1. W

    Handsome man with glasses and nice jawline

    No detail found, anyone know where this is?
  2. M

    Obese man undressing

  3. M

    Son kills father and sliced his face off

  4. M

    Chubby British guy died in Cambodia

  5. M

    Elderly man autopsy

    He was dance teacher.
  6. M

    Handsome chubby Asian man died face down

    And video of turning him over.
  7. M

    Fat bloated Man is inspected

    He was Polish P.E teacher
  8. altsxman

    Le'ts Do Some CPR

    and if the CPR doesn't work.... we've got some Sexy Dead Guys too Fuck :love: Anybody got some other SEXY CPR Videos to Post?
  9. W

    fit dead man examined - pants almost down
  10. AnonymousPH

    42-year-old Thai man found dead stark naked in his room

    As usual, I can't give his name and the details about his tragic death. But, it happened on or about yesterday.
  11. AnonymousPH

    40-year-old Thai man found dead sitting on a chair

    Description inside, however in Thai.
  12. AnonymousPH

    53-year-old Thai man found dead

    Description inside, however in Thai.
  13. AnonymousPH

    Rigor mortis of an Indian man who committed suicide

  14. AnonymousPH

    Security guard found shot to death in Matalam, Cotabato, Philippines

    A security guard from Pikit, Cotabato, was found shot to death in Matalam, Cotabato, Philippines today, April 10, 2017. He sustained a gunshot wound to the head.
  15. AnonymousPH

    Dead Cambodian man fished out from the waters

    Sorry if I cannot give you information about this because I don't know Khmer.
  16. AnonymousPH

    Dismembered man in morgue

    No info
  17. AnonymousPH

    Dead Thai man transported from a boat

    I don't know what happened to him because I don't speak Thai. Here's the Facebook live video:
  18. AnonymousPH

    Headless body found in the University of the Philippines Diliman

    My UP friend gave me these exclusive newspaper clips from The Philippine Collegian back in November 1996 followed by a parody one in March 1997. The English translation of the Tagalog quote on the second last column of the first and real article is here as follows: "There is a high...
  19. Caronte

    What should we do with him now?

  20. AnonymousPH

    Fatal shooting of a man caught on camera

    It happened in Caloocan, Metro Manila, Philippines at around 11 PM on November 15, 2016.