and grabbed Zane's dick, Zane thought what was he doing, he was powerless to do anything. Scott began to gently massage Zane's cock and moved fondled with it more and more, Zane's body continued to convulse as Scott continued his hand job. Scott felt it as Zane fired his load as the convulsions began to die down, he removed his hand and Zane's cock stood to attention under his boxers. The convulsions slowed as Scott grabbed Zane's head and gently rubbed his cheeks, “Relax, don’t fight it” said Scott as Zane's body made small convulsions. Zane looked helplessly up at Scott as he rubbed his face, he thought why this happens as everything appeared to go dark and began the never ending sleep.
Scott placed the head down and looked down at the fresh body, Zane's eyes staring up at the ceiling, the foam dripping from his mouth, his arms and legs were outstretched down by his body, his cock forever erect in its boxer tent. Scott fondled and kissed the still warm body, it had only been ten minutes from consuming the poison for death to take hold of Zane.

Scott set his alarm for the crack of dawn. And slept next to Zane.
When he awoke Zane's body was cold and had begun to turn blue, his penis was still erect and Scott pushed it, it still moved. He carried the dead rent boy into the bathroom and cleaned off all evidence that had been left before carry Zane back to the bed and laying him out on top of it.

Before Scott left the room he carved the figure '14' into Zane's chest before leaving the teenager dead on the bed, his blue eyes staring up at the ceiling as they awaited discovery.

As the killer slammed the door he placed the 'do not disturb' sign on the handle and snuck out to his car.


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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 436. Michael

Scott checked his emails as he waited for another Brotherhood assignment, his time in Australia was drawing to an end but he knew it wouldn't be long until he was back again.
He checked his modelling website and was always amazed at the amount of guys that sent requests saying that they should be models along with pictures of themselves and reasons why. As Scott looked down the list of emails he noticed he had around four from the same guy who appeared to have an Australian email address.
The website had been a good source of victims before so he decided to check this guy out and see if he was worth the hassle of disposing off.

The guy’s name was Michael and Scott knew he was definitely victim material when he opened up the first email. Michael explained he thought he had the physique to be a fitness model etc and attached a picture that appeared to have been taken at the end of a gym session and showed a pumped up Michael pulling off a pose, his biceps bulging as he showed off his fantastically toned body, from the same picture Scott could also see that the hunk had a prominent manhood as it bulged at the front of his grey shorts.

Scott opened up the second email and Michael although not evidently disappointed not to have had a reply to his first email still persisted and this time attached two photographs of his quads. The first showed off a pair of meaty defined thighs made Scott salivate at the mouth as he pictured himself tucking into such fine meat.

The second photograph was a topless shot of Michael that he had appeared to have taken in his bedroom. If Scott had any doubts about Michael's victim suitability there were soon gone as the picture he now looked at sealed Michael's fate. Handsome with thick bulging arm muscles and thighs with a fantastic body that donned a pair of thick pecs and toned abs ensured Scott picked up the phone and made arrangements with Michael as soon as possible.

Scott knew as the phone rang he wouldn’t have time to devour Michael's flesh in Australia but there was no problem with sending some prime Aussie beef back to the UK so it could be devoured there.
Michael eventually picked up and the two began to make arrangements, as luck would have it Michael lived in the same city in which Scott was based and things were put in place to have an initial meet up later that day.

A few hours later Scott's phone buzzed, the text was from Michael saying he was on his way and that he was all pumped up. A photo accompanied the text and when it opened up Scott giggled to himself as he saw that Michael had sent another picture of his two meaty thighs after what he could only guess was a quick leg workout. If only Michael knew what awaited him Scott said to himself.

The arrangements were that Scott was to pick Michael up from one of the local subway stations and Scott wasn’t waiting long until Michael arrived. The two shook hands but it didn’t take long for Michael to start to talk about his body, "I’m all prepared for this." The wannabe model said as he lifted his shirt to reveal a set of ripped abs, their deep ridges clearly dividing each abdominal muscle which sat upon a fantastic male Apollo's belt.
"Attending the gym before this meant I’m all pumped up and ready to go."

"All in good time." Scott replied as he drove Michael to the photography studio he had rented for a few days.
Scott's phone buzzed during the drive and as he picked it up he knew from seeing the number that the Brotherhood requested his services which meant he had to deal with Michael pretty quickly.

On arrival at the studio Scott immediately got down to business as he explained that he would first need some shots of Michael in full clothing and then showing off various parts of his body. Eager to impress Michael did as requested as Scott took a variety of pictures. A short while later Scott gave the command that he wished to see a bit more flesh including Michael's great thighs. The young man didn’t disappoint as he dropped his trousers to reveal a pair of grey briefs that bulged prominently at the front and also his fantastic quads, to add to the picture and without being asked Michael lifted his shirt and also revealed his firm abs and pecs.

Scott happily snapped away before telling Michael to turn and face the wall so he could get some shots of his rear. Michael did as asked and when the young models back was turned Scott moved in for the kill as he grabbed a hammer from his bag.
Michael had no idea that Scott had snuck up behind him until the hammer came crashing down on the back of his head. The first blow saw Michael stumble forwards as Scott then brought it back down on his head as a terrible cracking sound emanated from the hunk. Michael was dazed and powerless to prevent Scott from raining blow after blow down onto him. Blood splattered up from each blow as Scott eventually stopped after he had counted fifthteen in total. Michael now lay motionless on the floor as a pool
Of blood formed around his head, Scott checked for a pulse and was unable to find one but just to make sure the hunk wasn’t faking anything he brought the hammer crashing down on his skull one last time.

With Michael now dead Scott wasted little time in taking a few photographs and then stripping the hunk to his underwear. He had a quick fondle with the body before taking a few more private shots for his collection and then dragging Michael out to his car. With the hunk firmly in the trunk of the car Scott tidied and cleaned the studio before heading home so he could begin the process of harvesting Michael's meat.

Michael was laid out as Scott grabbed his knifes and then began to carefully cut away pound after pound of succulent flesh. Around ninety minutes later Michael was unrecognisable as his remains sat in one corner and a large selection of meat in another. The meat was placed in the freezer as Scott knew he needed to prepare things before it was sent home. Michael's remains and head were buried at the end of the garden in a deep hole so animals would not disturb them.
Scott looked at the photos of Michael as he ate a fine cut from his latest victim that night before picking up the phone and seeing what the Brotherhood wanted.



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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 437. Scottie

Giles had summoned Scott for a meeting with Joe the head of the Brotherhood organisation in Australia. With Scott's imminent departure home they wanted to ensure that they put on a little celebration for the work that had been conducted on their behalf. They had decided to meet in a local gym and discussions quickly turned to how the celebration would take place, things were discussed but one thing also remained the same as it was always common practice for at least one hunk to be sacrificed and served for all the members. This would be Scott's job and as it was his celebration he would get the chance to choose the main course.
With everything decided the three continued their workout until Joe said "anybody else hungry."
Scott and Giles looked at each other before nodding their heads. "Why are you buying?" Scott joked as he hoped for a positive response from Joe.
The head of the Aussie Brotherhood laughed as he replied "no way, I was thinking of a bigger meal then that." And then pointed at another gym goer who took his fancy.

Scottie was keen on his fitness and attended the gym at least three to four times a week. He didn’t know it yet but he had just attended the gym on the wrong day as a trio of cannibals were now eying up his fine physique.
"I'm up for that." Giles replied "what about you Scott? Are you in?"
Scott looked over in Scottie's direction "he's got a fine pair of legs and what looks like a good muscular physique that will yield some fine meat. Fuck it, I’m in."

"Right Scott, you know what to do. We'll be at my place waiting for you." Will said as he grabbed his towel and headed for the changing room followed by Giles. As they left Scott's eyes were firmly fixed on the target who now paused from his workout and took a couple of selfies of his pumped body.

As Scottie left the gym later that day he had no idea that he was being followed. As Scott tailed his target he knew this would have to be a quick kill as he didn’t want the other two Brotherhood members waiting long for their food.
It was a twenty minute walk from the gym to Scottie's house and Scott watched as the hot young man took off his top before placing the key in his door. Scottie let himself in and made the fatal mistake of not pushing the front door shut instead he let it close slowly itself giving Scott an opportunity to sneak in.

Scottie had just entered his living room when he was attacked from behind.

Scott had gotten his prey in a headlock and a brief struggle began which was quickly followed by a snapping sound as Scott broke Scottie's neck, seconds later he dragged his prey's limp body out to his car and drove to Joe's house.

"Ah the deed is done." Joe announced as Scott dragged Scottie's body into the front room. "Well don’t keep us waiting we're hungry." He added as he pointed down towards the block of knives that he'd prepared for Scott.

Scott prepared himself as he looked down at his latest victim and prepared to harvest the flesh from his body.

It took around ninety minutes to completely cut Scottie up however some of the young hunks meat was already cooking as Scott continued to cut him up. Once completed the three Brotherhood members sat down and gorged themselves on Scottie's succulent and tender meat.

At the end of the night Scott headed off to think about the sort of victim he wanted for the celebration whilst Joe threw what was left of Scottie into his incinerator.


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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 438. Farron

Scott needed to find a victim for the celebration, but before he did he wanted to ensure he left the Australian police another victim for them to find. A late night rave was taking place just outside a nearby town and Scott knew that alcohol and drugs would be in abundance which meant he would have his choice of any hot male that may not be as alert as anybody else.

Scott attended the rave and immediately knew he had made the right choice. Everywhere he looked he saw young men in very limited clothing and states of undress. Some were with their partners whilst the others seemed to be drinking as they enjoyed the rave.
Scott eyed up his potential prey and with various physiques from lean, athletic to built on show all he had to do was decide on a victim. Giving it some thought and knowing that this would be his last victim in Australia for a while Scott decided that he would dispatch a built hunk and had already set his sights on a victim.

Farron had attended the rave with a couple of friends, the hunky personal trainer had blown his girlfriend out for it and had so far consumed a fair bit of alcohol. As he larked about with his friends the hunk had no idea that he a serial killer was watching his every move.
Scott liked the sight of the strapping alpha male who had a large tattoo across the top of his chest that appeared to cover his pecs and was now going to leave the police a message that no guy was safe and the serial killer could even take down bigger guys with ease.

Scott waited patiently and watched Farron's every move eager to strike at any moment and that moment soon came as Farron who was desperate to go to the toilet decided to head off into the bushes instead of walking to the nearest portable one. This act of of laziness was about to cost the hunk his life.

Farron ensured he was far away from rave so he could not be disturbed and pulled the top of shorts down so he could go to the toilet. Unbeknown to him Scott had followed and now stood behind the young man, the attack came as soon as Farron had pulled his shorts back up as the chloroform rag was held into his face. The personal trainer used all his strength to try and push his attacker off but soon fell unconscious which gave Scott the opportunity to drag him further into the woods.

Finding an ideal location between two trees the experienced killer stripped Farron naked and tied the young man to one. He fondled the stud’s muscular body as he awaited him to come around. Once Farron began to stir Scott hid behind a tree and listened as the once cocky hunk shouted for help. From his hiding point Scott grabbed hold of Farron’s cock and began to give him a hand job. Farron initially told Scott to reveal himself but soon the sensation of the handjob took over and Farron’s pleasurable noises filled the air. His cock grew larger with each stroke and soon enough the hunk let out a pleasurable moan as his erect cock fired streams of milky cum on to the woodland floor. Farron however did not get time to enjoy the sensation as Scott brutally cut his throat. A desperate gurgles escaped his mouth before his twitching corpse lay still for ever.
Scott laughed as he looked at his latest conquest before carving the number 15 into his chest.]

Scott laughed to himself as he left Farron tied to the tree, his torso drenched in blood and his eyes wide open staring into the abyss.

A few hours later a couple had left the rave for a bit of a fun together and found a secluded spot where they could have some fun. In the darkness they could not see that the spot they had chosen was only feet away from Farron's body and as they awoke in the early hours the female's screams filled the night sky as she saw Farron's vacant eyes staring down at her.