1. U

    Very handsome dude. funeral prep.

  2. U

    handsome fit dude in car being carried.

    Not sure hes truly dead tho.
  3. C

    Looking to kill younger guy

    Hey I'm 25 and I live in the UK. I am looking to kill a younger twink guy. Give me a message on wickr if you're interested. My username is colunut Thanks :)
  4. altsxman

    A Police Shooting !

    do you like...? anybody got more police shootings, to add to this thread?
  5. Caronte


    You watched him for weeks waiting for the perfect moment. You followed him to a lonely beach where he usually jogs. You surprised him from his back and tried to drug him, but you only weakened him a little but he did not lose consciousness. He tries to escape even without strength to even stand...
  6. Caronte

    Drowned Weverton

    Meet Weverton Ramos Carneiro, a 19 years old guy who drowned after he jumped from a rock and hit his head under the water. Another Brasilian cute drowned guy for my collection.
  7. I

    Young guy drowned

    From some beach in El Salvador
  8. I

    Semi naked dead guys

    Mostly from El Salvador and Mexico
  9. J

    young victim for real life snuff play

    young vulnerable guy with braces in south UK looking to meet and talk to potential killers. Quite new to this still and not will need some major persuasion to go through with this. Just looking to talk and get to know potential killers at the moment and see where things go. message me on here
  10. G

    Young impalers?

    I want to find YOUNG BOYS who want to be impaled or to impale someone through ass.
  11. A

    New/young (19 yo) GAY guy here with a nasty mind and a sick fetish...

    im 19/male/gay and im new to this site. ive been looking for a place to post about my fetish/sex-fantasy i have. its kinda nasty though but it honestly doesn't have much to do with dead guys really to be honest. i dont wanna get into it on this thread, but i will say this. it has to do with me...
  12. Caronte

    Drowned Brothers

    Hidayet Atmaca (25 yo), Celil Atmaca (17 yo) and Muhammed Atmaca (15 yo) drowned during a family day on the beach. Hidayet had decided to spend the day at the beach together with his wife from two months Emet Atmaca, his father-in-law Ramazan Dursun and his mother-in-law Helime Dursun...
  13. M

    I have more if you enjoy them

  14. Caronte

    Two young Indian drowned

  15. livingdeadman20

    About the time I first encountered a necrophiliac/ why I'm on this site.

    this is going to be a Really long and somewhat personal post, but i'm going to explain why i'm on this site. If you don't feel like reading all of this though. I recorded a video of me basically explaining all of it here.. BUT NOTE: in the video, i seem pretty critical about necrophiliacs. DO...
  16. P

    Young Guy Killed

    The cock is blury but you still can see it a bit.
  17. Caronte

    Lucio Fragoso dos Santos - 17 yo

    Before: After:
  18. P

    Saving drowned boy

  19. altsxman

    Just Waiting for YOU to Fuck Me... #2

    What could you do with me..?
  20. Caronte

    Sweet young drowned guy

    With only 14 yeas old, Daniel Lozano Trujillo died by drowning in the waters of "Fragua Chorroso" River in the municipality of San José del Fragua, south of the department. (Venezuela) According to witnesses, Daniel, was with grandmother and uncle, enjoying the waters at the point called charco...