1. Brian2012

    The Wrestler Hunter

    Chapter 1. Releasing the Bloodlust Jonny attended a family function and was enjoying some quality time with family. As he spoke to his brother his sister pulled him to one side and asked him to go and speak to her son. Jimmy was his favorite nephew and his sister explained that he had not...
  2. Flyingdick1962

    Numerous murders or killings in Mexico. Roadside execution.

    In the state of Sonora in Mexico they don't do it in detail. The more deaths the better... On the road again !
  3. AnonymousPH

    Death of Gregorio Sebastian, Benny's killer, in FPJ's Ang Probinsyano

    Police Senior Inspector Gregorio "Greg" Sebastian, played by Rino Marco, who killed Benjamin "Benny" Dimaapi, played by Pepe Herrera, is shot to death by Ricardo Dalisay, played by Coco Martin, in FPJ's Ang Probinsyano.
  4. hikerlad

    any necros in Toronto

    I'm a slim guy, 5'9, 145# with an interest in playing dead; anyone out there into bear hugs, light BDSM, strangulation or roofies? Open to other options ..just PM me; I'll shoot you my number and we'll chat and chat about options. Sam:hang::fast anal::I am new here:
  5. JacobFuller

    Hillside Rebel Soldier Massacre

    From my vantage point, I could see everything that came over the ridge. Sporadically the sounds of gunfire from the battlefield could be heard. I knew eventually the rebels would come down through this glen as they retreated. I get up the hillside with booby trap explosives to catch them as...
  6. Meatpie

    Murder of Antonio Errichiello, 46 in Naples Italy

    Police said a car belonging to 46-year-old victim Antonio Errichiello was flanked by another from which several shots were fired. Italian media reported the victim was already known to law enforcement officers and had been linked to the Licciardi clan, one of several in the Camorra.
  7. ukplay

    Fairly new on here

    Hi there guys. Guess I've had a profile on here for a few weeks but not used the site. I haven't got access to loads of photos of dead guys to post and didn't want to be chucked off as just a lurker. I've got a real interest in the roleplay - noose, shooting, strangulation, knock out, etc...
  8. Meatpie

    Spanish man cut up his brother and stored body parts in freezer

    Stacked up: Police found the body parts under his food A Spanish butcher who cut up his own brother and stored the parts in his fridge-freezer next to his food has been caught after he turned himself in to the police. Aurele Almanza, 48, claims to have killed his brother Osmas, 52, in...
  9. T

    kill me

    I'd like to chat with sadistic killers about their violent fantasies. I'm in my mid-forties and totally submissive. I have fantasies about been beaten up (love kickboxers breaking bones) and slowly tortured before being killed. Love to be stabbed, gutted, burned, roasted, arrows, knives, swords...
  10. Meatpie

    Dismembered Young Guys in Mexico with Hairy Cocks

    I love them hairy Mexican cocks! :tognue2:
  11. E


    hi, looking for someone to play a fantasy cyberroleplay about catation-torture-execution snuff etc......Anyone interested???...I love settings in which me, eventually with some friends are being captured, tied up in front of eachother,..than tortured.......
  12. Meatpie

    Nairobi Westgate Mall Terrorist Attack

    On 21 September 2013 ten to fifteen masked militants from the Somali al-Shabab stormed into a fancy, crowded mall in Nairobi called Westgate and opened fire killing at least 68 civilians. More than 150 were injured in one of the most chilling terrorist attacks in East Africa since Al Qaeda...
  13. Meatpie

    Death photo of Roman Pirozek Jr, 19 killed by toy helicopter at a Brooklyn park

    Phyz posted about Roman's tragic accident earlier this month, you can view the original thread here. On September 5, 2013 19-year-old Roman was pulling a stunt with his toy helicopter at a Brooklyn park when the device flew into his head at high speed. The blades sliced through his skull...
  14. phyzzique

    Greek Rapper Pavlos Fyssas Killed by Golden Dawn Supporter

    Pavlos Fyssas, a Greek rap and hip-hop artist known as Killah P, was stabbed to death on Tuesday night in a suburb of the port city of Pireaus. He was 34 years old. A suspect was later arrested, and admitted to the killing. The man also identified himself as a member of Golden Dawn, an extreme...
  15. M

    Japan classic : Aum Shinrikyo (terrorist) member was assassinated (April 1995)

    He was one of the perpetrators of "Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway (1995)" Silence his critics by killing him. Movie Hideo Murai
  16. S

    Bus train colission in Ottawa Canada today

    A train and a bus collided in Ottawa this morning, ripping apart the front end of the bus and killing 6 people. One survivor reported seing a bus passenger cut in half . Story is here
  17. Meatpie

    Syrian refugees

    Hundreds of refugees from Syria have fled to Bulgaria and the government is preparing to set up a tent city if the numbers continues to rise. Most cross the border with Turkey illegally at night, a few days ago nearly 300 crossed into the EU in a matter of hours overnight. Winters are brutal...
  18. PiercedChest

    Motor cyclist hit-and-run victim.

    A car collided with a motorcycle killing the rider. As the car driver fled the scene he dragged the motorcycle some 20 meters down the street. The small black undie needs to be inspected it seems.
  19. Meatpie

    Brutal new beheading video from Kirkuk, Iraq

  20. Meatpie

    Adrien Anigo, son of Olympique Marseille's sporting director shot dead

    The adult son of French soccer club Olympique Marseille's sporting director was gunned down in the street on Thursday, police said, in the latest gangland-style killing in France's crime-ridden second city. The killings are drawing attention to the ruling Socialists traditionally weak...