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Oct 28, 2012
Collection of chapters from days at the arena.

Chapter 1. The Spartan Celebration

It was a special day across the Land of Octavia, kingdom was excited as the ruler had declared another grand event in the arena.

King Bartek was a ruthless ruler whose army raided nearby lands to capture young men to die in the feared Games of Octavia.

Today’s games were more special than usual as the competitors were ordinary captives. A detachment of Octavia’s army had captured a number of Spartan warriors from the nearby kingdom of Sparta. Sparta was well known for its warriors whose uniform of a distinctive red cape, black underwear briefs and arm guards striker fear into many enemies. Only the most athletic young men were chosen for the army and this recruitment policy saw Spartan soldiers as some of the best in the region so to capture so many in one sitting was only seen on a rare occasion.

A hundred thousand people had crammed into the arena whilst those without tickets prepared to watch the events on their TV’s.

A show trial took place a few days before the arena date and sentenced the whole group to death. The party of sexy soldiers were taken to a luxurious prison within the arena where they were well looked after with access to a gym as well as good housing in the days leading up to the big day. Octavian way of thinking was the more athletic and fit the contenders were in the arena the better their deaths would be.

The national newspaper of Octavia produced a program for the day of the event where it profiled and supplied a picture of each of the sexy warriors that were due to be killed in the arena.

Tyler was the first to be profiled. The brown haired young man with a muscular body and stunning thighs was predicted to put on a good show in the arena.

Christopher was seen as a bit of the brains of the group. He was close to leaving the army and pursuing his dream of entrepreneurship. The young man was also a bit of a ladies man whose stunning legs turned heads on both sex’s.

Third up was Joe. This solider had once survived a ruthless attack whilst out on patrol. He was given the chance to leave the army with a medical pension but decided to stay in. This would be a decision he would soon love to regret.

Next up was Cory. He had found some fame on social media with his twin brother who both worked part time as models when not in the army. Cory was normally on patrol with his twin brother but had decided to swap with a colleague who needed some important time off.

Anthony was a young man who lived for the army. He came from a long line of soldiers and was eager to sign up that he even allowed himself to become a territorial guard before changing over to a fully paid warrior when he was able to.

Finley wasn’t sure about army life. His parents had forced him into it as an effort to make something of their son. However, Finley’s superiors were concerned that the young man was beginning to let his standards slip and demanded he continue to show the levels of athleticism that being a Spartan warrior required.

Wyatt was one of the youngest in the group. The nineteen year old was barely out of boot camp And had become well liked within his peers. Outside of the army, Wyatt was a keen sportsman, excelling at baseball.

Jeremy was one of the most muscular of the group. His thick muscles often intimidated many opponents that he came up against and the warrior liked that very much. Jeremy was also in a happy place as he’d recently married his high school sweetheart.

Twenty four year old Dausen was seen as one of the pretty boys of the group. His good looks and aesthetic body turned the heads of both males and females who both voted for him in number to receive the award of sexiest soldier. Outside of the army the young man lived to work out and keep his body in the best shape he could.

In a group of young men an experienced head was always needed and that was something that Adam provided. Jokingly known as the father of the group his level headedness had helped the unit keep cool in many a battle. It was his decision to get them to surrender whilst outnumbered that saw the warriors in the position they were now in.

Tattooed hunk Janis was seen as the rebel in the group, he was one that never answered to authority. These traits although a pain to his superiors made him a hard opponent in battle. Janis also didn’t care what people thought of him and had no quarks in doing porn or selling his body to ensure he made some cash.

Twenty year old Colby had joined the army to ensure he could give himself a future. The young man had been suffering with some issues with inner demons and ensured he took the Spartan code seriously. His body was his temple and Colby ensured it was one to be envious of. Whether that was his fine torso or muscular quads. He had come a long way in his life.

For Mika the army was a way to provide for his family, the young man had recently lost his job and with fitness being a big part of his life he was advised to become a Spartan. Mika had thought about it and loved it since.

Alex was someone who had undergone a massive transformation in their life. Anybody that now knew him would never have guessed that this muscular young man use to be an overweight slob. The army now used the young man as a poster boy on what they could achieve and the career that was now open to them.

Cocky and arrogant Jeff rubbed people up the wrong way. The young man thought he was gods gift to women with his perfectly toned body. Most of his group couldn’t stand him and Jeff had a reputation for only looking after himself. To him as long as he survived he couldn’t care what happened to others.

David was a shy young man who mostly tried to keep himself to himself. Despite this his group ensured he was looked after and the young man wasn’t afraid to admit that he found comfort in this.

Hunter was one of the youngest members of the captured group. A humble and loyal young man, he had joined the army to give himself a career and his superiors liked the attitude the young man always displayed and had earmarked him for good things.

Fresh from his fifth teen minutes of fame Tommy enjoyed getting back into the swing of things with the army. He’d recently been on a reality TV show and although he didn’t win he had gained a large following and offers regarding other things. Tommy was torn between leaving and continuing his work with the army coming out on top of his recent thoughts.

Avid soccer player Pat always made sure that he was always in good condition and fit to go. He officially represented the Spartan soccer team and was regularly reassigned from his unit to go and play in a match. Life was great for Pat who despite not being a professional was actually being paid to play soccer.

Chase was enjoying his final few weeks as a professional soldier. He’d also did some moonlighting as a male stripper and became a big hit with the ladies who loved to pay to stare and ogle at his sexy body. Chase’s rapid rise in the stripping world hadn’t gone unnoticed and he was soon offered a job with one of the world’s best male strip groups.

Muscle bound hunk Chris was well liked within his group. He came from a very well off family and ensured that he never gloated about this. The plan was for him to join his wealthy dad’s family business and Chris knew that it was inevitable he would end up working there. But he also wanted to experience life and rebelled against his dads choice and joined the army. His dad was disappointed at first but knew if he just patiently waited his son would soon see sense.

Being a third generation soldier Jake had a lot to live up to. His father and grandfather were successful warriors and Jake was expected to live up to their high demands. This ensured that Jake kept himself in the best possible shape he could and was told that his own son when he had one would continue the family tradition.

Danny was a successful solider who had moved into training but missed the glamour of battle and requested to be transferred back. Well respected and well versed Danny knew that he had the respect of his friends but always ensured he never came across as arrogant.

The group of Spartans knew that today was the day that their executions were due to be carried out. They each knew it would happen in the arena but they didn’t know the methods to be used and had been taunted by their guards that some were be quick and others drawn out and painful and every one of them was going to be bloody.

The group were moved to a large room that overlooked the arena with large reinforced glass. From this vantage point the group could see what was happening and more importantly witness each of their comrades death.

It was time to start the games and no empty seats remained as the host welcomed the crowd and also those that watched from home.

He informed the audience to look at their programmes for the itinerary of deaths and a random lottery would be drawn to determine which warrior would be chosen.

The group of warriors watched on as a large stone alter was wheeled into the middle of the arena and the host told them that the games would not begin before the customary offering to the gods in the form of a human sacrifice. The host then began the draw to determine which Spartan was going to be the first to die.

Some of the warriors closed their eyes whilst others looked at the big screen that was zoomed in on the draw contraception, all of them praying that their name wasn’t going to be the first one pulled out. Moments later the host reached in and grabbed the lone ball that had left the machine, picking it up he smiled and called out Dausen’s name.

Dausen’s knees went weak at the sound of his name being called as the other warriors breathed a sigh of relief. His colleagues consoled him as the guards opened the door and instructed Dausen to follow them.

Dausen didn’t protest, he knew that death was a reality in the work he carried out. He walked closely flanked by a group of guards, he noticed a large picture on one of the screens as he made his way into the arena.

The crowd were cheering and booing the sexy solider as he made his way up the stone stairs to the alter.

Dausen knew that death was inevitable, his heart skipped a beat as he saw the blood stained alter and masked high priest. However in the face of his impending death Dausen was determined not to show any fear. The handsome Spartan warrior was led to the edge of the alter and forced to lay down on top of it. Guards held his head, arms and legs down as his body arched over the alter.

The host now spoke as the human sacrifice was about to begin “Ladies and Gents in a moment I will hand over to the high priest so the ceremony can begin but I now ask you all to open the envelopes that were left on your seats. Two hundred and fifty of you will find a red ticket in your envelopes, this means that you have won some succulent meat from this sexy human sacrifice victim. Just remember to bring your ticket to the information desk at the end.”

Dausen couldn’t believe what he just heard as the high priest now grabbed a knife and held it over his body.

“Oh mighty Jupiter we sacrifice this brave warrior to you in the hope that you bless these games with the amazing success we know that they can be.”

Seconds later the high priest stabbed Dausen in the chest underneath his left pectoral muscle, Dausen groaned, and his body tensed as the high priest now shoved his hand in the freshly made wound and pulled out Dausen’s still beating heart. Dausen’s eyes watched as the priest proudly held the heart up unaware he was about to be decapitated amongst the cheering he heard a loud whooshing noise before his head was separated from his body.

The priest now placed Dausen’s heart on a burning grill and offered it to the gods as it sizzled away before proudly holding up Dausen’s severed head which brought a loud cheer up from the crowd.

Dausen’s colleagues had watched the whole ordeal play out with sadness as they now watched their colleagues body being butchered.

The crowd watched on as the warrior once voted sexiest soldier had his body harvested for meat. With skilled precision, a butcher had soon stripped Dausen’s flesh from his body till noting but a skeleton remained.

With the sacrifice made and the gods pleased the games were officially declared open. The alter was wheeled away whilst Dausen’s severed head now sat on a spike close to where King Bartek over saw the events.

It was soon time for the next death and Wyatt was the unlucky warrior the guards soon came for. As Wyatt was led to his impending doom the attractive solider didn’t know that the death chosen for him was probably one of the most humane he could hope for.

Back in the room that over looked the arena Wyatt’s colleagues found out how he was going to die before the young man himself did.

“Jesus Christ they are going to crucify him.” Finley announced when he saw the large cross laid out on the floor.

Wyatt saw the cross on entering the arena and knew the fate that awaited him. The young solider was pushed towards the cross and instructed to lie down on it.

“Fuck you.” Wyatt said through gritted teeth as he was again instructed to lie down. The crowd in the arena let out a loud cheer as Wyatt was forcefully pushed down and finally made to lie on the cross. His arms were pulled out to the side and tied tightly around the cross whilst his legs were pushed together and again tied to the wooden pole. In a final act a noose was loosely tied around his neck before the crucifix was erected and carried to a position that now overlooked the arena.

Both Wyatt and his colleagues looking on were confused as they were both still alive but then Wyatt the realization of how he was going to die hit the young warrior as the noose around his neck began to slowly tighten every ten minutes. Wyatt was going to be slowly strangled to death whilst being crucified and forced to watch as many of his colleagues die in front of him before he too expired.

The excited crowd continued to cheer as a large operating table was wheeled into the arena and the warrior chosen to meet his death upon it.

David’s heart sunk, he’d just seen Dausen butchered and Wyatt just tied to a cross. He now feared that his death was going to be one that got the crowd on their feet again.

David was led out onto the arena floor and straight over to the operating table when he was immediately strapped down.

Once the young warrior was secured the host grabbed the microphone and announced that it was the time for the second draw where five lucky audience members were given the chance to come up and cut a limb off of an alive David. The object of the game was the person who was removing the limb when David died or just before he died would win a cash prize.

The random draw took place and the first winner was an elderly lady who was escorted down to the arena and handed a large sharp knife as she was asked which limb she would like to remove from the hunky warrior first.

The elderly lady eyed David up before deciding to remove his right arm. She hovered slightly before David screamed as she began to cut through his right. The pain he felt from his arm being cut off was excruciating and David’s frantic screams could were drowned out by the excited crowd who cheered the old lady on with each strike of the knife.

Meanwhile up in their viewing gantry David’s colleagues could do nothing but watch their friends slow and painful death.

Around five minutes later the lady smiled as she made the last cut and the host held David’s severed right arm aloft. This was then thrown on the side as another draw took place to determine David’s next tormentor.

An eager middle aged man now shot down the stairs and to the gates to the arena eager to have his turn in removing one of the unlucky soldiers limbs.

Once he was given the knife the man immediately made a move for David’s left leg. “Please sir don’t. Please. No. No.” the bound warrior begged as the knife now dangled inches from his leg. His pleads soon turned into a desperate cry of pain as the knife began to slice through his quad like butter. It didn’t take long for the man to slice through the leg muscle as David’s left leg was now held afloat before being thrown to the side as the next audience member was selected.

This time an attractive young lady made her way down to the arena and now stood next to David. Whose pleas had now quietened down as his body suffering from severe blood loss began to go into shock and shut down. Upon seeing this the woman chose to remove his right leg but ensured she did it at a slow pace. She was only midway through cutting David’s right leg off when the young soldier expired and died. The host immediately grabbed her hand and lifted it as she was declared the winner as one of the guards finished off dismembering David by removing the right leg and left arm and then decapitating the dead hunk so nothing but a limbless body remained.

“Don’t worry people just to reassure you this young man won’t be going to waste. Like many who die in the arena his remains will be fed to the arena wild animals over the next few weeks.

As David’s dismembered body parts were loaded onto a cart his head was placed on a spike and lined up next to Dausen’s as the arena prepared for the next death.

A large fish tank was driven into the arena as a balance board was placed in the middle. Nobody including the group of warriors could see what was in the tank as the curtains surrounding it were closed tight.

The draw took place and Anthony was the Spartan who was chosen next and taken from the room down to the arena.

Anthony now stood next to the host as the crowd booed at him and cheered for his death.

“Oh ladies and gents we have a special treat for you next.” The host announced “To prove that we are not savages this warrior has a chance to save his life. All he needs to do is walk across the balance beam over the large tank. If he doesn’t fall in and makes it to the other side he will be pardoned and escape the arena with his life. But what happens if he falls into the tank I hear you say. Well!!! He’ll be eaten by this large swarm of Piranha’s.” The host excitedly announced as the curtains were opened to reveal a clear see through pool filled with many of the killer fish.

Anthony took a deep breath as he ascended the stairs to the top of the tank and looked over toward the other side. It seemed simple enough and all he had to do was keep his balance and move slowly. The arena went silent as Anthony stepped onto the beam, the young warrior looked straight ahead refusing to look down into the pool unaware that the Octavian’s had ensured that nobody could survive the beam. If Anthony was lucky to get a few steps across he would find the beam had been coated in oil and was now slippery if anybody managed to get past that they would find out that the beam grew narrower towards the end.

Anthony moved slowly and steady and had managed to get four steps across before he had his first stumble, the arena held its breath but watched as the attractive warrior corrected himself and carried on.

Anthony’s colleagues watched and willed him to make it across the beam they closed their eyes as the young man stumbled again but again corrected himself.

The warrior concentrated on his balance as an audience member shouted “Fall in you fucker.” This began a chant of “Fall, Fall, Fall.” Which now echoed around the arena. Anthony took a step and again lost his balance, this time he was unable to correct himself and fell into the pool of Piranha. Which drew a loud cheer from the crowd.

Anthony quickly swam to the surface and let out a scream as the fish attacked him and now bit at his fine body as the water quickly turned blood red. Anthony’s colleagues preyed for their fallen comrade as the flesh was stripped from his bones before the bloody water littered with torn remnants from his black briefs went still. a TV camera zoomed into Anthony’s skeletal remains and remained on them until they sunk to the bottom of the tank.

Once the audience had quietened down the host announced the next event as this time two warriors were selected to enter the arena.

Mika and Jeff were the unlucky two that had been chosen and now led away by the guards as their colleagues wished them luck

Unlike their colleagues Mika and Jeff were led to underneath the arena and placed on a platform that slowly rose into the arena. The crowd chanted and cheered as the two warriors appeared and the host then took over.

“Oh boy do we have a special one for you guys now. Two of the finest warriors are going to go up against the dreaded Rancor very shortly.”

The Rancor was a towering hill of muscle and reptilian flesh that walked on two stubby legs and used their disproportionately long arms to grab their prey. A salivating tooth filled maw dominated their flat faces as they had the protection of armored skin that deflected most attacks.

The warriors watched as two doors at the back of the arena opened and the huge Rancor stepped into the arena as the crowd went wild.

Mika spotted that the guards had thrown some weapons behind the huge beast and knew that they would have a chance if they could get hold of them.

“Jeff we have to work as a team if we want to survive. The weapons are behind him, let’s flank the beast and get the upper hand.” Mika shouted as he formed a plan in his head.

Jeff heard what Mika said but he had a better plan, a plan that was about to shock not just the arena crowd but his fellow warriors looking on. The arrogant and self centered warrior took a step back and shoved Mika in the back. The push sent Mika towards the Rancor who happily grabbed the sexy warrior in its clawed hand.

His colleagues watched on with hatred toward Jeff as Mika screamed and frantically kicked his legs as the Rancor brought its meal up towards its foul breathed mouth. Mika closed his eyes as his head now entered the dark hole and seconds later a loud CRUNCH was heard as the Rancor bit down and blood now dripped down Mika’s body as the Rancor devoured the sexy warrior. The sound of crushing and munching bones was now prominent and the Rancor had nearly finished eating Mika as he lower left arm and hand now protruded from the Rancor’s mouth.

The Rancor soon bit completely down as it severed Mika’s arm that soon fell to the floor as the huge beast swallowed what was left of the munched up remains.

Jeff had made a move as the Rancor devoured his colleague, he dashed and rolled between the huge beasts’ legs in an attempt to grab the weapons that lay behind the beast. However, he was just about to clear between the Rancor’s legs when Mika’s lower arm that had fallen on the floor in front of him proceeded to trip him sending the muscular warrior tumbling to the floor. This unfortunate move gave the Rancor the time to reposition itself and now grab out at Jeff. Jeff tried to move but found that the Rancor had been successful in grabbing him by his leg and now lifted a screaming jeff up into the air much to the delight of the audience and his fellow warriors.

The Rancor now moved its head back as it opened its mouth wide and dropped a screaming Jeff into its tooth filled maw.

Jeff screamed as the Rancor bit down and began to eat him alive, the sound of crunching and munching bones filled the arena as Jeff was devoured and his blood now mixing with that of Mika’s in the Rancor’s mouth.

Seconds later the beast flung its head back and swallowed Jeff as the crowd continued to cheer and chant. Seconds later a gentle burp erupted from the Rancor as it turned and slowly walked back through the doorway to its lair.

Mika’s arm was thrown on the body parts pile that was to be fed to the animals and the audience now looked forward to the next event.

The host explained that the next death was an old favorite and whipped the crowd up into a frenzy as an old chair was brought out and placed into the middle of the arena. Hunter was the next warrior chosen and as one of the youngest members of the unit was led away a tinge of sadness fell over his comrades.

Hunter was led into the arena and forced to sit in the chair as his wrists and ankles we’re shackled to it. A ligature was then thrown around his neck as the host announced the return of the Spanish Garrote.

A large wheel was placed behind Hunter and connected to the ligature. The host gave Hunter the chance to say some final words, with the microphone in front of him the loyal and we’ll liked soldier said “I just want to tell all of you savages to fuck off. And that I die for Spart.”

Hunter wasn’t allowed to finish as the garrote was tightened immediately cutting off his air and strangling him to death. Hunter’s athletic body tensed in the chair as the Tv cameras zoomed in on his struggles, his face went red and eyes began to bulge as he brain starved off oxygen began to shut down. The garrote had now been tightened so much that it had disappeared into the skin as Hunter felt like his head was about to pop. Then as quickly as they came his struggles ceased as death claimed the brave warrior who now stared blankly into the distance as saliva slowly dripped from the edge of his mouth.

Then as Hunter was released from his shackles the arena speakers began to play the Queen song another one bites the dust with that specific part on loop. Hunter’s body was thrown on a cart to be cut up and added to the ever-growing stockpile of limbs that were to be fed to the arena animals whilst his head ended up on a spike with Dausen and David’s.

A group of archers now lined up on each side of the arena as the preparations began for the next death and Alex was led from the warrior room to come face to face with it.

The muscular warrior now stood in the center of the arena as he was told he would now face the run of the arrows. Two hundred soldiers would each fire one arrow into a marked out square and Alex simply had to avoid the lethal projectiles.

A countdown began and Alex began the run as he zig zag from side to side pausing at the moment that darkness came over him and he saw the volley of arrows that was about to hit him. The Octavian’s positioned the archers to ensure that every inch of the square was covered and Alex muttered “Oh shit.” As he now waited for the inevitable outcome. Arrow after arrow hit the muscles warrior as he stood firm before eventually collapsing to the ground with one hundred and sixty six of the fired arrows now protruding from his body.

Alex’s death had excited the crowd but the best was still to come. Some workers picked up the dead warrior and placed him on a cart whilst others collected the arrows that never hit their target.

The next event was one that was customary at all arena games and saw people being thrown to the Lions.

Christopher and Joe were the two warriors that had been selected to face the lions. Unlike the audience they didn’t know the fate that awaited them.

The two warriors were now stood in the arena and instructed not to move as a set or weapons was placed at the opposite end from where they stood. The crowd chanted and roared as four doors opened and a pride of thirty lions strolled into the arena.

Christopher instructed Joe to come close and ensure they always had their eyes on the big cats. However Joe hesitated briefly and one of the females of the pride pounced onto the young warriors back and bit into his shoulders. Joe let out a scream and stumbled forward where he quickly lost his balance and fell to the floor. Christopher was powerless as ten of the beasts descended on Joe and began to eat him alive where he lay much to the delight of the blood thirsty crowd.

Christopher knew the odds were stacked against him and he had managed to pry a wooden plank off the wall which he now used to try to fight off the Lions that were encroaching in on him with a circular formation.

Time after time he thwarted the beasts attacks much to the delight of the crowd but the Lions were smart and when they decided to attack in pairs Christopher found himself vulnerable as no sooner had he fought off one of the beasts had the other set itself upon him. The weight of the beast on his chest knocked him to the floor and within moments the lion had clamped its mouth shut around the hunky warriors throat. Christopher’s body thrashed violently about as the Lioness continued her attack.

Seconds later death took Christopher. The leader of the pack let out a roar as he majestically made his way over to Christopher’s body. The alpha male sniffed at the fresh athletic corpse and immediately bit down into Christopher’s abdominal area.

The arena crowd watched as a group of lions devoured Joe as the pack leader ate his fill of Christopher. A short while later the pack leader with his blood stained mouth stood up and walked away allowing the rest of the pack and cubs to feed on Christopher’s remains. The remaining warriors could do nothing but watch as thirty lions now tore flesh from their friends bodies and devoured them. Three of the Lion cubs ran off with one of the warriors arms and now played together as they tore what little flesh remained from the limb. The whole ordeal took around an hour before the Lions were ushered back into the gates and the dead warriors remains were picked up as fresh sand scattered over the blood stained sand.

Gladiatorial battles were the next event that was due to take place and two matches had been lined up. Jeremy was the first to be selected and taken down to the arena where he was given a sword and pitted against an Octavian Champion.

The crowd booed Jeremy as he took his position and cheered their champion. Jeremy knew that the only way he was going to win was to go on the attack straight away. The muscular warriors attack took the Octavian champion by surprise but the longer the match went on the faster Jeremy tired out. It was at this moment that the champion delivered a blow to the Spartan warrior’s side. Jeremy formed a plan and dropped his sword as he fell to the floor and pretended to be dead. His plan was feign death and escape once his body was dragged away.

The Octavian champion put his hands up in victory as two people wearing masks entered the arena and unbeknown to Jeremy were going to put an end to his plan.

One of the workers held a hot poker and prodded it onto one of Jeremy’s thick quads. The pain from the burn saw the warrior flinch and open his eyes just as the other worker swung a huge club “No, no.” Jeremy screamed as the club came crashing down on his skull splitting it open with one blow and finally delivering the death blow to Jeremy.

Seconds later the draw for the second gladiator took place and Tyler was soon led from the room.

The hunky warrior was soon handed his weapon and sent out into the arena to face the champion who had just dispatched his friend.

Tyler stood for a brief second as he gathered his thoughts quickly, he glanced over at Jeremy’s body and felt his blood boil. The site of his dead friend sent him on the attack and Tyler rained blow upon blow down on his opponent. However, in his anger Tyler left himself open and the Octavian champion responded with a sweep kick that knocked Tyler off his feet. The champion wasted no time in picking up Tyler’s sword and throwing it to the side. He then instructed Tyler to get on his knees and forcefully held the helpless warrior there whilst he held his sword up against his throat.

The champion bayed to the crowd as shouts of “Kill, Kill, Kill.” Echoed around the arena, not wanting to upset the audience the champion obliged and cut Tyler’s throat. Blood gushed from the wound as Tyler remained upright momentarily before falling to the floor.

The champion turned and lapped up his applause and castrated his two defeated foes keeping their manhood’s as trophies for his victories.

Some workers danced out of the gate of death, followed by two frilly yellow chitoned young women leading bullocks. the workers jabbed hooks into the young men's ankles -- threading them behind their Achilles' tendons as the young women obscenely danced around the warriors corpses, straddling the young men's castrated groins and dropping to their knees -- this time pretending to have intercourse with the corpses. after each young corpse was hooked to a bullock, the young women danced back up and took their bullock by the nose-ring and led him back through the gate of death, dragging their own young man's corpse behind them -- the dead Spartans stared blindly to one side or the other, their fingers lifelessly dragging in the sand as if they were trying to savor one last moment in the sun before being cast into the darkness, trying to save their bodies for a few minutes more before being butchered and fed to the ravenous beasts in their cages below the arena.

With just under half of the warriors despatched the events were ramping up as they were down to the final few. This time three warriors were selected from the eleven that remained and now made their ways down to the arena.

Finley, Danny and Tommy were now led to the arena and stood as three large carts were dragged into the arena as the host explained we were going to see another spectacle of man vs beast as the three warriors had been chosen to go up against Giant Python’s. The athletic Spartan warriors were to fight the large reptiles to the death bare handed.

The warriors watched as the first snake was prodded and poked from the cage until it final slithered onto the sand and the others soon followed.

Each snake was three to four times the length of a man and just about as big around. they coiled and uncoiled slowly, sunning themselves leisurely. A signal was given and the Spartan warriors were forced to run forward, pouncing on the serpents like men hopping onto the backs of horses. at first the snakes tried to roll over, throwing the warriors off, but the Spartans were persistent -- they wrapped their heavily muscled thighs around the snakes' bodies, clamping their knees into the snakes' sides -- they wrapped their arms around and tried to squeeze. the crowd began laughing at the comic sight -- the men attacking the snakes were muscular men, but they were so much smaller than the snakes it looked like rats attacking rat snakes. One by one, the snakes became annoyed, coiling and twisting, then wrapping their bodies around the helpless warriors. As the snakes began tightening around them, each man realized he was now dying for sure -- he could struggle and give a show for the crowd or he could give up -- but he could not escape. Tommy flailed his arms and others kicked, as Finley l began screaming -- squalking screams, like a pig being skinned and butchered alive. the snakes slowly tightened their grip -- each time they tried to breathe, he had to exhale -- and the python just tightened, preventing him from inhaling. one by one, the warriors faces turned red then purple -- one by one, each man's eyes bulged out. The crowd laughed and cheered as one by one, the massive, hard muscled legs and arms fell still. there was applause as the first python uncoiled and the massive, lifeless body of Tommy rolled out, onto the sands. they became quiet, watching in fascination, as the snake opened it mouth and began swallowing the sexy warrior.

The snake's mouth slid easily over the Tommy’s handsome head. then the snake paused at the young man's shoulders -- seeming far too broad for the snake to swallow. those who had never seen a rat snake swallow a rat several times bigger around than itself waited for people to rush in and chop the dead warriors arms off at his shoulders -- so the snake might at least try to swallow the rest of the meat. Instead, they watched amazed as the python moved its jaws from side to side -- unlocking its jaws -- and spreading its mouth slowly over the burly wide shoulders. The snakes lips seemed to slip slowly, inexorably over his shoulders, inching slowly across the bulging muscles of his upper arm, across his full, round breasts. the snake's head grotesquely extended as the shoulders slid under its skull -- as the snake swallowed further and further down the warrior, his arms straightened out by his sides and slid right into the snake's advancing, scaled lips -- as if men had been designed by the gods to be eaten by these gigantic serpents. As the young man's chest began disappearing within the snake's mouth, the snake's lips slid over his hard nipples, sucking in his entire swelling breasts, slowly swallowing Tommy’s body inch by inch. The python now inched over the young gladiator's hard rippled abdominals, and began sawing its jaw back and forth to coax his massive buttocks inside. By now the other pythons were in various stages of swallowing their own meals. Finley’s head was firmly in the snakes mouth as the beast now started to swallow his torso.

Whilst the Python that had killed Danny took a different approach and was swallowing its own meal feet first.

All that was left of Tommy were his calves and feet -- sticking out the python's lips as it sawed its jaws back and forth, unstretching its lips so they could close down over the man's legs, then swallow the rest of him -- all that was left were the man's lower legs and the man sized bulge within the python. the python lazily lifted its head, squatting back then thrusting its head forward several times so Tommy’s calves, then ankles, then feet disappeared into the snake's mouth. the snake yawned -- the young man's feet and legs still visible inside -- and snapped its jaws back together. then closed its lips -- smiling as every snake smiles, with a glint in its eyes happy with the meal it had consumed.

The crowds watched astounded for the half hour it took for the snakes to swallow the men whole -- three massively muscled young men swallowed whole right before them. Danny’s head was the final piece of Spartan to be devoured and the crowd chanted “More, More, More.” As it disappeared down the beasts throat.

The snakes now lounged about the arena floor -- their bellies bulging full with their dinners. The workers pulled their cages back in as the crowd started roaring its approval as the large lethargic serpents were coaxed and prodded to slither back into their cages -- fat and satisfied with their weekly allotment of fresh human male meat. One of the snakes was too slow to climb back into their cages and gingerly rolled up the ramps by straining workers as the Pythons were now taken back to their layer and the next event prepared.

The events were drawing to a close with two more left to be put on but as the saying said they were saving the best until last.

Colby, Jake & Pat were the three warriors chosen for the next event and led to the arena whilst the host told the crowd the Spartans would be going into hand to hand combat against the dreaded Cyclops.

The Cyclops was a huge one eyed giant that loved the taste of human flesh. This particular one named Festus had been captured by Octavian forces and instead of being slaughtered offered a chance to live in captivity with an endless supply of human flesh. The Cyclops jumped at the opportunity and now lived a good lifestyle feasting on as many humans as it could.

Now in the arena the warriors saw the huge Cyclops and were prepared for the task at hand. Colby was handed a sword whilst Jake & Pat were chained together by their wrist and given one spear to tackle. Moments later the battle began as the huge giant launched himself at the Spartans who initially managed to keep the Cyclops at bay. But Festus knew to focus his attack on the Pat & Jake as the chained warriors would soon make a mistake and it quickly came Jake allowed himself to get captured in one if Festus’s hands. The Cyclops lifted the two warriors into the air and towards its open mouth. Jake screamed as Pat called out for Colby to throw him the sword he had. Pat knew that Jake was finished and if he didn’t do something he was going to follow his colleague into the beasts mouth. Colby did what he had to do and threw the sword with all his might praying that Pat managed to catch it. The young warrior let out a sigh of relief as he saw his friend swing the sword and cut off Jake’s hand just as his friend was dropped into the Cyclops mouth. Jake’s screams ceased as the Cyclops teeth munched its first victim before swallowing the chewed up remains.

Festus now turned his attention on the final two warriors and after a short battle Pat soon found himself heading towards the Cyclops tooth filled mouth as the sound of Crunching and snapping bones filled the arena.

Colby knew the odds were stacked against him but still put up a good fight. The crowd loved the determination of the young warrior with a sexy body and amazing legs but they still looked forward to seeing his death. Which soon came as Festus grabbed the squirming warrior in his hands and moved Colby towards his mouth. Colby screamed as the crowd cheered and Festus popped the hunky young warrior in his mouth and bit down just below Colby’s pecs as the sexy warrior let out a screech.

Colby’s defined lifeless legs now dangled from Festus’s hand as the Cyclops ate the dead Spartan the way a human would eat a chocolate bar a bite at a time.

Festus now turned to King Bartek and with a mouthful of Colby thanked the king for his latest meals. King Bartek wiped small bits of the dead Spartan away as he dismissed Festus who now ate Colby’s legs the same way you would eat a chicken leg. With the meat stripped from the thighs Festus popped Colby’s legs in his mouth and strolled out of the arena as he picked one of Colby’s knee pads out from between his teeth and wiped the blood away that dripped from his mouth.

With the fun over the crowd now looked forward to the final event. Where four of the final five Spartan warriors would be pitted against the dreaded Pit Fiend a gigantic dinosaur that was a cousin of the fearsome T-Rex.

The crowd cheered and hollered as the gate to the Pit Fiend's enclosure was slowly raised. The Roar of the crowd intensified as the beast slowly stepped out onto the arena floor and let out a deafening roar.

Five young men stood in nothing more than their uniforms, as they heard the terrifying roar as they waited for their names to be called, each hoping that it would never come.

Adam was the first to be called. The experienced warrior with an attractive body slowly entered the arena carried him up, where the noise of the crowd became deafening. Adam stood in fear and shock at the size of the huge beast that towered over him

The hapless soldier didn’t even have time to react as the Pit Fiend bent over and picked him up in its mouth. Adam’s screams were drowned out by the cheering as his legs thrashed around wildly. The Pit Fiend threw its head back in a move that saw Adam’s body fly further into its mouth as a loud crunch followed and the warriors screams stopped. The crowd fell silent as the sound of Adam’s bones being crunched echoed around the area before the Pit Fiend swallowed what remained.

The crowd let out another roar as the second prisoner came up the lift.

Chase was the second warrior to face the Pit Fiend.

He caught sight of the Pit Fiend as the trapdoor opened and immediately dodged the beast’s huge jaws that tried to snap down on him. The crowd clapped as the muscle hunk moved around the arena skipping over various things. Until his luck eventually ran out and he was caught in the Pit Fiends snapping mouth. Chase screamed "aaaargggghhh." as the beast closed its jaw tightly biting Chase into two parts.

Chase’s legs stood on their own for a few moments blood spurting from his waist line before eventually collapsing under their own weight.

The third warrior was already on his way up in the lift before Chase’s legs had fallen to the floor.

Cory stood in awe at the size of the Pit Fiend that looked down at its next meal.

Adam and Chase’s blood dripped from the bottom of the beast’s mouth as Cory turned and tried to run avoiding Chase legs that lay on the ground. His speed was not as fast as that of the Pit Fiends reflexes and as Cory tried to dart under the beast’s legs he was soon dangling from the tooth filled mouth. The crowd cheered as the TV camera zoomed into the Pit Fiends mouth and Cody’s legs and developed thighs dangled from its mouth. His screams just about audible over the noise of the blood thirsty crowd.

The Pit Fiend snapped its head back in a move that saw Cory’s back break Seconds later the Pit Fiend dropped Cory’s motionless body to the floor only to then tuck into the dead hunky warrior as it bent down and bit off one of Cory’s arms.

The arm was quickly swallowed as the beast bent down and took another bite from the hunk, this time lifting the body up by one of Cory’s legs. This too was bitten off and quickly devoured before the huge beast picked up Cory’s partially eaten remains. "Crunch, Munch, Crunch, Snap, Munch, Snap" filled the arena as the Pit Fiend chewed on Cory’s remains before swallowing what was left.

This final warrior was the one a lot of people had looked forward to see being killed. Chris was sexy Spartan with a fantastic body.

"What the fuck!" Chris exclaimed as he caught sight of the Pit Fiend and stared momentarily at the beast as the blood of its previous victims dripped from its mouth and what remained of Chase still lay in the corner of the arena.

Chris had no intention of easily becoming a meal for the beast and rolled under its legs as it bent its head down and tried to snap at him. The Pit Fiend turned around as Chris now grabbed Chase’s legs and threw them at the creature when it moved its head in for the kill. The Pit Fiend snapped at the dead hunks legs and swallowed them in one gulp..

The blood thirsting crowd loved every minute of Chris battle. They knew the hot hunk couldn’t keep it up and were baying for his blood.

The noise of the crowd rose as they saw Chris was tiring and this allowed the beast to strike and snatch Chris in its mouth. The Pit Fiend lifted its head high into the air to allow a great view of Chris’s fantastic legs that now frantically kicked up and down as they protruded from its mouth as the beast now moved its hide from side to side tossing Chris about in its mouth like a rag doll, blood now poured from wounds the Pit Fiends knife like teeth caused as they sliced into his flesh.

Seconds later Chris let out a horrific shrill as the Pit Fiends teeth bite down through his body, blood began to trickle down his legs as the beast threw its head back so most of its food was now positioned in its mouth.

The Sound of 'Crunch, Crunch, Snap, Snap." Echoed around the arena as the crowd fell silent whilst the Pit Fiend chewed and pulverized Chris’s body before swallowing the final warrior.

The crowd erupted and chanted King Bartek’s name at the closure of the games and thanked their ruler for putting on a good show.

Back in the warrior’s room a solo warrior remained. Janis wondered what was about to happen to him now the games had finished. He hoped that he would be set free and prayed for this to happen.

He was soon confused as two guards came to grab him.

Back in the arena the host reminded the crowd that some needed to collect their fill of Dausen’s flesh that they won and also reminded the audience to all leave by the North gate so they could all take part in the games closing tradition.

Janis had no idea why he had been tied to the pole by the exit. Maybe it was to humiliate him but he soon discovered the true reason as the first person that exited was handed a knife and told to stab the bound warrior in his chest or legs but not deliver a death blow.

The person stabbed Janis in his side and passed the knife on. Janis now groaned and begged as one by one each member of the audience stabbed his body one at a time. Janis was declared dead after one hundred and fifty stab wounds and the remaining audience members could now stab the deceased warrior where they pleased. Once all the audience had left the arena Janis’s body had been stabbed over two hundred and fifty thousand times.

The workers cut down his body and carried it down to the dungeons where it joined the bodies of Alex, Hunter, Jeremy, Tyler and David’s to be fed to the arena’s wild animals.

The heads of Dausen, Alex, Hunter and David were now displayed in the middle of the capital city as Wyatt’s crucified body was now moved and decomposed on a hill over looking the capital.

The populace had enjoyed the show now eagerly awaited the next arena games and seeing more people die.