1. cowboy4brian

    Hangings in Texas

    Anyone around? (346) 704-4801 Kockykowboy@gmail.com
  2. B

    Bieber v Mahoney (who dies 1st)

    This was it, the sing off the teens had been waiting for, a battle of egos so highly charged it would overwhelm the two young men who faced each other now on the stage, Bieber in tight red leather trousers, black leather shirt, tie and gillet, black patent boots. Mahoney almost mirrored his...
  3. cowboy4brian

    Nooseplay @ My Place in Jersey City

    33 Years old, 6'1" 210 lbs, Looking for guys into nooseplay. Must wear cowboy boots... Send me an e-mail directly @ AmericanBoy2020@aol.com
  4. cowboy4brian

    Nooseplay, New Jersey, NY, and PA

    Any guys wear cowboy boots or leather want to play hangman games? E-mail me @ AmericanBoy2020 at AOL.com
  5. michael antony

    one for leatherdude: "Not Much Upstairs" (shooting, leather, corpse handling)

    one for leatherdude: "Not Much Upstairs" (shooting, leather, corpse handling) This is a story idea I worked out last year after sharing my shooting fantasies with leatherdude for a while. It's not really finished, but it's at a point where I think I can share it here... ---------------- "Not...
  6. F

    UK ? Use my slim, athletic body for your extreme roleplay

    Hi I'm slim, willing and keen to be your nude victim for extreme roleplay games I enjoy being tied and enjoy being watched. If you like snuff, execution or torture scenarios call me ,South East UK
  7. I


    Man in Leather & POLICE UNIFORM looking for leather fetish guys into whippings/floggings. bullwhipp a t g m ail -= cum
  8. m3m1

    Reverse angle POV

    What— My head hurts. What’s happening? I don’t know what’s going on… There was a guy. A trick. I was gonna suck him off. He picked me up, I was in his car—that’s the last thing I remember. My head hurts bad. Did he hit me? He was just few years older than me and he told me how much he...
  9. cowboy4brian

    Looking for guys in New Jersey and Florida

    Hey guys, I am living in New Jersey, will be in Orlando from September 13-15th... Any guys that wear cowboy boots or leather into nooseplay? AmericanBoy2020@aol.com
  10. leatherdude97

    My boyfriend and I shoot it out

    :tognue2::load::load::load:Kody West wanted a gunfight with The Famous Timmy Burke, a meth head fast draw killer. Timmy was wearing his thick black leather jacket, lapels unsnapped and zipped all the way up, his thick shiny leather pants, and high cowboy boots. Kody was dressed in the same...
  11. leatherdude97

    HOT fucking shorts

    :whoaaah::horny::horny::load::load::load::load: A friend showing off his best
  12. cowboy4brian

    BoDangles Tied up, Strangled, and Jerked Off

    Hey guys... As some of you know, I use to date BoDangles, I had him hogtied with a sheet wrapped around his ankles and then around his neck and I let him strangle himself out in this video. I'm looking for guys who want to play real time, I am located in New Jersey. I am VERY much into...
  13. leatherdude97


    :whoaaah::whoaaah::whoaaah: PIX OF MY CUM BOI:tognue2:
  14. leatherdude97

    The Bar

    :whoaaah: You're at a biker bar, nothing out of the ordinary. The smell of leather, stale smoke, beer, sweat, and piss permeate every corner of the place resulting in a smell that makes you horny just inhaling it; that's why you spend all your time there, something your woman doesn't...
  15. cowboy4brian

    New Jersey Hangings :)

    Hey guys, 32 years old, 6'1" 215 lbs, Black and Puerto Rican mix... Looking for guys into nooseplay. Must wear boots. I have boots and leather... E-mail me directly @ AmericanBoy2020@aol.com As I don't always check the site.
  16. C

    Gay sub. Guns, knives, hunring, execution, snuff.

    Looking to chat with likeminded Top/Active guys in London or UK
  17. todd00009

    Getting caught Masturbating could kill you...

    In this awesome video from BestDeaths, a college student is caught masturbating while choking himself by his roommate... His roommate first chloroforms him, throws him naked on the bed... then chokes him for real with a thick leather belt..... More pictures and video at BestDeaths.com Name...
  18. W

    Being pissed over by 4 soldiers in uniform

    I love the idea of being tied to a camp bed naked and being pissed over by four uniformed soldiers, then they rub the piss in with their leather boots and wank over me, coming all over my own hard, throbbing cock!
  19. todd00009

    Another "Jake" death this week...

    We love watching this actor "Jake" die again and again... In this scene is is surprised by an intruder sitting right in the back of his car... he is grabbed around the throat by strong leather gloved hands and strangled to death... is it a dream?... soon he is chloroformed and dragged away...
  20. leatherdude97


    :shooting spree::horny::load: These are jerk-off fantasies that I find very erotic.If you do also, then you are as twisted as I am. They do not define anything about who I am as a person. Actually, I’m a pretty nice guy. I do not advocate the use of drugs (except poppers, whose effect is...