1. Pandora's Box

    Death is

    I was thinking, the other day, about my many different, often contradictory, ideologies around death. I thought I would write out some of my thoughts, not to settle any of the contradictions or come to any conclusion, but simply to allow the different beliefs to exist in tandem. Death is...
  2. EdsbeGores

    several deaths

  3. groveport64

    Dead Soldier Replicas

    So apparently you can purchase very realistic replicas of dead soldiers for use in prop movies. Who knew. I saw one on this site, the pic is of the head, suprisingly very realistic.
  4. SmileyFaceKiller

    Azerbaijani Boxer at His Weigh In

    Tumblr find. This one's for you @Meatpie ;)
  5. Tall Guy Dead and Naked

    Tall Guy Dead and Naked

    I got my neck snapped. I now am in the middle of a meadow, covered in flies. My body bloating up
  6. Jeremygay

    Hanging like an animal

    one of my biggest fantasies would be to be captured and then savagely stripped to be hanged like an animal. so that my executioners can take advantage of my body and corpse.
  7. Jeremygay

    Looking for roleplay

    ready for role play, I like to be the prey, the victim of sexual pervert, no taboos, kidnapping combat, chloroform drugs rape cerebral and physical submission humiliations insults torture of all kinds hanging mutilation cannibalism necro. mail me
  8. W

    more pictures of these men?

    any more pictures of these men?
  9. Meatpie

    Emiliano Sala Autopsy Photo

    Exclusive: Emiliano's corpse naked and cut up on autopsy table. A morgue worker leaked online a screenshot from Emiliano Sala autopsy video performed a few days ago at Holly Tree Lodge mortuary in Dorset. The dead football player was cut open by Home office pathologist Mr Purdue who gave the...
  10. secretchamber78

    Special execution for a star athlete

    19 year old Tom was a famous tennis player in the club of his city. But due to his mistake happened in a crucial championship games, his team lost the rank so the club committee decided to punish him. Tom asked for death penalty, which was approved by the committee. However, considering about...
  11. AnonymousPH

    Headless body found in the University of the Philippines Diliman

    My UP friend gave me these exclusive newspaper clips from The Philippine Collegian back in November 1996 followed by a parody one in March 1997. The English translation of the Tagalog quote on the second last column of the first and real article is here as follows: "There is a high...
  12. Caronte

    Drowned 39 y man

    After drinking with friends and his brother, Antônio Estevam Carvalho (39 yo) went for a swim in a nearby pond and after 20 minutes of absence the brother went to the same pond to find him. After a while he found his brother but he was already dead by an apparent drowning.
  13. secretchamber78

    A Sudden Death

    He was a teenage spy. And now he was arrested by soldiers and prepared for execution. He was only 16. In the past two years, he had done well in many cases. But this time, in order to protect one of his teammates, he had to get ready for his last task: being executed! "Is death really...
  14. M

    Victims of accidental explosions

    add me some reputation if you like.
  15. secretchamber78

    How was the Body Processed after Execution?

    As the major player of the sport team, I was the one who led the team lose the game. I was already 21 yo so I should take the responsibility. I told my teammates that I should be executed. They thought it would be a pity if I died. My girlfriend said “You had really well-built muscles and...
  16. secretchamber78

    Death of an athlete

    Tom was an athlete and he had training in gym every day after college lectures. But he would never know he would come to the end of his twenty-year life just that evening after gym. A gang of young men, who disguised as the doctors on an ambulance, captured him on his way back to dorm. They...
  17. Meatpie

    Does Tom Daley shave his legs?

  18. HERRY


    GORGEOUS BODIES :totally hot:
  19. Meatpie

    Lost at Sea

    Fishermen found the corpse in their fishing net when bringing up the catch. The victim was finally shipped off to the morgue to determine the cause of death.
  20. Meatpie

    John Dillinger Dead and on Display in Cook County Morgue

    Celebrations and festive mood at the Cook County Morgue in 1934 as the public were allowed in to view the corpse of John Dillinger.