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Nov 19, 2011
Sean was driving late at night, early morning actually, along a remote stretch of road. The air was cool, and the windows were down. He was wearing his new leather jacket and pants, with biker boots laced to the knee. He had buffed the new leathers to a have a lustrous shine. He wore a black bandanna around his head. After he had been driving for a while, he began to become relaxed, casual, enjoying the drive. The leather felt good. No, not good. It felt wonderful. The sensual aroma gave him a massive hard-on. Some day soon, he thought, he would buy himself a bike. A real man’s bike. A Harley. Then he would be able to show off to everyone how hot he looked.

Sean had a good body, but he did not perceive himself as others did. As he was driving, he took his left hand and felt his stomach through the leather. Maybe, he thought, he could lose a few extra pounds. He always worried that he was too fat, but that it was an added bonus of wearing the leather, in that it actually made him look so much better. The leather concealed what he felt were his flaws.

It was then that he noticed a single headlight in the rear view mirror. It appeared to be rapidly gaining on him, and he tapped his brake lights, just to make himself more visible to the other driver. As the headlight got closer, it began to flash the high beam, and pulled in behind his car, almost up to his bumper. He realized that it was a motorcycle. Next, a blue strobe light started to flash. Oh, well, he thought. He hadn’t had a ticket in a while, and he knew he wasn’t speeding, so what could the reason for his being pulled over? He drove on to the shoulder of the highway after signaling, and stopped. The bike stopped about ten yards behind. He heard the officer telling him over his PA to go ahead to the first side road and drive down the road to get off the highway far enough to be safe. All of this seemed reasonable, so he did as he was told.

He proceeded another two hundred feet, leaving the paved highway, and stopped. The voice from behind ordered him to pull farther off the road. Sean did as he was instructed, stopped and left his lights on. He reached for his wallet as the cop approached his window. He began to turn to show his license to the officer but was struck on the side of his head sharply, rendering him momentarily dazed.

Sean was aware of being pulled from the car and roughly shoved to the ground, face down in the dirt. As his consciousness returns, he is aware that this is no traffic stop. He tries to look up to see his attacker but he’s blinded by the flashlight directed into his face, obliterating his view of the man standing above him. After a moment the light is turned off, and as his sight returned to normal, he saw that it is a cop. The police officer was dressed in a leather jacket, uniform pant and cop boots, shined to perfection. The officer was wearing a white clamshell helmet, thereby obscuring his face. The voice from the helmet speaks. “It ain’t lookin’ too good for you. Looks like I got me another fag leather boy to deal with here.”

The cop rolled Sean over to get a better look at his captured prey. The helmeted cop smiled as he got a better look at the guy he had laying at his boots. Hot guy and hot leathers. Just what he thought he saw when the car passed him earlier. He was looking for another one like this, like he had found last time he did it. Gonna be a good fuck followed by a fine kill. This one would look great with three nice bullet holes in his leather from his throw-away piece, a Taurus model 82 with a three inch barrel.taurus 82.jpg Nice full jacket bullets drilling sweet round bullet holes in this punk. He especially liked doing tough young punks like this, the more belligerent they were, the more excited his huge cock became, the more he wanted to kill.

The punk spoke with an attitude. “What the fuck did I do? You got no right to fuckin’ hit me. I wasn’t doin’ anything. What’s you’re problem anyway?”

The cop answered by striking the punk’s face with the barrel of the piece, leaving a mark across this cheek. “What the fuck” the punk said angrily.
“You better do what the fuck I tell you, you leather fag punk!”
“You’re a fuckin’ cop. You can’t do this to me.”
His answer from the cop was a kick in the side of his head, followed by another to the side of his leathered body. The kicks were brutally strong, causing pain and disorienting the punk again. The kick to his side was followed by another and another causing Sean to cry out in pain. The cop was pleased with this effect. It was exactly what he wanted to see, a punk in leather, screaming in pain from his assault. He leaned over and grabbed Sean’s hair and lifted him to his feet. Sean was already starting to fight back, shouting “Fuck you, pig. You can’t fuckin’ do this to me. I didn’t do anything wrong!”

Facing him for the first time, the cop could see the youth, the defiance, and sullen attitude in the young face of his captive.

“What do you want from me, you fuckin’ pig?’ Sean said arrogantly to the cop. “Well, how about a little more fun” the cop answered as he moved his piece to his left hand and brought his right fist up and landed a solid punch to the side of the kid’s head. Again, the kid found himself on the dirt. “Don’t try to get up again, punk. You can get up on your knees and suck my fuckin’ cock for me. I’ll bet you’d really like to do that, wouldn’t you, punk?”

Still on the ground, and somewhat buzzed from the hit, Sean answered that that wasn’t going to happen, but the officer reached down, grabbed Sean’s hair and lifted him back up on his knees. “You’re gonna do that, and a whole lot more before I’m finished with you, fuckface.” The cop held the piece tightly against Sean’s forehead and, with his left hand, unzipped his uniform pants. He pulled his big steel hard cock and balls out and let the kid see what he was talking about. “Now, you’re gonna do exactly what the fuck you’re told or you’ll have a nice bullet hole through your fuckin’ pathetic little brain. So, open wide, bitch. And don’t try anything ‘cause this gun is real easy to fire. Notice it’s already cocked. Just one slight pull on the trigger and there’ll be some of your brains on your nice leathers.”

The cop started berating him. He said, “What are you? Some kind of fag? A leather fag boy? Does that leather make you feel like a fucking man?” When the kid didn’t answer, the cop leaned in and spoke into his ear: “So, are you a leather fag?” Sean looked down and said “Well, aren’t you?” The muzzle of the cop’s throw-away piece struck the side of Sean’s head, this time more violently. Blood began to ooze from the cut on his cheek. “Look up at me, boy. If you don’t start sucking my cock, and I mean right now, my face is the last thing your dead eyes are ever gonna see!”

Sean realized the futility of trying to stop this, and so he sullenly opened his mouth. The cop slid his cock into the warm, wet opening, at first just to get it slick from Sean’s spit, and then shoved it all the way down his throat. Sean began to gag as the cop held his cock fully into the kid’s juicy hole, but another voiced warning made him suppress his gag reflex. The cop smiled inside his mirrored helmet and slowly withdrew his fully erect cock from the punk’s mouth and began face fucking him, his left hand guiding the movement in rhythmic thrusts. The cop shouted at him. “Take it all the way down your throat, fag boy!” he commanded. The cop saw that the kid, although he wasn’t exactly cool with his situation, was becoming more aroused by the sex, and was getting his own erection, causing a good sized bulge in his leather pants. Seeing this, the cop lost all control and prematurely started pumping his hot load into Sean’s willing wet mouth.
When he finished, he stepped back.

This was not going according to his plan. He had done this at least a dozen times before and never lost his load this quick. He thought “What am I? Am I becoming a fag, too?” The thought of this was so distasteful to him that he started to act irrationally.

Again, he pulled the punk up by his hair to stand face to reflected face in the mirrored shield of his helmet. They stood like this for a few moments. Finally, he flipped the shield up to reveal his face to the kid. He pushed forward into him and began to deep kiss the kid, using his left hand to push Sean’s face into his. As he did, his right hand shoved the 38 up between their leather. He tilted the gun toward Sean and started to squeeze the trigger. At the very second the gun fired, Sean pulled the butt of the pistol toward his body, causing the bullet to enter the cop’s leather jacket at his belly button and continue upward through his body, exiting through a somewhat larger hole in the upper part of his leathered back.

The cop stepped back, looking surprised at first, with sort of an ‘I’m not supposed to get shot’ inference to the surprising turn of events. Sean stepped back a couple of feet and looked at the bullet hole in the cop’s leather jacket. Both he and the cop knew it was a death wound. The cop’s next reaction was to fire four bullets through Sean’s leather jacket in a tight cluster. Sean showed his teeth in a grimace of pain and looked down at the bullet holes in his gut. His rock hard cock inside his leathers was throbbing with pre-cum release as he spit, dropped to his knees and fell over on his back.

The cop started shouting in a fit of pure uncontrolled rage at being shot by his own captive. “You fuckin’ little punk! You fuckin’ killed me, you fuck.” The officer kicked Sean’s legs out from under his body. He knelt down between his legs, and took a small knife out of his pocket and cut Sean’s leathered crotch, all the while cursing at Sean. He lifted the kid’s legs on to his shoulders and plunged his steel member into his ass. He savagely pumped the punk’s sweet ass over and over, shouting that he had still fuckin’ won, that the stupid punk’s ass was his! The kid was still alive and was groaning.

The cop said “Fuck this” and pulled out of Sean’s ass. He dropped the kid’s legs on the ground and while he was still kneeling, used his knife to cut and enlarge the area of the bullet wounds. He then shoved his cock into Sean’s gut, fucking him with all of his remaining strength.

All this time, the blood from the bullet wound has been draining life from the cop’s body. He did not notice that his own blood is pooling with the kid’s in an ever-widening circle. The cop continued looking directly into the kid’s face, greedily watching his life force ebb away. In his weakened state, his mind rapidly shuts down, until only lust and revenge are left. The kid blows a death load of white hot come inside his leathers while the cop continues to gut fuck his body. The cop can smell the blood, along with the essence of spit and cock sweat along with the leather. This enabled him to reach his climax and as he blasted his load inside the punk, adding come to the lube of blood, there came from his throat, a deep, rising visceral scream, a scream that reached a blood-curdling wail. The scream is cut short as his heart stops from loss of blood. With his cock still inside Sean’s gut, the weight of his dead body pulled him down, landing on top of the kid. The cop’s face ends up alongside Sean’s, in the final death fall.

The night returned to silence beneath the full moon. In the distance, a howl of some animal would now be the only break in the quiet that had settled in over the two entwined leathered bodies, lying in a black pool of life blood.
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Jan 3, 2012
turn the tables on the cop, humiliate them, strip them naked out of uniform, make them helpless and powerless


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Aug 2, 2011
So HOT!!!