1. Calilatinfeet925

    Another Drugged Tinder Girl She is Salvadoran

    Very nice girl.
  2. Calilatinfeet925

    Hello. young fresh meat here. I hope to meet some real life players.

    Hey there I’m a Latino 24m here in the Bay Area in CA. I’m very eager to let someone kidnap me and play out there fantasies and make me beg. If you can drug me or are into feet even better. Serious.
  3. Calilatinfeet925

    24M Latino East Bay CA looking to be snuffed

    I want to be kidnappped and tortured and snuffed. I’d you love feet it would be even better. My feet are alway a soft and pedicured. I live in concord.
  4. EdsbeGores

    several deaths

  5. JonCamp

    Summary execution victim Samuel found barefoot

  6. proton

    Autoerotic Asphyxiation and Sex Games Gone Wrong. Large Compilation

  7. groveport64

    Guy with a great smile

    Grinning from ear to ear.
  8. groveport64

    Giving a corpse an erection

    Young cadaver has penis erected for medical experiments. I believe the video is a different male than the images. I wonder how many times they pumped his dick up over and over in the course of the tests.
  9. Jeremygay

    Young victim for texting roleplay

    Hi all, I haven't taken the time to really introduce myself yet, so here we go! I am a young gay man from Switzerland. I am 24 years old and speak mainly French but also English. Since my adolescence I have been drawn to the morbid and the gory. And often, reading comics (Spiderman...
  10. Jeremygay

    Looking for hot texting roleplay

    im a swiss young victim looking for texting roleplay , involving my death. especially looking for kidnapping, rape, drugs, dismembering , butchering, canibalism , and necro . feel free to mail or skype me at this adress
  11. P

    Young man surgery
  12. U

    Morgue inspection A handsome young man in morgue inspected
  13. U

    Idk the info. Corpse transportation

  14. U

    Very handsome dude. funeral prep.

  15. U

    handsome fit dude in car being carried.

    Not sure hes truly dead tho.
  16. C

    Looking to kill younger guy

    Hey I'm 25 and I live in the UK. I am looking to kill a younger twink guy. Give me a message on wickr if you're interested. My username is colunut Thanks :)
  17. altsxman

    A Police Shooting !

    do you like...? anybody got more police shootings, to add to this thread?
  18. Caronte


    You watched him for weeks waiting for the perfect moment. You followed him to a lonely beach where he usually jogs. You surprised him from his back and tried to drug him, but you only weakened him a little but he did not lose consciousness. He tries to escape even without strength to even stand...
  19. Caronte

    Drowned Weverton

    Meet Weverton Ramos Carneiro, a 19 years old guy who drowned after he jumped from a rock and hit his head under the water. Another Brasilian cute drowned guy for my collection.
  20. I

    Young guy drowned

    From some beach in El Salvador