1. Brian2012

    Meet hot dancer Ashley

    Meet hot dancer Ashley What would you do with him? How would you end his life? How would you dispose of his body? Who else wants to wrap their hands around his neck He's ready to give himself to you Sexy body Trying to act cocky Sexy in and out of clothes He's just trying to tease
  2. Brian2012

    Spartan Warriors. (Must see)

    Stumbled across this on Pinterest. A photographer that actually captures guys dressed as Spartan Warriors (and has an extra bonus see separate thread) and can’t stop fantasying about them lying dead on a battlefield or being eaten by a Cyclops, their powerful athletic bodies & legs dangling...
  3. proton

    Extremely Cute Young Man Hanging Suicide

    18 yr old young man from Germany had hanged himself after his 33 yr old girlfriend that had an affair with him for 6 months, then changed her mind and broke it up to be fully again with her husband. He used her red wool scarf to hang himself with. Most likely using the item of clothing she wore...
  4. S

    Dead Arabs are just yummy

    Man look at these funeral pics of the corpse! Mamdouh Abu Jarrah was shot in the Syrian mountains in front of his family a couple of days ago. Isn't he cute? Who would say no to some fun with that corpse ;)
  5. Multipaco

    Fucking my ex one last time

    I posted pics of my ex a while ago, playing dead, we broke up but we still talked a bit, he still sent me nudes from time to time Some teasing him being strangled One day I told him about meeting again, he had in mind fucking, but I had other plans. We met at his house around 8 pm, his...
  6. G

    Spear through the heart

    At the risk of everyone calling out "NERD," I play Dungeons and Dragons. It's fun. It's particularly fun when your character is knocked down to zero HP and has a spear stuck through his heart. His name was Conrad, he's a half-elf and he was only 22. I had to draw the moment but this seemed...
  7. I

    Young guy drowned

    From some beach in El Salvador
  8. B

    Great Checking
  9. Caronte

    Drowned 20 years old guy

    20 yo André Ferreira dos Santos was enjoing the day in Tocantins river (Brasil) with friends when he decided to improvise a float with two pet bottles to venture further into the water. At one point Andre disappeared. His friends hurried to rescue him, but they could not avoid the worst. After...
  10. Caronte

    Lucio Fragoso dos Santos - 17 yo

    Before: After:
  11. Rikky

    Honduran boy dies from drug overdose [first post]

    Christian Martínez, aged 15. He went to a party and drank some sort of coffee with his friends. Later on, he became ill and decided to recover at his ex-stepfather's place before returning home. After a night of intense shivers and vomiting, he passed away. The alleged cause of death is drug...
  12. P

    Cute 14 yo Boy Murder

  13. phoenix_orochi

    From Mexico today

    Hello. In this thread I will post the most relevant from the news in Mexico. Today I start with a guy that dies in a car crash, a dead motoboy, this one is not very clear but you can see the dead guy and two executed guys one in a car and another executed when eating fried potatoes. Enjoy. =)
  14. Deaf3279

    Roleplay on Secondlife

    Today I have short roleplay kill with My new friend too bad it don't last to keep friend after i behead him... Hope he have fun in after life :P Anyone want lick blood off knife? I'm on left side Name as Jordan (deaf3279) if any of you play secondlife. You can find me there. Headless name...
  15. Caronte

    Don't you hate when this happen???

    I like to see guys dead, but my real passion is when they died by drowning. That's why religiously I search in google to see if I can find some news that some young drowned guys. Sometimes I find some news with really cote guys, but showing pictures of the victim when thew were alive. Once I...
  16. Caronte

    Music videos of Hot/Cute guys being resus...

    If you kow any other video like this, don't be shy and post it...
  17. todd00009

    Josh the Teen Nudist Strangled

    This is my new favorite BestDeaths actor... He's cute, but tough... He's Josh The Teen Nudist... In this video he shows how cocky he can be...he begs to be murdered... strangled... stabbed... Then He is chloroformed, stripped naked and strangled...(Its pretty hot!) More pictures and video...
  18. Meatpie

    Technical problems October 2013

    Hi all, Technical problems will continue to plague the community until next week, we apologize for any downtime and ask for patience. We are upgrading to latest security patches unfortunately the process has turned out quite challenging we are working to get it all sorted by the weekend...
  19. jon_b

    Cute Diego killed in rollover

    Cute 19 yr old Diego was killed when he was thrown from his car when he crashed it and it rolled over ejecting him, Police say he was not wearing his seatbelt :dunno:
  20. todd00009

    Who wants to strangle Hunter?

    Our most popular actor is now young cute twink Hunter... He's a good actor, what do you think of his strangulations? This week he's playing a hot young fresh out of college executive intern.... I think he's pretty hot looking :)