1. M

    Handsome chubby Asian man died face down

    And video of turning him over.
  2. N

    Back in New York City for a few months

    Hey guys I will be temporarily reassigned to New York City in early January and will stay in town till April. If you live in NYC or will be in town around that time and want to play dead for me please contact me at
  3. N

    Looking for a New Necro Buddy

    Hey guys I am looking for a VICTIM who is really into necro in the Washington DC/Central Virginia area. I would prefer a regular thing where the victim and I could meet maybe once a month for some necro time but a one-timer would be fine too. MY STATS Caucasian male, 30 years old, 5’11...
  4. N

    Looking for a Corpse in Dayton Ohio

    Hey guys I will be visiting relatives in Dayton, Ohio in December. While I am there, I would like to fulfill a very specific and unique necro fantasy I have had for about 3 years now. I am afraid I cannot go into specifics here but I would be VERY happy if I could find someone in the region who...
  5. Meatpie

    Decomp Cadaver Found in Veracruz

  6. N

    A New Necro Buddy II

    Hey guys A few weeks ago, I posted the script of a necro scene icarus19 and I did in late October. I am adding a link to it for those of you who haven’t read it. We have come up with a second script for a new session we are planning...
  7. Meatpie

    Dead Man Taken to Morgue

  8. N

    A New Necro Buddy

    Hey guys, About a month ago, I met Icarus19 who is a new CDG member for some necro play. He was a newbie so there was A LOT of necro talk where we tried to see if we were compatible. We ended up coming up with a script of how our time together would go. We decided to share the script so you...
  9. brokenbun

    Playing dead :)

  10. Meatpie

    Body of dead man found in Russia

  11. N

    Looking for a Victim to Kill During Eclipse

    Hey guys I am staying in Hopkinsville, Kentucky to watch the full eclipse Monday, August 21st. Would anyone who enjoys playing dead like to witness this rare event with me before I strangle them to death and molest their corpse? As always, I am looking for SAFE ROLEPLAY only. If you are...
  12. N

    Does Your Necro Side Interfere with Your Life?

    I would like to get an idea how many people here feel that their necro fantasies interfere with their personal and professional lives. One of the most important concepts in abnormal psychology is that any behavior that deviates from "normal" behavior is not necessarily a symptom of a...
  13. AnonymousPH

    Dominican man found dead

  14. N

    Looking for Victims in New York, Florida and Brazil

    Hey guys, New York City killer is looking for a willing victim to ROLEPLAY death scenes and a necro scenario where I will OWN your corpse for a few hours for my pleasure. I will be travelling a lot to Florida (Miami and Jacksonville) over the summer due to work so if you live in these cities...
  15. N

    What Do Victims Feel?

    As a full-time killer, I have always been curious about what victims roleplaying corpses feel like during and after their killers have objectified their corpses. I am asking this not because I yearn to be a victim but rather because it gives me a lot of pleasure knowing that my victims also...
  16. N

    Victim in milwaukee

    I am going to be in Milwaukee in march. Any Midwestern victim willing to be my corpse?
  17. AnonymousPH

    Corpse found stark naked

    It happened in Concepcion, Iloilo, Philippines in or about January 2017. No cause of death specified. No further info.