The Elite Killing Club


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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 1. Isaac

That old saying ‘Money can buy you anything’ was never truer for The Elite Killing club. A prestige organization that catered for the world’s rich both males and females, entrepreneurs and world leaders.

Operating since 2000, the club allowed its members to pay to kill young guys by any means necessary and then to have their way and do what they want with the bodies. Members could keep the whole body after the death, or just claim a small keep sake like the head or allow the club to dispose of it if they needed to. Fees started at $250,000 for a guy that the club had sourced through its many underhand tactics and ‘recruiters’ or $500,000 for a specific guy that the member wanted.
One could only gain membership by one of two ways. Have over $10,000,000 in the bank or via grandfather rights from an existing member.

Omar was a 23-year-old millionaire from Senegal whose family had made their money from the fishing industry. He had a fondess for killing and had been able to do as he please in Senegal by preying on poor families and paying bribes to officials to keep them quiet.
When he heard about the Elite Killing Club, he knew that it was something that he wanted to join. He’d always dreamt of killing a white guy and the club would now give him that opportunity.

Isaac was a Nineteen year old from Canada who had been involved in an argument with his family and been kicked out of the house. Like most people his age he posted about it on social media and was inundated with offering him the opportunity to stay with them. That was how he met Jo, he’d been talking to the twenty year old female for a while and the two seemed to get on so we she had made him an offer to stay with her for a while he jumped at it.
The next day Jo arrived at the designated pick up area and Isaac threw his bags in the trunk and jumped into the front passenger seat, if only the young man had looked in the back he would have seen someone else lurking but Like many of today’s social media influencers he was oblivious to the dangers or didn’t really care.
No sooner had Isaac strapped his seat belt on had the person in the back thrown a chloroform rag in his face. The hunky Canadian put up a brief fight but was soon succumbed to the fumes.
Isaac had no idea Jo was a recruiter for the Elite Club and he had just become one of the members latest players things.

Mark sat in his office, his job as Chief Operations Officer for the Elite Killing Club was rewarding and very well paid. At first he tussled with the morals of the job but soon grew accustomed to the role as he enjoyed the lavish lifestyle his work brought. He ran a smooth ship that made things so easy for the members, under his leadership membership had grown to over one thousand and they were soon approaching their 500th kill.
A van pulled up at the back of the large mansionesque style building.
“What you got for me?” Said Mark as he shock the drivers hand.
“Latest delivery for you. One of Jo’s captures.” The driver replied with a smile.
Mark opened the back door and peered in “Ah brilliant it’s Isaac.” Mark said “We’ve been. Waiting for him.”
“Take him down to room 236 and strip him down as usual. One of our newest members is waiting to dispatch a white guy.” Mark instructed as he headed back inside.

A short while later Isaac slowly stirred as he lifted his head, his memory was a little groggy as he found his hands were tied to a chair when he tried to move, and he quickly discovered he was only dressed in his underwear as he tried to recollect how all this had planned out. He could remember getting into Jo’s car and couldn’t recall anything else.
“Jo, Jo. What the fuck is this?” Isaac shouted as he looked towards the door in the bare room.
“Jo, where the hell are you?” The young man yelled angrily as he pulled on the ropes binding his hands after receiving no reply.
Isaac took a deep breath as he waited for someone to enter the room.

Meanwhile in the members area Mark was giving Omar the final briefing before letting the Senegalese millionaire lose on his first victim.
“Ok are you all ready?” Mark asked as he went through the checklist he always did before a kill.
“Oh yes. I’m ready.” Omar excitedly answered “I’ve been looking forward to this.”

“Ok brilliant.” Mark replied “Now remember that what you requested will be on a table in the room. And we’ll be recording this for you. Oh and a couple more things.” Mark added “Will you be keeping the head as a trophy, and do you need us to dispose of the body?”

Omar let out a smile “Oh yes. I’ll for sure be keeping the head and yes, I have plans for his body.”

“Excellent. I’ll make the plans for you to take him. Now go have some fun.”

Omar took a deep breath as he opened the door.
Entering the room he paused as he got his first glimpse of his victim. The dark brown haired, blue eyed young man sat before him in nothing more than a light blue pair of briefs looked amazing. His athletic torso was free from hair and was rounded off with an amazing pair of legs which were dominated by a large set of quads. Isaac looked nothing like one of his previous African kills and Omar knew that this would be money well spent.

“Who the fuck are you?” And “What’s going on?” Isaac demanded angrily when Omar stepped into the room.

Omar didn’t say a word as he moved silently across the room to his prey. He squatted down as he began to examine his victim.
“Hey don’t fucking ignore me.” Isaac bellowed “What’s going on. Where’s Jo?”

Omar stood up and put his hand on Isaac’s shoulder “Wow, wow what the hell you doing.” Isaac protested as Omar began to run his hand down the young man’s torso. “Shhhh” Omar replied “Everything will be ok my friend.” He uttered as his hands now moved down and began to touch the inside of Isaac’s wonderful thighs. “Dude, please stop. I’m not into this type of thing.” Isaac objected as Omer’s hand moved up and cupped his manhood which began to grow with each grope Omar made. Isaac protests soon turned to pleasurable groans as Omar tugged him off but before the young man could hit his climax Omar stopped and disappeared from view.
It took Isaac a few seconds to regain his composure as Omar now stood behind him and took something off the table. “Hey where did you go. What are you doing?” The bound young man shouted as he tried desperately to free his restraints.
“What the fucks going on. Answer me you fucki” Isaac’s pleas were quickly shut off as Omar flung a plastic bag over his head and pulled the drawstrings tight. “Ugh, I can’t breathe.” Isaac shouted as he sucked the bag in towards his house and began to suffocate. Omar stood in front of his conquest and watched as Isaac’s strong muscles put up a fight as he frantically gasped for air the bag sucking in and out closely into his face with each desperate breath. Omar looked down at his watch and saw that a minute had passed, he wasn’t done with his fun yet and quickly moved in and poked a hole in the now fogged up back.

Isaac immediately took in a deep breath as he frantically gasped for air and begged “Please, please let me go. Why are you doing this?”

“Why should I let you go. The fun is just beginning.” Omar laughed as he went behind the young hunk again and grabbed another bag.

“Please sir, please let me go.” Isaac begged “What have I ever done to you? Let me go please.” He added as he frantically moved about in the chair.

Omar now stood in front of the captive hunk “Are you ready for part two?” He smiled as he held the next bag in front of his prey.

“No. No. Please don’t. I don’t want to die.” Isaac begged. “Please let me go. I’m only nineteen I have my whole life to live.” Isaac pleaded as he began to cry.
“No, no, no, please.” Isaac begged as Omar moved in and quickly cut off his pleas as the second bag was now flung over his head.
Isaac hastily gasped for air as once again the bag was sucked into his face and he struggled to breath “I can’t breathe. Help me, I can’t breathe.” He managed to utter in the hope Omar would help him again.
This time Omar had no intention of helping and knelt by Isaac placing his hand on his thigh as he could feel the young man’s violent struggles in the chair as he whispered “Just let yourself go. It will be painless I swear.”
Isaac continued to gasp for air the plastic bag being sucked further and further into his face. A few more minutes passed before Isaac let out a final groan and went limp in the chair his head now dropping forwards.

Omar’s heartbeat excitedly as the rush of taking Isaac’s life filled his body. Standing up he lifted the young hunks head back to see Isaac’s vacant blue eyes staring back at him through the fog filled bag. Omar shock Isaac’s shoulder to see if there would be any response but the lifeless body just moved back into place.
Isaac’s restraints were untied as the bag was removed from his head as Omar now moved the young man’s body, and lay it out on the floor.

Omar was still on cloud nine and had enjoyed taking the young man’s life. The young Canadian was a fine first white kill. He took a few moments to fondle and caress the young hunk before pressing the buzzer to say that he was finished in the room.
Seconds later two club workers entered the room wheeling in a gurney that they lifted Isaac’s lifeless body onto.
Omar went to see Mark who asked him if he had some fun. The young Senegalese millionaire informed Mark that he loved it and that Isaac was a perfect victim. The two shock hands as Omar was handed the video of the experience and headed back out where Isaac’s body was now lying in a black body bag and wheeled to a van that followed Omar to the airport and was quickly loaded onto Omar’s private jet.

Arriving back in Senegal Isaac’s body was transferred to the back of Omar’s limousine and driven to a small village deep in the bush.

Omar had made a deal with a village of cannibals and had agreed to sell them Isaac’s body. The village chieftain came out to greet Omar and inspect the merchandise he would be buying. The body bag was unzipped, and a sexy Isaac laid out on a wooden table.
The chieftain nodded his head as he inspected the young man lain out before him. His hands poked and prodded the dead young man sensing which areas would yield the most meat and making notes on a piece of paper. He paused for a few moments as he now focused on Isaac’s meaty thighs.

Money was exchanged and Omar was invited to stay for the village feast as Isaac was carried away to a special body preparation away. Rope was tied around the young man’s ankles, and he was hung upside down before his throat was ritualistically cut to allow the blood to drain.

Omar could feel the sense of excitement in the village, only some of the village elders could remember the last time white man’s meat was on the venue. For many this would be their first time in tasting it.

Once Isaac’s body was bled it was brought down and cut to pieces, whilst being processed members of the tribe dipped their hands in the young man’s blood and smeared it on their faces in preparation for the feast.

As part of the arrangement Omar was to keep Isaac’s head and he ensured it was in a safe place before he joined the villagers and tucked into his serving of Isaac directly from one of his thick thighs.
Celebrations for the village feast went long into the night before Omar departed the next morning and headed home.
Once there he wasted no time in placing Isaac’s severed head with the others of his previous local victims. The blue-eyed white head now stood out proudly from the row of darker ones around it.



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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 2. Alex

Mark sat in the office as the Elite Killing Club awaited one of its most distinguished members.

Andy Murdoch was the grandson of an Australian billionaire who had ploughed a lot of money into the club and was now ready to make his latest kill.
Looking out of the window Mark saw the black limousine pull up and the young man exit the car flanked by his bodyguards.

The door to Mark’s office flung open as Andy strolled in “Marky boy. How’s things?” Before Mark could reply Andy threw a large envelope on the table “Look there’s 300k, gonna put this simple. I want you to get me a male stripper for tonight. Make sure he’s ok with stripping for guys and once he’s here we’ll let him do his thing and then I’ll have my fun. I have a urge to do an Isis style beheading. You’ve got a couple of hours.”

Before Mark could even utter another word Andy had got up and left the office. Leaving the COO with the task of finding a male stripper in a short time.
He contemplated getting one of the office staff to ascertain the victim and for any other member he would have done so. But Andy was one of the higher tier members and Mark wanted to ensure he got this right.
He opened up Google and started to search.

The first few strippers that he found refused to strip for guys and it was on the fifth attempt he thought he may have found someone.

Alex was an experienced male stripper, handsome and sexy with a number of tattoos covering his attractive body including a large one of a Japanese Geisha covering his left thigh.

Mark dialed the number on the hot strippers profile and was soon speaking directly to Alex. Mark explained that Alex could do any routine he wanted and would be paid handsomely for his time. The only stipulation was the strip was going to be for some men.
Alex told them that wouldn’t be an issue, he explained that he was a single dad and would just have to ask his girlfriend if she was ok with looking after his son. He took Mark’s number and told him he would give him a firm answer shortly.

Mark eagerly awaited Alex’s answer, however something he said didn’t fit right with him. Alex had said he was a single dad and by Alex agreeing to be the stripper Mark would be depriving a child of his father. He wrestled with his conscience but a text from Andy quickly made him decide Alex’s death would be better off then what could happen to him.

The phone buzzed on the desk as Mark rushed back in the office to answer it. It was Alex telling him that he had spoken to his girlfriend who had agreed to watch his son so he would love to take the booking and told Mark he would be trying a new costume for the first time.

“Victim acquired, see you later.” Was the text that Mark sent Andy letting him know that everything was arranged.

Alex pulled into the car park of the club. Looking around he spotted several fancy cars in the car park and hoped to be getting some good tips from tonight’s performance.
He’d been stripping for about four years and although he had a regular 9-5 job it was stripping that had helped pay the bills, brought him his fast car and also a house.
He grabbed his bag and walked into the club where he was met by Mark who eagerly awaited his arrival.
“Alex good to see you.” Mark announced as he shock the hot strippers hand.
“Happy to be here.” Alex replied, “Where do I get changed?”
“Follow me.” Mark responded as he beckoned Alex to follow him “The clients are waiting.”

Mark closed the door and went to tell Andy that Alex had arrived. The billionaire Aussie clasped his hands together “Awesome work Mark as always. I’ll make sure your well tipped.”

Mark’s phone buzzed as Alex sent him a text telling him he was ready, so he made his way to the dressing room.
Walking in he was stunned to see Alex’s costume, the eye-catching stripper had chosen a Spartan warrior costume from the movie 300 as was clad out in a red cape, wrist guards, shin guards and a tight black pair of briefs. The whole costume showed off Alex’s perfect body.

“Great choice of costume.” Mark remarked “I think the guys are going to like it.” He added as he led Alex to the large room that Andy and his entourage waited in.

The lights darkened as music began to play and Alex entered room.

Andy sat in shock at the sight of his proposed victim. Alex was hot with a great body and the choice of costume gave Andy a hard one. When he saw the attractive stripper holding a sword and shield Andy had a plan and texted Mark to bring him one of the swords from the lobby. Alex was still going to be beheaded but Andy now had a different way to get to the end product.

Alex began his routine as he strutted and showed off his body to the music, he did some fancy tricks with the sword before erotically rubbing his hands over his crotch and body.

He now went to each audience member and danced in front of them allowing each one to touch and massage his body as they placed their tips in the front of his underwear. He eventually came to Andy and paid particular attention to the young Aussie who now explored every inch of Alex’s body before letting the stripper grind up against him and place a bundle of notes into the side of Alex’s underwear.

As the hot stripper finished his routine, he failed to notice that Mark had smuggled a sword into the room and left it behind Andy’s chair.

Alex now stood triumphantly with his arms out in front of Andy as the rest of the audience applauded his little strip.

Some were confused as the plan had been to chloroform Alex mid-way through his routine. But any confusion soon eroded as Andy surprised everyone by grabbing the sword and swinging it towards “What the hell.” Alex exclaimed as who saw the first blow coming and managed to avoid it. Andy swung the sword again and this time Alex managed to grab his sword and deflect it. A mini sword fight erupted which saw both guys attempt to strike each other but Andy soon got the upper hand as he managed to knock Alex’s sword and pin him up against the wall.

“Ok you win. What do you want?” Alex asked as he stared down the blade of the sword.

Andy gestured to two of his body guards to grab hold of Alex and within moments the attractive stripper was flanked by two heavyily built minders who now grabbed his arms and led him to the centre of the room.

“Get on your fucking knees.” Andy ordered as he held the tip of the sword against Alex’s chest.

“Ok, ok.” Alex’s responded not wanting to piss this crazy guy off anymore. As he looked around the room he saw Mark as one of the faces staring back at him and the realization dawned on him that he’d been lured here. One of his friends had always told him that he should send the location of where he went to strip to someone as a safety measure. Now for the first time Alex knew why he had been saying that.

Alex got down on his knees “What do you want with me?” he pleaded as Andy put the sword down and grabbed a large knife from his waist land. “You know it’s fitting that you choose a warrior costume for your strip today.” Andy announced, “Because what sometimes happens to captured warriors.”

“Eerrr, I don’t know. What do you mean? Come on guys the joke is over.” Alex stuttered confused of what was being asked.

However, any confusion was soon dispersed as Andy said “Well they get executed don’t they.” As he now held the barbaric knife in front of Alex’s face.

“No No Please don’t kill me.” Alex begged as the knife was now held in front of his throat. “What have I done to you. Please. Please don’t. I have a family. Don’t take me away from son.” Alex begged his eyes full of fear as Andy ignored his pleas.

Alex could feel the cold steel cutting into his flesh, which parted swiftly, almost eagerly, as it seemed to open up at the merest touch of the knife. Blood flowed from the wound—a small trickle at first but it soon became a hot gush that Alex felt. The strippers athletic, lean body was rigid, tightly clenched in mortal pain. Andy slowed down once he hit Alex’s esophagus; the stiff rubbery piece of tissue was hard to cut into. Alex shrieked as Andy began to cut in. “Please don’t kill me. please stoAAAGGHHH—” At the last second, Alex’s screams spirals up an octave as Andy pierced his windpipe, allowing his breath to whistle out of the hole that had been cut in his throat. The thrashing hunk can’t scream anymore; all he can do is make thick gargling sounds as he coughs up his own blood. Death was imminent for Alex and as Mark looked on he could see the poor young mans muscles tightening up. The death must have been painful and Alex would have been putting up a good fight if Andy’s hired muscle weren’t holding him into place. Moments later Alex’s body slumped to the floor.

Alex’s brain was still functioning as Andy lifted his severed head aloft. Blood dripped from the bloody neck stump as the hot stripper watched his headless body lay motionless on the floor. The last vision he saw in his eyes would be the crowd of people who sat applauding his death as they played to Andy’s ego.

“Take the fucking trash out.” Andy said as put the severed head on the table and looked over to Alex’s headless body.

Andy shoved another envelope in Mark’s hand “Thanks for the fun. That’s for you and the guys that disposing of the bodies can keep what we shoved in this hunk’s underwear.” Andy said patting Alex on the head.

The billionaire jumped into the back of his limousine, “Remember drive slowly and carefully” he shouted to his driver before looking into Alex’s vacant blue eyes “Time to have some fun with you” he added before skull fucking his latest victim.

Back in the club the body disposal team had wheeled in a gurney and just finished putting Alex’s headless body on it. “What do you want us to do with him? One of the workers asked.

“Dump him in the private canyon. After you fun.” Mark replied with a wink.

Igor from the body disposal team lay Alex’s body out on the table, he had his knives ready and would soon be hacking the piece of beauty that lay in front of him to pieces. However his hands now explored the dead stripper’s body as he playfully bit at Alex’s nipples and on one of his thick thighs. He then took hold of the dead young mans cock and began to play about with it. However, Igor knew his fun was over when his colleague returned and the duo got down to the business of dismembering Alex’s body.

Once the task had been completed Alex’s remains were placed in the back of a club truck and driven to the private canyon that stood in the middle of the Elite Killing Clubs private estate. Alex’s remains were dumped left to decompose and be devoured by local wildlife.