1. M

    Look what they do to your cock when you ready for morgue

    Nor death or alive, but it is :hot: and interesting to see this what they are doing, especially from 2:54 - 3:34 it is also cool that they have this kind of toy to practise :Oh well:
  2. madeiradesouza


    This is my latest illustration of a young man hanged hard.
  3. Art Of War

    Viagra Overdose = Penis Amputation

    Gentil Ramirez Polania, 66, from Colombia had an erection for days which lead to it being amuptated!!!!
  4. bninnc

    CGI Crucifixion

    Great CGI rendering of crucified boy.
  5. muziy

    masculine boy's erection after death【worth watching】

    this is an accident in a marathon in guangzhou,china i am really sorry for this guy's passing away excuse me for my poor english, but these pictures are definitely hot and worth viewing this is when he is alive and here comes his death may he rest in peace
  6. R

    SNUFF STORY: The Drop

    This is a hanging story, in three parts, written a few years ago. It generated some positive feedback, and I went on to write a great number of extreme gay BDSM fiction pieces, albeit not all snuff. The action here is non-consensual, and the usual content warning apply. ******* The Drop...
  7. todd00009

    Hunter gets naked and stangles his old boyfriend

    This is an incredibly hot scene, as Hunter's old boy friend shows up unannounced... they both get naked, make out... then Hunter strangles his x to death.... More pictures and video on BestDeaths -- TODD
  8. jon_b

    Drowned with erection

    Eduardo José Rodrigues de Souza aged 25 was unable to swim and sank! His swollen body with erect cock was found 3 days later :shock:
  9. Octave


    — This boy thought certainly that it had the qualities to be a erotic or porn model. But it was not the case. He was not the beauty we can find in magazines but I didn't want to sadden him. I took some photos and I was distracted by his body. Even if it was not a top model, I wanted to touch...
  10. leatherdude97

    Knife To A Gun Fight

    Knife to a Gun Fight (fuck a corpse game) Shannon has worked late at the store, an hour past closing. He gets up from his desk and stretches his muscular body and feels a stirring in his crotch. Yeah!. It is the thought of putting on his leathers for the ride home that is creating the tent in...
  11. scott07

    new finds for Friday night Enjoy!!!

    Free Image Hosting by
  12. todd00009

    A "corpse" gets a boner in the morgue, then is strangled to make sure he's dead..

    A "corpse" gets a boner in the morgue, then is strangled to make sure he's dead.. A young celebrity is having a drink by the pool when he is chloroformed... He is presumed dead... but when he gets a hard on the mortician is forced to strangle him to make sure he's dead... More pictures and...
  13. Tecpatl

    Lean Meat: a cannibal serial killer story

    On a recent episode of Dexter, he kills off a reasonably hot serial killer who preys on fit young men for food. Unfortunately we don't see any of his kills, just the contents of his fridge. And Dexter kills him offscreen. I thought he deserved more so I wrote a backstory about him. I've cast The...
  14. J

    Cook knocked down bare footed with penis in erection

  15. D

    Dreaming of your own death

    Hello boys - sorry for my bad english -, i still dreaming every day of my own death. Next year i will visit Brasil again and i still hope to be shot there and transported on a pickup. What do you think, will the death come this way, because i desiderate it? Do you have similar thought?
  16. M

    cute dead boy wash very hot

    He's only a child!
  17. A

    a man self-cuting his throat vith macette after testing it on his wife.

    He have erection even most of his blood is over floor .
  18. ArrowMan

    POWs on ROPE

    The AGONY n' the ECSTASY for manly SURE !!! :stroke::load: :load: :hang: :stroke::load::load::load::load:
  19. B

    A day at the job /story/

    Hi! This is a little story i wrote and I hope you like it! The executioner looked at the schedule and decided that today will be a busy day. Four hangings in one shift were a lot of work, he thought, and went to prepare the room for the executions. A few hours later everything was ready - нe...
  20. Octave

    One picture of a strangled dude.

    I just found a photo of a dead guy in my archives. Maybe he had been killed before some sexual act. And the man who killed him, sat on his stomach, certainly squeezed the Ipod rope until he feels the erection and the body stop moving. What do you think ?