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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 414. Kris

As Scott waited for another call from the Brotherhood he decided to spend his down time looking for another guy whose life he could end.

After driving around for a little while he eventually spotted a potential target as he drove past a school. The young man dressed in a red vest with athletic looking arm muscles and black shorts appeared to have a decent looking body.

Scott pulled up by the side of the road and observed his prey at will.
Kris had just finished his part time job as a sports coach at a local school, his plans for the day now saw him wanting to head to the beach to chill with some friends and top up his tan. As he walked along he had no idea that his every move was being watched by a killer.

Scott watched as Kris carried on walking and had an idea, he grabbed his bag and left his car parked up on the side of the road and made the decision to follow Kris on foot.
As they walked Scott's eyes were firmly fixed on Kris's fine figure and he found it hard to contain his manhood that now slowly grew. Kris talked on the phone to his friends still unaware that a serial killer was stalking his every move.

Half an hour later Kris arrived at the beach and greeted his friends that had already arrived before him. Scott watched as the young man then took off his vest and placed it in his bag before pulling down his work shorts to reveal a pair of creamy coloured swims shorts.
Not one to turn down an opportunity Scott surveyed his target closely, he was impressed by Kris's toned athletic torso and long slender legs and although not as good looking as some of his previous victims Kris's body was enough to make him a viable piece of prey.

As Kris larked around on the beach Scott put the final parts of his plan into action. He called Danny and told his young protégé to bring the Brotherhood pool van they had been given to the beach as there was some fun to be had.

Danny arrived and short while later Scott quickly jumped into the front passenger seat of the van and watched Kris from a safe distance. Scott perversely smiled to himself as he watched Kris drinking, sunbathing, and chilling with his mates completely oblivious to the fact that he could be dead in just a few hours. He explained the plan to Danny but knew things could quickly go sour if Kris got a lift home with one of his mates.

Scott held his breath as the group packed their belongings up and started to head home. This was the moment of truth. Would Kris walk home or would he get a lift. A huge sigh of relief could be heard in the van as the last of Kris's friends drove off leaving the young man to make his own way home. As Kris made his way up the road Scott jumped out of the van and told Danny to pull in just up ahead of them and have the side door open.
Kris muttered under his breath at the van that sped past him and eventually caught up to it a few minutes later. As he reached the open side door Scott pounced and pushed the unsuspecting young man into the vehicle.
Kris put up a fight as he was set upon by his two attackers. Danny pinned him down as Scott began to strangle Kris with his red vest. Kris immediately began to fight for his life. He tried to move but Scott continued to pin him down as he strangled him tightening the ligature every second of the attack. Kris tried to claw upwards and grab his attacker but his hands clutched Scott’s shirt but was unable to reach his face. He bent his arms and tried to grasp at the ligature that was cutting into his skin but he could not get a grip. He found breathing more difficult and gasped for air as his throat was being crushed. He tried to beg for his life, but was unable to speak. Scott gave one last yank on the ligature as Kris’s body went limp and his arms fell to the side, his head wanted to drop sideways but was being supported by Scott keeping hold of the tight ligature. The killer pulled harder and harder on the neck as Kris’s body convulsed for the last time. Scott enjoyed the convulsions of his victim underneath his body.
As Danny drove to a secluded spot, Scott played and fondled with Kris one last time, within seconds he had stripped Kris as the young man stare up at him, his eyes wide open his tongue protruding from his mouth. He massaged the young man’s torso and licked it one last time, he fondled with his legs and rubbed the inside of his thighs before beginning to fuck the hunk.

Once Danny had stopped the van it was his turn to have some fun with Kris. Once he had finished Kris’s body was dismembered and cut into small pieces before being dumped in the thick undergrowth, exposed to both the nature and any scavengers that fancied a snack.


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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 415. Grant

Grant was about to discover that there was such a thing as being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The handsome and attractive young man was taking his family dog for a walk through the woods, little did he know that there was a killer nearby who was also going for a jog through the woods and would never turn down the opportunity for a kill if one were to present itself.

Murder hadn’t been on Scott's mind when he went for an early morning run. Fresh from killing Kris he was waiting for the media attention when they found the young man's dismembered body stuffed into an old suitcase. There was no news yet and he now casually waited for a call from the Brotherhood.
However during the run he bumped into a good looking young man who was walking through the forest with his dog. Standing around 5'10' with short brown hair and dressed in a white Adidas t-shirt and a black pair of shorts that showed off what appeared to be a fine set of legs dotted with small dark hairs. The small white fluffy dog with the guy didn’t really suite him and the two smiled at each other as their crossed each other’s paths.

Scott took a few more steps before it hit him, it seemed that they were the only two guys in the area and this seemed like an easy kill to make. He could literally kill this guy and no one would know. As Grant kept on walking Scott searched for an appropriate weapon, he eventually found a heavy log and quietly snuck up behind his target. Seconds later he swung his weapon and brought it crashing down on the back of Grant's head. The young dog walker went out like a light as he fell face first to the floor, this was quickly followed by the dog letting out a yelp which then saw it run off barking and scared. Scott grabbed Grant under his arms and dragged him into the undergrowth out of the way of anybody that was to use this woodland path.

Now in a place where he wouldn’t be disturbed began to have some fun with Grant. He could see from his handsome looks that Grant was obviously a hit with the ladies, he checked for a pulse and was relieved to discover that his prey was still alive. This meant he could make a real statement to the authorities. He stripped Grant down to his underwear and was pleased to see that the hunks body didn’t disappoint.
He ran his hands over a nicely tanned athletic torso and playfully slapped Grant's firm abs. He then ran his hands up his legs as he enjoyed the sensation of the fine leg hair beneath them.

Where ever Scott went he took his backpack and contained within it were some of the tools of his trade. He wanted to make another statement to the authorities and knew of a way he could do this. He lifted the unconscious hunk up and stood him with his back against the tree, taking some rope he tied it around Grant's ankles, thighs, and abdomen and upper chest so that the young man was now tied to the tree. He then waited patiently for his prey to come around.

A short while later Grant stirred as he regained consciousness, Scott stood out of sight until he heard Grant begin to call for help. Stepping out of the trees he made himself known and the helpless young man asked Scott to untie him. Scott laughed as he told Grant he couldn’t do it and it was in actual fact him that had tied the hunk to the tree. Before Grant could utter another word Scott slung a garrotte around his throat and tied it around the back of the tree. Grant now gasped for breath as Scott brutally pulled the garrotte tight. “What the fuck?” Grant exclaimed in his own mind, as he felt a brutal backwards yank on the cord that rocked him back onto his heels. His hands convulsively tried to free himself to try a vain attempt to get free and claw at the cord that was biting deeper and deeper into his neck and beginning to crush his trachea. “Holy fuck!” Grant cried out to himself in anguish, thrashing violently as he was tied to the tree, eventually he felt his fate closing in on him with unforgiving finality. Now gasping for breath, Grant’s vision narrowed as his eyes rolled back in his head for one last fleeting glimpse of the clear blue sky before the eternal darkness engulfed his eyes.

Scott surveyed his latest victim and took a couple of photos for his own private collection. Grant's head remained upright the garrotte still wrapped tightly around his throat, his vacant eyes just staring into oblivion. Spittle dripped from the corners of his mouth and Scott went hard at the sight of the dead hunk. He took a knife from his bag and carved the figure '6' across Grant's chest. Blood dripped from the fresh carving but Scott wasn’t finished yet as he rammed the knife into the side of Grant's chest. He then repeatedly stabbed the dead hunk's torso before slitting Grant's throat and as a final act to draw wild animals to the scene he disembowelled his latest victim.

Scott wiped the knife, took a final picture and left Grant to be discovered. What state he would be in would depend on how quick he was found and how hungry the animals were.


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Chapter 416. Nick

The next Brotherhood call didn’t take that long to come. Jared wanted Scott's assistance in helping to acquire a prime piece of meat for him. Within in no time Scott found himself sitting in Jared's house.

Jared explained that he wanted Scott to dispatch a young rent boy whose services he used. He'd been paying to fuck the young man who was named Nick for a little while and explained to Scott that this was how he obtained his meat. However the fact that Scott had not been down under for a while meant fucking Nick recently had been torture as all Jared wanted to do was taste his flesh. To get around it he always licked the young man's torso and playfully nibbled on his pecs, but this only made Jared more excited as Nick seemed to taste nice. Nick in turn didn’t mind as Jared was paying him well.

The Brotherhood member grabbed his phone and showed Scott a photo he had taken of Nick at one of their last rendezvous. In the photo Nick looked like an attractive young man with a fine athletically toned body with a prominent set of pecs.

Scott nodded with approval after he saw the picture and it was at this point that Jared handed Scott the young escort’s phone number and suggested that he sample the merchandise himself before Jared himself booked a session and invited Nick around so Scott could take him out.

Using the number that was given Scott made arrangements and a few hours later Nick knocked on his door.
Opening it up Scott soon saw the handsome young man in person. Nick was dressed in a black top and a pair of jeans, looking confident he was invited in and wasted little time in getting down to business.

Nick's family had no idea as to how he earnt his money, as far as they were concerned he worked in a bar and earnt a fair bit in tips. The reality was that Nick did start working in a bar and was given an opportunity that he found very hard to turn down as a customer offered him a large amount of money to sleep with him. Nick had to think about it but the cash soon swayed his decision. He then thought that he could earn at least four or five times he earnt a night at the bar by selling his body and had built up a decent and regular clientele.

Scott explained that he had been given Nick's details by Jared and as the young man now stood shirtless explained that he had come highly recommended. Before anything was done Nick demanded payment first. Scott handed over the agreed price and watched as the young escort tucked it away.

Not wanting to disappoint Nick suggested that the two head to the bedroom for some fun and was soon stripped down to his underwear. Scott grew hard as he observed Nick in a tight black pair of Bonds underwear, the sight of the handsome young man with his fine athletic body with its excellently rounded pecs, firm abs, bulging underwear and nice legs was enough to turn anybody on and Scott soon found himself being jealous that Jared would soon be able to be dining on such fine meat.

The two explored each other’s bodies on the bed and within no time at all Scott was fucking the young hunk and boy was Nick a good fuck.
It was the early hours of the morning when Nick grabbed his things and said his goodbyes, he told Scott he could use his services at any time and was more than happy to service this new client again.
As Nick left Scott grabbed his phone and told Jared that he was right and Nick was indeed a fine specimen. The Brotherhood member in turn told Scott to be around his house in the morning at 10am so the final part of the plan could be put into action. He would get Nick there a few hours later.

Scott arrived at Jared's the next day and the two quickly discussed the plan of action. Nick arrived a short while later and immediately got cosy with Jared. Scott took up his position in the wardrobe as the Brotherhood member and escort retreated to the bedroom. As Nick stripped down to his underwear he had no idea there was an extra person in the room waiting to kill him.

From his hiding place Scott watched as Nick and Jared began foreplay on the bed. He found it difficult to contain himself but knew he had to be alert for the signal that would soon be given.

Jared was midway through fucking Nick when he flashed Scott the signal. This was it he had to act and as the pair’s moans and groans filled the room as the killer moved forward. Scott picked up a pillow as Nick's eyes were shut as he groaned orgasmicly and didn’t see the pillow being brought down over his head until it was too late.
He tried to sit up, but found himself being overpower, Nick was growing tired and tried to fight Scott off, Scott held the pillow firmly over his victims face as Jared continued to fuck him as he smothered him, Nick was making muffled sounds and begging for his life from under the pillow Scott could vaguely hear him say “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe” , his arms and hands were reaching up and he was trying to grab Jared but Scott held firm, the sounds continued as Jared fucked him, and shot his load into Nick, as he did Nick began to labour his movements, he thought of good times and his family, he didn’t want to die, he was to young but was powerless to stop what was coming, his struggles slowed and moments later he let out a “humph” and his arms went limb his legs flopped down, Scott then got up and sat on Nick’s face with the pillow holding it into place as he massaged the smooth lifeless torso, Nick’s body convulsed a few times and it looked sexy as his muscles constricted.
Jared had enjoyed Nick's violent thrusts and the young man’s struggles as he was being killed meant that Jared had very little work to do as he continued to fuck Nick. In fact Nick's fighting had seen him sexually pleasure Jared who now instructed Scott to lift the pillow from Nick's face. Nick's vacant eyes now stare up at the two Brotherhood members.

"He put up a decent fight but had to go." Scott said as he ran his hand across Nick's chest.

"Yep he definitely did." Jared replied "But come on let’s not stop and talk about him. I'm hungry with have work to do."

With that Nick's body was carried down stairs where Scott used his skills to carefully dismember the hunk and prepare his meat for Jared’s pleasure.


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Chapter 417. Kurt

Scott had to get a handyman around to fix a problem with his garage door. Murder was not on the agenda as he expected the tradesman to be a middle aged guy who he would have no interest in.

However he was pleasantly surprised when the tradesman turned out to be a twenty year old guy named Kurt.
Scott showed Kurt the problem and let the young man get down to doing the work he had to do. As Kurt began to have a look at the problem Scott began to contemplate killing him and it was not until he came into the garage around a hour later to offer the young workman a drink and saw Kurt was now working shirtless that saw him make his mind up.

As Scott walked into garage he asked Kurt how he was getting on and the young workman lifted his drill up over his head and replied "Not too bad. I think I know what the problem is. I just need to use this bad boy so excuse the noise."
Scott liked the look of the workman’s young lean body and couldn’t help but watch a while he carried on with his work.

A few hours later Kurt seemed to have fixed the problem and called for Scott who came into inspect the work. Scott was a happy customer and told Kurt he'd pay him shortly but first suggested the two have a beer together. Kurt accepted and Scott tossed him a nice cool beer. Kurt cracked it open and began to drink with his customer. As the two sat on the side Scott prepared to strike.
Kurt sat enjoying his drink unaware of what was going to happen shortly.

With the young man's guard down Scott made his move and discreetly grabbed a hammer from behind him and swung it at Kurt connecting on the side of the shirtless workman's head. The blow knocked Kurt out and Scott wasted very little time in stripping him out of his work overalls. He knew what he wanted to do with Kurt and tied his wrists around a hook on some plywood and loaded up the nail gun that he kept in the garage.

Scott sat on a chair in front of the unconscious guy and waited for him to come around. Kurt began to come around slowly and lifted his head. He just about managed to utter "What the fuck is going on?" Before the first nail shot into his torso taking Kurt by surprise.

"Now it’s time for some fun." Scott laughed as he put a target on Kurt's chest then lifted the nail gun up and prepared to shot it on rapid fire mode.
"Please god no. Please." Kurt shouted as Scott fired and nail after nail was fired at him. Kurt's body jolted with the impact of each nail that found its mark. Blood splattered up after each nail embedded itself in his skin and a minute later over one hundred nails had been fired at Kurt. Many found their mark as Kurt's body was littered with nails and some nails had completely missed the target and landed in the plywood. As Scott inspected his victim he was surprised to see that Kurt was still alive, he lifted the nail gun and fired a solitary nail at Kurt's head. The shot landed in his forehead and finished the young man off.

With Kurt dead Scott took a picture of his latest victim and knew he had to now cover his tracks. He placed Kurt's body in some tarpaulin he found in the young man's track and carried the dead body out to the back of it, he threw Kurt's clothes in the back and ensured that nothing led back to him.

Scott jumped into Kurt's truck and drove to a secluded location where he stopped on a bridge over a river. Kurt's body was dragged out of the back and thrown over the bridge. Scott watched as Kurt's body splashed into the water before floating for a few seconds and then disappearing under the surface. Scott brushed his hands together satisfied with a job well done and headed back home.

It had been a successful day with the killer getting his garage door fixed and also being able to kill the hot workman.


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Chapter 418. Taylor

Scott loved Australia, everywhere he looked there was a potential victim and today was no different.
In the down time between Brotherhood tasks Scott liked to keep himself busy by killing random guys and either leaving them as the mark of a serial killer he was creating or using them to stock up his own supply of fine meat.

He was now waiting for the next call from the Brotherhood and in the meantime had stumbled across an attractive young man he had spotted at a shopping centre.
Taylor had just stepped out of the changing booth where he was trying on a new pair of jeans. He was discussing it with his friends that he was out with and they took a quick snap of him so that he could look back at it and make a decision.

The attractive young man was unaware that he had just put himself in the targets of a serial killer.

Scott like what he saw and decided that he was going to do all his power to make Taylor the next victim of the serial killer that the Aussie authorities had no idea existed yet.

The group of friends left the mall with Scott following from a safe distance and headed to the beach to relax, top up their tans and look at the ladies. Taylor laid on the golden sand dressed in nothing more than a pair of blue shorts. The attractive young man went on about his business with very little care in the world and completely unaware that a serial killer was watching from a safe point.

The fun at the beach soon came to an end and the group of friends headed to a drinks kiosk to get a drink. Scott positioned himself nearby so he could hear every word the group discussed. One of his friends offered Taylor a lift home and when he heard this Scott's heart sank. However he breathed a sigh of relief when Taylor declined the offer and said he had to wait to meet someone.
The young man wanted to buy some weed and knew he had to be discreet in doing so.

Once his friends had gone Taylor took out his phone and called his dealer, Scott over heard the conversation and knew that he had around an hour to get the job done. Once of the phone Taylor took a sip of his drink and slowly made his way to the rendezvous point.

It was early evening and Taylor now stood in an alleyway waiting for his dealer to turn up. By choosing this location Taylor had no idea he had just chosen the location of his death. The ally was dimly lit and very quiet, these two things saw Scott decide to take the opportunity to make his move. Knowing this needed to be a quick kill he had already decided on his method of death.

Stepping out of the shadows Scott snuck up behind Taylor, seconds the sound of Scott breaking Taylor's neck bounced around the alleyway. Taylor immediately fell limply back into Scott's arms and was slowly lowered to the floor. Scott wasted no time in taking a quick snap of his latest kill before kneeling down and carving the figure '7' between Taylor's pecs.
Scott smiled as he left Taylor lying dead in the dimly lit alleyway.

Taylor's dealer turned up at the dimly lit alleyway, initially annoyed that Taylor wasn’t there he impatiently called the young buyer. To his surprise the sound a mobile phone ringing could be heard just up the ally. The dealer followed the sound and stood in horror at the sight he saw. Taylor lay dead on the ground as a pool of blood formed on the ground around his torso. Any decent person would have called the police, but not this dealer. He didn’t want to get arrested and instead ran off living Taylor to be discovered by someone else


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Chapter 419. Blake

The next call from the Brotherhood didn’t take that long to come and Scott was given the location to meet his Brotherhood contact. From the jist of conversation it sounded like he needed to dispose of a personal trainer. He got himself ready and went off to meet Brian his contact.

Brian was sat inside his car outside the gym and directed Scott to where he was parked, the Brotherhoods killer jumped into the passenger seat and shook Brain by the hand.

"Well what can I do for you?" Scott asked wanting to get down to business straight away

Brian smiled "Excellent that’s what I want to hear, eager to get down to business right away. Well I want you to acquire one of the gym's personal trainers for me. The guy’s name is Blake and he is an exceptional young man and someone that I have looked and from afar." Scott listened as Brian explained about Blake. "The other day I was out for a stroll along the beach when I bumped into the hunk and that was when I knew I had to have his meat. Blake was dressed in nothing more than a dark pair of underwear and had obviously just been topping up his tan. We recognised each other from the gym and stopped to talk to each other and well I couldn’t not complement him on his great physique. Blake gave me a response along the lines of 'when you’ve got one like this you have to flaunt it.' I agreed with him and in the end he let me take a photograph of him. Now you can see why I want his meat."

Scott looked down at the photo that was now on show on Brian's phone and immediately felt his own manhood stir. Blake had a fantastic body, nicely toned and tanned with hard biceps and a fine pair of legs. He was definitely victim material and a guy he would look forward to killing.

Brian then explained that the deed was to be done today and that he had already booked Scott a session with the hot Personal Trainer for later that day, at one of the gyms quieter hours.

The gym was a twenty four hour one and Brian had already done the leg work to see what the busy periods were and discovered that hardly anybody visited after 10pm. This was the time Brian had booked the session for Scott and the Brotherhood killer headed inside ready for the job he had to do.

Blake was the only person in the gym when Scott walked out onto the main floor. Scott watched from a distance as the hot personal trainer finished the set he was in the middle of. Sensing he wasn’t alone Blake looked over towards the door and shouted "Are you Scott?"
Scott in turn nodded and made his way over to Blake who looked rather sexy kitted out in his gym attire of a black vest that showed off his muscular arms and black shorts that showed off his fine legs.

Blake stood up with a puzzled look on his face "I’ll be honest it doesn’t look like you need a personal trainer. I mean your physique is as good as mine."
Scott had to think on his feet, he laughed before replying "I know it looks like it but I’m just recovering from a serious injury and can’t seem to find the get up and go to get back on track which is why I think a personal trainer can help."

"Ah ok." Blake replied "We'll do some stuff on the machines and see how we go. But don’t worry we'll get you back pumped so you look like this." Blake added as he did a little pose.

The duo moved from machine to machine and it was whilst he was in the middle of one of his sets that Scott had an idea. He knew that personal trainers liked to show off and he knew just how to goad Blake into joining in. The hot PT had already taken his vest off and was bragging about his fine body and Scott played along with his ego.
Whilst Blake stood in front of one of the many mirrors and posed with his arms behind his head Scott decided to issue the challenge.
"Hey Blake. I know I’m just recovering from an injury but I bet I can bench a lot more then you."

Blake laughed "What you think you can lift more than me? You must be joking. Not a chance in hell."

Scott looked over at Blake, a serious look etched onto his face. "Ok how about a fifty dollar bet. I can lift more than you."

"Fifty dollars." Blake responded "Ok you're on. This is going to be the easiest cash I’ve ever earnt." The two shook hands and Scott set up the weights he was going to lift and prepared himself. Blake spotted as Scott lifted the weights, normally this weight would have been no problem for him but he wanted to act like he was struggling and thus give Blake a false sense of security. Scott managed to get it up but then dropped it before pretending to be out of breath.

"Get the money ready Scott." Blake teased as he put another twenty five pound weight onto the bar and took up position. Scott stood behind and pretended to spot as Blake confidently lifted the weight, completely oblivious to Scott's plan and wanting to show off he then ordered his client to put another twenty five pounds onto the bar and lifted it further. Scott could see that the hot PT was struggling as his fine muscles strained with the weight.
Blake was expecting his spotter to help him but yet no help came. "Hey Scott, I need your help man, give me a hand."
"I thought you could lift this, don’t tell me you've attempted too much." Scott said as he looked down at the ever straining hunk. "But here let me help you." He added as he moved his hands down to the bar in a move that Blake thought was going to help him. Instead Scott used all his might and pushed down on the bar. This extra weight saw Blake let go as the heavy weight bar now fell on his neck and slowly crushed his neck.

Scott looked on and using his phone decided to film what was to happen next as Blake now gasped for air and tried desperately to lift the dead weight from his neck. "Scott help me please help." He managed to utter at Scott. The hot personal trainer’s legs now wildly kicked about as he struggled to free himself but in reality Blake was fighting a losing battle and it was a tossup between a broken neck or asphyxiation as to what would finish him off. With his face going bright red death was near and Blake was finally put out of his misery as the dead weight of the bar completely crushed his trachea. Blake's arms fell limply by the side with one leg out straight whilst the other was bent.
Scott zoomed into his latest conquest, he panned up the body finally settling on Blake's face as his vacant eyes stare up at the ceiling as dribble dropped from the corner of his mouth and onto the floor.

Brian wanted to know when the deed was done and Scott gave him a quick call. Seconds later Brian entered the gym with two big bags. Not wanting to be disturbed He locked the front door and put the closed sign out before heading off to meet Scott.

"Wow ingenious." Brian exclaimed "Snuffed out by something that he liked so much. He looks fucking hot."

"Tell me about it." Scott replied "but it gets even better as I filmed his demise for you as well. What are the bags for?"

"You filmed it. Fucking excellent." Brian replied "The bags are for the meat and remains once we have cut this prick up."

"What we're going to do it here?" Scott responded surprisingly "Wont we be disturbed."

"Don’t worry about that, I’ve locked the front door. Now help me get him into the changing room." Brian responded before assisting Scott to remove the weight that had crushed Blake's neck. The two then carried the dead hunk into the changing room where his body was lain out on the floor of the shower.

Scott took the tools out of the bag and began to dismember Blake's body. He removed his limbs and stripped the meat from them. The edible meat was placed in one of the bags whilst the other parts were thrown in the other. With one swift move Scott decapitated Blake before hovering the knife over the hunks well-toned torso.

Around an hour later Blake's body was now in the two big gym bags, one full of meat the other was to be dumped. Before they left the showers were turned on to wash the blood and gore and the two left the gym like two casual gym goers.

Scott was given some of Blake's meat whilst Brian dumped the inedible remains in an industrial bin and put the sexy personal trainers head in his very own trophy room.


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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 420. Zac

Scott was always one to take any opportunity that would fall his way and although perfect victims were everywhere he looked in Australia he knew he had to be patient as a hunk would eventually fall into his lap.
Today was to be no different as he spotted a nice target as he walked down the road.

Dressed in nothing more than a dark pair of shorts and a baseball cap Zac had no idea that he had just put himself in the cross hairs of a serial killer.

The nineteen year old was going to rue that leisurely stroll down the road as it meant he was out on the streets when Scott drove past. On spotting Zac the killer pulled up to the side of the road and watched as the young man opened the doors to his house.

Scott sat in his car for a short while as he contemplated what to do. He looked up and down the road and noticed that all the houses were detached with high fencing around their rear yards. The road was quiet with very little vehicle traffic and although he knew it could amount to nothing he made the decision to sneak around the back and see if he could make Zac an attainable target.
Moving quietly he eventually came to a side gate that easily opened up which saw Scott breath a huge sigh of relief.

The killer slowly crept into garden and immediately caught sight of Zac who lay by the pool on a sun lounger. The teenager lay on his front in only a dark pair of underwear as he allowed the sun to top up his tan on his back.

Scott darted into the shed as he moved forward when a voice shouted from inside the house "Zac, I’m heading out to pick your little brother up. Your sister will be home soon. Remember to let her in."

The teenager pulled himself up, quickly shouted "Yeah alright." Then lay himself back down so he could chill in the sun.

Scott smiled to himself as it sounded like Zac was currently at home alone. But with his sister due back soon Scott also knew he would have to be quick if he wanted to ensure Zac's name was added to his long list of victims.
As he was about to leave the shed he noticed a garden fork propped up by the door, he looked over at Zac and then looked at the fork before eventually grabbing the garden tool and sneaking up to his prey.

Zac was completely oblivious to Scott's presence until it was too late and the killer had rammed the garden fork deep between his shoulder blades. This was quickly followed by a short cry from Zac who then started to convulse on the lounger as Scott pushed the fork deeper and deeper into his back until it was up to the hilt.
The hot nineteen year old now lay motionless as the force of the push had seen the garden fork go straight through his body and poke out from under the lining of the lounger.
A pool of blood formed underneath the sun lounger a mixture of blood from the complete piercing and also from blood that ran down the side of Zac's back. As Scott inspected Zac's body he noticed that blood was also trickling from the corner of the teen's mouth and he quickly took a picture of his latest victim for his own personal records.

Scott wasn’t finished yet and took out his pen knife and carved the figure '8' deep into Zac's lower back before creeping back to his car.

No sooner had Scott jumped back in his car did Zac's sister arrive home. Scott watched as she tried the front door before eventually making the decision to try around the back. Scott counted thirty seconds until he heard the piercing scream from Zac's sister who had just discovered her older brother dead with a garden fork rammed into his back. The young girl ran back around to the front of the house both panicked and in shock.
Scott smiled as he left her trying to contact a neighbour to report what she saw.

Zac had been an opportunistic kill that had paid off.


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Chapter 421. Jamie

As Jamie left the gym he had no idea that the little incident where he called another gymgoer a 'prick' and 'an arsehole' was going to cost him his life.
It had been over a minor thing issue and occurred when Jamie wanted to grab a quick selfie of himself in front of a mirror. The young gym hunk had set himself up for the shot only for Scott to take up a position next to him and start doing some arm curls. Obviously Jamie wanted it to be a clear shot and said "Excuse me do you mind?" Scott paused his routine and looked across at Jamie "Pardon." He replied unsure as to what he may have done wrong.
"I said excuse me but I am using this mirror at the moment." Jamie replied in an aggressive manner.
"And it’s big enough for others to use. It’s not your mirror is it?" Scott said as he carried on with his routine.
Jamie then uttered the words that were going to get him killed "Fucking prick and your such an arsehole."
Scott just gave the young man an evil look as Jamie prepared his phone and took the selfie he had wanted to take.

Scott sat in 4x4 and waited patiently for Jamie to leave the gym, he had already planned this kill and was going to use the car as the weapon. If Scott had more time and a quiter location he may have had a little more fun with Jamie but he knew from seeing the guy in the gym that he had a car in the car park and Scott could only hope that it was one that would see him step into the middle of the road.

Jamie soon emerged from the gym now dressed in a blue shirt and grey shorts with his gym bag slung around his shoulder. Scott started the vehicle and revved his engine, the moment Jamie stepped into the road he put his foot down and sped at his target.
"What the fuck!" Jamie shouted as the 4x4 smashed into him, sending him high up into the air and onto the floor.
Scott came to a halt and looked in the rear view mirror, he could see Jamie was still alive and moving. He placed the car into reverse and deliberately reversed over Jamie. He then put it back into gear and drove off ensuring he felt the bump as he drove over the young man again.

As he drove off he looked in the rear view mirror again and this time saw the young man sprawled motionless on the floor.

"That’s what happens when you call me a prick and an arsehole" Scott said out loud to himself as he drove off knowing that Jamie was now lying dead.


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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 422. Jordan

Scott went to prepare breakfast, he checked the fridge and freezer and was disappointed to discover that he was on his last portions of bacon and last few sausages. The accomplished killer knew that before he took on anymore Brotherhood work he actually found a suitable target to top his own stockpile of meat up.

He sat down in front of the TV and turned it on, flicking through the channels he stopped on one that was showing the local news.
The news reporter began to say "Police are appealing for witnesses to a fatal hit and run which occurred yesterday evening. Twenty year old Jamie Wall was hit by a car which stopped and then deliberately reversed over the young man. So far police have very little lines of enquiry but do believe that this was an intentional act and will be treating the incident as a murder investigation." The screen then turned to an image of the car park which saw police searching for clues along with a photograph of Jamie.

Scott laughed to himself, he knew that there wasn’t a hope in hell of the police tracing the vehicle he used, besides it had already been disposed of and broken down.
His attention soon turned to where was the best place to pick up some fine Aussie meat and eventually decided on scoping out one of the nearby gyms.

It was around 10am when Scott entered the gym and found that there weren’t many people in attendance yet. He didn’t really mind as he knew that it would soon get busy. In the meantime Scott began his own workout as he waited.

Scott was focused on some weights, being in the zone he did not see what was going on around him. That was until he heard a voice say "hey mate, how many set have you got left?"
Looking up his jaw nearly hit the floor when he saw an Adonis of a young man standing over him. Handsome and good looking with a perfectly sculptured body with firm flat abs and two wonderfully rounded pecs, Jordan had a body that many people would be envious of, an all this was topped off with a great set of legs.

It took Scott a few moments to regain his composure before replying "I'm just on my last one on these set now."
"Ok cool." Jordan replied "Do you mind if I jump in?"
"No not at all." Scott uttered "feel free."

Moments later the accomplished killer gave way and let Jordan do his set on the machine. Scott watched as the young hunk grabbed the weight bar and prepared to lift. Scott couldn’t take his eyes off of the young man and even fantasied he killed Jordan by holding the weight bar down over his throat, but under the proviso that he was acting as a spotter he managed to survey each one of Jordan's muscles as they strained and bulged during the heavy set and knew that he had finally found a gymgoer worthy of his freezer.

"Yo, cheers for that. I'll spot you before my last set." An out of breath Jordan uttered as he held the bar for Scott as he took his position on the bench.
Scott ran ideas through his mind on how he could get hold of Jordan and as he was midway through his set the unsuspecting gym hunk had just given Scott what he wanted.
Jordan grabbed the attention of a gym worker as she walked past and turned on a bit of the charm. He asked her if it was possible for him to put an advert up on gym notice board, the worker asked what the advert contained and Scott's ears pricked up when Jordan told her that it was a notice advertising his handy man/ landscaping skills. The female took the advert off of Jordan and pinned it to the notice board as Scott in turn tried to get his spotters attention.

"Oh shit. Sorry mate." Jordan said as he noticed Scott struggling with the weights and went over to help.
"Thanks man." Scott replied as he sat up on the bench, "Did I just hear right you’re a landscaping looking for some work?"
"Yeah that’s right." Was Jordan's response "works dried up a little bit, it’s the same every year at the moment."
Jordan's eyes lit up when Scott said "Ah ok. I may have some work for you." The two gym hunks disappeared to the corner of the gym and quickly discussed what needed to be done. With the time only being midday Jordan offered to come over and have a look at what needed to be done and if he needed to offered to start the same day. The two shook hands and headed off to shower and change.
Jordan paid no attention to what was going on around him as he changed whilst Scott had his eyes firmly fixed on his prize which also caused a little problem as his manhood grew hard at the sight of the prime piece of Australian meat.

Once the two had left the gym they made their way back to Scott's place. As Scott drove and Jordan followed in his pickup truck the killer was just glad that the garden was in quite a state and Jordan would actually have some work to do.

Scott and Jordan walked around the property as the young handy man was shown which areas needed the work and then headed inside to discuss a price for the work. Jordan looked hot as he sat in a black tank top and worked out the labour cost. The two discussed it over a beer and eventually settled on $250 per day, the deal was done and the hands shaken as confirmation.

Jordan sat and finished his beer as Scott knew that he would soon be dining on the hunks fine flesh.

"Right I’m going to go get my stuff and get started." Jordan said as he headed out the front door.
Moments later watched as the hot handyman who had now changed into a white t-shirt and shorts fired up the water pressure hose and began to wash down the walls and window sills above the flower beds. For Scott it was like watching a wet t-shirt competition as the pressure of the hose saw water flying through the air and in doing so completely soak Jordan's shirt so it was now clinging to his fine frame.

When the hose was turned off Scott felt compelled to head outside with a towel so Jordan could dry himself off.
"I don’t think I need this anymore as the weather is ok." Jordan joked as he pulled off the wet shirt and hung it on a wall before grabbing the towel and drying himself off. A scene Scott enjoyed watching.

"Thanks mate." Jordan said as he handed the towel back to Scott and got back to work this time focusing on weeding some of the flower areas.

An hour later Scott could see that Jordan was making good progress and decided to bring the hunk out some refreshments.
"Hey Jordan, time for a break. Here have this." Scott shouted as he threw Jordan an ice cold beer.

"Cheers Scott." Jordan replied as he looked up and then popped the top of the bottle off against the side of a wall and gulped down its contents. "Aahhh. That was fucking good." Jordan sighed as he wiped any excess beer from his chin before warning Scott On what he was doing next "Excuse the noise in a minute as I’m gonna start on those old trees and logs with the chainsaw."

Scott put on some music to drown out the noise of the chainsaw as Jordan got to work. The killer was Impressed with the young man's work ethic and dedication and laughed to himself as knew that this would have meant a good tip for the hunk if he wasn’t about to be killed. On looking out of the window he couldn't help but not be impressed with the hunks fantastic physique with its fine muscles and knew it was nearly the time to strike.

Half an hour later Scott went out to check the progress of his hunky gardener, he found Jordan still working on the same part of the garden and asked if the young man needed any help. Jordan shouted "No I’m fine. I'll be with you in a minute."
Seconds later the sexy hunk reappeared carrying a log above his head. "You should have joined me Scott. I was just having a little work out."
"Fucking hell Jord, no wonder your physique is so good. It seems like you take any opportunity to work on it." Scott replied as he took out his phone to capture the moment, one in which he could look at later and admire Jordan's pumped upper body and fine legs.

"I'll just tidy the flower bed and then I’ll call it a day for today and hopefully finish the work tomorrow." Jordan explained as he put the log down and soon got down to working on what he said he would.
Scott knew he would have to act soon and spotted the pair of garden shears lying up against the fence, he looked over at Jordan who was preoccupied in his work. He could feel his own trouser snake growing as he took in the sight of the sexy workman who was still shirtless dressed only in his shorts, Scott noticed the top of Jordan's pink underwear sticking out from the top of his shorts, however it was the sight of every part of the studs legs flexing that spurned him on to act there and then. Jordan's smooth legs with their thick thighs and defined calf’s would soon be his as he picked up the shears and took up position behind Jordan.

Scott took in a deep breath and then attacked as he brought the shears down stabbing Jordan in-between his shoulder blades. Jordan let out a cry as he collapsed to the ground with the shears protruding from his back.
Scott grabbed the shears put his foot on Jordan's back and pulled them out of his back, he prepared to bring them crashing down but noticed that Jordan was still alive as his eyes blinked but could not move. Scott had killed enough people to immediately know what had happened and instead threw the shears to the ground and knelt down beside Jordan.

The stab wound had severed the hunks spinal cord meaning he was paralysed and unable to move, the attack had also seen Jordan lose the use of his voice. However he could still see and hear anything that was going on around him.
"I'm sorry Jordan but everything had been leading up to this moment. You see I’ve killed many young men across the globe and from the moment I saw you in the gym I knew I needed to kill you." Scott said as Jordan tried to speak but could only blink in response.
"I'll be feasting on your flesh but don’t worry I’ll make sure that none of your fine body will go to waste." Scott added as he brushed his hand up Jordan's smooth leg. "But first I think it’s only fair for me to test the merchandise." Scott said as he grabbed Jordan's shorts and underwear and pulled them down to reveal his firmly sculptured arse. "It’s probably best you didn’t feel this." Scott joked as he pushed hard to force his cock into the sexy labourer’s hole, despite some initial resistance he broke through and began to fuck a paralysed Jordan who could do nothing apart from lay still and not even enjoy the occasion.

Jordan was a great fuck, to be fair Scott knew that most straight guys were although they would never allow themselves to have the experience. Scott really wanted to tuck into Jordan's mat and dragged the young hunk into one of the outbuildings that was used to slaughtering the hunks bodies.
Scott shackled both of Jordan's ankles and then instigated a motor that saw the hot hunk hanging upside down. Jordan's eyes followed every move that Scott made and he soon wondered why a large barrel had been placed underneath him. Things soon became apparent when Scott stood in front of Jordan with a knife in his hand, he grabbed the hunks hair and pulled the head back he noticed the eyes roll backwards as he cut Jordan's throat from ear to ear.
Blood gushed from the fresh wound as Jordan gargled on his own blood his body gently swaying back and forth as his blood collected in the barrel. Once the initial blood flow had slowed down Scott hugged Jordan around his abs and gently squeezed, in doing so he helped force out any blood that was still left in the body.

Jordan still swayed slowly back and forth as Scott surveyed his latest kill, he looked the body up and down as he contemplated where best to start the butchering.

Scott eventually decided to start by fully removing Jordan's head. He continued to cut around the wound he made before giving the head a twist and pulling it off. Jordan's severed head was placed on the side as Scott then removed the hunks arms and cut the meat away from the upper part, the biceps and triceps were placed on the side whilst any other meat that could be obtained was placed in a container to be minced up.
Attention now turned to Jordan's torso and Scott ensured he spent a lot of time making sure he captured every part of edible meat from it.

He carefully cut away Jordan's meaty pecs before slicing away his firm abs. The chest cavity was then cut open as he delicately cut away Jordan's ribs still firmly coated in thick juicy meat. Scott then ensured that all the meat he could gather from the body was salvaged before turning his attention to Jordan's fine rump which was cut away and put with the finest cuts of meat.

Scott laughed to himself as most of the dead hunk had been cut away which now left nothing but a pair of legs dangling from the shackles. Knowing that these would yield the most meat Scott cut both legs just above the knees and carried both thick thighs to the side. He began to carve one of these into steaks, fillets, boneless roasts and joints whilst the other thigh was gently wrapped ready to be cut up when it was needed. This only left Jordan's calf muscles which were easily sliced away and put on the side.

However Scott wasn’t finished there and placed Jordan's remains in a drum of acid that would remove the flesh that remained and leave only the hunks bones. As the acid got to work Scott minced the scraps of meat up as he made some sausages and burgers. He carried the meat inside and placed it in the freezer but not before keeping a couple of fine cuts out for the meal that night.

An hour later he returned to the outhouse and removed the bones from the acid these were then placed on a tray and placed in a kiln to be dried. As Scott cooked his dinner he left the bones to dry, once he'd eaten a roast from Jordan's thigh with potatoes and vegetables he went back and crushed the now dry bones up. The fine powdered bone meal was collected and in what Scott thought was a fitting end to for the sexy landscaper his remains were spread over all the flower beds.

Scott kept Jordan's tools and drove his pick up to the car scrap yard where the Brotherhood member who owned it ensured it was crushed and disposed of appropriately.

That night Scott looked over the photos he had taken of Jordan, some the hunk knew about the others he'd taken secretly. Jordan was a fine young man and one whose company Scott had enjoyed. But Jordan was also a hunk whose flesh tasted fantastic and a guy who Scott was only too happy to tuck into again soon.


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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 423. Khyle

Scott rose early the next morning, he was expecting another job from the Brotherhood at any moment. However he also knew that the downtime he had between Brotherhood tasks meant he could rack up his own kills for fun.
He threw some strips of bacon obtained from his previous victim Jordan's firm abs into a pan of oil and cooked them for his breakfast. Once breakfast was done Scott went out to hunt.

Australia was filled with loads of amazing guys each one potential victim material, however Scott knew that he had to be careful with his selection and always patiently waited for opportunity’s to present themselves.
Scott had taken a stroll along the harbour and in doing so he had already scoped out a number of potential victims. One in particular caught his eye and as luck would have it this would be the guy that he would firmly set in his sights. Sat up against a wall with a fine athletic body and developed legs the young man didnt have a clue of what lay in store for him.

Young Aussie Rules Footballer Khyle had no idea that a serial killer had just overheard his conversation with the young girl next to him and was now going to be stalking his every move. The fit twenty one year old had managed to sweet talk the girl into going back to his place. Khyle had given her the old "my parents are away and we'll have the place to ourselves line." Scott couldn’t believe that the girl had brought it and actually agreed to go with him. As Khyle and the female left the beach front Scott followed closely behind.

Scott tailed his target knowing that he was heading home, he knew that with the female in attendance it would be a case of biding his time and being patient.
Khyle entered his building and made his way up to an apartment that his father owned and was waiting to rent out, the attractive young man was in such a rush he forgot to ensure the front door to the building was closed, a fatal mistake that now saw his soon to be killer sneak into the building.
Scott noted that Khyle went into apartment number three on the third floor, he now stood outside the door and contemplated what to do. It was whilst he was stood outside the door that he noticed that in a rush to get the girl inside Khyle had left the front door on the latch, another fatal mistake this time one that would allow Scott entry to the apartment.

Scott poked his head around the door and noticed that Khyle was preoccupied with the young girl as the two of them posed for a quick photo.

With their backs to the door Scott snuck in and darted into one of the side rooms. He prepared himself for the long wait but quickly heard an argument between Khyle and his female guest. She had finally guessed that she had been brought to the apartment under false pretences, she was a female that did not want to sleep around with any guy and immediately let Khyle know what she thought of him. This was followed by a slap around the face and the female storming out.
Scott was amazed that none of these actions appeared to faze Khyle who simply shouted "Fucking fridged bitch, you're probably a shit fuck anyway."

The shirtless hunk grabbed a beer from his fridge and took in a deep breath as he made his way back into the front room. Khyle was still oblivious to Scott's presence as he now put his foot on the table and grabbed at his crotch as he continued to shout some abuse at the female he had just been spending some time with.

Scott sensed his opportunity and crept forward, he picked up one of the chairs and immediately smashed it around the young hunks head. The blow saw Khyle let out a groan before he fell to the floor.
The young man although still stunned turned his head to see his attacker for the first time, panic set in for Khyle and he did the first thing he could think off which was to try and get away. Scott could hear his prey breathing heavily as he tried to crawl towards the door, this was followed by cries of "Help, help." Which were going to go unanswered due to the building being unoccupied.
Scott however didn’t know this needed to shut Khyle up, he took his knife from his pocket and approached the desperate young man.
"No, no, no." Khyle pleaded as Scott grabbed his hair and pulled his head back to expose his throat, seconds later the knife was ran across his prey’s neck as Khyle's throat was slit.
Khyle gurgled on his own blood as his body briefly jolted on the floor before laying still.

This was to be another of the serial killers victims and Scott had already decided on what he was going to do with the body.
Before he put this plan into action he had a quick fondle of Khyle's body before taking two long nails he had seen lying about and hammered them into Khyle's hands as he crucified the dead hunk to the wall. He took a couple of pictures for his own personal collection before writing the figure '9' on the wall in Khyle's own blood.

Scott left the apartment as Khyle's vacant eyes stared into the abyss with his fine blood soaked body still nailed to the wall.



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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 424. Tom

Adam was jealous of what Scott was getting up to down under, he'd been sent pictures of the various hunks his partner had disposed of and wished that he could also be involved. He may get that opportunity soon but first had some important things to deal with at work.
However he had the evening off of work and took the decision to attend a night club to see if he could pick anybody up.

Many guys were in attendance at the club but Adam quickly became drawn towards a young man in particular.
Dressed in jeans and a white top Tom was desperate for sex and Adam noticed early on that the young man seemed to be trying to get some the attention of any guy that was willing to have him, he posed with other customers and then decided to move onto Adam to see if he was interested.

Initially the two had some small talk between themselves

Tom had spotted Adam and he liked the look of the muscular stud at the bar and was determined to hook up with him. He slowly worked his way towards the stud. Adam had seen the young lad approach and decided to entertain him for a bit. He turned to Tom and said “what do you want?” the cheeky young lad replied “a Kopparberg please” Adam was about to tell him where to go when he laughed to himself, and thought what a cheeky cunt. But he decided to buy the young man a drink. The two lads found themselves talking to each other and the more Adam looked at Tom he found him kind of sexy, especially as Tom wrapped his lips around the neck of the bottle and made sexually provocative gestures.

Adam had already decided to link up with Tom but the sexually provocative show with the bottle ensured it would happen as Adam suggested the two depart the club so they could have some fun.

The duo walked down the street and Tom stopped outside a rundown motel. Adam looked up at it, he knew the place only too well as it was a location where he had dispatched a victim previously. Tom eagerly dashed in whilst Adam had a piss outside. As Adam entered Tom grabbed him and led him up the stairs, the old guy at the desk didn’t even bother to lift his head to see who Tom had bought in and the two lads headed upstairs. This was a weird coincidence as they stopped outside the same room where Adam's previous victim was found. Tom opened the door and the two headed inside.
Adam could feel he was a bit tipsy and watched as Tom began to remove his clothes, he quickly took Adam’s shirt off, and began to play around with his muscular body, he gently massaged Adam’s torso and then ran his fingers around his nipples he couldn’t resist it and playfully tweaked each nipple, he liked the look of Adam’s face who seemed to be enjoying every minute. Tom then began to pull Adam’s trousers off and before Adam knew it they had been taken clean off. His police I.D badge fell out and Tom picked it up and was about to put it back in the pocket, but he couldn’t resist it and had a look at the I.D. When he found out that Adam was a police officer he got excited he’d never been fucked by an officer of the law before and it made him feel safe about the one night stand with Adam. He slowly caressed the inside of Adam’s thighs and then he decided to slowly do a strip tease for Adam’s pleasure. He removed his shirt and began to fondle with his own body. He could see Adam getting a hard one as he watched and Tom picked up the drink he had brought with him, he stood there with it in one hand and Adam couldn’t resist it much longer, he jacked himself off as Tom continued to play with himself as he lay on the bed.

Tom undid his brown belt and removed his trousers to reveal his underwear, his legs looked nice his thighs were thick and his calves were lean. He sat down next to Adam and the two lads passionately fondled with each other’s bodies. Adam ran his hands along Tom's smooth chest, he groped his hard pecs, then ran his fingers over his nipple and could see that this turned Tom on. Adam tickled the fine line of hair that ran from his navel and into his underwear. The two lay on top of each other before Tom pulled Adam’s pants down his cock had only just recovered from its previous fondle when Tom started to play with it, he then placed his mouth over the end and began to give Adam a blow job. Adam loved it as he felt his cock being sucked in Tom's mouth. But Tom loved it even more, he had never had a police baton in his mouth before and sucked like he had never sucked before. Adam could feel his balls tighten and then he fired a large load into the young man’s mouth. Tom withdraw and gurgled the cum he then swallowed it and gracefully licked up any large remnants that oozed out of Adam’s thick cock. He then begged Adam to fuck him, and he didn’t have to wait long. Adam rolled the young stud over and pulled his underwear off. His cock was uncut and his pubes looked freshly shaved. Adam grabbed his legs and placed Tom's ankles on his shoulders. He then placed a condom on his cock and shoved it hard and deep into Tom who let off a little moan on entry but the noise soon succumbed to something more pleasurable as Adam fucked him hard. Tom enjoyed each hard thrust and screamed “give it to me, give it to me” this fired Adam up and he rode Tom like he had never done before. He rubbed his hands over his smooth body and rested them on his shoulders. Tom was too busy enjoying the sex to notice that Adam had grabbed Tom's brown belt. Adam felt Tom’s pulse and his Adam’s apple move with each swallow. But he resisted the temptation. He continued to fuck Tom but was unable to take his eyes off the young stud’s neck. Both boys appeared to reach their orgasmic climaxes together and both let off loud noises of enjoyment as Adam fired his load off into the condom. He could feel Tom's erect cock digging into his groin and he pulled his penis out of Tom he then moved up the body placing his knees either side of Tom's chest. He smiled at Tom as he rubbed his hands over his smooth chest. He felt his hard pecs again along with his solid abs. Tom was one hot mother fucker and Adam was enjoying every minute of it. Tom placed his hands onto Adam’s muscular torso “Thanks for the sex, you were fantastic” said tom. Adam continued to smile at Tom and placed his hands on the young lads waist, he then slowly massaged Tom's body until he reached his neck. He then gently massaged the neck. Tom enjoyed it and when he felt comfortable Adam slung Tom's brown belt around Tom's young neck and began to strangle him. Tom was petrified at what was happening and he knew this could only end one way. He desperately tried to fight Adam off but he had been to slow as Adam had put all his weight down onto the young body. Tom tried to beg for his life but he could only make muffled sounds as Adam had tightened his grip on the belt. He tried desperately hard to breathe but found it near on impossible, he clawed at Adam but Adam was able to use his strong arms to deflect the incoming blows away. Adam could feel Tom struggling violently underneath him, he felt his legs kicking as he tried to buck Adam off, but Adam was to strong, he saw the look of desperation in Tom's face as tightened the belt around his young neck. He could see that Tom's eyes were watering and his face was going red. Tom tried in vain to release Adam’s grip but he couldn’t he looked up at Adam and watched as Adam strangled the life at of him. Tom continued to struggle violently and gasped for air but Adam coolly held tight and stared down directly into the dying hunks eyes. He suddenly felt Tom stop struggling as his body went limp. His arms flopped to the bed and Adam saw his eyes had glazed over. It didn’t stop Adam though as he held the ligature tightly around Tom's neck. Ten minutes passed and he still held his hands firmly in place, he pressed down hard on Tom's young body and his body rocked about on the bed with each one of Adam’s violent movements. Finally Adam stopped what he was doing and looked down.

Adam knew as well he would end up investigating this case and could easily lose any evidence that was found and leave crucial evidence from the report. He got up and stared at Tom's dead body which still looked hot. Adam examined his handy work.

Adam prepared to leave, as he did He looked back at Tom as he lay naked on the bed the brown belt still tightly wrapped around Tom's neck. Adam took a quick picture and smiled as he walked out of the room. He crept down the stairs and found the old guy at the desk had fallen asleep.


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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 425. Shane

Dan was a local conservationist who looked after orphaned animals and owned one of the largest animal reservationists in Australia. Scott arrived at Dan's centre and was instantly amazed at the sheer size of it, it was so big Dan had his own helicopter in order to get around it. The rich Brotherhood member greeted Scott and invited him inside. Drinks were poured and the two eagerly got down to work.
Dan explained that he wanted Scott to acquire a guy for him, however this first guy was not to be acquired for his meat but to feed Dan's favourite pet, and he told Scott he'd have him gather some meat for him at a later date but carried on talking about his pet. Scott was eager to know what it was but Dan wouldn’t let slip, instead he suggested that the two finish their drinks and then head off to take a look at it.

Scott followed Dan to a large white building adjacent to the main house. On entering the door it quickly became apparent to Scott that this was a reptile house as various different reptiles were kept in tanks and enclosures of many sizes. Dan seemed to have everything here: snakes, lizards, komodo dragons and a large lake like enclosure full of Crocodiles. As they made their way down the corridor Dan explained that he had every sort of animal on his land from elephants to hippos and big cats, each one rescued from abuse and given new hope at his sanctuary. Some had even decided to breed so he had youngsters of many species as well.
The two finally paused at a large metal door that could only be accessed by Dan's hand print. The Brotherhood member placed his palm on the pad and waited a few seconds for the door to open. Once opened the two stepped inside "This creature is my baby, my pride and joy. There aren’t that many of them left in the world and she is fed only the best meat." Dan said as he turned the lights on to reveal a large Snake.
"Wow, another one. Python Reticulatus to be exact." Scott said, he was about to continue when he was interrupted by Dan.
"Another one. What do you mean another one?" Dan asked "You mean you've seen one before."
"Seen one before." Scott replied "I have one back home. Betty is my pride and joy. Many young men have been fed to her."
"Fantastic." Dan replied "so you know what I’m on about. There's nothing better than seeing a hot guy fighting for his life and then being slowly swallowed."
Scott agreed but also explained that he had even fed some of his dead victims to his Python. Dan smiled as he said "good man. Follow me and I’ll explain what I want."

Dan pulled out his phone as they walked and explained that he wanted Scott to acquire a hit handy man that had visited to carry out some work. He swiped through his photos to show Him a picture of the young man named Shane. The handyman had taken a selfie of himself dressed in his work clothes, and despite still being covered in dirt he looked quite hot.

Dan then showed another picture of Shane, this time it was a picture taken from the young man’s social media page. It showed Shane sitting in a rickshaw with his long slender legs bent up.

"I want you to get me him." Dan said "I want my baby to swallow that entire hunk including his hot legs. According to his Twitter profile he is attending a music festival today, so it should just be a case of kidnap and bring back."
Scott nodded "No probs I will get it done easily."
"Good, see you soon." Dan replied

Scott headed to the venue where the music festival was taking place and immediately began to hunt for Shane. 'This is like finding a needle in a haystack' Scott thought as he did his best to have a look at every male near him. However he quickly had a brain wave and decided to check Shane's Twitter profile to see if it gave any indication as to where he was at the festival.
The Brotherhood's killer smiled as he looked down at the profile and read a tweet that Shane had only just posted 'with the guys. Great position by the stage. Banging music.' Scott made his way over towards the stage and now knew where his target was.

Scott spotted Shane almost instantly as he arrived by the stage, dressed in a yellow vest and blue shorts the young man was difficult not to spot. Scott watched as Shane egged on by his friends playfully fondled with a girl and then kissed her, they stayed together for a little while before the girl went on her way as Shane now re-joined his friends and bounced to the music.

Shane partied long into the night at the festival and consumed a fair amount of alcohol. As the young man went about his actions he was completely unaware that his every move was being watched by a killer and at one point Shane even asked Scott to stop and take a picture of himself and a friend, at this moment Scott got a good look at the young hunk in person and imagined him struggling as the snake attacked.

Scott observed Shane's every move and by the end of the night the young labourer was in quite a state, sweat dripped down his front as Scott got a good look at the young man shirtless for the first time. He wondered when he would be able to strike and hoped it would be soon, however he quickly found out that he would have to bide his time as Shane posed for a couple of pictures and then headed back to a hotel with his friends.[img]
Shane checked into the hotel and it left Scott a little disappointed, however he called Dan and told him that he wouldn’t be able to bring Shane to him that night and the earliest he could do I was in the morning. Scott checked into the hotel so he could keep a close eye on his prey.

Breakfast was served early the next morning, Despite the amount of alcohol he had consumed Shane was up early for an early serving. When Scott came down he spotted his prey sitting by the window and took up a position nearby. As Shane went about his business he had no idea someone was waiting to abduct him.

Patience was key for Scott and soon enough his perseverance was paid off as Shane left the table and headed outside for a breath of fresh air. It was whilst the young man was outside that Scott made his move. The chloroform rag was quickly held in front of Shane's face and despite an initial struggle he quickly succumbed to the fumes.
Shane's unconscious body was placed across the back seat of the car as Scott sped to Dan's centre.

Dan was waiting for Scott as the car pulled into the centre car park and quickly pulled open the back door.
"Quick get him in." Dan shouted "My baby is hungry." The two carried Shane's body inside the centre and into the room where the young hunk was going to die.
"Do you want me to strip him to his underwear or naked?" Scott asked as Shane lay on the ground.
Dan looked down at Shane "take his vest off but leave the denim shorts on. I want to conduct a little experiment and see if they are regurgitated at a later date." Scott did as was asked and the two took up a good position as they left Shane to his fate.

As Shane came round both guys noticed that Betty had finally taken an interest in him and he was unaware that the 20 foot Python had coiled up behind him as he gently rubbed his head, waiting for the moment to seize her prey. The Pythons head darted forward her jaws open wide as Shane tried to get up, it moved with incredible velocity and clasped onto Shane’s left shoulder pulling him back to the floor. Shane was unaware as to what had happened until he saw the large Python clasped on his shoulder. He shouted for help and tried to get up to run, but the Snake had wrapped its large body twice around Shane’s body. He screamed and begged for help as the creature tightened her grip and squeezed its body tighter around its prey. Neither Brotherhood member was not going to help, they were only interested in one thing. Shane’s upcoming death and watched as the young man tried desperately to fight the large Python off. The Snake had wrapped itself around the middle of his torso just below Shane’s abs and the second coil began just below his waist. Shane’s legs were thrashing about as he tried desperately to get loose, his bare feet kicked the chair into the corner. His arms flung about and as Scott got closer Shane’s hand grabbed hold of him. Scott didn’t push it away instead he, watched as Shane’s face was going bright red, he was unable to breath as the reptile was asphyxiating him. His eyes looked towards Scott as he tried to gasp his last breaths and Scott watched as his legs dropped down, he felt the young man’s tight grip loosen as the Python squeezed the last drops of life out of her meal. Shane stare at Scott as he death overcome him the last thing he ever saw was Dan winking at him just before he died. His right arm was out straight and his left arm had fallen onto the Snake’s scaly body. Scott then watched as it loosened her grip and slithered away releasing Shane’s hot corpse. Shane lay on the floor his head at an angle.
As the Python slithered away the Brotherhood members moved in, they briefly massaged Shane’s hot torso one last time and tweaked his nipples. They retreated when the Snake made her way back towards Shane. She opened her mouth wide and disconnected her jaw and moved towards Shane’s head. He stared at Scott his eyes penetrating Scott in his death stare. The Snake began to slowly swallow his dead body. The guys watched as it swallowed its prey head first and was amazed as after swallowing Shane’s head, its jaws opened wider as she began to swallow his broad shoulders. Shane’s arms straightened out alongside his body. Both observed the Snakes fangs help it to ease Shane’s corpse into its mouth, as it moved its head forwards its fangs would drag Shane further into its mouth. Scott watched as his solid pecs were slowly swallowed up and then his abs, then moved onto his lower body, every inch of Shane’s upper body had been swallowed apart from his hands which lay halfway between his thighs. The snake continued to eat him, after just half an hour of swallowing Shane all that remained where his shins and bare feet. Scott observed as he shins slowly disappeared into its mouth. Both watched as a bulge moved further along the Python’s body on its way to the stomach. Finally Shane’s bare feet vanished down the creature’s throat and both watched as Shane’s corpse was slowly pushed along its body until the lump stopped. By the looks of it Shane had finally reached his final destination the Snake’s stomach.

As Scott left he was intrigued to know what would happen with Dan’s experiment


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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 426. Tim

Scott needed something to do whilst Dan looked through his a list of names. The list contained the names of all the hunks whose paths had crossed Dan's, each one had themselves added to the list if the Brotherhood member one day wanted to tuck into their flesh. The choice was a difficult one for Dan and Scott had already found himself a target.

He'd spotted Tim as the young man walked down the street, dressed in a red vest top, black shorts and baseball cap the young man looked every inch the perfect victim and as he made his way home he had no idea that he was now being followed by a killer.

Scott watched as Tim turned into the driveway to his house and entered inside. The killer checked if the cost was clear before sneaking around the back of the house and gaining entry into the garden. Tim obviously lived a life of relative luxury as the garden was large with a swimming pool bordering the back door.
From his hiding place Scott looked on as Tim came out of the back door and lay down along the side to the pool. Dressed in only a pair of black Bonds underwear Tim had a fine lean figure that instantly started to stir Scott's trouser snake. The unsuspecting young man lay down by the pool and sunbathed.

Scott ventured forward as the young man lay face down with the sun beating down on his back. He didn’t even stir as Scott now stood over him before grabbing his hair and smashing his head into the pathing stones that lined the pool. This stunned Tim who was powerless as Scott grabbed his hair and instantly dunked his head into the swimming pool.
The water quickly turned red with the blood from the head wound as Tim struggled to breath under the water.
Tim tried to hold his breath, his arms and legs kicked and splashed in the water, he tried to grab Scott but his wet hands slid along Scott’s bare arms. Finally his body gave in and he gasped for breath under the water taking in mouthfuls of water that quickly began to fill his lungs, he legs were kicking violently and his bare feet protruded from the water, Tim was gargling, he continued to try and grab his attacker and bring him into the water. Scott pushed him further and further down, Tim continued to struggle violently until he began to labour in his movements, his arms and legs splashed into the water and Scott observed some bubbles coming up from his mouth, his eyes were wide open staring up out of the water.
With Tim now dead Scott lifted his head from the water, he turned his body over and quickly carved the figure '10' across Tim's body before casting the young man’s body adrift face down in the pool.
Blood continued to fill the pool as Tim floated aimlessly in the water awaiting discovery.


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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 427. Damien

Scott had been summoned back to Dan's house, the Brotherhood member had finally made a decision on the guy that he would like Scott to kill. He'd trawled through the list he had built up and eventually settled on a guy who used to be part of the soccer team he played for.
Damien was a hunky young man with a lightly tanned body which he gained as part of his Mediterranean roots. He had a body to die for and didn’t care about who saw what in the changing room. In fact Dan had found himself drawn to his team mate and constantly dreamt about tucking into his juicy pecs and smooth leg meat.

Damien had left the soccer team and joined another one, which meant that Dan's dream was about to become a reality as he instructed Scott to bring the hunk to him.

Scott wasn’t given much information on Damien's where abouts but had been told the young man likes to work out at a local gym. This would be Scott's first point of call and as luck would have it turned out to be a good one, as he entered the gym he spotted Damien who was stood in front of a mirror taking a quick selfie of himself. The young man had pulled his shorts up to reveal his thighs and seemed to be focusing on his legs.

Damien had no idea he was being stalked by Scott as he went about his own business at the gym and carried on with his workout.
Scott stuck to him like glue and watched as his target pulled off his black vest to reveal a nicely tanned torso that complemented his toned body really well. Scott could see why Dan had chosen the young soccer player and couldn’t wait to get to work on that fine body with its solid pecs and firm abs.

Once Damien had finished his workout he headed into the changing room to get changed followed close behind by Scott. As he got changed he failed to see that Scott was snapping a few pictures of him on his phone and sending them to Dan.

The Brotherhood member quickly replied "Yum, I can't wait for you to bring him here."

Scott was all ready to make his move when an unforeseen hitch occurred. Damien was joined by one of his friends and the two guys left the gym together. The arrival of the friend meant that Scott had to postpone his plan for now but he had been smart enough to overhear Damien's plan to attend a night club that evening. All Scott had to do was continue to stalk the target and ensure he snatched him that night.

Scott attended the night club early, ensuring he got a prime position to be able to spot anyone that entered. Soon enough from his spot he was able to see when Damien arrived and quickly kept his eyes on the target. Scott watched as the young man enjoyed himself as he grabbed a drink and then danced to the music. Midway through the evening Damien began to compare his abs with another guy's at the club, he lifted his tight shirt to reveal his toned and firm abs.

From the vantage point that Scott had he could easily make a decision on who had the best set of abs and without a shadow of a doubt it was definitely Damien out of the two.
The night went on and Scott decided to make his move at closing time. He watched as a rather intoxicated Damien left the club and began to walk down the road. Scott smiled as he jumped into his car and quickly pulled up ahead of his target. Damien had no idea what was about to happen as he walked past the vehicle that was half parked on the road and half parked on the pavement. Seconds later Scott pounced and held the stun gun up against Damien's neck, moments later the hunky young man went out like a light as his body was quickly placed across the back seats of the car.
On arrival at Dan’s the two Brotherhood members wasted little time in part dragging, part carrying Damien to the waiting gallows and placed a bag over his head.
From the moment the young man stirred the bag was pulled from Damien’s head and before he had a chance to contemplate what was happening the chair was kicked as the noose tightened around Damien’s neck and his eyes shot wide open. To Scott’s surprise the make shift gallows held its victim. Damien gargled and struggled for breath his body violently twitching on the end of the noose. Scott kicked the chair away as Damien kicked his legs and attempted to move back onto it. Scott watched as the young man’s body squirmed as he was being hung. They could see his face going bloodshot red and his hands desperately clawing up at the noose but it was embedded too tight into his skin. Damien’ eyes appeared to bulge from his head as the Brotherhood members heard a cracking noise as Damien’s neck broke. His body twitched and suddenly went limp. His arms dropped and dangled by his sides as the hot body swung side to side on the end of the noose. Scott noticed a wet patch on the front of his boxers and a wet substance ran down the inside of Damien’s leg. The Brotherhood members knew their prey had pissed himself as he died, and looked at Damien’s death stare, his eyes appeared t bulge from their sockets and his tongue stuck out of his mouth.

With Damien now dead Scott wasted little time in dragging the fresh meat into the slaughter house at Dan's house. Damien was a fine young man with powerful looking muscular arms and smooth legs with thick thighs that would yield a fair amount of flesh. He took a snap of the dead hunk for himself and then began to harvest it up for its fine meat.

Scott took his time as he slowly worked on the young man's limbs, first he removed the arms and cut away the meat from the top of them before eventually starting work on the legs. Each one was removed at the top of the thigh and then carefully cup into four main bits, the thigh which contained the most meat, the knee and foot which were completely useless and the lower leg with its fine calf muscle. With both calf's removed and the knees and feet chucked into the bin Scott started to slice up both thighs. These were cut into various steaks, fillets and roasting joints at Dan's request, each one meaty and succulent enough for its tasters delight.
With the limbs now removed Scott decapitated the young soccer player with one blow and placed his head on the side before beginning to harvest all the edible meat from the hunks torso.

Scott first started by carefully slicing Damien’s pecs away and then very delicately sliced away the firm abs as if he was filleting a fish. Once this was complete he cut away all the meat that was edible before cutting deep into the chest cavity and gaining access to Damien's ribs, these were snapped off with the meat still attached and just before the body was disposed of complete Scott turned it over and cut away the two thick rumps.

Dan was over the moon when he saw the amount of meat his old soccer team mate had yielded. He placed it in the freezer and then dragged the bin containing what remained if Damien into the animal centre and fed the remains to various animals he had in there.
Just before Scott left he asked Dan what he wanted to do with Damien's severed head. The Brotherhood member led him into another room that contained various skulls littered on the walls and shelves with placards that contained the name of each victim. He told Scott he boiled the heads until nothing but a skull remained, he showed Scott the place he had reserved for Damien and then headed into the kitchen where he lit a large pot on the stove and then dropped Damien's head into it.

Scott and Dan said their goodbyes as Scott headed off knowing another Brotherhood call wasn’t too far behind.


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Chapter 428. Dylan

Scott ate his breakfast as the TV played in the background, the Brotherhoods killer had it tuned into the news channel in the hope that some of his handiwork may soon be shown. All of a sudden he grabbed the remote control and rushed to turn the volume up as a header that said "AUSTRALIAN POLICE FEAR THAT A SERIAL KILLER MAY BE ON THE LOOSE." The shot then turned to a hastily arranged news conference where a chief of police explained that some male bodies had been discovered with various figures etched into their torsos. He explained that police nationwide were now working together and advised anybody to report anything suspicious. He did say that the police were missing some numbers as photos of the various known victims came up on screen. The chief of police finished by explaining that young man were to be vigilant and keep themselves safe.
The screen then cut back to the news reader as he began to debate the discovery with another guy, the general consensus was how up to ten victims could be killed without the police putting two and two together.

Scott sat smugly after seeing his handiwork being debated on the TV, he knew it was time to up the stakes and time to find another victim.

There was a fitness expo on in the city and the killer knew that this would be a good hunting ground for a young victim.
Arriving at the expo Scott felt like he was in dreamland, everywhere he looked he saw sexy young man all with various physiques from lean and toned athletic and more. This was like a cattle market for Brotherhood members, they could simply attend and chose a target that they wished Scott to ascertain. But for now it was to be Scott who picked a target and he had a certain type in mind. He mingled with the crowd eyeing up any potential target he could find.
An hour later Scott had settled on a target.

Eighteen year old Dylan was a young man who was keen on his fitness and working out in the gym. He had been due to attend the fitness expo with a friend but the friend had blown him out at the last minute but unperturbed Dylan attended the event anyway. Dressed in a black vest and beige shorts the teenager was meeting a number of his idols as he made his way around the expo completely unaware that he was no within the crosshairs of a serial killer.

Scott blended into the background as he surveyed every single move that his young target made. When Dylan was offered the chance to have a gym workout with one of his idols Scott was there or there abouts not letting Dylan out of his sights. At one point the teenager even made eye contact with Scott as he headed back into the gym after a short break.

Scott had hoped to make a move on Dylan at the end of the expo but to his surprise the teenager jumped into a waiting taxi. Scott followed the taxi as it briefly stopped outside what was likely to be Dylan's house and then carried on as it eventually dropped Dylan off at a park.
From a safe vantage point Scott watched as Dylan now dressed in a yellow basketball vest and move shorts high fived a friend before joining a number of them as they gathered on and around the steps of the pavilion.
Scott knew that patience was the key and he patiently waited hidden from view as Dylan as his friends larked about by the pavilion.

With his backpack strapped to his back Scott was like a coiled spring waiting to pounce and when he noticed Dylan head off into the bushes to go to the toilet he made his move. Running through the bushes he quickly found himself standing behind Dylan as his prey took a leak.
Dylan had barely pulled his shorts up and turned around when Scott ran the knife across his throat.
Blood spattered from the open wound as Dylan brought his hands up to his throat as he gargled on his own blood, seconds later Dylan dropped to the floor, his body jolted as it spasmed before eventually laying still.

With his prey now dead Scott wasted no time in grabbing Dylan under his arms and dragging him back to his death van.
As Scott sped off Dylan's friends had no idea as to the fate of their friend.

Scott drove until he found a suitable location and then jumped into the back of the van and stripped Dylan down to his underwear. The good looking teenager had a nice lean body, perfect for what Scott had planned.

Dylan was going to be a statement of intent for the police and Scott smiled as he began to dismember his latest victim’s body. Dylan's body was cut into twenty four pieces and each piece packed into a large black bin bag. This left the dead teen’s torso which Scott left out so he could carve a message into it. He grabbed his Stanley Knife and etched the figure "11" across the top of Dylan's chest before adding "Now the fun begins."

With his latest victim all bagged up Scott decided to dump the remains by the side of the road in a parking area knowing full well that they would be found.