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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 403. Billy

Scott enjoyed killing for the thrill and sensation he got but he also saw it as a necessity especially when it came down to feeding the carnivores animals at the animal centre, yes he could feed them normal food but the chance to feed and mix the passion of killing meant it was a no brainer as to what Scott was going to do.

Attention turned to acquiring some food for the animals and Scott had just spotted a potential target.
Billy was an aspiring boxer and Scott had happened to spot the eighteen year old as he had just finished a session at a boxing gym Scott had happened to pop into. The teenager had a fine lean body with some good definition which seemed to add to the mix of boyish and thuggish looks that donned his face.

It was when he noticed Billy leave the gym before him that Scott decided he had to leave and acquire some fresh food. As he left the gym he spotted Billy walking out of the parking lot gates and down the road. Scott jumped into his car and followed from a safe distance, he watched as Billy took off his shirt and placed it into the waist band of his trousers. Knowing the local area Scott knew where the best possible place to strike from was and thanked the gods when Billy turned down into a short cut that would take him through the woods. The shirtless teenager paid no attention to the car that drove past him and parked in the wood car park.
Scott sat in the car and waited until Billy entered the tree line, he quickly left the car and quickly caught up with Billy. The young man was taken by surprise as Scott grabbed him in a headlock, despite Billy putting up a good struggle the sound of the teenager’s neck snapping quickly resonated as Scott wasted little time in flinging the shirtless teen over his shoulder and placing it into his car.

Arriving at the animal centre Scott wasted little time in stripping Billy down to his underwear. He paused for a brief moment as he spotted the Turtle underwear he was wearing. Scott sniggered to himself as he gave the body a quick fondle before carrying it into the Piranha enclosure.
The deadly fish darted around the tank as Scott placed Billy's body into the cage and gave it one final look as he lowered it into the water.

The Piranha were straight onto Billy's body the moment it touched the water and began to tear strips of flesh from the young man. The water quickly turned blood red as a feeding frenzy erupted around the cage. The water continued bubbling around as the fish ate before calmness eventually restored itself. A few Piranhas darted around eating up any pieces of flesh that still floated on the water whilst the cage contained nothing more than a skeleton completely stripped of all flesh.

Billy's remains were lifted from the water and thrown into the disused well in the middle of the centre whilst Scott now looked for more victims.


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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 404. Joel

Scott was at home relaxing when he received a call on his phone. The call came from Giles and as Scott had expected he was required for some Brotherhood work.
Giles informed him that Jerry a Brotherhood member who was a high up TV producer needed his services. Apparently Jerry had been made aware of a talented club DJ named Joel that he had taken quite a shine to and now wanted Scott to acquire him for his meat. Giles informed Scott he would send a couple of pictures of Joel through and gave him Jerry's address as he told him to be there for 5pm and to dress so he could eventually gain entry to a club as they would be approaching Joel tonight.

Scott waited a few seconds before his phone pinged for the first time as it received the first picture of Joel. In it the young DJ was shown stood at his decks whilst he played a set, he was also shown to be lifting his vest to reveal his toned abs, v cut and the top of his Calvin Klein underwear.

Impressed with what he saw the second picture now popped up on Scott's phone. This one had obviously been taken from one of Joel's social media accounts. It showed the sexy young man shirtless as he took a picture of his tanned and toned body as well as his defined legs.

Joel was indeed a good looking young man and from the look of him in the pictures Jerry was going to be tucking into some fine meat.
Dropping what he was doing Scott prepared to head off and meet Giles before heading on to meet Jerry.

Giles was waiting for Scott outside the station and jumped into the stationary car. The two greeted each other before Scott began the drive to Jerry's. They discussed what they thought about Joel from what they had seen and then Giles broke some news to Scott.
"Just to give you the heads up, you'll be heading down under soon as our Australian brothers feel a little neglected. As you know with the weather there Aussie guys dress in very limited clothing and as one Brotherhood member said, its killing them not being able to do what they want to. So don't make any long term plans."

"No probs." Scott replied "Aussie guys are stunning I think I’ll enjoy it." The two Brotherhood members laughed and joked as the car pulled into TV producer Jerry's driveway. The extravagant Brotherhood member was already out in the driveway waiting to greet them with open arms.
"Welcome guys, so glad you're here. Quick come in for a drink then we can head down to the club where Joel is playing his set."

The three guys now sat around the kitchen table as Jerry explained he had spotted Joel whilst conducting a reccy of a night club that they wished to use for some filming. He'd taken an instant liking to the young DJ after he witnessed him pull his shirt off as he played the decks. He liked the look of Joel's slightly tanned and hot muscular body. Jerry waited around and had a little talk with Joel and asked the young man if he was interested in starring in a future reality TV show. Joel's interest was piqued and the seeds set for Scott to do his work.

Joel was already midway through his session when the guys arrived, they immediately ordered a few drinks and then took up prime position on a table where they could watch the DJ's every move. Dressed in a black vest and jeans Joel did indeed look a lot better in person then he did in the pictures Scott had been shown.

As Joel continued his session he spotted Jerry with his entourage, he threw the TV producer that could make him even more famous a little wink and carried on entertaining the crowds.
Around half an hour later Joel was now on a break, he grabbed a drink from the bar and came to sit at the table with Jerry and the others. Jerry did the introductions, he told the attractive DJ that Scott was the executive producer that had agreed to the concept of a reality show revolving around a club DJ. Scott stood up and shook Joel’s hand before explaining that he had agreed to the show but wanted to make ensure Joel was ok with a couple of changes he had made to Jerry’s idea. Joel sat back in his chair as Scott went on to say that he thought that it was best if they added that Joel was also a wannabe male model, that way the intended show would show both the highs and lows of Joel’s aspirations to make it big in his chosen pathways. As the hunky DJ sipped his Corona and pondered what he had just be told he had no idea it was a load of crap and only intended for the Brotherhood to get some photos of him in his underwear and then kill him.

Joel clasped his hands together and told the three Brotherhood members he was fine with any changes that they wished to make, the four did a little toast before Scott handed Joel his address and told him to be they at noon the next day and warned him that he was not able to tell anyone about this just yet.
As Joel headed off to restart his set the three Brotherhood members sat gleefully knowing that the arrangements were now in place for Joel’s death. But Jerry had a request, he wanted Joel’s death to be by hanging, Scott smiled as “That won’t be a problem, besides we haven’t had a good hanging for ages.”

Joel awoke early the next morning, the attractive DJ was eager to get to Scott’s early and make a good impression. The weather was fine and the young hunk loaded his car shirtless before jumping in and driving off.

The drive to Scott’s took just under an hour and like the many other victims that had driven through the gates Joel was struck with how awesome the place looked, the magnificent house based on a vast landscape. He knew he could only dream of owning a house like that.
Moments later Joel was on a chair and listened to Scott as he explained the schedule for the first few days, both involved getting some modelling shots along with some early film for the programme before the main bulk of the reality filming began.

Joel nodded and listened as Jerry now asked if he’d told anyone about the impending reality show, Joel informed he hadn’t and as far as his friends and family were concerned he had gone abroad for the weekend to deliver a set at a foreign nightclub. Jerry handed Joel some papers to sign giving permission for them to film anything. The young DJ signed without reading them and then followed Scott upstairs to be shown to his room.
After freshening up Joel came back downstairs dressed in what he’d been advised to dress in, the trio followed Scott into the studio where the young DJ took centre stage in what was being described as ‘the bad boy’ photo shoot. As Scott acted as photographer, Giles began to film things as Jerry over saw the whole process.
Joel’s first shoot began with the young man dressed in a hooded top and black ripped jeans with holes in their knees. After some initial nerves he soon settled down and got into the swing of things as he began to give an accomplished showing.
All four looked over the first batch of photos and all were in agreement that the best one was one that captured Joel’s brown eyes well as he sat on some stairs as he clenched his hands together.

The next part of the shoot was to be carried out in the various out buildings on Scott’s land and before moving on Joel changed tops and put a baseball cap on, this was to be your urban bad boy shoot.

This part of the shoot went rather well and Joel could play the part of a bad boy rather well, his poses looked absolutely natural and only and the Brotherhood were gaining some good shots for their collection.
The shoot moved into an outhouse where Joel conducted some more poses, Jerry’s favourite saw Joel crouching in a corner, looking up at the camera exposed his neck and Jerry couldn’t help but whisper about how he couldn’t wait to see the noose slung over it.

The bad boy shoot continued but this time Joel had removed his shirt and images were captured of the bad boy now shirtless, he stood by a mesh fence before finally crouching down in front of it. The images caught Joel’s fine torso but the outstanding feature the camera caught were the hunky DJ’s vascular arms.

The final part of the shoot saw Joel now sit against a pole, Scott wanted it to look like the bad boy was pondering his lifestyle and was amazed at how Joel could pull it off so well as he sat with his hands resting underneath his chin.

The days shoot was now over and the group retreated back to the house, the plan was to head out for some dinner but Jerry and Giles bailed out leaving Scott and Joel as the ones to hit the town. The other two Brotherhood members couldn’t take their eyes off of their prey as he sat on the couch waiting for Scott to get ready, they knew in less than twenty four hours Joel would be dead and couldn’t wait for it to happen. But in the mean time they praised the young DJ on how well he had done today and told him that tomorrow’s was going to be even better.

The night out clubbing went particularly well and Scott soon discovered that Joel was a more sensitive soul then he first thought, bullied as a teenager he used to lock himself in his room and just play with his decks. He entered a local DJ competition and won it which set him on the road to being popular. Joel was honest he hadn’t looked back since and as Scott could testify after the nights events, Midway through the night Joel’s t-shirt was ruined and he had to go around shirtless. The sight of the stud’s bare torso saw the amount of ladies that wanted to cosy up to the hunky DJ increase and Joel was literally forcing some away.
During the walk home Scott couldn’t take his eyes off his young house guest’s well-toned body.

Joel was awake before everyone else the next morning, the young man had already been told that most of this part of the shoot was going to be done in his underwear and Joel wanted to ensure his sexy was pumped up for the day that lay ahead. When Scott finally awoke he found a rather sweaty Joel in limited clothing. His manhood immediately sprung to attention at the sight of his sweaty house guest in his tight green shorts, he stood in the hallway and watched Joel’s amazing body during his workout. It was then that Scott had an idea and rushed to get the camera that Giles was using to film things on, he returned and now stood in the hallway and filmed the last parts of Joel’s workout.

Joel smiled when he caught sight of Scott filming him and when the camera was cut off, he told him he wanted to look pumped up for the next part of the photo shoot. Scott told him that was a great idea and as Joel headed to shower he showed Giles and Jerry the footage he caught of Joel working out.
“For fuck sake Scott, that just makes me want to tuck into his flesh even more.” Jerry said as he watched the footage back a few times.
Scott lingered on the landing as he wanted to catch sight of Joel once he came out of the shower, and boy was it worth the wait as Joel eventually emerged from the bathroom wrapped in his towel.
“Ha-ha we have to stop bumping into each other like this.” Scott joked “But seriously it’s good to be photographing a model that hasn’t ruined his body with tattoo after tattoo. The unblemished model has the potential to go far.”
Joel laughed “Err, well I think I have to come clean. You see I do have a tattoo, I got in on a drunken night out. Thankfully I was sensible on the body part where I got it.”
“You have a tattoo. Really where?” Scott asked eager for Joel to reveal its location.
“Ha-ha I’ll show you.” Joel replied as he slowly dropped the top of his towel to reveal a tattoo of an eye and eyebrow on the top of his right thigh just below his fine v cut. “Don’t ask me what it means as I haven’t got a clue.” He added as he pulled his towel back up.

“I wouldn’t worry about that.” Scott said “It’s in a place that people will hardly see so I stand by my first statement on the matter.” He joked

The three Brotherhood members were waiting in the studio for Joel to come and begin the second day of the shoot. Everything was put into place so Joel’s murder could be carried out without any trouble and all this Unbeknown to the young hunk as he walked into the studio shirtless.

Joel was handed a couple of pairs of underwear that he needed to change into for the shoot, and the hunky DJ blew the Brotherhood members away when he remerged in them. Joel looked absolutely amazing, and Scott clicked away at the handsome hunk stood before him. The lighting dazzled off of Joel’s meaty pectoral muscles as his toned six pack abs merged into deep ridged v cut. The tight Justin Tyler underwear clung to Joel’s midwidth. The whole package was finished off with Joel’s fine legs and Scott couldn’t help but focus on his fantastic quads.

The photos carried on with Joel in the Justin Tyler underwear, and Scott wanted to ensure he had some photos of Joel in different poses for his own personal collection. His favourite being one where Joel was stood side on with a serious look on his face, the rest of the photo caught the vascularity of his arms and the fantastic definition of torso along with his bulging manhood hidden beneath his underwear.

The Brotherhood members knew that in order for Joel to happily place the noose over his own neck they had to make the hunk believe it was just another prop for the shoot. In order to do this they need to give Joel some props now. They handed the young DJ some metal chains and asked him to drape them around his neck, Joel happily agreed and soon the chains were draping from his neck. Scott clicked away as Joel posed with the chains, he clasped both sides in his hands and looked serious.

Scott couldn’t help but imagine strangling Joel there and then with the chains but Jerry had requested that Joel was to be hung, still it didn’t stop the Brotherhood’s killer from imaging what he could do to the hunk.
Joel’s death was now only moments away and the sexy hunk was still completely oblivious to it as he placed on the final pair of underwear. Now dressed in a small and tight pair of white and black Emporio Armani trunks that left little to the imagination Joel happily did what was asked of him as Scott managed to capture the best photos from the whole shoot. This underwear really added to Joel’s complexion and fantastic body definition and Scott was now struggling to contain the bulge that was quickly growing in his own underwear.

Giles was still rolling the camera when Joel placed the noose over his own head, the hunky DJ didn’t even question the prop or find it odd that he had been asked to do such a strange thing. Joel was still happily posing when Jerry initiated the switch and the noose immediately tightened around a surprised Joel’s neck and lifted him into the air.
Joel stretched out his toes as he was lifted up into the air. The hunk was relatively still as he had been taken by surprise but all of a sudden the gasping for air started as his body began to slowly twist at the end of the rope. Joel’s eyes are moving intelligently, pleading with the three Brotherhood members to help him. The hunks chest was rising and falling as he wheezed from his throat.
After five minutes it is clear that Joel was running out of time. His hands grasped at the rope as his body twisted as he frantically tried to free himself. The sound of the sexy DJ’’s gut muscles could be heard as he desperately tried to suck air into his congested lungs.
All the time Joel’s legs continued to kick and jerk, at times his knees reaching up to his belly button. The light glinted off of his sweat slicked muscles looking as perfect as they did during his workout. The rope creaked under the hunks weight as Scott, Giles and Jerry enjoyed the air dance as it became more violent and prolonged. His face was darkening, his eyes starting to bulge. The expression now etched on Joel’s face is one of fear and panic. It was amazing that Joel hadn’t yet realised that the more he struggled the more he tightened his own noose
Ten minutes after Joel’s feet left the ground the struggles began to slow. Then suddenly the front of the tight briefs that Joel wore became wet as the young hunk had wet himself as he died. Joel’s fantastic body now sway back and forth in the air as Jerry was in the process of giving himself a hand job.

Giles moved in for a close up with the camera as Joel's body swayed slowly back and forth. He started at the hunks feet and slowly panned up his legs over his wet underwear and up over his fit toned body before finally zooming in on his face as he eyes stared out in the distance as his tongue protruded slightly from his mouth. Scott wasted little time in cutting Joel down and before he could get down to work Jerry requested some time alone with the hunky young DJ.

Giles and Scott headed off to prepare the body preparation room as Jerry had his fun. Giles ensured each could have a copy of the film that contained Joel right up until his death.
Eventually an hour later Jerry came out and gave the go ahead for Scott to begin to harvest the meat from Joel's body. The three Brotherhood members were soon carrying the dead hunk down to the body preparation room where it was laid out ready for dismemberment.

Scott had a quick fondle of Joel's fine body before stripping the juicy meat from the hunks frame.

It took Scott just over an hour to remove all the edible meat from Joel's corpse. Scott wheeled Joel's remains out to the pigs and threw them into the creature’s troth. With Joel’s meat boxed up ready for Jerry to take home he now asked the Brotherhood member what he wanted to do with Joel's head. He had hoped that Jerry wouldn’t want it, but was about to be disappointed as the reply he received was that Jerry wanted Scott to boil the flesh from the head so he could take it home and put it on his desk as a memento.
Scott tried to dissuade Jerry by telling him that people would ask questions but Jerry said he had other memento skulls and one more wouldn’t matter. Scott was disappointed but at least he would have photos and videos of Joel to look at.

Scott lit the stove as three pieces of Joel's fine meat cooked in the oven. He looked Into Joel's brown eyes and dropped the head into boiling water before covering the pot with the lid.

Another hour later the three Brotherhood members were all sat around the table as they tucked into Joel's fine meat. The hunky DJ had indeed been a fine acquisition whose meat just seemed to melt in their mouths. All the while they were eating Joel's head slowly simmered on the stove.

At the end of the night Scott lifted the lid of the pot to see that Joel's head was unrecognisable and was now nothing more than a skull although the inside of the pot was now filled with a gooey mess and Scott noticed that the stud ear rings Joel wore lay at the bottom of it. The skull was placed in a bag and handed to Jerry who wasted little time in loading it along with the meat into his car. Before heading off Jerry thanked Scott for his help and told him he'd need him again.

Giles winked at Scott as he left before reminding him he needed to be heading to Australia soon.

Now alone Scott sat looking over the pictures of Joel who was a fine young man, his only regret was not being able to have the fun he wanted with the sexy young man.



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Omg joel is perfect. i wish i could squeeze the life out of his bodybuilder heartbeat


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Chapter 405. Lee

It was his sister’s birthday and Lee ensured that he handed her the card he'd purchased for her. The family had a party planned for her but Lee had already made arrangements, the young man was a creature of habit and he party clashed with his workout time and Lee had his priorities all wrong as he chose to work out instead of attend the party.

His sister didn’t really mind and gave her older brother a kiss before Lee was handed a bottle of beer to toast the birthday girl. The young man then headed upstairs to get ready to go out, he had just changed into a track suit and was admiring himself in the mirror when there was a knock on his bed room door. Lee shouted "come in" and he saw it was his younger sister who stood all innocent in the doorway.

"I've read your card and I just wanted to say thank you. You’re the best big brother in the world." She said before launching herself at Lee and giving him a big cuddle.

Lee felt a little guilty that he wasn’t going to be able to stay for the little party his family had planned. He wanted to but he also had a schedule he wanted to stick to rigidly and as be kissed his little sister he whispered "I promise you I’ll make up for today and tomorrow we'll do something together."

His sister’s face lit up, "really." She replied as lee nodded "ok, pinkie promise." Lee put his pinkie finger against his sisters and made her a promise. He smiled and felt satisfied as she skipped out of the room.
Lee quickly turned his attentions back to the mirror and now ensured he was ready to head to the gym.

As he hopped onto his bike Lee had no idea that would be the last time his little sister would see him.

Scott had noticed the new member to the gym, the dark haired good looking stranger had grabbed his attention early on and looked perfect victim material. He had been so desperate to get any glimpse of Lee's body before he made his mind up and that glimpse had just happened as he witnessed Lee lifting his gym top to reveal a fine set of toned abs and the lower part of his pecs.

Thoughts ran through Scott's mind as he contemplated how he would be able to snare Lee. It was at that point that he remembered the young man always cycled to the gym and knew a way that he could snare Lee.

It wasn’t until a few hours later that Lee was ready to leave the gym, the hunk now shirtless with his bag draped over his shoulder walked into the foyer and out into the car park.
Scott knew that this was his que and followed Lee outside and jumped into his car, from his vantage point he could see that Lee was looking at his bike that he had chained up on the fence by the entrance to the gym car park.
Scott drove slowly towards the exit before stopping by a puzzled and pissed off Lee.
"Hi mate, I’m the owner of this place. What the fuck happened?"

Holding his bike in his hands Lee replied "Some fucker has stolen my bike wheels, the little cunts. How the fuck am I gonna get home?"

"Hey well I can check the CCTV tomorrow for you." Scott replied "Stick the bike in the back and I’ll give you a lift."

Lee didn’t fancy carrying the bike home and it would be a long walk, he smiled and replied "Cheers man."

Scott jumped out of the car and opened the boot of his 4x4 and as Lee bent over to fit the bike frame in he shoved the chloroform soaked rag in to Lee's face. The hunky gym goer put up a good fight but soon succumbed to the fumes and was bundled into the trunk with his bike.

A groggy Lee woke up, Scott whispered in his ear “Time to go play” Lee regained his composure as he was led into the animal centre. Scott led him into a room and in his still groggy state he failed to notice the large Boa Constrictor that had wrapped itself around a large wooden branch that went from one side of the room to the other. Lee now stood in just his white underwear and finally regained complete composure, he shouted obscenities at Scott and then lunged at him unaware that a large snake had taken an interest in him and had uncoiled itself behind him.
Lee had barely taken a step forward when
The large Boa Constrictor clasped onto his shoulder. He shouted for help and tried to get up to run, but the snake wrapped its large body twice around Lee’s half naked body. He screamed and begged Scott for help as the creature tightened its grip and squeezed its body tighter around the helpless hunk. Scott was not going to help, he was only interested in one thing. Lee’s upcoming death and watched as Lee tried desperately to fight the large snake off. The Boa had wrapped itself around the middle of his torso just below Lee’s abs and the second coil began just below his waist. Lee’s legs were thrashing about as he tried desperately to get loose, his bare feet kicked the floor as his arms flung about and as Scott got closer Lee’s hand grabbed hold of him. Scott didn’t push it away instead he, watched as Lee’s face was going bright red, he was unable to breath as the snake was asphyxiating him. His eyes looked towards Scott as he tried to gasp his last breaths and Scott watched as his legs dropped down, he felt Lee’s tight grip loosen as the snake squeezed the last drops of life out of her meal. Lee stare at Scott as he death overcome him the last thing he ever saw was Scott winking at him just before he died. His right arm was out straight and his left arm had fallen onto the Boa’s scaly body. Scott then watched as the snake loosened its grip and slithered away releasing Lee’s hot corpse. Lee lay on the floor his head at an angle.

The Boa Constrictor slithered away and Scott moved in, he massaged Lee’s hot torso one last time and tweaked his nipples. He then saw the large snake make its way back towards Lee. She opened her mouth wide and disconnected her jaw and moved towards Lee's head. He stared at Scott his eyes penetrating Scott in his death stare. The Boa began to slowly swallow his dead body. Scott watched as she swallowed him head first and was amazed as after swallowing Lee’s head, her jaws opened wider as she began to swallow his broad shoulders. Scott grabbed Lee’s arms and laid them alongside his body. He quickly fondled the hot torso one last time before it was devoured. He observed the snakes fangs help her to ease Lee’s corpse into her mouth, as she moved her head forwards her fangs would drag its meal further into her mouth. Scott watched as his solid pecs were slowly swallowed up and then his abs, every inch of Lee’s upper body had been swallowed apart from his hands which lay halfway between his thighs. As the snake head moved further down Lee’s corpse Scott watched as she bent his penis forward as she swallowed it. Scott caressed his thighs one last time as the snake continued to eat him, after just half an hour of swallowing Lee all that remained where his shins and bare feet. Scott observed as these slowly disappeared into the Boa Constrictor’s mouth. He rubbed and played with Lee’s feet before they too were lost forever. He watched as a bulge moved further along the snake’s body on its way to the stomach. Finally Lee’s bare feet vanished down the creature’s throat and Scott watched as Lee’s corpse was slowly pushed along the snake’s body until the lump stopped. By the looks of it Lee had finally reached its stomach.

Scott stood up as the Boa Constrictor moved slowly towards a corner of the room to rest and digest its large meal. He knew that it would take between seven to nine days for the snake to fully digest Lee.

Meanwhile elsewhere Lee's sister sat at home awaiting the return of her big brother unaware he would never be returning.


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Chapter 406. Jack

Scott sat in his office, the young serial killer had many ways in which he could acquire his victims and he was about to put the latest one to the test. He had advertised for some bar jobs at the night club he owned and the attractive salary offered saw a number of applicants for the roles. Scott was then able to vet the applicants and look up their profiles on social media and any guy he liked would be contacted for an interview he would never leave.
Scott worked his way through the applications and eventually picked up one that belonged to a young man named Jack. Putting Jack's name into his computer he quickly pulled up one of the young man’s social media accounts and began to scan through Jack's pictures.

Jack was a rather attractive young man with a fine lean but toned body and short dark hair with a little scruff under his chin.

Flicking through the pictures Scott then looked at another that this time showed all of Jack's body and instantly knew the applicant he was going to kill.

The day of the interview soon came and Jack was delighted to have been short listed for the role.
He’d been applying for various roles and had so far been unsuccessful; he always seemed to fall at the interview stage and was determined not to let that happen again. Jack had shaven and now dressed smartly in a suit and tie and left the house hoping for a little change of fortune. The young man had not told anyone about his impending interview due to the disappointment he had received previously and intended on surprising his close family and friends if he were to be successful.

Scott sat in his office at the club, he’d already carried out three interviews that day but this was the one that he was looking forward to the most. His trouser snake began to grow as he thought about his next kill. Moments later there was a knock on the door, which was followed by Scott replying “Come in”. The door slowly opened as a very nervous Jack smiled as he walked in and made his way to the chair.
Scott took the opportunity to look Jack up and down and gave a satisfactory nod of appreciation. The young man was indeed dressed to impress, clean shaven and in a smart dark suit as Scott began the interview his only thoughts were getting his hands on the fine body that he had seen in the pictures.

The interview lasted around half an hour and Jack did particularly well, the only real issue Scott had was did he inform Jack he got the job so he died happily or did he tell him that he didn’t get the job so he died unhappily. In the end Scott plumped for happiness and at the end of the interview he told Jack he had been successful and offered him the job. A huge smile formed on Jack’s face as he felt that a huge weight had been lifted. “Thank you, thank you.” Jack repeated “I won’t let you down. I promise I won’t let you down.” Scott shook Jack’s hand and offered the young man a celebratory drink, Jack accepted as Scott now stood behind his young victim. Jack took his phone out of his pocket to tweet the good news unaware Scott was still there.
Seconds later a loud “SNAP” was heard as Scott broke Jack’s neck, the young man’s phone fell to the floor, the tweet he was typing unfinished. Jack was the last interview before a lunch break and Scott wasted no time in locking his office door and then beginning to undress his latest victim. Within no time at all Jack was laying in nothing more than his underwear as Scott now got to have a good look and fondle of the slightly tanned and toned body before him. He noticed that Jack had a tattoo on his left pec and enjoyed the sensation of the smooth flesh under his skin. He couldn’t let Jack lay there without fucking the stud and soon enough jack’s body was rocking gently back and forth before Scott’s cum was fired deep inside him.
With the interviews restarting soon Scott shoved Jack’s body into a side room and carried on as normal. That evening he carried the dead hunk through he tunnel to the animal centre.
Arriving back at the animal centre Scott lifted Jack into the back of the 4x4 and drove into the large Hyena enclosure. The pack was alerted to the vehicle and knew that it meant only one thing, food.

Leaving the engine running Scott jumped into the open back of the vehicle and surveyed Jack’s body. He wished he could have spent a little bit longer with the young footballer but still had things to do and needed to get them done.

Jack’s body was rolled out of the back of the jeep and landed face up on the ground. Scott jumped into the driver’s seat and retreated a safe distance as watched the Hyena pack converge onto the fresh corpse.
Having not eaten for a while the Hyena's pounced on Jack’s body. Young and old tore chunk of flesh after flesh away as the scene quickly turned into a feeding frenzy. The Hyena was one of nature’s effective cleaning machines as their diet not only consisted of meat but also bone, their powerful jaws and strong teeth could easily splinter and eat any bones and would make short work of a humans.

Scott returned to check how the Hyena's had got on and soon saw that Jack’s body was gone. Inspecting the area he found large blood stains on the ground along with very fine shards of bone, the only remnants that remained of the young man who had left his house earlier that day hoping to get a job.

Scott smiled as he left the animal centre, another animal had been fed and young man killed


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Chapter 407. Malik

The call to go to Australia had come sooner than expected and Scott knew he had little choice but to drop everything and make his way out there. He had plans to feed the various animals at the animal centre and also stock up on meat for the restaurant. But thankfully Adam advised he would try his best to take care of things before joining Scott and Danny down under.

As Scott stepped off of the plane he smiled to himself as he thought that the Aussie hunks they liked to strut around shirtless were no longer safe. The guys had barely been in the country a few hours and were suffering from jetlag after the long flight, but Scott was determined to not fall asleep, he wanted to fall asleep at normal
Time and headed off to a local gym for a workout knowing that would definitely keep him awake.

Scott was midway through his workout when he spotted a guy that took his fancy, the cupboards in his Australian home were bare and he knew that he would also have to stock up on some meat for the freezer. This hot young guy who stood dressed in a dark vest with his shorts rolled all the way up to reveal a fine pair of legs with wonderful thighs would definitely fit the bill.

Malik had just finished an intensive leg work out and was now busy admiring the effects on his body in the mirror. As he posed to himself he had no idea that he had caught the attention of a dangerous serial killer and continued to pull off the poses. He decided to check the overall package and pulled off his vest as he now checked out the effects the workout had had on his fit and perfectly toned body.
Scott's trouser snake stirred at the sight of Malik's well-toned body with its perfect pecs and tightness of his fantastic abs. All this plus the veins running down Malik's arms and nice smooth legs meant that although tired Scott had found his first victim.

Scott waited patiently and when Malik left the gym he discreetly followed him. Despite being tired Scott was in hunter mode and nothing would stop him from obtaining his target.
After a short drive he pulled up on the other side of the road as Malik oblivious to the fact he was being followed pulled onto his driveway. Scott clenched his steering wheel as he sat patiently waiting for the moment to make his move and attack his target.
That time soon came as Malik dressed in a dark hoodie and claret shorts carried a bucket out to his car and began to clean it.

Scott looked up and down the street that appeared to be empty and also noticed that nobody else appeared to be at home. It was the perfect time to strike and after taking the tire iron from his car he moved forward ready to attack. Malik was busy rubbing the sponge up and down the side of the car to notice Scott now stood behind him, if he'd looked up he may have seen his attacker in the reflection in the window but with his headphones in and sponge in his hand Malik was too preoccupied to notice anything.
Seconds later Scott brought the tire iron crashing down on the back of Malik's head the blow seemed to knock the young hunk out. With Malik unconscious on the floor Scott wasted little time in picking his prey up and running back to his car with it. Malik was thrown across the back seats as Scott sped off, despite being tired he was now solely running on adrenaline.

As Scott sped away he looked in his rear view mirror and noticed that Malik was now coming around again and began to stir on the seats. He pulled the car into an isolated side street and then climbed over into the back.
Malik didn’t have time to completely come to his senses as Scott was quickly on top of him and began to strangle the young man to death. Malik struggled as his attacker easily overpowered him, he frantically clawed up at Scott as he desperately gasped for air that could save his life. Scott enjoyed looking down at Malik as he strangled the life out of him, he could feel Malik's smooth legs rubbing against him as he pinned the young man down. The struggle went on a little while longer before Malik finally expired as he let out a final gasp as his body arched up before collapsing limply on the seats.
Scott kept his grip around Malik's throat for a little longer as he rocked the hand from side to side, all the time the young man's eyes stared up at him as some saliva dribbled from the side of his mouth.

With Malik now safely dead he Scott continued the drive home. Danny was fast asleep as he carried Malik's body up to his bedroom and laid him out on the bed. It didn’t take him long to strip Malik down to his underwear and then fondle his fine attractive body.

Scott could feel the tiredness coming on and wanted to ensure he fucked Malik whilst still fresh. He pulled down the dead hunks underwear clenched his thick thighs and rested them on his shoulders. Malik's body rocked back and forth with each thrust as Scott fucked Malik he could feel his eyes growing heavier and heavier until he fell asleep.

Danny was the first to wake the next morning, he popped his head in Scott's room and was surprised to see that Scott had fallen asleep with his arm draped across Malik's lifeless body.
"Hey Scott wake up, wake up." Danny shouted as he shook his friend and added "looks like you had some fun without me." Scott groaned as he gradually woke himself up and smiled as he saw Malik's cold body next to him.
"I didn’t want to sleep straight away so went to have some Aussie fun. Besides I also wanted to ensure we had some meat on the menu. You can have some fun with him before I cut him up."

"Thanks buddy." Danny replied "I will do." Danny left Scott to have a little bit more fun with Malik before fucking the dead hunk himself. The two killers then carried Malik into the body preparation room where Scott played with the young man’s body one last time before beginning to harvest the fine meat from Malik's frame.

It took Scott around an hour to strip Malik off all edible meat, as usual he left one of the thighs whole to be cut up as and when he needed it. Malik's meat was put in the freezer whilst his severed head was placed in another one. The young hunks remains were bagged up to be disposed of at a later date.

That evening Scott and Danny sat and ate a couple of portions that had been harvested from Malik's body.
"I've missed Hunting Aussie guys, the way the weather allows them to strut about with limited clothes on." Scott said as Danny agreed with his statement "You know what I think I’m gonna strike some fear into them and create a serial killer like I did in the states."

The two killers laughed, as Scott couldn’t wait to hunt his next victim.


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Chapter 408. Connor

Scott knew it wouldn’t be long until the Brotherhood summoned him and that phone call came whilst he was tucking into a prime piece of Malik.
The call came from the head of the Brotherhood organisation is Australia and he was eager for Scott's company. Scott did not want to keep Joe waiting and soon headed off to meet his comrade at his luxury house.
Joe shook Scott by the hand "Well Scott nice to see you, the Australian brothers have been waiting a while for your return, they have had to see the fine Aussie meat strutting around cockily with hardly any clothes on and it’s been tough for them. I know you’re gonna be busy, for example I have about four or five hunks I will want dispatched whilst you are here."

"That's fine with me." Scott replied "it means I get to do more of what I enjoy and well from what I have remembered and seen of Aussie guys I look forward to it. Now let’s get down to business."

Joe asked Scott to sit down and explained that the first guy on his list was one of his daughter’s boyfriends. Joe pulled out a couple of photos and explained that he had got on with Connor but had recently found that the young man had been cheating on his daughter, she was completely devoted to Connor and if she were to ever find out it would dent her confidence forever. The best thing to happen would be for Connor to disappear and Joe had got on well with the young man so could assist Scott in his work. The senior Brotherhood member added that Connor loved going around in shorts and he had grown attached to the young man's legs and had constantly dreamt about tucking into them at some point. Now his fantasy was to become a reality as Scott looked down at the first picture that showed the happy couple and Connor's tanned and developed legs.

Joe then moved another photo to the top, this one showed a shirtless Connor in a garden, the attractive young man held his arms out to his sides and looked down at the floor, it was clearly evident that apart from Connor's legs he also had a well-toned body that would yield a decent supply of meat, and if Joe only wanted the legs meat Scott would happily take the rest.

Scott was then told that although Joe's daughter was away with her mother it wouldn’t stop Connor coming around. In fact Joe had invited the young man around to meet Scott who was to be introduced as Joe's cousin from the UK and the plan was to prepare something for Joe's daughters return. Connor had agreed and was due at any moment.

Connor arrived a short while later, dressed in a white vest and black shorts Scott couldn’t not agree that the young man looked good. His legs were indeed stunning but only part of the equation, with his good looks and toned body Connor was a good looking young man.

Joe did the introductions and as he'd explained he introduced Scott as a relative from abroad. Connor did some flattery as he shook Scott's hand and made a joke about the British weather. This is turn saw Joe make a comment along the lines of no matter what the weather was like Conner would find any excuse to wear shorts. Conner responded by jokingly giving Joe the middle finger and replying "well when you have legs like mine you you've got to show them off."

Joe and Scott looked at each other and smiled as both agreed with the comment Connor had just made.

The surprise for Joe's daughter was explained in detail to Connor who being eager to show his love and devotion to the young lady was only too happy to be involved. The night was still young and the three guys headed outside to down some beers on the patio. It was an interesting evening as Scott discovered that it was not only Connor's legs that he liked to show off as the young man had soon pulled off his vest and now sat shirtless. As he laughed and joked with the guys Connor was still completely oblivious to the fact that both were paying an interest in him for two completely different reasons.
The more Scott looked at Connor the more he seemed to like the look of the young man, Conner seemed to have found the perfect definition for his body in that he was not to muscular but seemed to have the right about of toneage for his frame.

He obviously worked out and would have been typical victim material if Joe had not got there first.
The trio talked and drank long into the night before heading off to bed.

Connor woke the next morning and lay in his bed looking up at the ceiling. He needed to ask Joe an important question regarding his daughter. The attractive young Aussie wanted to ask for her hand in marriage but hadn’t yet grown the confidence or balls to ask for permission. As he lay on the bed his phone rang, looking down at it Connor saw that it was his sister and knew what the call was about.

Every day like clockwork his sister would call so her little toddler could speak to his uncle. Her son was completely devoted to his uncle Connor who now ensured his face time was on as he sat up on the bed and spoke to his nephew or how it usually went by holding a gibberish conversation with him. This was the girl and child that Connor had been seen with and if Joe had bothered to ask he would have quickly discovered that Connor wasn’t cheating.

As he was mid conversation with his nephew Connor received a text message on his phone. When he'd finally finished with his nephew he looked at the text that had come from Joe's daughter. He smiled as he replied and as per the request sent back a selfie that showed him kneeling on the bed in his shorts.

He received another text that simply read "Love you xx" which was accompanied with a heart emoji. Connor knew that Scott and Joe would be waiting and quickly got himself ready.

Connor finally emerged from his room and entered the living room, dressed in a white top and black shorts which true to fashion showed off the young man’s fine legs.

He listened as Joe explained what they needed to get done today and as far as Connor knew it only concerned clearing some things from the garden in preparation of what needed to be built. Joe had dumped the stuff there so Connor didn’t get suspicious of why he had been called over and like the other two he immediately got down to work. The manual labour was quite intense and it didn’t take long for Connor to pull of his top as the attractive young man now worked topless as the searing sun bounced off his sweaty torso.
The first day’s work soon finished and the three guys now stood around and relaxed as they cracked open a beer. Scott & Joe's attention was on Connor.
It didn’t take long for Scott to break the silence "Hey Connor you seemed to have picked up a decent tan but fucking hell you need to give Casper back his feet."
Connor looked down as he replied "Tell me about it, most of me tan's well but my feet never do."
Scott laughed as Joe added "I can’t imagine what your legs will look like later. White feet, tanned middle and I bet it will be white at the top of your legs as well."
Connor smiled as he slowly pulled up his shorts which revealed a pair of white untanned quads. "Fucking hell, I need to get some sun on these babies quick." Connor replied "I have an image to keep lol."

Connor did as he said he would and stayed out in the sun a little while longer to top up the tan on his legs. Whilst he did the Brotherhood members had a little chat and Joe told Scott that he needed to dispose of the young hunk that night. Scott didn’t care he was always ready to kill but just had to work out the best way he could do the business to Connor.

Around half an hour later Connor came back into the house satisfied that he had topped the tan up on his legs. Scott threw the young man another beer and Connor wasted little time in beginning to down it before cracking open another one and starting to drink that.

Scott had been thinking which was the best way to get Connor and had formed a plan in his head. He turned to Connor and Joe "Hey guys do either of you want a take away. I just have this weird craving for a McDonalds."
Joe turned it down but he could see that Connor was thinking about it, he stood up and prepared to leave which gave Connor a decision to make. Scott action had worked as Connor quickly decided he fancied one as well and told Scott to hang on a few seconds.

Scott had an opportunity to talk to Connor himself for a while and during the drive to the restaurant he found out that Joe had it all wrong about Connor cheating on his daughter and the girl and child he had been seen with were actually his sister and a nephew. He also discovered that Connor was trying to pluck up the courage to ask Joe's if he would allow his daughter to marry him. Although Scott wanted to kill Connor he felt he couldn’t go ahead with it without telling Joe what he had discovered.
Instead of using the drive through he sent Connor inside the McDonalds to sort the order whilst he made a call to Joe. Scott knew as he dialled the number that there was a chance that Joe could call the whole thing off. Thankfully after explaining the situation to him Joe still wanted to go through with it. He had already dreamt about tucking into Connor's tasty leg meat and he had told Scott he didn’t care and that his daughter was young enough to find someone else. Scott smiled as he knew the plan was still on and whilst Connor was still in the queue to be served he poured some chloroform onto a rag and waited patiently to strike.

A short while later Connor returned with the order and jumped into the passenger seat, he placed the food on the floor between his legs and held two Mcflurries in his hand. Scott noticed that the cars around him had gone as Connor joked and held up the two McFlurries.

Sensing his opportunity he quickly attacked and held the chloroform soaked rag against Connor's face. Seconds later Connor dropped the two McFlurries on the floor as he instantly began to struggle with Scott.
"Hey man what you doing?" He managed to say despite his voice being muffled.
"I'm sorry Connor you’re a nice guy but Joe has order me to do this." Scott said as he continued the attack unable to make out what Connor was replying with his inaudible responses.
It didn’t take long for Connor to fall unconscious and when he did Scott drove off and found a more secluded spot where he stopped and had a little bit of fun. He quickly pulled Connor's top off and began to have a play and fondle with the young man's body, as he looked down he found Connor's body was very appetising and as he slowly rubbed his hand over the toned torso he could feel his own manhood slowly growing.

With his own fondle over Scott drove an unconscious Connor back to Joe's.
Joe had been alerted to Connor’s imminent arrival and was waiting outside when Scott arrived. He dashed to the passenger door and opened it wide to catch a great view of Connor as he sat unconscious. “Wow what a fine specimen, I can’t wait to tuck into the bastard. I see he is still breathing. Quick let’s get him inside and upstairs before he comes round.”

With an unconscious Connor lying on the bed Scott prepared himself for the deed he was about to do and was going to have some fun with the hot Aussie. Joe was keeping himself out of the picture until his prize was dead.
Connor began to groan as he came round, he tried to turn but the handcuffs restricted this and he stopped as the pain became terrible. He was able to move his legs freely but wandered as to why his arms were unable to move, he tried to pull his hands and found that his wrists appeared tied to a bed. He called for help, but none came there was just an eerie silence. He began to panic, he hated feeling helpless. Connor was at the control of this unknown person and he didn’t like it, his mind raced with thoughts of what would happen. would it be death, or something less than death he prayed for the second option, he feared death, he did not want to die. He squirmed as he lay on the bed. Scott who was watching from his vantage point loved it, he approached Connor and joined him on the bed, Connor who was blindfolded felt the pressure of the extra weight on the bed “who’s there” he asked. No answer came, and then Scott grabbed the young man’s boxers and pulled them down. Connor tried to fight but was unable too, Scott prepped himself and looked at Connor’s arsehole, he was amazed at the tight ness especially on this hot muscular body, Connor felt two hand grasp his shoulder blades, “no, no please no” he begged guessing what was about to happen. He continued to beg as Scott rammed his uncut cock into Connor’s arse, the hunk let out a scream as he stopped begging mid-sentence and his body flung forward as Scott entered, the pain was unbearable his face winched and he continued to scream. But unperturbed Scott started to fuck him, Connor screamed as the pain got worse with each thrust as Scott grabbed his shoulders tighter. After a while Connor submitted and when Scott reached his orgasmic stage and fired the hunk winched one more time. Scott fell to the bed next to Connor whose blindfold had dropped significantly enough for him to get a look at the perpetrator and was shocked to see it was Joe’s cousin whom he’d seemed to get on well with.

Connor was petrified as Scott pulled out a gun, removed the blindfold and instructed Connor to be compliant or he would shot him. Connor reluctantly agreed as he asked “what are you going to do with me? Let me go please?” Scott didn’t answer, instead he sat next to Connor and began to massage his smooth muscular chest, and he tweaked his nipple and could see the young man getting turned on although he tried not to show it. Scott made circular patterns as he rubbed his fingers on Connor’s chest, Connor began to pull at the rope that was tied around his wrists. Scott put his hands over Connor’s crotch, he felt the thick cock below, and gently pulled his boxers down, Connor tried to resist but it was powerless, he pleaded for mercy, but Scott ignored. He placed the prime Aussie cock his mouth and began to give Connor a blow job, Connor begged him not to do it but was ignored as he shut his eyes and tried to pretend that it was his girlfriend at his waist and not Scott, Scott bite down on the penis and Connor groaned, he sucked faster and faster and as he did he could tell Connor was enjoying it, his legs moved and he groaned and moaned pleasurably, he left out a long “aaahhhh” as his cum fired into Scott’s mouth. Scott swallowed the cum and pulled Connor’s underwear up, his erect cock made it looked like his boxers were a tent as it stood to attention underneath. Scott sat up and placed his legs either side of Connor as he moved up the body and sat on his warm smooth chest. “What are you going to do with me?” Connor asked nervously. “Why I’m going to kill you!” was Scott’s cold reply. Connor froze in fear, his worse fears were about to be realised. “Why me though?” he asked. Scott’s reply was short but sweet “simple, your hot sexy and have great muscles and excellent legs.” Connor was speechless, he was going to be killed because he was hot, if he was a fat ugly person he would be fine and live. But this was not to be the case and Connor was a stunner. Then all of a sudden the bound hunk got aggressive “You don’t have the balls to kill me, your joking. You fucking cunt.” He shouted as he desperately tried to free himself. Scott laughed as he said “not only am I going to kill you, but I’m gonna chop your body up as someone wants to eat your fine tasty flesh.” and he licked his lips. Connor was even more scared, this guy was weird, no one had heard of people eating people “your full of shit, kill me then, but Joe will find out and then what are you going to do” was his response. Scott laughed and didn’t reply, little did Connor know that it was Joe that wanted him dead.
Scott grabbed a tie from the side and wrapped it round Connor’s neck “oh shit” he uttered as He begged for his life “please don’t, please, please” Scott pulled the tie tight as he sat on Connor’s chest and began to strangle him. Connor tried to speak but was restricted from doing so, his arms tightened up as he pulled at the restraints with all his might as his legs kicked all over the place. Connor’s face went red and he gurgled for breath, Scott pulled tighter as Connor kicked aggressively bending his legs, the hunk fought for his life and as he stared up a Scott he tried to mouth for him to stop. Scott licked his lips at Connor, the fight became slower Connor got a lease of life as he managed to free one of his wrists from the restraints. This arm now lashed out at Scott who didn’t flinch and intensified his attack. Moments later Connor’s arms stopped moving as his legs fell limp, he let out a sigh and his chest dropped to the bed.
Scott looked at Connor’s face as he lay on the bed, his eyes open with his tongue slightly protruding from his mouth, some dribble dropped the side of his mouth and onto the pillow. The arm that Connor had set free now lay across his lower stomach. Scott held the tie tight for another few more minutes. Scott briefly bucked on Connor’s belly as his body convulsed for the last few moments.
With his prey now dead Scott called Joe into the room. The Brotherhood member laughed “Sounds like you had some fun with him” as he rubbed his belly as he looked down at Connor’s body.

The two carried Connor in to another room and lifted it up on to a table, Connor was laid out face up as Scott grabbed the knives out, he began by removing both arms where the arm meet the shoulder and he then chopped it up, he removed the upper arm from elbow to shoulder taking care to remove the bicep which he placed in a dish next to him, he then cut the rest of the arm into small manageable parts and put them in a black bag, he repeated the process on the other arm.
Knowing that Joe was looking forward to the leg meat more than anything he asked the Brotherhood member what he wanted to have done with the thighs? Joe opted to have one cut up and requested that the other be left as it is. Scott facilitated the request removed the first leg, he cut it off where the thigh meets the groin and chopped the upper leg off just above the knee, this left him a large muscular mass, he then chopped the leg below the knee and removed the calf muscle in one piece. He did the same with the other leg, and put both thighs together. One thigh was cut into some nice fillet steaks and a couple of roast joints and placed them with the rest of the meat as Scott now removed the flesh from Connor’s torso and rump.
In no time at all the once hunky Aussie was reduced to nothing more than piles of fresh meat and inedible remains.

Joe thanked Scott for the nice job he had done with Connor and in Brotherhood tradition offered to cook Scott a couple of prime fillet steaks from Connor’s thigh. Joe locked Connor’s head away as the meat cooked and the two Brotherhood members eventually sat and dined on the tasty succulent meat that melted in Scott’s mouth. As the two ate Joe had a picture of Connor’s legs out on the table and commented that they tasted as good as they looked.

The two gave a toast to Connor and the hoard of tasty meat he had provided for Joe to dine on.
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Chapter 409. Corey

It was the day after Connor's death and Scott was on the lookout for another victim. He found his latest one by chance but never looked a gift horse in the mouth.

Corey had been walking along the street shirtless talking on his mobile phone completely unaware that a serial killer was paying close attention to him.

Scott had put himself within earshot of the young man and heard him saying "Yeah its room 533, I’ll leave the door on the latch, just come in. I'll be waiting."
"Hmmm," Scott thought "this was an open invitation and one he couldn’t turn down." He followed Corey as he entered his building and patiently waited five minutes before he headed upstairs.

Corey was expecting a visitor but not the sort that would soon be entering his life.
The young man had just stepped out of the shower and took the opportunity to admire his body in front of the mirror. Tanned, pumped and toned Corey knew he looked good and couldn’t help but feel slightly proud and what he saw.

The young man was in the middle of pulling a double bicep pose when he heard the door to his room open. He continued to pose and took a picture of himself as he shouted "Come in babe. I have a surprise for you."

Scott took a deep breath unaware that Corey was now stood naked on the balcony to his apartment.
As the killer entered the room he caught a full sight of Corey's naked behind. The sexy young man stood putting his arms in the air "Yo baby what do you think of the view?"

Scott liked it and decided to act before Corey had a chance to turn around. He charged at the naked young man and shoved him forcefully into the back. The push saw Corey go flying forwards and over the balcony. A long scream could be heard as Corey fell to his death. Scott rushed to the balcony just before a loud thud was heard which was quickly followed by screaming down below. The killer smiled as he peered over the edge to see Corey's mangled body lying on the pavement in an ever increasing pool of blood.

Scott rushed downstairs and joined the growing crowd that had formed around the naked dead stud. He managed to get a good look at Corey and saw that a number of his bones had been broken and the force of the fall from the fourteenth floor had seen his head explode. Although still intact the force of hitting the concrete had seen his brain pop out from the top of his head. Like other member of the crowd Scott pulled out his phone and took a couple of pictures of the dead stud. Moments later police arrived and pushed the crowd back, Scott smiled at the satisfaction that he had killed another hottie.


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Chapter 410. Lachlan

Scott attended a local gym for a workout, he wanted to keep in good shape. The serial killer went about his own business in the gym as murder was not something that was on his mind. That was until he spotted one of the gyms personal trainers who was crouched down as they observed one of their clients. It was the sight of the PT's legs added to his handsome looks that saw Scott begin to consider killing him.

Lachlan went about his business unaware that one of the world’s worst serial killer was now watching his every move and it was when Scott overheard Lachlan on the phone after he had finished with his client that saw the killer decide to make him a victim.
The sexy personal trainer had made arrangements to attend a local club that evening and Scott knew if he played his cards right there was a strong chance he could make Lachlan the first victim of the serial killer he wanted the Australian authorities to know about.

Lachlan went about his business unaware his every move was being stalked. When he entered the nightclub that night he looked Scott directly in the eye, Scott thought he'd been found out but to his relief Lachlan carried on as normal.
During his time at the bar Scott was never more than a few feet away from his target. As the night wore on Lachlan pulled his top off and was now strutting around shirtless and the sight of the young personal trainer’s torso was a pleasure to Scott's eyes.
At one point a young lady approached Lachlan and the two of them had a little conversation. Moments later Lachlan lay back on a table as the female sprinkled some salt along his abs and then down some Tequila before licking the salt up and then suck on a lemon.

Lachlan jumped up gave the female a hug, he high fived his friends and then carried on drinking.
Like most things though a good night out had to end and as Lachlan half walked and half stumbled out of the door Scott knew that this was the time to attack. He waited patiently and when the hot PT turned down a deserted road he pulled his car up ahead of him. When Lachlan walked past his car he attacked and within seconds he had slit an unsuspecting Lachlan's throat. Lachlan gurgled and brought his hands up to his throat to try and stem the blood that spurted from the freshly inflicted wound. Seconds later Lachlan dropped dead on the pavement as a large pool of blood formed around him.

Scott wanted Lachlan to be the first known victim of the new serial killer he wanted to create and stabbed Lachlan in the back before carving the figure '1' between his shoulder blades.

Lachlan's body was left in situ ready to be discovered by someone as Scott drove off and awaited the discovery



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Chapter 411. Luke

It was the day after Scott had murdered Lachlan and left the young man lying dead in an alleyway. He'd awoken the next morning and was in the process of having breakfast with Danny with the TV switched on in the background. Neither paid any attention to what was on until the alley way where Scott had killed Lachlan popped up on the screen. Scott quickly grabbed the remote and turned the TV volume up just in time to catch what was being said as a picture of Lachlan popped up on the screen "The victim is said to be a local personal trainer named Lachlan Woods and police believe that the motive for the murder was robbery although they are keeping an open mind at this moment."

"Robbery fucking robbery." Scott shouted as he muted the TV and threw the remote down "the Aussie police are thicker than I thought. They call it robbery yet I carved a figure into his back. I'll give them something to think about."

Danny tried to get him to relax and suggested they head out to get some fresh air. Scott agreed and the two soon decided to head out to the beach.
Arriving at the beach they soon discovered that an Australian Ironman contest was taking place there, unperturbed they didn’t head home instead they decided to join the crowds and watch the event unfold. Besides it was an opportunity for Scott to watch wet attractive young men and hope he may be able to make one of them his next victim.
As the race unfolded Scott did his best to try and survey as many of the competitors as he could and so far a couple had caught his attention. They were soon whittled down to one as the big screen zoomed in on one of the competitors during the swim part of the contest. Scott found himself drawn to the young competitor who currently rode the waves on a surfboard.

The young man's name soon flashed up on the screen along with his current position which showed he was currently in first place.
On hitting the shore line Luke now burst into a sprint to ensure he was the first over the finish line for this part of the event. The crowd cheered as Luke broke through the tape and then celebrated as he ran along the crowd smacking the hands of the crowd. Unaware to Luke he had just smacked the hand of someone that wanted to kill him.

Once Luke had finished celebrating he turned to head towards the competitors area unaware Scott & Danny had just snuck into the same vicinity.

Scott stalked Luke in the competitor’s area and followed the young man everywhere he went. He watched as a female handed Luke a coat and then gave him a kiss. She looked roughly the same age as him and Scott guessed that she was Luke's girlfriend. He watched as Luke Pulled off his green vest and for the first time he got a glimpse of Luke's fine toned athlete’s torso. His view was soon obscured as the female wrapped the coat around Luke and led him off to her car.

At the car the two lovers had a quick fondle and kiss which left Scott thinking that he may not be able to make the young athlete his latest victim. He feared his hopes were fading and discreetly took a couple of snaps of Luke as he stood by the passenger door of the car and sipped some water.

Scott was just about to give up on Luke when he heard the shirtless hunk tell his girlfriend he'd catch up with her shortly but first he was booked in for a back massage before the next phase of the competition began.
The killers mind worked quickly and he hurried off to the massage tent, thankfully there was only one masseur on duty and he was currently alone in the room. This gave Scott an opportunity and within moments he had rendered the masseur unconscious and after hiding him in a side room took over the role.

Luke eventually walked in for his appointment, "hi I’m here for the half two appointment." He said as he shook Scott's hand.

"No problem." Scott replied "just take up position on the bed. But before you do remind me where you want the massage."

"I'm booked in for a back and shoulder massage." Luke replied as he climbed up onto the massage table.
With his prey now lying in front of him Scott began the massage and could hear Luke's pleasurable groans emanate up from the table. He pressed hard and deep along the ridge of Luke's back as he made his way up towards the hunks neck.

Seconds later Scott deliberately pressed hard so Luke lifted his neck and when he did he wasted no time in wrapping a ligature around the young athlete’s throat.
Luke had been led into a false sense of security. He only became aware of his peril suddenly, brutally, when he felt the cord tossed over his head and around his neck, and then pulled tight. What the fuck? Luke thought in his own mind, as he feels a brutal backwards yank on the cord that pulled him back onto the massage bed. His hands convulsively reached for his throat in a vain attempt to claw at the cord that was biting deeper and deeper into his neck and beginning to crush his trachea. Holy fuck! He cried out to himself in anguish, thrashing violently, even as he felt his fate closing in on him with unforgiving finality. Now gasping for breath, Luke’s vision narrowed as his eyes rolled back in his head for one last fleeting glimpse the massage room ceiling before the eternal darkness engulfed his eyes.

Luke had put up a decent fight but the reality was that He didn’t stand much of a chance against the experienced killer. Scott in turn knew he didn’t have a lot of time to savour the kill. He rolled Luke slightly over and carved the figure '2' between his pecs. He then left the young athlete lying face down on the massage table as he discreetly left the room.

"Another one bites the dust." Scott said as he smiled at Danny. Both killers were satisfied with the death of the current Ironman leader.


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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 412. Daniel

The local news and newspapers were full of the news about the murder of Luke the Ironman competition leader. With Luke being strangled the local law enforcement had no choice but to sit up and pay this a little bit more attention. A picture of Luke flashed up on the screen as the news reporter spoke a little about the young man.

"I can't believe that happened at such a crowded place." Said Daniel the young guy that Scott had picked up, "You've got to feel sorry for the family" he added as Scott in turn smiled as he was satisfied with his job well done but knew that there was still more for him to do.

Daniel couldn’t have believed the luck he had the night before at the club. A young handsome guy like himself always gained attention in the gay clubs and he always seemed to find himself fighting off the advances of guys he had absolutely no interest in hooking up with. Like all gay guys Daniel had a type that he liked, this was normally guys around the same age or just a little older and with fine muscular physiques. That was why when Scott paid interest in him and eventually allowed him to feel his thick biceps he didn’t need to think twice about heading back to the hotel for the night.

Scott had enjoyed the night of fun with Daniel, and boy had it been worth it as the young Aussie's body didn’t disappoint, he had the build of a swimmer, lean and toned with a nice set of legs dotted with fine dark hair at the bottom and a wicked tan line that ended half way up his thighs.

It was when Daniel got dressed and now stood in front of Scott on the room balcony that the killer decided to put his plan for killing Daniel into place. Scott hinted that the young man didn’t have to leave just yet and suggested that they spend the day together. Scott told Daniel he fancied a scenic day out at a location where they would not be disturbed. Daniel told him he knew just the place as he showed a picture on his phone of himself sat overlooking the sea.

Daniel stood feeling good about himself and wasted little time in telling Scott its location.

Scott listened to the directions Daniel gave him and eventually arrived at deserted but picturesque location by the sea. Clean sandy beaches bordered clear blue seas which were overlooked by perfect cliff sidewalks.
"Wow it’s stunning." Scott said to Daniel as he closed the car door 'a perfect place to die' he thought to himself as Daniel came alongside and gave him a kiss.

It didn’t take long for the two to stop by a tree and have their first romantic smooch. As the two kissed both had their very own motives as to where they put their hands. Daniel dim batter an eyelid as Scott pulled off his top and started to run his hands all over the well-toned body, he was preoccupied with playing with Scott's firm torso. When the fun was over Daniel looked over at Scott with a huge smile etched on his face.

Daniel didn’t bother putting his shirt back on, instead he placed it into his bag and grabbed hold of Scott's hand as the two continued their walk. The scenery was perfect and at one point Daniel paused and asked Scott to take a picture on his phone. Scott did as asked and quickly took a snap of the shirtless young man with a coastal back drop behind him.

Around half an hour later the two young men found an ideal spot where they wouldn’t get interrupted. Scott knew he would have to dispose of Daniel soon and this place seemed perfect for it. He excused himself for a moment as he took a call on his mobile and when he returned he found that Daniel was prepared for some fun.

The young man lay with one arm behind his head and a leg slightly bent, the other was hidden behind his back and contained a bottle of champagne that he was going to surprise Scott with. Scott found his man hood growing hard as Daniel looked sexy as fuck.

He wasted no time in jumping on and pretending to be excited. Daniel pushed the bottle of champagne away and began to kiss and caress Scott. This went on for a few seconds before Scott quickly wrapped his hands around Daniel's throat and began to strangle him.
Daniel began to kick his legs and arms, he tried to grab Scott, but Scott continued to hold tight, Daniel’s hands slapped his chest, he tried in vain to prise Scott’s hands free, and his arms bent all over the place, his face went red as he made frantic choking noises. He stopped fighting back as his movements laboured more and more, Daniel looked up at Scott wandering where he had gone wrong, this was supposed to be a night of sex and fun instead, he was about to die, he thought about his life and what he had done, as he felt his eyes become heavy he saw his hands out above him and Scott looking down at him, Scott could see the life draining away, he held tight, the arms slowed down and his eyes stopped moving, his arms went limp and his legs stopped kicking, Scott held tight for a few more moments and kissed Daniel’s fresh warm corpse on the lips, he rubbed his face and got off the warm body. Daniel lay there staring into space, his body convulsed a few times, Scott massaged his smooth lean body one last time. The young man’s vacant eyes stared up at him not flinching or moving. He slapped Daniel on his chest as he said "sorry but I had to do it. You were just perfect." He fondled and caressed Daniel's body before fucking it one last time before taking a final picture of the hunk.

The killer didn’t plan to leave Daniel to be found, instead he rolled the corpse off the side off the cliff and watched as it splashed into the water below. Scott had no idea how long it would take for Daniel to be found, he did however know the longer the body stayed in the water the less physical evidence that would be left.

He did feel a tinge of sadness as he drove away from the scene as Daniel was an attractive and polite young man but Scott's attention soon turned to finding another victim.


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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 413. Bevin

Scott had been summoned to visit Will another Brotherhood member who was eager to finally tuck into some prime male meat.
Will greeted Scott and told him that they would have time to get acquainted later but for now there was some prime Aussie beef at his gym that Will wanted to get his hands on. He pulled out his phone and quickly got a couple of pictures of the young guy out.

The young gym goers name was Bevin and Will had taken a shine to the hunky young man with a fine pair of legs. The brotherhood member had taken the two pictures he was about to show Scott from Bevin's Facebook page, the first photo showed Bevin dressed in a black vest as he took a selfie of himself in the mirror. One of his pec muscles poked out from the side of the piece of clothing as a vain ran down one of the hunks muscular arms.

The second photo that Will swiped onto showed Bevin in a more personal shot, in it the young man sat on a chair and looked directly into the camera with a cheeky little smile etched on his face.

From the two photos he had seen Scott could understand why Will wanted him to acquire Bevin and he could tell that his fellow Brotherhood member was desperate to dine on some fine meat. He'd been told he'd find Bevin at the gym and headed off to see of the target was there.

Scott was in luck as he bumped into the target as he entered the gym. He stood for a few seconds to take a good glimpse of Bevin as he held the door open. The Brotherhoods killer took the opportunity to eye Bevin up and was impressed with what he saw. Dressed in a white vest with his gym back draped around his shoulders and a pair of short black shorts that showed off a fine pair of meaty legs this hunk would indeed make a fine meal for Will.

"Cheers mate." Scott replied in courtesy of the door being held open which in turn prompted Bevin to reply "No worries bud, you're a long way from home. Guess you’re a pommie. What brings you to these parts?"

"I'm on holiday." Scott replied "just here for a workout, you gotta keep in shape."
Bevin laughed as Scott popped into the changing room and it wasn’t until Scott was midway through his own workout that Bevin reappeared. Dressed in a tight and small black vest that allowed his pecs to poke out from the sides and a pair of shorts Bevin approached Scott and suggested the two work out together and spot each other on the weights.

'This is going to be easy' Scott thought as he agreed to the offer and soon found himself involved in an intense workout with the hunk.

The two worked out together and Scott found it very difficult to not think off anything else then killing and harvesting the attractive hunks meat when it was Bevin's turn on the weights.
Whilst Scott worked out Bevin took the chance to take a couple of selfie's of himself.

Around an hour later the duo had finished their workout. Bevin had changed into a fresh vest that showed off his pumped arms and a pair of red shorts.

After changing they headed back to their cars, but not before Scott persuaded Bevin to come over to his car under the proviso that he was going to show the hunk something with his car. Whilst Bevin looked under the hood Scott grabbed a hammer and checking there was no one about launched into his attack as he brought the hammer crashing down on Bevin’s head. The hot piece of Aussie beef let out a groan as Scott heard the sound of his skull cracking and slumped over the engine. However the attack didn’t finish there as blow after blow was rained down on Bevin as fresh blood splattered from each new wound. Fifth teen blows later Scott checked for a pulse and when he could find one he bundled Bevin’s body into the car and drove back to Wills.

The brotherhood member was like a school kid as Scott drove in with his fresh meat. The car had hardly stopped when Will opened the rear doors and stood in awe at Bevin’s body. “Quick get him inside. I can’t wait to tuck into the meat from those fine legs.”
The two carried Bevin inside where Scott got to work and began to harvest the fresh meat from Bevin’s fine frame.

he began by removing both arms where the arm meet the shoulder and he then chopped it up, he removed the upper arm from elbow to shoulder taking care to remove the bicep which he placed in a dish next to him, he then cut the rest of the arm into small manageable parts and put them in a black bag, he repeated the process on the other arm.
Knowing that Will was looking forward to the leg meat more than anything he asked the Brotherhood member what he wanted to have done with the thighs? Will opted to have one cut up and requested that the other be left as it is. Scott facilitated the request removed the first leg, he cut it off where the thigh meets the groin and chopped the upper leg off just above the knee, this left him a large muscular mass, he then chopped the leg below the knee and removed the calf muscle in one piece. He did the same with the other leg, and put both thighs together. One thigh was cut into some nice fillet steaks and a couple of roast joints and placed them with the rest of the meat as Scott now removed the flesh from Bevin’s torso and rump.
In no time at all the once hunky Aussie was reduced to nothing more than piles of fresh meat and inedible remains
Before leaving Will cooked some of Bevin’s fresh meat for Scott to sample and he happily told his host the meat was exquisite before eventually leaving.