1. V


    Those who like my work. Now I have created images where I am the victim. As always excess gore and guts If you are interested in seeing much more and commenting
  2. ringworldintercom


    felt like sharing two of the cutest images that i treasure the most in my gallery ^___^
  3. qwerty

    Autopsy pics of a 32-year old guy

  4. Caronte


    You watched him for weeks waiting for the perfect moment. You followed him to a lonely beach where he usually jogs. You surprised him from his back and tried to drug him, but you only weakened him a little but he did not lose consciousness. He tries to escape even without strength to even stand...
  5. Caronte

    Drowned Brasilian boy

    With only 17 years old young Otávio Almeida da Conceição drowned las 24 of july in Basil. According to witnesses, Otávio and some friends bathed in the waters of a dam, and during a swim, Otávio did not return to the surface, disappearing, being found and rescued hours later by popular, already...
  6. V

    perverse monsters take advantage of Max.

    Hi, I have several ideas for my next stories. What do you think of these images and how would you like them to continue? fuck the ass? with the legs open? spines in the ass and body constriction? a wasp that mates violently with Max, and inceminates several eggs in the young man's ass...
  7. E

    naked dying guy

    poor guy, damn hot though. hopefully new
  8. D

    Dead camper in shiny gear

    Puffa wearing guy dead in his sleeping bag:
  9. livingdeadman20

    does anyone know of any other 'death themed' web forums?

    i'm just curious, does anyone know of any 'death themed' webforums? as in webforums were people talk about their death fantasies and about being dead and dying and gloomy life stories and stuff like that? i know cutedeadguys is a good place for that too (and don't get me wrong, i love this...
  10. AnonymousPH

    Man shot to death by police

    A man was shot to death by police. I don't know where did this happen, but definitely in Mindanao in the Philippines. Notice his death stare.
  11. AnonymousPH

    Priest blessed the dead in morgue This was his Facebook account:
  12. Caronte

    Drowned 20 years old guy

    20 yo André Ferreira dos Santos was enjoing the day in Tocantins river (Brasil) with friends when he decided to improvise a float with two pet bottles to venture further into the water. At one point Andre disappeared. His friends hurried to rescue him, but they could not avoid the worst. After...
  13. livingdeadman20

    Do you think you'll survive year 2017?

    this is a pretty gloomy question for everyone, but do you think you will survive year 2017? i honestly do not think i'm going to at all but it's not my fault though. here's a video of me explaining why I don't think I will: but what about all of you?
  14. Caronte

    Lucio Fragoso dos Santos - 17 yo

    Before: After:
  15. Caronte

    Sweet young drowned guy

    With only 14 yeas old, Daniel Lozano Trujillo died by drowning in the waters of "Fragua Chorroso" River in the municipality of San José del Fragua, south of the department. (Venezuela) According to witnesses, Daniel, was with grandmother and uncle, enjoying the waters at the point called charco...
  16. Caronte

    Unidentified Drowned Guy

    According to witnesses the guy was fishing in his boat, when he threw the net he was hooked by it and fell into the river. He was trapped in the net underwater until rescuers arrived, they tried to revive him but the guy was already dead.
  17. biggerguy11

    New guy

    Hey everyone, i'm really happy I found this hidden community tucked away in the corner of the internet :3 I'm hoping to post more in the future so watch this space :D I also added a photo of myself to my profile, check it out
  18. Caronte

    Marcos Ocaña López - 18 yo

    Young Marcos Pérez Ocaña (18 years old) drowned when he went to the beach after it was pulled by a wave and swept out to sea. The body was found half an hour later without any signs of life.
  19. Caronte

    Mateus Santos - Lost and Found

    The young Matthew Santos was missing and it would have been last seen on the beach Areia Presta, was found dead drowned in Praia dos Artistas a few yards from where he was last seen with colleagues.
  20. S

    Masked Strangler does anyone know from what movie that scene is? i know it's not Scream i would appreciate the help :tooth: btw, love the final relaxation face of the victim, especially the lips