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A thread with stories as if Dahmer was never caught and active in the modern day.
It will try to be as realistic as it could with his methods and the first few chapters will reflect real life kills

Chapter 1. The Beginning

Jeffrey Dahmer was struggling on the inside, it was taking him a while to come to terms with his sexuality. From a strict conservative family, the young man knew that homosexuality was frowned upon. His relationship with his parents was already fractured and his dad already had suspicions about the young Jeffrey.

Life was good for eighteen-year-old Matty, the third oldest of five children he came from a well-off family and had just celebrated graduating from high school.

Matty was a top prospect wrestler with a number of state podium finishes who many colleges and universities had their eyes on. Offers poured in and after some careful deliberation chose the University of Arkansas as his next destination.

A number of his friends had chosen to celebrate their graduation at the lake which was a couple of hours from home. Matty headed off to unwind and have some fun aware that this could be the last summer the group of friends might all be together.

The group had hired a boat and the music pumped as they sailed across the water. Despite being underage one of the group had managed to get his hands on some alcohol and that was now downed freely on the boat.

A few hours on the water one of the group decided to up the ante and had got their hands on some hand drugs. The fairly drunk group of teens didn’t object and each began to snort some of the white powder. Matty, however, felt uneasy, he had taken weed before but Coke was another matter, he had a lot more to lose than the other guys, he couldn’t have any hardcore drugs show up on any drug tests. If they did his college wrestling career would be over before it started. Matty didn’t even want to be on the boat whilst this was going on and asked if he could be dropped off at the dock. The group objected but one of Matty’s friends stuck up for him and understood where the young wrestler was coming from.

Safely dropped off at the dock Matty knew that he had two choices. Start the very long walk home or to the nearest town and hope a family member would pick him up or try to hitchhike. Changed out of his swim shorts, the teen now set off down the road dressed in a grey tracksuit.

Dahmer’s parents had gone away for the weekend and the young man didn’t know what to do with himself. Bored he decided to go for a drive and it was midway through that drive that he spotted a potential company.

Matty saw the car coming up the road and waited a few moments until he could see the driver. Seeing someone his age made him feel more comfortable and the young wrestler put his thumb out to hitch a ride.

Slowing down Dahmer took a moment to eye up the athletic-looking young man dressed in grey and eventually came to a stop next to him.

“Hey what’s up buddy?” Dahmer asked out of the window.

“You couldn’t give me a lift to the nearest town, could you. I have someone picking me up at 8pm from the train station.” Matty asked, hoping he could get a lift.

“Sure jump in.” Dahmer replied “But you’re gonna have a long wait. Err you could chill at my place if you want and I’ll drop you down to the station just before eight.”

It was tempting offer and Matty did have the time to kill as he jumped in the front passenger seat it was one that he happily accepted.

“The names Matty.” The young wrestler said as he settled in the front seat and put his hand to shake Dahmer’s.

“My names Jeff.” Dahmer added as he shifted the car into drive and began to head off.

“Yo you didn’t say you had a pool.” Matty said excitedly “You don’t mind if we chill and have some fun by it do you.”

“Not at all.” Dahmer replied “I’ll crack open some beers for us.

Matty excused himself and headed to get changed as Dahmer carried some beers out to the pool.

Matty returned a short while later showing off his fine athletic body, dressed only in a pair of swim shorts.

The two got talking and began to find out some info about each other. Dahmer was intrigued when Matty told him he was a wrestler and then showed him a few pictures from previous tournaments that he had on his phone. The first showed Matty standing and getting ready for a wrestling match.

Dahmer examined the picture, seeing his young guest dressed in nothing more than a wrestling singlet turned him on and for a moment Dahmer struggled to control himself but managed to pull himself back as Matty showed him another picture this time of the young wrestler celebrating after a win.

Dahmer explained that he had done a bit of wrestling and jokingly challenged Matty to a little match. Matty happily accepted and the two began a little grappling match, but Dahmer’s basic wrestling skills were no match for Matty who quickly took him to the floor. Dahmer suggested they restart with the ‘referee’s position’ and Matty took up a position on his knees on the floor as Dahmer grabbed him around his waist pausing for a few moments as he felt his body rubbing up against Matty’s.

Dahmer gave the go-ahead and despite using all his might he was unable to gain control as within seconds Matty had reversed the move and laughed as he beat Dahmer again.

“Here you go buddy.” Matty said as he put his hand out to pick Dahmer up off the floor.

“Dam man you are good,” Dahmer replied as he dusted himself off.

The two continued to talk as Matty lay on a sun lounger in the garden.

Dahmer was enjoying the company of the young wrestler, the sight of the shirtless young man stirred his sexual feelings and he didn’t want him to leave, but Matty soon turned the talk to girls and with the way the attractive wrestler talked he knew he would stand no chance with him.

The two continued to drink and the time was nearing for Matty to leave. He asked Dahmer to drop him off at the station and got up from the sun lounger he was on. Dahmer asked if Matty could stay a little longer but his request was polite fully declined.

Dahmer had grown attached to Matty and had no intention of letting the young wrestler leave. As Matty turned to walk back into the house Dahmer struck him on the back of the head with a dumbbell he kept by the pool. Matty let out an “Oomph.” As he fell to the floor. Without a second thought Dahmer rolled Matty onto his back and strangled the unconscious wrestler to death with the bar of the dumbbell.

Dahmer felt a rush that he had never felt before after killing Matty and now let his hands explore the athletic wrestlers torso before masturbating as he stood over the corpse as Matty vacant eyes now stare into the abyss.

The high from killing the young wrestler didn’t last long as the reality of what he had done hit Dahmer who now sat and cradled Matty’s head as he continually whispered sorry into the dead young man’s ears. Dahmer dragged the body into the house and lay it on the floor as he sat on the coach motionless for a few hours wondering what he was going to do with Matty’s body.

Dahmer curled up on the sofa hoping that this was simply a bad dream. However, upon awaking the next morning he saw that it had indeed been real and he had to dispose of Matty’s dead body.

Dahmer dragged Matty down to his basement and began the process of dismembering his body before burying the remains in a shallow grave at the back of his garden.

A few weeks passed and an article in the local paper caught Dahmer’s eye.

“Police appeal for information on the disappearance of a college athlete.”

‘Yale county sheriff’s department is appealing for any information on the whereabouts of college wrestler Matty Bianchi. Bianchi was last seen by friends after getting off a boat at Hillside Dock.’ The article was accompanied by a picture of Matty in a wrestling singlet which Dahmer cut out for his own collection.

Dahmer was already worried as wild animals had been trying to dig up the area where Matty’s body parts were buried and his father had complained about having to chase animals off. The article spooked him even more and that weekend whilst his parents were away he decided to dig up Matty’s decomposing body parts.

Once he had unearthed all the parts he began the process of stripping the flesh from the bones. When he had completed this task he left the flesh in a pile for the local wildlife to scavenge on. Dahmer then grabbed a sledgehammer and crushed Matty’s bones before scattering them around the edge of the garden and adjoining woodland.

Dahmer still had one final task to do and he took the dead wrestler’s severed head and dropped it into a pot of boiling water so he could strip any remaining flesh from it. Once he was left with a bare skull he took it outside and smashed it to pieces before throwing those pieces and teeth with the rest. The gooey mixture of flesh and water from Matty’s head was flushed down the drain.

Dahmer woke the next morning to find the animals had devoured Matty’s flesh leaving only some small scraps.

When his parents came home the next day there was nothing to indicate that their son had killed another person.

Dahmer had gotten away with murder and liked it.


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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 2. The Spree Begins

Jordan was a young man who was at a crossroads in his life. Openly gay the young man had a family that did not support his lifestyle, his part-time job as a male Go Go dancer was something they found difficult to deal with, thankfully they still hadn’t found out about Jordan’s other way he made cash with his Only Fans profile that saw him become a favored creator.

However, Jordan didn’t let the negatives get him down too much and the attractive young man ensured he lived life to its fullest.

Jordan had just finished his first routine dancing at the club. Dressed in a skimpy outfit consisting of an Orange pair of briefs and a strap over the shoulders.

The crowd had enjoyed the young man’s routine and eagerly waited for his second one. In the meantime Jordan enjoyed his well-earned break as he talked with the other dancers, unaware he had caught the eye of someone in the crowd at the club.

Seven years had passed since Jeffrey Dahmer’s first murder and Matty had simply disappeared off the face of the earth. The killer had managed to resist the temptation of taking another person’s life but had found himself becoming increasingly lonely. He was well known in town as a frequent attendee of the local gay bars and tonight attended the club where some of his favorite dancers were performing one of which happened to be Jordan.

Dahmer liked the stocky muscular performer, and he was one of his favorite ones, the couple had thrown glances towards each other but that was the most contact the two had with each other. This didn’t stop Dahmer from finding Jordan’s social media profile and stalking the young man there.

Dahmer now had a prime seat as Jordan was about to start his second set. The hot dancer came back on stage dressed in silver briefs, shoulder pads, and goggles.

Jordan looked hot in the outfit and Dahmer enjoyed every moment of the young man’s dance. Midway through Jordan began to grind up against the guys that were sitting near the front. This always led to better tips and soon Jordan found himself giving Dahmer a private dance. Dahmer could feel Jordan grinding up against him, the sensation of the sexy dancer’s smooth flesh rubbing against him turned Dahmer on as he sat transfixed, enjoying the fine moment.

Jordan stood up and continued his dance as Dahmer dropped a tip down the front of his briefs along with a little note. He whispered about the note as Jordan threw him a wink and continued to dance.

At the end of his set, Jordan pulled out the tips he had collected along with the note Dahmer had left. It had been a good night and Jordan smiled as he turned his attention to the note.

“I think you’re a wonderful dancer. Let’s hook up and spent the night getting to know each other. I’m willing to pay ;)

Jordan pondered the note, he received these requests all the time but they were mostly from older weirder guys which he refused but Dahmer was young and athletic, which was just his type and Jordan was always up for a little fun especially if he was getting paid. With nothing planned that night he might just take Dahmer up on his offer if they connected during a talk in the bar.

Dahmer was sitting by the bar when he heard a voice from behind him say “Is this seat taken?” He turned his head to see Jordan standing there.

“It is now!” He joked as Jordan sat himself down.

“I got your note.” The attractive dancer said “Now before I agree. Let’s get to know each other.”

Dahmer smiled as he introduced himself properly and went on to tell Jordan some things about him. The two got talking and realized that they had a lot in common.

After a couple more drinks Jordan suggested they head out. But instead of going to Dahmer’s place, he suggested that they head to a hotel that he frequents. Jordan said it was nothing personal, but he preferred to do it that way as it was safer than going to a stranger’s house. Dahmer told his hot crush he didn’t mind; this was an opportunity to spend some time with someone he had dreamt of spending time with.

The duo left the club and Dahmer wondered if there was anything that Jordan didn’t look sexy in as he wore a blue t-shirt that showed off his muscular arms and a pair of skinny denim jeans that clung to his thick thighs.

It was a ten-minute walk to the hotel that Jordan recommended and Dahmer waited outside as the sexy dancer went to book in and grab the room key. Leaving the office, he grabbed Dahmer by the arm and like a school child joked “Let’s go have some fun.”

Dahmer didn’t need to be told twice and eagerly followed Jordan to the room.

Once inside Jordan ripped off his shirt and began to passionately kiss Dahmer who in turn began to rub his hands all over the sexy dancer’s muscular body. The two continued their fun as Dahmer undid Jordan’s jeans and pulled them down so the young man now stood in nothing more than his underwear and socks and began to give Dahmer a little dance routine.

Jordan paused and teased Dahmer.

“You want to touch. You want to have fun with this.” Jordan said as he gestured to his body. “Then you simply need to worship me. Show me why you want me.”

Stripped down to his underwear Jordan now sat on a chair as he gestured for Dahmer to come and pay his fine body some homage.

Dahmer wasn’t going to refuse this perfect opportunity and got down on his hands and knees and slowly crawled over to Jordan.

He placed a hand on each of the young dancer’s smooth thick thighs and began to massage them. “Oh yes. Jeff. This is perfect. Oh yes.” Jordan uttered orgasmically as he shut his eyes and rolled his head back. Dahmer now spent the next twenty or so minutes fondling and touching Jordan’s fine body as he continued to tell his crush how fine his body was.

Just before the end, Dahmer put his hand down the front of Jordan’s underwear and without any resistance from the hot dancer began to give Jordan a hand job. Jordan moaned and groaned pleasurably as Dahmer gave him a good time and was impressed with what Dahmer did when the moment came for him to shoot his load. Dahmer placed his mouth over the tip of Jordan’s cock and let him fire his load into his mouth.

“Dang Jeffrey. That was fire.” An excited and horny Jordan exclaimed. “I’m gonna shower and then we can have more fun.”

Dahmer smiled as Jordan stood up and went to the bathroom to shower.

Whilst he was gone Dahmer took a small camera from his bag placed it on record and ensured it covered the bed. He was secretly going to film the rest of the young guy’s liaison.

At one point Dahmer slowly opened the bathroom door and peeped his head inside and watched for a few brief seconds as a naked Jordan cleaned himself in the shower.

The sight of the water running down man the hot dancer’s body made him go hard once again and Dahmer now waited impatiently as Jordan finished up.

A short while later Jordan came to the door of the bedroom wrapped in a bath towel. His sexy wet body still glistened under the room lighting as Dahmer struggled to stop himself from going hard.

“Are you ready for some fun?” Jordan teased as he made his way towards the bed and dropped the towel. Now standing in a pair of white Calvin Klein briefs Jordan began to erotically rub his cock and play with himself. Unable to contain himself anymore Dahmer in turn began to play with himself.

Moments later Jordan lay on the bed and invited Dahmer to come and join him.

Dahmer didn’t need to be asked twice and soon enough the two were frolicking about on the bed as they began to fuck each other. The fun went long into the night until both cuddled up next to each other and fell asleep.

Dahmer woke early the next morning and wanted some more fun “Hey Jordan. You awake?” He asked, “How about we go again.”

He lay back and waited for the hot dancer to agree but no reply came.

“Hey, sleeping beauty,” Dahmer added as his foot gave Jordan a little kick. Again, Jordan didn’t respond.

. “Hey Jordan wake.” He stopped mid-sentence as the playful slap he gave to Jordan’s chest was met by an ice-cold feel.

Dahmer lent over and turned the light on by his bed before looking over and seeing Jordan’s vacant eyes staring up at the ceiling. Dahmer took a second to comprehend what was happening as he gave Jordan’s body a shake and quickly realized that Jordan had died during the night.

“Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. He dead. How. Why, When.” Dahmer repeated before noticing the bruising around Jordan’s neck and realizing he had been strangled. “FUCK. FUCK. OH FUCK.” Dahmer shouted “I killed him. FUCK. FUCK. I’m going to prison.”

Full of remorse Dahmer cradled Jordan’s head and rubbed his cheeks as he repeatedly apologized to the dead dancer.

He didn’t remember doing anything once he fell asleep let alone killing Jordan. Had someone snuck into the room killed the sexy dancer and tried to frame him. Dahmer’s mind ran with wild ideas until he spotted the camera and realized that he would have recorded the events of what happened.

Jordan looked peaceful as he lay lifeless on the bed as Dahmer wondered what happened.

Dahmer got up and walked over to the camera and began to play back the previous night’s events. He fast-forwarded up until the point that the two fell asleep and then watched what had happened.

It was a few hours into the night when Dahmer watched what had happened. But Dahmer had no recollection of what he was about to watch. He watched as he woke up and gave Jordan a blowjob before straddling him so he sat on Jordan’s chest. He then began to rub his hands and massage his athletic torso. Jordan stirred on the bed and moaned “Jeffrey this is awesome.” The sexy dancer continued to moan pleasurably as Dahmer slowly moved his hands up towards his neck. He continued to massage around the neck before suddenly tightening his grip and beginning to strangle Jordan to death. The hot young man begged and pleaded with Dahmer but it seemed like Dahmer was possessed or a man In a trance. Jordan bucked and thrashed his body about wildly in desperate attempts to disrupt his killer but all to no avail. Dahmer just stare down at him as he tightened his grip as the life slowly drained from Jordan’s body. Minutes later Jordan’s struggles slowed as his arms and legs fell limply to the bed. What Dahmer watched next was both disturbing and intriguing as he saw himself starting to fuck Jordan’s body before curling up and going back to sleep next to the fresh corpse.

Dahmer rewatched the whole ordeal a few times more and found himself getting turned on each time he viewed it. He had no memory of fucking Jordan’s corpse but wanted to experience it once more. He slowly climbed onto the dead dancer’s body and began to fuck it once more. The experience was orgasmic for Dahmer as he watched Jordan’s body rocking back and forth the young man’s eyes transfixed on nothing but him as his body was abused.

Dahmer clenched Jordan’s shoulders and fired his load deep into his dead crush. “A good fuck when alive and a better fuck when dead.” Dahmer joked as he gave Jordan a playful pat on the chest.

Screwing dead bodies was really something he could get used to. “No worries about having to perform, sex on tap with no objections, different positions and styles with no objections.” The list was endless. Maybe he had just found something new that he would enjoy.

But Dahmer quickly crashed back to reality as he realized he had Jordan’s body to dispose of. He needed to get it out of the hotel somehow. His gran was away for the week so he just needed to get it home and could then dispose of it there. It was then that Dahmer had an idea. Checkout was still four hours away, he grabbed his wallet and headed to the store to find the biggest suitcase he could find. Much to his joy the store had a very large display case on sale for half price and Dahmer soon found himself paying for it and heading back to the hotel.

The inside capacity of the case was large and Dahmer lay Jordan out next to it in order to size it up.

He had little problem stuffing Jordan’s sexy body inside, although he had to ensure the young man’s legs were bent with his knees touching the sides and body bent back over to get the perfect fit. Once the case was securely closed he rang and called a taxi to take him home.

The taxi driver lifted the heavy case into the trunk of his cab “Jeez dude. You must have a body in this thing?” He joked as Dahmer laughed “Dam it you caught me, I murdered my partner last night and shoved them in the case.”

Both Dahmer and the taxi driver laughed although the latter had no idea that Dahmer wasn’t joking and Jordan was stuffed inside.

Safely dropped off at his house Dahmer dragged the large suitcase inside and removed Jordan’s body from the case. He sat Jordan’s body next to him on the sofa and contemplated what he was going to do with it. He soon found himself talking to the dead body and soon discovered that being around the dead put him at ease. He could talk and hold conversations without the judgment of others. He snapped some pictures of the body in different positions and ensured he had more fun with it.

Dahmer asked Jordan if he wanted to watch some Tv and in his mind, the dead dancer was answering back. As Dahmer flicked through the channels, he stumbled across something of interest on one of the crime channels. It was an interview with a cannibal killer and Dahmer had just turned over as the interviewer asked the killer why he ate his victim’s flesh. Dahmer listened carefully as the killer explained that he saw consuming the flesh as a way in which his victim would be with him forever. Dahmer looked over at Jordan, the hot dancer had been a crush of his for a long time, and his sexy body looked like it would be delightful to eat.

Dahmer placed his hand on Jordan’s thigh “Looks like you’re going to be making me even happier than before and stay with me forever.”

It had been a few years since Dahmer had killed and butchered Matty’s body but for the last eighteen months, he had been working in a slaughterhouse and had become experienced in butchering the various animals that came in and guessed harvesting the meat from a person wouldn’t be much different.

He grabbed Jordan by his arms and lay him out on the floor before grabbing the knives he used for his work.

He began by severing Jordan’s arms, legs, and head from his torso, before filleting the flesh from the attractive dancer’s torso. He carefully cut away both of Jordan’s meaty pecs and put them on the side before dissecting the rest of the flesh from the torso until he was left with just the bones. All the flesh apart from the meat from Jordan’s backside and his manhood was thrown into a black bag. Dahmer’s attention now focused on Jordan’s arms and legs and both these were filleted of their meat. With the biceps and meat from Jordan’s quads put to one side the rest of his flesh was bagged up and thrown into the trash. Jordan’s rump, biceps, and quads were cut into various steaks and wrapped up with his pecs. However, Dahmer was going to waste little time in tasting Jordan’s flesh and threw a steak taken from one of his quads in the pan.

Whilst that sizzled away he collected Jordan’s bones in a sheet and pounded them into splinters before bagging the crushed bone up and throwing it in the trash with the other flesh.

Around an hour later his meal was ready as he placed Jordan’s severed head in the middle of the table and prepared to have his first taste of the hot dancer.

Dahmer’s knife sliced through the steak like butter and he quickly popped the succulent piece of meat in his mouth. Human meat tasted wonderful and flavorful. The taste was exquisite and Dahmer took bite after bite of the steak crafted from one of his wonderful thighs.

Dahmer had just discovered a new way to ensure that none of his fantasies ever left him again. He picked Jordan’s head up “Even in death I’m going to worship your body like you told me to. You sir taste magnificent.”

Over the next few days, Dahmer devoured more and more of Jordan and also skull fucked the sexy dancers’ severed head whenever he felt like it. The trash men emptied the bins and took what remained of Jordan away to the landfill.

Jordan had put his body out there for everyone to see and now what wasn’t scheduled to be eaten by Dahmer rotted away in a landfill.

Jordan would always remain with Dahmer the sexy dancer now becoming one with his killer. Dahmer also had the pictures he took of Jordan’s body and the video of his death to look back on with fondness.
But Dahmer had taken a few things away from the whole ordeal. He enjoyed killing and the things that he could do to the bodies afterwards.

Jordan’s parents reported him missing after a few days but the investigation soon went cold. Especially when the police discovered Jordan’s lifestyle. They had little time to search and waste money investigating the disappearance of a fag. More important crimes were reported and Jordan was soon no more than an open cold case for the police.


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Cannibal Heaven
Looking forward to more of Dahmer's dining choices.