1. Meatpie

    Uber handsome soldier loyal to Bashar beheaded in Syria, headless body lifted upright

    Handsome soldier loyal to the regime in Syria captured by rebels and beheaded on street. Everyone was overwhelmed with excitement when the headless corpse was lifted upright while spectators shouted anti-Bashar slogans. Dude's killer was exhilarated from taking the young man's life. Exclusive...
  2. jon_b

    Lindomar Pereira da Silva

    Farmer Lindomar Pereira da Silva went to turn off water for irrigating crops and never came back. He was later found dead with 15 bullet holes in his body. :dunno:
  3. Meatpie

    Chainsaw suicide

    Chainsaw suicide is extremely rare but not impossible as the below pics show. Hairy 39-year-old decided he had enough of life and cut his neck with chainsaw.
  4. phyzzique

    ♥♥♥Two Bad Boys in pickup truck morto♥♥♥

  5. Meatpie

    28-year-old dude run over by bus

  6. Meatpie

    The DailyMail's Fuckedup News Headlines [Screenshots]

    British female tabloid the DailyMail bill themselves as the world's most visited news website but as the screenshots below show they desperately need to hire some new proofreaders that will help the editors sort out their messed up titles. :cute wink: Check out this article from Sept 24, 2013
  7. Meatpie

    Dead sexy model...but is it really him?

    Same guy? Please help.
  8. lerano

    Cute barefooted 20y.o. lies in nice position.

    Tiago Lopes da Conceição, 20y.o. was shot and died on stairs in pool of his own urine.:RIP: PLEASE SOMEONE FLIP HIM!:sad1:
  9. ArrowMan

    LOTSA mega fresh horny SyRebs!! really smoothy HOT horny bearded...
  10. M

    Another skater bites the dust...

    “Hey, dude, ya got any smoke?" I sit forward on the bench and take a closer look at the kid. He and his friends had been riding their boards around all afternoon—or at least as long as I’ve been sitting on this bench. This boy has taken a couple of good long looks in my direction but he...
  11. brian56321

    Jack's Carnival of Carnage

    Halloween Horror Stage show with cute actors. Wish I coulda seen this live...
  12. Meatpie

    Rare photos from JFK assassination taken by bystanders

    Rare photographs of the day JFK was assassinated taken by bystanders are going on show for the first time in decades. The show at the International Center of Photography in New York, JFK November 22, 1963: A Bystander's View of History, examines the photographs which show the fateful day from...
  13. K

    Good_Twinks with Cute Asian in Hard Bondage

    I am new come. I have one clip. Hope you guys love it Here is the link :
  14. I

    What Would you do with my dead body

    What would you do with my body? I committed suicide in the woods by hanging. I was wearing jeans, white ankle socks, no shirt, and skate sneaks on the ground. I just had my last orgasm and pissed myself. My body is still warm as I just passed on. My eyes are open and my body is moving slightly...
  15. Meatpie

    YAHOO ANSWERS: How can I get cutedeadguys and bestdeaths shut down permanently?

    A gay dude on Yahoo called Noah Maxxima has posted this question and got some funny replies. I found his profile here, sad fuck lives in Canton, Georgia. Anyone got his facebook?
  16. Meatpie

    Brutal new beheading video from Kirkuk, Iraq

  17. 0

    Sexy and tall

    Some video shot from my collections
  18. crops

    Playing with the frozen soldier.

  19. L

    TROY : Achilles Vs Hector

    Hector killed and bound Video :
  20. jon_b

    Teen youth pissess his jeans

    Teenager Cleison went to pick up some marijuana and ended up with is brains blown out and 10 bullet holes in his body. The pics of this youth clearly show he pissed his jeans as he died :shock: