1. Art Of War

    AKA The Serial Killer and The Green Parrot Cafe:- Info Requested Please

    In the early 2000s, there was this awesome yahoo group called gayextremestories to do with non consensual activities and desires. I am wanting to know if any CDG members knows the authors or where to get a copy of two excellent story series called AKA The Serial Killer and The Green Parrot...
  2. mxyzptlk

    Posting someone else's story

    I once read and copied a great serial killer story based on true events. I would love to share it and post it, see if anyone else appreciates it like me. Is it OK to post someone else's work?
  3. chainsawjockey

    cops make great mest

    All these years hunting a serial killer he never thought he would be his Final victim .he was huge at least 6/8 tall gruff bear build wearing a Rubber apron and boots .The young cop tears streaking Down his Boy band looking face realised his taunts in the papers worked To well .he saw all the...
  4. J

    Dennis Nelson TV doco

    This is a doco about serial killer Dennis Nelson - watch and listen from just before 27 minutes...
  5. devil nevil

    Chest hair coat

    So do you want to wear your CDG?
  6. J

    Dennis Nilsen - Killer of 14 Men!

    Documentary of serial killer Dennis Nilsen... it shows how he kill some of them. But I just wish there will be a movie based on this. Paging Todd Russel of Daedguyscinema and Bestdeaths!
  7. todd00009

    EXTENDED DEAD GUYS FILM released on DVD for first time

    The Dead Guys Cinema film DEAD GUYS was the first film ever to explore the underground world of necro-fetish, erotic asphyxiation and lust serial murder of CUTE YOUNG GUYS... Many scenes needed to be CUT from the original theatrical release, especially some scenes deemed to extreme for public...
  8. Meatpie

    Man with serial killer fantasies undergoes voluntary chemical castration

    A potential serial killer from the UK has contacted doctors and asked them for chemical castration after his murder fantasies started to become too strong...and he feared one day he would kill for real...
  9. phyzzique


  10. M

    Hottest Dexter Kills

    Pretty much almost all of Dexter's kills have been guys. Which kills do you think have been his hottest? These are my picks: Joe Walker - Season 6 premiere: His third kill from Season 1 - forgot the guy's name but he was a drunk driver Boyd Fowler from Season 4 and my last pick is Freebo...
  11. todd00009

    GACY'S CURSE is a fantasy about the Gacy Murders

    GACY'S CURSE is a story about a college student who finds a piece of the actual rope that Gacy used to strangle his victims. But he soon discovers the rope is possessed by the spirit of Gacy. Who ever touches the rope becomes a mindless killer... As the rope passes from one innocent young man to...
  12. todd00009

    Gacy Strangulation Recreations released on DVD

    For many years I've been interested in the notrious American Serial Killer, John Wayne Gacy who was convicted of raping and strangling 33 young men and boys in the 1970s. For the past year I've been shooting recreations of his crimes. I have shot more than 3 hours of video depicting Gacy and his...
  13. Tecpatl

    Serial killer suicide note released

    The FBI just released the text of the blood-soaked suicide note of serial killer Israel Keyes. It's really more of a love poem to killing people: Your wet lips were a promise of a secret unspoken, nervous laugh as it burst like a pulse of blood from your throat. There will be no more laughter...
  14. T

    Over the Edge

    Has anyone seen this? Over the Edge: There is a serial killer on the loose. Richard comes round to Jason's flat to fix up his DVD player & when he gets there he learns that there is a dead body in Jason's bed, but Richard isn't alarmed because he is too busy making goo goo eyes at Jason. But...
  15. Wizard

    Haven s3e7

    The hot chief Nathan got shot and fatally wounded by his subordinate who happens to be a serial killer. Even though the guy cannot feel any pain (it's his Trouble) apparently he can still be killed. I love his death stare, beautiful eyes. The killing scene starts at 40:36, enjoy, and I apologize...
  16. B

    Future death ideas. The Predator serial killer

    Hi I'm looking for ideas for deaths on a couple of story lines i'm going to be doing. But looking for a variety of deaths for them. I've got two holidays planned for Scott & Adam. The first one is a gay cruise. So i'm looking for ways they can dispose of some hot passengers. The second...
  17. J

    Scary man

    I was just searching on the Internet and I came across a sick serial killer by the name of antoly slivoko search him up some time it's pretty wild
  18. S

    Shaka Zulu impalements (another scene) 04

    From the tv serial "Shaka Zulu". Warriors killed by wooden stakes inserted in the anus.
  19. S

    Shaka Zulu impalements (another scene) 03

    From the tv serial "Shaka Zulu". Warriors killed by wooden stakes inserted in the anus.
  20. S

    Shaka Zulu impalements (another scene) 02

    From the tv serial "Shaka Zulu". Warriors killed by wooden stakes inserted in the anus.