young man

  1. deadlystare

    Savagely and brutally hot video ever (young man embalmed alive)
  2. R

    Did you, Guys, see this?
  3. J

    Slim youth suffers bloody death for not paying debts.

    So sad. He didn't have to go this way. Poor boy. So pretty. So slim. Is that a bulge or just the fabric, you think?
  4. BloodFullOfPain


    Another dude in pool..
  5. H

    Young Joanderson

    Not much information exists on this cutie, except that he was found shot to death in a soccer field in the town of Valencia.
  6. Rikky

    Skater shot to death

    Oldie, but goodie. Back into 2011, unknown masked men (allegedly gunmen related to drug cartels) opened fire in a public space in the state of Coahuila, Mexico. Reports stated that three men died in the shooting, but unfortunately there's no more info or footage other than the photo of this...
  7. Rikky

    Handsome Colombian dismembered

    Jhonny Javier Suárez Cabarcas, aged 19. He went out from his home on the afternoon of Thursday, Oct. 14th, allegedly to solve some "personal issues", unknown by his relatives. Jhonny was missing for roughly a half-day, until some police officers arrived at his home the next day to deliver the...
  8. Rikky

    3x1 - young man is shot, stabbed, and stoned

    These images talk by themselves. Although there isn't much data available about this case, one account states that this guy was a dealer and that his death was the result of a feud with some of his costumers, rivals in the business or something of the sort. Quite gruesome, isn't it? It seems...
  9. Rikky

    Young man's corpse recovered from river in Dominican Republic

    Carlos David (seems to be in his late 20s-early 30s) died in a river in Domincan Republic after getting into an argument with a guy called "El Greñas" (greñas is a word we use in Latin America to refer to untidy or tangled hair, which at the time is used as a nickname for people fancying such...
  10. madeiradesouza

    Young men addicted to guns

    Original 3D digital illustration by Madeira Desouza.
  11. Meatpie

    34-year-old shot in the back

    Beautiful scene from Brazil
  12. Doc

    Before the internet

    Many of us have even before the internet tried to find similar material that we now enjoy here. I used to as now like photos that were taken of straight men without their permission, or where they had little choice. I found a number of military photos of dead soldiers stripped of their...
  13. Meatpie

    Handsome drug addict twitches for several minitues then dies in public toilet

    Vid first appeared on the internet in 2011 but we couldn't find any info now I have confirmed from a police website that this handsome young man actually dies in the video, watch carefully looks like he just passes out.
  14. Meatpie

    Uber handsome soldier loyal to Bashar beheaded in Syria, headless body lifted upright

    Handsome soldier loyal to the regime in Syria captured by rebels and beheaded on street. Everyone was overwhelmed with excitement when the headless corpse was lifted upright while spectators shouted anti-Bashar slogans. Dude's killer was exhilarated from taking the young man's life. Exclusive...
  15. todd00009

    Which Actor do you want to see strangled naked?

    BestDeaths is producing a Halloween special video where a trick or treating young man is lured into a psychopath's house, who knocks him out, strips him and strangles him naked... Which actor would you most like to see in this scene? 1) Alex the Underwear Model? 2) Tim the Innocent Student 3)...
  16. todd00009

    Cute Pizza Boy Strangled

    Meet Pablo the Pizza Boy... what do you guys think?
  17. Meatpie

    Young man beheaded in Guerrero, Mexico

  18. Meatpie

    Handsome young man beheaded in Dagestan

  19. jon_b

    Hanging Iranian Youth

    Hot youth drools as he dies on the end of an Iranian rope :hang: