1. Meatpie

    Naked man running around Manchester city centre found dead at a construction site

    No need to undress at the morgue: Unidentified young man died shortly after this naked photo was taken A man spotted running naked around bars and restaurants in a city centre is thought to have to plunged to his death down a 50ft hole on a building site. Officers launched an investigation...
  2. Meatpie

    A man tried to kill me today

    An agrressive fat man attacked me in the supermarket today and tried to strangle me in front of other customers. He attacked me from behind my back and I had no time to react. "I will kill you, I will strangle you" he yelled and grabbed me by the throat. It was pathetic. I had a knife but...
  3. L

    Marcus Death In Tormented

    Amazing Scene ... Uploaded In My Blog
  4. Avanthor

    [Photoshop] Cute guys getting killed by animals

    I didn't make these. They are created by ripped, from Voretube. You can find some more on his page. These are just my favourites. Enjoy.
  5. J

    32 year old Aussie killed in armed robbery
  6. H

    Future Swingers of Iran

    Iran executes far convicts more in prisons than in public... This thread is for those we may never see swinging. Some have already had their last dance. Some are waiting. Some we may see, most we won't.
  7. jiangzhu

    Dead Women [crime scene photos]

    I hope foreign friends like it
  8. Meatpie

    30 young guys die in road accidents across Bulgaria in just five days

    The death toll from car accidents is catastrophic last five days in Bulgaria 30 young guys were killed and autopsied. A popular DJ is among the victims, 21-year-old Vladimir got impaled on guardrail. His funeral was held today. Vladimir (middle) was travelling at high speed when he lost...
  9. J

    Balancing daily life and CDG

    Just wondering how people balance their CDG desires and fantasies with their daily life? I sometimes feel like a fraud when friends and work mates complement me on things - yet I know we all must have our private side. I'm OK with it and I want to be here - I just don't like keeping secrets...