1. altsxman

    A Police Shooting !

    do you like...? anybody got more police shootings, to add to this thread?
  2. muramasa19

    NEW[HR] Shirtless lean young guy dead after RTA w/ broken chest-neck bone show armpit

    This shirtless lean young sexy guy brought to hospital after road traffic accident but already passed away when he arrived. further examination show that he has closed neck, chest, facial bone fracture and suspected had internal bleeding in his brain. The blood was cleaned up from his body and...
  3. altsxman

    Just Waiting for YOU to Fuck Me...

    all cleaned up, and ready for you to fuck me..... that's if you Want To..?
  4. J

    Sexy naked trophy corpse: "All mine," claims the victor.

    "Time to fulfill my darkest deepest lust," he seems to say as he carries his naked vanquished CDG back to camp. Look out for the cock flop, the body flip and the flat abs!
  5. W

    Anyone know who this guy is? Fuck damn he is hot

    :stroke: :load: this guy is the basis for my fantasy:
  6. T

    Exhibition of 4 Dead Ukrainian Soldiers Before Loading Onto Truck

    Pro-Russian rebels fooling around with 4 corpses of Ukrainian Soldiers to show off tasty spoils of war to cameraman. The bodies were then loaded onto a truck. Videos of that event were uploaded yesterday and titled "Loading Dead Ukrainian Soldiers Onto Truck" and "Loading Dead Ukrainian Soldiers...
  7. T

    Loading Dead Ukrainian Soldiers Onto Truck 2 (Different View, Bloody Foot Shown!)

    24/1/2015: Different view of the same event. Pro-Russian separatists and Orthodox priest load the bodies of Ukrainian soldiers they killed moments before. The 4 Ukrainian soldiers were stationed in a tiny house when they were killed by tank shrapnel. A few seconds of FOOTage (lol) focuses on a...
  8. T

    Loading Dead Ukrainian Soldiers Onto Truck

    24/1/2015: Pro-Russian separatists and Orthodox priest load the bodies of Ukrainian soldiers they killed moments before. The first body loaded is my favorite! It's the sexy hairy guy with the delicious beard to the left in this photo:
  9. altsxman

    Fuck ME, Till I'm Dead :)

    Who Would You Fuck, out of this Sexy Batch of Studs... If They Were DeaD . . .? :ass fuck: :load: :load: :load: :totally hot:
  10. T

    Hansome Ukrainian Soldier Dead

  11. darrel20

    Beautiful dead girls

    Perfectly dead:
  12. altsxman

    Love My S E X Y Dead FeeT . . ?

    :hearthrob: :hearthrob: :hearthrob: let's post those S E X Y dead feet here. . . and rate this post, please
  13. altsxman

    Could You Hold Me Close..?

    :love forever: :love: :love forever:
  14. Art Of War

    Should Countries Be Allowed To Ban Homosexuals Entry Into Their Country?

    Gulf states to start ‘medical tests’ to ‘detect’ and stop gays trying to enter country
  15. phyzzique

    Sexy dead motorcyclist

  16. todd00009

    Cute Pizza Boy Strangled

    Meet Pablo the Pizza Boy... what do you guys think?
  17. Meatpie

    I am crazy about a dude at the supermarket

    There is a new dude working in security at the local supermarket...awesome model so handsome I can't bear it. I can't stand it. I want to chat him up. I've done it in the past but I am no longer 20. :sad1: I used to chat up cute dudes in the street, play straight at first, extremely...
  18. Meatpie

    Dead sexy model...but is it really him?

    Same guy? Please help.