1. M

    Obese man undressing

  2. M

    Chubby British guy died in Cambodia

  3. M

    Elderly man autopsy

    He was dance teacher.
  4. M

    Handsome chubby Asian man died face down

    And video of turning him over.
  5. M

    Fat bloated Man is inspected

    He was Polish P.E teacher
  6. altsxman

    Le'ts Do Some CPR

    and if the CPR doesn't work.... we've got some Sexy Dead Guys too Fuck :love: Anybody got some other SEXY CPR Videos to Post?
  7. W

    fit dead man examined - pants almost down
  8. AnonymousPH

    42-year-old Thai man found dead stark naked in his room

    As usual, I can't give his name and the details about his tragic death. But, it happened on or about yesterday.
  9. AnonymousPH

    40-year-old Thai man found dead sitting on a chair

    Description inside, however in Thai.
  10. AnonymousPH

    53-year-old Thai man found dead

    Description inside, however in Thai.
  11. AnonymousPH

    Security guard found shot to death in Matalam, Cotabato, Philippines

    A security guard from Pikit, Cotabato, was found shot to death in Matalam, Cotabato, Philippines today, April 10, 2017. He sustained a gunshot wound to the head.
  12. AnonymousPH

    Dead Cambodian man fished out from the waters

    Sorry if I cannot give you information about this because I don't know Khmer.
  13. AnonymousPH

    Dismembered man in morgue

    No info
  14. AnonymousPH

    Dead Thai man transported from a boat

    I don't know what happened to him because I don't speak Thai. Here's the Facebook live video:
  15. AnonymousPH

    Headless body found in the University of the Philippines Diliman

    My UP friend gave me these exclusive newspaper clips from The Philippine Collegian back in November 1996 followed by a parody one in March 1997. The English translation of the Tagalog quote on the second last column of the first and real article is here as follows: "There is a high...
  16. Caronte

    What should we do with him now?

  17. AnonymousPH

    Fatal shooting of a man caught on camera

    It happened in Caloocan, Metro Manila, Philippines at around 11 PM on November 15, 2016.
  18. P

    Young Guy Killed

    The cock is blury but you still can see it a bit.
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