Jeremy ans the Lost Civilization Part 2 BY TECPATL


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Nov 24, 2020
I wrote the second part because Caleb had liked all of our posts to get us out of jail, and my account did open up. But by the time I finished it and went to post I was locked out again. If yours is open feel free to post. Otherwise I’ll post if mine ever opens up again. In the meantime enjoy.

Jeremy and Liam made love tenderly one last time as the pre-dawn light entered their locked hut. They knew that one of them would have his body violently ripped open before the day was over and that the other would spend his last night alone. They came together in a shuddering climax mixing their cum on their bellies and chests. They were tracing their fingers over each other’s bodies as the door was unlocked and young men came in with basins of warm water to prepare them for the day. When they had cleaned off the dried cum and put their headdresses back on their heads, they were led back to the clearing where Eric had been killed the day before. Even though they now knew what awaited them they also knew there was no use in trying to escape. And Jeremy was fascinated by what he was learning about these lost people, even though he would never get the chance to tell anyone.

When they arrived at the clearing a rack had been set up on the side opposite the painted huts that held the gods. It held several human skulls, hanging with a pole shoved through the temples. There too was Eric’s head, eyes open and jaw hanging down in death. Jeremy could see that animals had been chewing at it during the night. Liam threw up when he saw it. Revulsion or fear or both. The leader came up to Liam and began his ritual speech. Liam whimpered as he was chosen to be next. Once again the leader thanked him for being an offering. Jeremy had been telling Liam as they lay entwined together through the night that these people considered what they were doing to them to be a great honor. Once again the young men with paints surrounded Liam and began to paint designs on the offering’s skin. Different designs for a different god. Although Liam’s cock remained hanging limp even as he was stroked by so many hands, Jeremy found he quickly got harder than he had been the day before. He had suspected what was about to happen to Eric, but this time he knew, and he found himself straining as he watched his friend prepared for death. One of the young men dropped to a knee and took Jeremy in his mouth. Liam saw what was happening and looked at Jeremy with pain in his eyes. Jeremy was sorry his friend’s last thoughts of him would be of Jeremy getting off to his death, but he just couldn’t stop his straining cock.

Again the young men were dancing and writhing around them with drums and flutes playing. Behind Liam Jeremy could see the doors of the right hut being open and he glimpsed the small god inside. Xipe Totec. Oh shit. The flayed one. At least they would take out Liam’s heart before removing his skin. But not in the same swift efficient way Eric had been killed. As they spread-eagled Liam on the stone in the middle of the clearing, The leader approached holding a stone knife that was a half circle. He chanted a prayer that dedicated Liam to Xipe Totec as he raised the knife over his chest in both hands. All went silent and still except for the movement of men stroking their stiff cocks. Liam moaned no just as the leader slammed the knife down into the center of his chest. There was an ooof from Liam at the air forced from his lungs and a crunch of bone as the blade bit into his sternum. His blood sprayed into the air. He sucked in air as the blade was lifted again and shrieked in horror and pain as once again it slammed into his breastbone. The young men who held his wrists and ankles stretched him tight as his body spasmed and writhed at the violation. Blood poured over the stone. A third time the knife was held up. A third time It slammed into bone but this time there was a crack and the blade went through the sternum and into Liam’s chest. The leader used it to widen the wound. Liam lay with his eyes staring at the sky, his mouth open to scream but without sound as the knife had cut through and collapsed his lungs. The leader handed the knife to his attendant and thrust his hands into the wound, grasping the separated parts of Liam’s sternum and pulling up and down, cracking his rib cage in two. He plunged one hand into the widened hole, through the organs in Liam’s torso until he felt the beating heart. Just as he pulled it out of the chest Liam’s limbs relaxed into death, his head rolling to one side. His open eyes didn’t see Jeremy as the young man stroked Jeremy’s straining cock so his cum shot forth over the clearing as the dead still heart was raised to the sky.

Jeremy saw as the spasms of his cock subsided that he was the only one who had cum. The other men were all stroking their still hard cocks. That was when another man came forward with a narrower sharper blade. Jeremy knew what was coming as he rolled Liam’s body on its stomach on the stone. He slit the skin from the nape of the neck to the anus, then slit the backs of the arms and legs to the central slit. The drums and dancing resumed around the stone. The flayer was obviously skilled as he worked the blade under the skin along the back and then the legs and arms. He rolled the body onto its back as he pulled the skin off, working now to free the skin from the chest muscles and abs. After some time he was able to pull the skin off in one piece cutting the hands and feet free to dangle from the skin and the cock swinging from the crotch as he lifted the skin away. The face and the head were still Liam, but below that were blood and exposed muscles. As the flayer took the skin away, one of the young men stepped to stand next to the stone furiously stroking his cock. As he came he sprayed cum into the wound in Liam’s chest, onto the exposed pecs and abs. Behind him two others brought the skin and wrapped it around him sewing the slits back together until he wore Liam’s skin. They had sewed up the wound in the chest and stuck a reed into the cock from the inside so that it hung straight and hard, mocking how beautiful Liam’s had been when erect.

The flayed one began to dance, taking the heart to burn in the fire bowl in front of Xipe Totec. The others came forward now spraying their cum until it coated Liam’s body. When they were finished the men began to drift off, except for one who cut off Liam’s head and pounded it onto the pole of the skull rack, entering the left temple and exiting the right until Liam hung next to Eric. Two others came with knives to butcher the skinned carcass for the feast.

Jeremy was now alone at the feast. Liam had been prepared differently than Eric. Jeremy was served what was obviously a grilled pec steak. As it was set before him his stomach growled with hunger and he picked it up with his hands biting off a large hunk, rich with strange spices of the jungle. Meanwhile the flayed one continued to dance in the fire-lit night.

Later, after Jeremy was locked in his hut, as he struggled to sleep knowing that he was the only one left for the final god, the door opened and a figure entered with four hands on the two arms and four feet on the two legs. He wordlessly rolled Jeremy on his back and knelt between Jeremy’s spread legs. Jeremy did not resist as his legs were pulled over the flayed one’s shoulders, and the dead cock of his friend was thrust into his ass. Later a warm cock was shoved in and began to pump him, the cock of the boy who wore his dead friend’s skin.
TECPATL cannot connect at the moment but greet everyone. And he hopes the second part of my adventures he wrote will make you salivate with pleasure and excitement
I salivate at the thought of making love to Liam's flayed body, feeling his exposed muscles against my naked body. I cum!
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I hope Tecpatl will post the last part soon , I can’t wait to know how he will kill me in this story