1. A

    Dead guys 4

    who have dead guys four? if somebody have that can we trade with my collection? pm me for more ty:)
  2. N

    Looking for a New Corpse

    Hey guys. I am looking for a someone who is really into playing killing scenes as well as playing dead while I molest his dead body. I live in NYC but I travel to Washington D.C and Richmond from time to time. I am also going to start traveling to San Francisco at least once every three months...
  3. S

    Erotic Asphyxiation Gone Wrong

    Guy hangs himself from door nob passes out and dies.
  4. madeiradesouza

    Violence and death in Desouza illustrations

    For all who visit this CDG website who frequently inquire about seeing more of my controversial work: I have set up a 100% free, no-obligation, no-sales-pitch area on my website where I present all male images. Explicit and uncensored. Madeira Desouza...
  5. sirius86

    boys who died from alcohol poisoning

    good here I leave some videos of guys where they died of alcohol ( something common in the Andean regions of Peru )
  6. springmarie2000

    light my fire

    Looking for some one to light my fire.
  7. Meatpie

    Why smart people are happy and excited about dying

    One of the brightest scientist of our time working on loop quantum gravity recently shared his views on death in an interview and said he is happy and excited about dying. Shocking at first to most people and possible sign of mental disorder to psychiatrists but delve deep into the workings of...
  8. biggerguy11

    New guy

    Hey everyone, i'm really happy I found this hidden community tucked away in the corner of the internet :3 I'm hoping to post more in the future so watch this space :D I also added a photo of myself to my profile, check it out
  9. P

    17 YO boy beaten to the death

  10. N

    Looking for necro aficionado in NYC

    Hey guys. I am looking for a someone who is really into playing killing scenes as well as playing dead while I molest his dead body. I live in NYC but I travel to Washington D.C and Richmond. Feel free to contact me even if you are not from these places as I like to travel and America is a...
  11. P

    Examination of boy bodies

    He is only 14 yo, n couse of death is unknown...
  12. J

    A Bloody Mess

    Which would better show? A guy with a stick of dynamite shoved into his ass and lit or raping a guy with a shot gun and shooting him as you shoot your load?
  13. Sharkbait

    When Animals Attack

    Seconds from death... Dun dun... He's in too deep a sleep to know the mortal danger he's in... He's ready for his boyfriend to come in and fuck him. Little did he know that an unwanted visitor has slithered in...
  14. N

    Looking for New Victim in NYC

    I am looking for someone SANE who is into necro roleplay in the NYC. I want to kill you in many different ways such as strangling (my favorite), stabbing, smothering and poisoning. I then want to molest your body as I stare at your dead eyes. I want to drag your corpse around the room and cuddle...
  15. R

    I need role-play partners!

    Hey there! I'm a college kid and quite frankly, I like to think about getting used in any way possible and then being disposed of to please another male. I'm submissive as all living hell and just want someone to express these ideas with. This would be completely textual and stay online of...
  16. Meatpie

    Son of former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych drowns in lake Baikal

    Viktor with his dad Yanukovych’s son, also called Viktor, was driving a van over frozen lake Baikal when the ice cracked and he fell through. Five other people in the vehcile escaped. He was only 33 and was autopsied stark naked in Russian morgue during the weekend. His death was kept secret by...
  17. Caronte

    Ivanildo Souza Ramos

    Ivanildo Souza Ramos, drowned at the age of 31 yo.
  18. altsxman

    Drive Safe or DIE . . .

  19. Meatpie

    Two men repairing truck crushed to death

    Two men were trying to repair the hydraulics on their truck when it gave way pancaking them both.