1. E

    Trying to Revive a Dead Guy with Defib

  2. E

    Oliver Flynn's Hairy Armpits

    If anyone here has armpit and/or straight guys fetishes, you'll like this post.
  3. E

    Dead Arab Civilians With Deathstares

    These poor handsome guys died from bombings in the city. They were all innocent civilians who were just trying to live their lives, when suddenly death came to them and then they were laying in the morgue with eyes wide open, while getting their dead faces and bodies recorded for YouTube...
  4. E

    Dead Guy Intense Deathstare

    They cry over his dead body while he stares at the ceiling. One guy tries to close his eyes but he just opens them again and keeps staring.
  5. E

    Eyes Wide Open and Flies On His Face

    He's one of the most handsome dead guys I've seen šŸ˜
  6. E

    German morgue

    Haven't seen this video posted on here, so I'll do it. Maybe it's a repost, I don't know. It's censored sadly, but there are some excellent feet shots.
  7. E

    Mechanic With Hairy Armpits Examined

    He wasnt involved in crime apparently.
  8. E

    Dead feet

  9. E

    Handsome dead guy examined

    Beautiful death stare.
  10. E

    Argentina morgue

    Dead guy in an Argentinian morgue. He had beautiful feet.
  11. E

    HD feet massage

    Excelent feet massage, and beautiful feet. I like to imagine he is dead and it makes me even more hard :love1:
  12. Frazeeme

    Big Beautiful Dead Man's Feet

    Still from a video.
  13. Frazeeme

    Sweet White Socks for Meatpie

    On a 26 year old athlete.
  14. Axolotl

    21 year old UK roleplay/trade

    Hi everyone, new to the forum. I am looking for some people who want to meet and engage in some roleplay, happy to be the 'victim' but also to play with people. I am also really interested in collecting the old thrillermaker films if anyone knows how I can get them. I am 21 from the UK and I...
  15. Frazeeme

    Nice White Socks

    Found in Mexican highway median, 25 to 30 years old. Hit by a vehicle?
  16. Toetagboy21

    Fit 21 year old for Skype

    Fit 21 year old corpses send your Skype account and Iā€™ll add you x
  17. JonCamp

    Blonde young man with astounding feet executed, stuffed in sack

    The body of a man was found in a sack on the side of the road in front of La Mesa Dam in Brgy. Greater Lagro, Quezon City, Philippines. According to the report, the victim was estimated to be aged up to 30-years-old and blonde haired. A witness said he was cycling in the area when he...
  18. SmileyFaceKiller

    Tiesto - The Business Music Video - Morgue, Feet and Zombies!

    Apologies guys if this has been posted before but came across this great song recently and was delighted to say that the music video may interest some of you! Opens with a morgue seen featuring plenty of feet, plus a reanimated corpse and some zombie dancing. Great song too!
  19. Tall Guy Dead and Naked

    Tall Guy Dead and Naked

    I got my neck snapped. I now am in the middle of a meadow, covered in flies. My body bloating up