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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 1. The Start of a New Life

My name is Les and I’ve Been preparing for this moment for two years. My whole life I’ve dreamt and fantasized about what I’m about to embark on.

As a child, I knew I was different. I didn't fit in with the other kids at school and always felt like an outsider. My interests were not the same as theirs, and I found myself drawn to things that they didn't seem to notice.

One of those things was male legs. I remember seeing a man's legs in shorts and feeling a strange fascination with them. It may sound strange, but I found myself captivated by the beauty of the male leg. There was something about the way they moved and looked that drew me in.

Over time, this fixation grew into something more complex and sinister. I began to find myself dreaming of seeing those legs destroyed and the person that owned them dead. I dreamed of seeing them eaten by monsters or cut up by a killer. I know now that this was not a healthy mindset to have, but at the time, I felt completely consumed by my fantasies.

As I grew older, this fascination turned into an interest in the aesthetic male body. I found myself drawn to the way that men looked, their muscles and their curves. And it wasn't just a passing interest - it was something that consumed me.

As I grew older, my fixation on male legs evolved into an interest in the male body as a whole. I realized that it wasn't just legs that I found attractive - it was the entirety of the male physique. I would spend hours online, looking at pictures of muscular, toned men and dreaming of what it would feel like to touch them.

It wasn't long before my fascination took an even darker turn. I found myself dreaming of seeing those fine bodies in a state of death. The idea of a man's body, once so full of life and strength, now lifeless and still, was something that consumed me.

I know now that this is not something that most people find appealing, but at the time, it was the only thing that seemed to make sense to me.

At first, I tried to ignore these feelings. I told myself that it was just a phase and that I would grow out of it. But as I got older, the fascination with dead men's bodies only grew stronger. Quite quickly my thoughts would turn to me dreaming of killing those sexy guys, seeing their bodies fall limp and lifeless before me and finally have my wicked way with them.

Looking back now, I realize that I was not "normal" in the traditional sense of the word. I had a fascination with things that other people found strange or uncomfortable. But even so, I have come to accept that this is who I am.

Thinking back on my childhood and adolescence, it's clear to me that I always knew I was different. It was only as I grew older and learned to understand these powerful feelings that I realized how complex my personal journey truly was. Today, I have come to embrace my fascination with the male form, both living and dead, and I have finally figured that I was put on this earth to ensure I made my fantasies become a reality.

As I stared out at the sprawling acreage of my new ranch in southern Florida, I felt a sense of satisfaction wash over me. For years, I had been planning for this moment - the moment when I would finally have a place of my own to carry out my desires.

The ranch was perfect for my purposes. With its isolated location and expansive land, I could operate without fear of being detected. I had already begun constructing a variety of secret structures and underground tunnels, ensuring that no evidence would be left behind.

But it wasn't just the ranch itself that made me feel secure. It was the state of Florida as a whole - with its tropical climate and endless dumping grounds, from swamps to forests to the Everglades to the ocean. Everywhere around me, there was an abundance of wildlife and untouched wilderness that provided ample space to dispose of my victims' bodies.

I knew that some might consider Florida a risky choice, given the state's reputation for crime and danger. But to me, that reputation only made it all the more perfect. With so many seedy elements already present, it would be easy to blend in and operate unnoticed.

Of course, there were still risks to be managed. Every move I made had to be calculated and precise, ensuring that I left behind no clues or evidence. But I was confident that I could handle whatever challenges came my way.

As I stood there on my new ranch, I felt a sense of power and control like never before. With all the resources I needed to carry out my desires, I knew that I was unstoppable. And with Florida's endless landscape serving as my canvas, there was no telling how far I could go.

The time was near, and I could feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins. After two long years of preparation, I am finally ready to embark on my mission - to seek out and kill aesthetic young men.

It's not a decision I came to lightly. I spent months grappling with my desires - the urge to see beautiful male bodies, both alive and dead. In the end, however, I knew it was something I needed to do. For years, I have felt like an outsider in this world, my desires running counter to what is considered "normal" or acceptable. But in this moment, as I prepare to act on those desires, I feel alive in a way I have never felt before.

Of course, I have gone to great lengths to ensure that I will not be caught. I have created new aliases, searched every avenue to ensure that no trace will lead back to me. I spent long hours planning and strategizing, considering all the possible risks and working to minimize them. Nothing has been left to chance - and yet still, there is a sense of risk and uncertainty that makes my heart race.

I am not sure what tomorrow will bring. Perhaps I will succeed, and my desires will finally be sated. Perhaps I will fail, and my mission will be cut short, the consequences of my actions forever altering my life. But in this moment, none of that matters. All that matters is the rush of excitement, the sense of power and control that comes from knowing that I am about to take action on my deepest, darkest desires.

It didn't take long for me to find my first victim. His name was Nik, a twenty-two-year-old model who had already worked with a variety of unscrupulous photographers in his young career. As I studied his online presence, I couldn't help but feel a sense of disgust - not with Nik himself, but with the industry that had helped groom him for what was about to come. This was an industry I knew of only too well and had built up an alter ego as one of these photographers that I so despised. But this alter ego was going to help me when it could.

It was clear that Nik didn't give much thought to his own safety or well-being. He was always posting photos of himself in risky situations, often half-naked or in compromising positions. It was almost as if he was daring someone to take advantage of him.

I knew that I was just the person for the job. With years of planning and preparation behind me, I was more than ready to take on the challenge of bringing Nik into my realm. Using one of my many untraceable burner phones I reached out to Nik and offered him the opportunity of a photoshoot. To sweeten the deal, I even offered the sexy model two hundred and fifty bucks for his time and as I had predicted Nik jumped at the opportunity.

Now I needed a place to carry out my desires closer to where Nik lived.

I quickly thought of the perfect solution - an Airbnb. It was simple enough to find a suitable location on the outskirts of town, one that was private and secluded, with no nosy neighbors to worry about. I used a fake name and email address to make the booking, ensuring that my identity was hidden.

Once the booking was confirmed, I arranged to meet Nik at a specific location that I had carefully chosen. The location was chosen because it was far from the prying eyes of security cameras, and we could meet there without anyone even realizing what was happening.

I texted Nik and gave him the details of the meeting point - a small park on the outskirts of town. I knew he would say yes, as I had already planned this out and made sure that he would find it agreeable. The text told him that we would be going to the Airbnb and that it was a perfect place to shoot at. I could tell he was excited as he replied eagerly.

I felt a thrill as I waited for Nik to show up. I had spent years preparing for this moment, and everything was finally falling into place. The thought of what was to come made my heart race with excitement and anticipation.

As I laid eyes on Nik for the first time, my heart raced with excitement. He was even more stunning in person than he appeared in his online photos - tall and dark-haired, with a body that was both athletic and well-proportioned.

His outfit only served to enhance his natural good looks - a dark shirt that clung to his torso, outlining the muscles beneath it, and a pair of short red shorts that showed off his toned legs which were decorated in fine dark hairs.

I could feel my arousal building as I imagined all of the fun I could have with Nik's sexy body. His youthful energy and raw sexuality made him the perfect subject for my desires, and I knew that I was going to enjoy every moment of our time together.

As I drove away from the city, I could feel my heart racing with excitement. This was what I had been waiting for - the chance to exert my power over a beautiful young man, to treat him as an object of my desire rather than as a human being.

We finally arrived and chatted as we walked towards the Airbnb, I couldn't help but steal glances at him when he wasn't looking. His lips were full and constantly curved into a playful smile, and his eyes shone with a brightness that was both alluring and inviting.

I knew that it was only a matter of time before I would have my way with him, and the anticipation was almost too much to bear. I planned out the different scenarios in my head, exploring the endless possibilities of what was to come.

I imagined myself running my hands over his taut muscles, feeling the warmth of his skin against mine. I pictured myself exploring every inch of him, savoring every sensation and pushing him to new heights of ecstasy.

And as we finally walked into the Airbnb, I knew that my fantasies were about to become a reality. With Nik in my grasp and my desires in full control, I was ready for whatever the day might bring.

Once inside I showed him around, explaining that we had the whole place to ourselves. The look of excitement on his face was almost too much to bear, and I knew that my plan was working perfectly.

I made some small talk with Nik as I set up the camera and watched him undress and change into a pair of white underwear for the photoshoot, my heart racing with excitement. The sight of his body, already toned and athletic, was almost too much to handle.

I couldn't help but stare as he slipped out of his shirt, revealing a chest that was firm and well-muscled. His abs were chiseled and defined, almost as if they were carved out of marble, and his arms were thick and powerful.

When he finally turned around to reveal his back, I was almost breathless. The smooth curves of his spine and the ripple of muscles beneath his skin were enough to make my head spin.

And when he reached for the waistband of his shorts, I knew that there was no turning back. As he slipped them down to reveal his lower half, I couldn't help but stare at his toned legs and the way they seemed to go on forever.

But it was his bulging crotch that was the most compelling, and I felt my arousal build as I imagined all of the possibilities that lay ahead. With his body laid out before me, I knew that I was in for a night of unparalleled pleasure and satisfaction.

As the photo shoot began, I felt a rush of excitement flood through me. My mind buzzed with anticipation, eagerly contemplating all of the possibilities that lay ahead.

As Nik stood before me in his white underwear, I marveled at the lean, toned form of his lithe and athletic body. His skin seemed to glow in the natural light as he posed with his arms up and behind his head, his muscles rippling and flexing with every subtle movement.

The camera clicked and snapped as I captured every angle of his flawless form, my mind racing with thoughts of what it would feel like to have him in my grasp.

Each passing moment only heightened my desire, making it hard to think about anything other than what was happening right in front of me. I was captivated by the sight of him, irresistibly drawn to his raw sexuality and youthful energy.

As I worked my way around Nik's body, carefully framing each shot, I couldn't help but feel a sense of primal instinct take hold of me. Something dark and potent stirred within, fueling my desire and pushing me to new heights of arousal.

With Nik's body as my canvas, I was able to indulge in my deepest and most primal desires. It was as if I had until this moment been locked in a cage of social convention and conformity, and now I was finally free to explore the farthest reaches of my uninhibited lust.

As the shoot continued on, I couldn't help but feel a wave of excitement wash over me. Nik now sat there on the couch, his body still clad in his white Calvin Klein underwear, and I was struck with the desire to capture every inch of him that I could.

His body was like a work of art, a masterpiece crafted by a sculptor's hands. Every line, every curve, every ripple of muscle seemed to stand in stark relief against the backdrop of the room.

As I circled around the couch, camera in hand, I guided Nik through a series of poses, capturing every sensuous angle of his body as he moved and shifted before me. He seemed to undulate and flow with a kind of effortless grace, his movements mapped out by a keen sense of intuition and self-awareness.

Underneath it all, I could sense something raw and primal gathering momentum. It was as if the room was awash in a sea of energy, a primal force of desire that drew Nik and I inexorably together.

My eyes were drawn to the snug fabric of his underwear, which clung to his thighs and his hips like a second skin. With each breath he took, it strained across his lower abdomen, and my thoughts turned to the pleasure of exploring every inch of him beneath those tight-fitting garments.

The camera clicked and snapped, but it was just a prelude to the real action that was yet to come. I could feel the heat of desire building inside of me, and I knew without a doubt that Nik could feel it too.

The air was thick with tension and anticipation, and I couldn't help but wonder what was yet to come as I continued to direct Nik through the remaining poses of the shoot.

As the photo shoot progressed, Nik was now laying down on a bed, his body still clad in his white Calvin Klein underwear. From my vantage point, I could see every impeccably toned muscle on his body, glistening in the bright lights of the photo studio.

I helped him get into various poses, moving him gently around the bed for the perfect shot. With each movement, my eyes traced his body hungrily, the desire inside of me growing stronger with each passing moment.

It was all I could do to resist the overwhelming urge to reach out and touch him, to run my hands over every inch of his flesh. But I knew that this wasn't the time or place for that kind of behavior.

Instead, I poured my energy and my desire into the shoot, directing Nik and guiding him into every pose with meticulous care. It was as if our bodies moved in perfect harmony, like the notes of a symphony drawing us ever closer together.

But as the shoot continued, I could feel my resolve starting to weaken. The intense desire inside of me was becoming impossible to ignore, and I knew that if I didn't act soon, I might not be able to resist it at all.

I took a deep breath, focusing all of my energy and attention on the shoot ahead. Each photo we took seemed to heighten the desire inside of me, until I felt as if I was about to burst with it.

As we moved towards the end of the shoot, I knew that I had to find a way to control myself. I couldn't let my own desires get in the way of the job at hand.

But the sight of Nik's body, still clad in his white Calvin Klein underwear, was driving me insane. Every inch of him was like a beacon of light, pulling me ever closer to him with each passing moment.

I could feel the tension building up inside of me as I composed the shot. Something about Nik's energy, his presence, it was too much. And as I moved in closer to put him into a fresh position, I felt my resolve slip.

I could feel the tension building up inside of me as I composed the shot. Something about Nik's energy, his presence, it was too much. And as I moved in closer to put him into a fresh position, I felt my resolve slip.

It was quick, sudden, almost too fast to comprehend. My hands, which moments before had been perfectly steady, now shook as I wrapped them around Nik's throat. I could feel the wild heat of my breath against his skin as I tightened my grip.

Nik’s eyes opened wide in shock.

“What the fuck are you doing?” He managed to exclaim as I tightened my grip, and he instinctively brought his hands up to try and pull my grip away.

“This is nothing personal Nik, just you happened to be the guy that will be my first. I’ve dreamt of killing young men for a while and it’s an honor that you’re going to be the first of hundreds.” I snarl at him as I look him directly in the eyes.

Nik’s whimpering stops instantly as his air is cut off. His bloodshot eyes widen in fear–he finally understands that he’s going to die.

“Please stop. I beg you please.” Nik begged as he fought back, his sexy body twisting and turning in any way it could to try and throw me off.

Now I have to hold him tightly for a bit while I ride out his panicked thrashing. It’s a little like riding a mechanical bull. He jerks and bucks wildly, doing his damnedest to inhale but I have rodeo experience and his thrashing is nothing compared to that of a bull.

I watched as Nik’s eyes started to bulge, changing to a deeper shade of red as pinpoint hemorrhages burst deep in the whites. The tears leaking from the corners ran across his face to blend with the snot oozing from his nose.

Through his frantic gasps I taunted the hot hunk “Bet it’s starting to get dark around the edges for ya. You’re going to die very soon. I’m gonna have my fun with your corpse and throw you out like garbage to fester and rot, hell I may even be kind and let the animals feast on you. Your family and friends will never know that you ended your life begging and crying.”

God, it felt good to lie on top of Nik as he writhed in terror and pain. His face is contorted into a rictus of agony, white froth erupting from the corners of his mouth, squeezing out past his purple, protruding tongue, as he shook his head wildly from side to side, still futilely seeking escape from the crushing pain in his neck and chest. I wonder if Nik knew by now that there was to be no escape; this will only end in his death, but the physical demands override logic. He has to fight; he can’t help it. And every moment of his struggle continued to turn me on.

A sheen of cold sweat glistens on the Nik’s soft skin from his struggles, helping him slide around on the bed.

Nik continued to struggle as I tightened my grip around his throat, slightly lifting him from the bed as I did so.

I used all my strength and then I heard a noise a loud cracking sound as Nik’s hyoid bone snapped and the cartilage in his esophagus is crushed. His bruised and bleeding face swells and turns black as the pressure builds; drool runs down his cheeks and forms on the pillow.

Suddenly, Nik went rigid, his body snapping to attention as vital sections of his brain begin to die off, whole-body convulsions flew like waves through his athletic frame as I watch death take him.

It took me a little while to catch my breath as I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, pumping adrenaline through my veins. I took a deep breath, savoring the rush of excitement that fills me. Nik was my first kill, and I can hardly believe what I've just done.

I sit on top of the body, feeling invigorated, overcome by a sense of euphoria. The rush of emotions I experience is nothing like anything I've ever felt before. It's a wild mix of fear, excitement, and satisfaction, all rolled into one.

I look down at Nik’s lifeless form before me, a small smile playing on my lips. It's almost as if all my worries and fears have melted away in an instant, replaced with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

My hands are shaking, and I feel weak in the knees, but I'm also strangely elated. Killing someone wasn't as hard as I thought it would be – it was almost natural, like something I was born to do. As I scan the surroundings for any signs of danger, I can feel a newfound sense of empowerment coursing through me.

I'm almost addicted to the stunned silence that follows a kill. Watching someone leave this world, especially at my hand, makes me feel almost godlike. The knowledge that I could extinguish a life so easily provides a sense of euphoria that's almost beyond description.

In that moment, I felt like I could conquer the world. The sense of power and control that comes with taking someone's life feels like nothing I've ever known before. I revel in the feeling, letting it wash over me.

But my fun wasn’t over yet, Nik was dead and now I could do what I do longed to do to many a young man. I grabbed some photos of him dead for my collection, memories of a special moment.

I can hardly contain my excitement as I run my hands over Nik's lifeless body. His skin is so smooth and perfect, a canvas begging to be explored. I lick my lips in anticipation as my fingers find their way to his broad chest, tracing the contours of his muscles.

I can't resist nibbling at his nipples, playfully biting them before trailing my tongue down his stomach. I reach his waistband, pulling it down to reveal his toned thighs. I run my hands over them, marveling at their firmness and strength.

I've dreamt of this for so long, imagining what it would be like to explore every inch of Nik's sexy body. Now that the opportunity is finally here, I feel like a kid in a candy store. I can touch, lick, and play with him to my heart's content.

Nik doesn't seem to mind my attentions, even in death. Perhaps it's because he was always a bit of an exhibitionist, or maybe it's because he knows how much I adore him. Regardless, I'm thrilled to have him all to myself.

I can't help but wonder what it would be like if Nik were still alive, would he be responding to my touch with moans and writhing or would he be attacking me for the move I had just made. But I try to push those thoughts aside as I continue to explore him, relishing the pleasure that his body brings me.

I know that this might seem twisted or wrong to some, but I can't help how I feel. Young men were always the object of my desire, with Nik being mu first I finally have the chance to express those desires without fear or shame.

As I continue to stroke and lick and tease, I can feel myself getting lost in the pleasure of it all. For a brief moment, I forget about the world around me and focus solely on Nik's lifeless body, and the bliss that it brings me.

It was now time for even more fun. Nervousness now completely filled my body as I thought about what was about to happen.

You see I had never had sex and I was about to lose my virginity to Nik. I’d never been able to perform with a life person in fear of being judged or not living up to expectations. But sex with a dead body, that seemed blissful, I could do what I wanted when I wanted without the fear of being judged. The reality was most of the young men I intended to kill including Nik would never have paid me any attention but now they were powerless to stop me. Nik was powerless to stop me. I positioned Nik’s body, so his head and arms now dangled over the side of the bed and spread his legs before pulling his underwear down to reveal a well-endowed cut tool that had been neatly groomed. It was as if Nik had known this moment was about to occur and prepared himself for it.

I lifted Nik’s strong legs and rested his calves on my shoulders as I now forced my erect cock deep inside his hole. After a little resistance I heard a little pop as it soon entered, and I found myself in heaven. Nik’s sexy body rocked back and forth with each hard thrust I made. This was what I lived for, something I had longed to do, and I savored every minute of what I was doing. My thrusts picked up speed as I found myself close to erupting, I clenched Nik’s torso and fired my load deep inside him before collapsing on the corpse.

It wasn’t until the early hours that I woke from my sleep, my head resting on Nik’s now cold torso, my cock still firmly embedded up his arse.

I looked down at Nik who looked so peaceful , his vacant dark eyes staring up at me, his mouth now slightly open. It was then I had an idea and moved myself further up so Nik’s mouth now rested by my crotch. I lifted his head by his dark hair and shoved my cock deep into his mouth, thrusting the tongue (still black, swollen and protruding) aside as my cock now slid into Nik’s dry, closed-off throat.

God, it feels great, skullfucking the corpse. I roll onto my back and jack myself off with the dead hunks head, clutching a handful of Nik’s hair as a handle. His half-open eyes have rolled back slightly–at this angle, and they now stare into my own. Nik may have died too soon, but he’s still hot as fuck.

I imagined Nik choking and gagging as I fired my load into the back of his throat. I didn’t want my time with Nik to end but knew that it had to. Besides, there would be others to have fun with.

I grabbed Nik by his hands and dragged him into the bathroom where I thoroughly washed his fine body and ensured no trace evidence remained. Oh, how I loved the sensation as my hands slid over his smooth went body.

Once completed I took Nik’s body and laid it in the back of my truck. I had already scouted every inch of Florida and knew every dumping ground. I had a special area reserved for Nik.

It took me around an hour to drive to the Buzzards Roost, a wooded conservation area that was home to lots of Buzzard’s. I opened my tail gate sensing the many eyes now watching me to see what I was dropping off in their area. I looked down at Nik’s body and wondered what it would look like when found. How long would it take for the buzzards to feast on the hunk, would he be found in time or would they find nothing but skeletal remains. Oh, how I wished I could witness the spectacle that was about to unfold. Maybe I would pay some visits if he’s not found and check out the progress for myself.

I dragged Nik from the truck and laid him out on the ground. As I did, I still couldn’t help thinking that I needed a more symbolic trophy to remind me of my first kill. I stared at the dead hunk and then it struck me. I would take his head. I mean what better trophy can you have? When it had been defleshed it could sit proudly on my desk as an ornament, an ornament that was to finally remember my path that I was put here to do.

I walked back to my truck and grabbed a hunting knife from the back. before walking back to where Nik lay. A couple of Buzzard’s had already swooped down to investigate what would be their next meal and I quickly scared them away before kneeling by the body and placing the sharp blade over Nik’s throat.

I closed my eyes as I cut, slowly at first before eventually picking up speed, I hit some resistance as I sawed through Nik’s spine, but his head soon popped off and I quickly carried it to my truck, leaving the sexy aesthetic body to the mercy of the Buzzards.

Back at home I paid close attention to the news, waiting to hear if Nik had been discovered. All the time continuing to skull fuck his severed head, laughing as my cum rolls down his throat and out of the bottom of his stump.

Nik’s head is beautiful, handsome and a proud reminder of the hot young man. But I really want the skull for my desk, so I designed a wire cage big enough for insects and scavengers to get to but not big enough for the head to be carried off. I now place the head inside and wait for nature to do its job.

A week passes and still there is no news on Nik’s body. I drove to the Roost and to my amazement found the body still in situ where I left it. I stop and stare in amazement at the work the Buzzards have done 60% of the flesh was gone. The meat from

Nik’s fine quads had been devoured leaving only two bloody thigh bones, the birds had torn into his abdomen exposing his rib cage with part of it picked clean with the other half with pieces of flesh hanging from the bone.

What really struck me was the complete disappearance of Nik’s well-endowed tool, bloody bits of his Calvin Klein underwear lay torn all over the place as the birds seemed to really want to consume the large worm within.

I drove away feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment. I knew if Nik wasn’t found soon there would be no physical evidence left.

Another five days past and still there was no news, I took another drive up to the dumping spot and this time I had to stop to take a picture as Nik’s flesh had been complete devoured, all that remained was a headless blooded skeleton that had been picked clean. The sexy young man who I had killed and caressed was now reduced to a pile of bones.

That night I jacked myself off to pictures of Nik knowing that this form of the hunk no longer existed. I rewound the video I had taken and watched Nik again and again as I drifted off to sleep.

It wasn’t until the nineteenth day after I had disposed of Nik that the news reported the discovery of skeletal remains at the buzzards Roost. I followed the story closely and laughed as the police begged for assistance in identifying the victim. I guess a skeletal headless body didn’t give them much to go on as Nik was now identified as John Doe 767.

Killing Nik had been fun and turned me on. I had gotten away with my first kill and now began to turn my attention to finding another helpless hunk to kill.
Chapter 2. My Best Friend

Around a month had passed since I had killed my first ever person. Nik had been special, and I have been reliving the moment over and over. But none of these thoughts were the substitute for the real thing and my mind was soon thinking about claiming another life.

It had been a normal day for me, I did some shopping and went to the gym for a solid workout.

Whilst at the gym I bumped into Josh, a close friend of mine. We’d known each other for over 15 years and played on the same sports teams growing up and spent time around each other’s houses.

In fact, Josh and I were like brothers and as we grew up Josh blossomed into that one friend that you secretly had a crush on.

Josh was a sight to behold with his striking blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. He had a charming smile that could light up a room and a rugged jawline that was always perfectly groomed. As he walked, it was hard not to notice his incredibly fit physique. He had a toned six-pack and broad shoulders that tapered down into a narrow waist.

His broad shoulders led down to his thick chest, complete with a perfectly sculpted set of chunky pecs that begged to be touched. His six-pack abs were perfectly cut, with every muscle line visible even from a distance.

His arms and chest were defined with muscles that bulged with every move he made.

But what really set Josh apart was his legs. They were long and lean, with impressive muscle definition that showed off all his hard work at the gym. When he ran or walked, his thighs rippled with every movement, making it clear that his shorts were not hiding an ounce of fat. His calves were equally defined, with every muscle contracting and flexing with each step he took. Every inch of him was sculpted to perfection, a true aesthetic wonder.

Many a time I had dreamt of destroying my friend’s body and having my wicked way with his body. I had always dreamed of nibbling on one of his chunky pecs or tucking into a fine steak from one of his thighs. A few opportunities to dispose of Josh had presented themselves in the past but I had never killed anyone then and he was a close friend.

But times were changing as we had got older Josh had become cockier as he thought he was god’s gift to people with his sexy body and fantastic looks.

I’d cheered him on and supported him when he took part in some fitness shows. Watching him strut his stuff on stage in just a pair of tight briefs was such a turn on for me.

He began to change when he won his first show and I saw some traits to Josh that I didn’t like. His eyes began to get big, and vanity started to set in as everything always became about him. Then everything changed when Josh appeared on a reality Tv dating show where he had to go through a number of rounds with 30 potential suitors. At the end of each round the female suitors could turn their lights off if they were no longer interested in Josh. He sailed through the first few rounds and the final round was where Josh finally got his fifteen minutes of fame as the show had him dress in only a pair of skimpy red briefs and step back on stage where he would make a cocktail with various parts of his body.

He squeezed some bananas with his hands, grapefruits with his biceps and then and I have to admit I did enjoy the next part they gave him a watermelon that he put between his powerful thighs and squeezed tightly until the watermelon broke and the juices ran into a glass. (Oh, how I wished I could have been that watermelon between those powerful thigh muscles, straining and begging not to burst.)

The little cocktail show seemed to go down a bit with the female suitors with only 3 turning their lights off at the cringey sight before them. This left Josh the pick of twenty seven other females and boy we didn’t hear the end of his popular he was from his mouth.

National news covered the little episode and Josh was soon known for the little scene he had done. His ego got bigger and on nights out he reveled in the attention he was receiving, and it soon came as no surprise that when he was out clubbing, he would regularly undress at the request of club owners and recreate the scene in front of lots of cheering women and drunk guys.

Now back at the gym, Josh and I talked about life although most of the conversation was all about how good Josh was and what he planned to do that evening.

He dropped his gym trousers, so he now just stood in a black pair of Calvin Klein underwear.

“Hey, do I look good for tonight?” He asked me “Come on brother, tell me I look good.”

I looked Josh up and down doing my best to ensure I didn’t give away any indication of how sexy I really felt Josh was. I so wanted to reach out and touch his fine body but resisted the urge. I knew how to play to Josh’s ego as I told him he looked great and would have the girls clamoring over him tonight.

Josh smiled and thanked me for my honesty as he pulled his trousers back up and told me he was heading home to get ready.

As he walked out the door, I did what I had always done and told Josh to call me if he got himself into any trouble that night.

It was 2am and I was sound asleep when my phone started ringing. I groggily picked it up and saw that it was Josh. As soon as I answered the phone, I could tell that he was drunk.

"Hey man," he slurred, "I'm in a bit of a situation."

"What's going on?" I asked, trying to shake off my sleepiness.

"I lost my wallet, and I don't have any other way to get home," he said. "Can you come pick me up?"

I sighed. I knew that Josh had been out drinking with some friends, and he was always terrible at keeping track of his things when he had been drinking. I hesitated for a moment, considering the fact that it was the middle of the night. But I couldn't leave my best friend stranded and always told him to call me if he ever got into trouble.

"Yeah, of course," I said. "Where are you?"

He gave me the name of the bar he was at, and I groaned inwardly. It was across town, and getting there and back would take at least an hour. But I didn't really have a choice.

"Okay, I'll be there soon," I said, grabbing my keys and starting to get dressed.

"Thanks, man," Josh said, sounding relieved. "I really appreciate it."

As I drove to the bar, I couldn't help but feel a little annoyed at Josh for getting himself into this situation. But when I saw him standing outside, looking miserable and lost, all my irritation evaporated.

Josh knew the car I had, and I watched as he climbed into a similar looking car just behind me and watched as the confused and angry taxi driver threw him out.

"Hey, man over here," I said, getting out of the car. "Let's get you home."

Josh stumbled into the passenger seat, still slurring his words and smelling strongly of alcohol. I rolled down the windows to try and get some of the stench out of the car, and we set off towards his house.

Josh looked rather attractive Dressed in dark jeans, a denim top and dark under shirt and within seconds of getting in the car dropped off to sleep.

I drove carefully, trying to avoid any sudden movements that might cause my drunken friend to stir. Josh had fallen asleep in the passenger seat almost as soon as we set off for his home, leaving me alone with my thoughts as we drove.

As we turned a corner, my eyes involuntarily flicked to the handsome face of my sleeping friend. His skin looked soft and perfect, his breaths steady and deep. I smiled to myself, enjoying the sensation of driving with him so close to me.

As we continued down the road, I reached over and placed my hand gently on his thigh, savoring the warmth and solidity of his muscle. A shiver ran down my spine as I realized that I was enjoying this forbidden touch, despite the fact that Josh was my best friend.

But as if that weren't enough, I found myself gazing at his sculpted abs and quivering ever so slightly. With a quick glance to make sure he was still sleeping; I lifted his shirt and ran my fingers over his toned muscles.

It felt like a forbidden pleasure. But at the same time, it felt like the most natural thing in the world.

In that moment, all thoughts of friendship and respect went out of the window, leaving only a desperate desire to touch him and possess him in any way I could.

As we approached Josh's house, I nudged him awake so that he could guide me to his door. But as soon as he stood up, it was clear that something was wrong. He fumbled through his pockets, searching for his keys, but they were nowhere to be found.

"I must have lost them at the bar," he slurred. "I'm sorry, man."

I sighed and checked my phone, hoping that there might be someone who could come to his rescue. But it was past 3am, and everyone I knew was asleep.

Without any other options, I suggested to Josh that he come back to my house to crash for the night. He agreed and stumbled back into the passenger seat as I drove us away from his house.

As I drove, I couldn't help but glance over at him from time to time, my thoughts racing with unspoken desires. As he had drifted back off to sleep.

I drove Josh back to my house, my heart racing with anticipation. As we walked up to the spare room, I helped him get comfortable before I started undressing him.

I gently removed his denim jacket and shirt, revealing his athletically toned torso with meaty pecs that looked so inviting. I couldn't resist the urge to touch him, running my hands over his skin as I admired the way his muscles tensed under my fingertips.

As I undid the top of his jeans, I felt the heat rising in my cheeks as I peeked at his dark underwear. I knew that this was wrong, that I was taking advantage of him in his drunken state. But my desire for him had always been simmering just below the surface, and now that he was laid out before me, I couldn't resist.

I gave in to the overwhelming urge to touch Josh and let my hands roam over every inch of his sexy body. I licked and nipped at his torso, tracing the lines of his muscles with my tongue as I felt him move and moan under me.

I couldn't get enough of him, the feel of his skin against my lips and the warmth of his body driving me wild with desire. I playfully nibbled at his pecs, exploring their texture and relishing the way he gasped and moaned in response.

Finally, I found myself exploring his wonderful thighs, running my hands up and down the length of his legs and admiring the strength and beauty of his body. I knew that I was taking advantage of him, that my desires were wrong and forbidden. But in that moment, I couldn't resist the overwhelming urge to touch him, to explore his body and experience every inch of his perfect form.

As I explored Josh's body, he suddenly stirred, his eyes flickering open as he caught me in the act of molesting his body. In a moment of sheer panic, I placed my hands around his throat, squeezing tight as I watched Josh’s eyes open wide in shock.

In his drunken state, Josh was no match for me. He flailed and struggled, his body writhing in agony as I squeezed harder and harder, consumed by the madness that had overtaken me.

I watched in horror as he fought for his life, his powerful leg muscles thrashing against me in a desperate attempt to break free. But there was no escape, not for him and not for me.

Pain and confusion spread over Josh’s face as he still didn’t realize what was actually happening. I’m not even sure he fully understands that he’s going to die. I looked him square in the eyes and smiled making sure it was time to remove all doubt. I wrap my hands tighter around his throat and squeeze.

Instantly his hands came up, plucking and pulling at my wrists. I’m holding him down by his throat while I sit on his magnificent chest. The concept of death has penetrated his mind and it was fun watching Josh scramble as he tried to escape it. He struggles and fights hard his muscular body bucking and kicking as it tries to throw me off, but in reality, it’s hopeless for Josh as I’ve pinned him to the bed and continue to strangle him.

Josh clawed at my hands as gagging sounds erupted from his clenched throat. His eyes, wide and bulging, now stared into mine, begging in desperation. “Agghhh. Please stop.” he uttered as he continued to plead.

“Ahhggg, uckkkkkk,” Josh gasped as he desperately tried to take some air in. I squeeze my hands together with as much force as I can. Thinking my coco is about to explode as I hear the sound of cartilage and bone cracking and feel his esophagus crushed in my hands. His face turned a dusky blue and his gagging sounds have become intermittent but much more intense, as his swollen tongue now pushes between his lips.

Then moments later Nick’s struggles weakened as his brain dies. He’s not resisting me anymore; instead, his hands are caressing my face and my chest. I grip his neck more tightly, eliciting a final crunch, as He arches his body upwards, pressing his smooth flat belly against mine.

As he struggled to breathe one last time, I realized what I had done. I had let my desires consume me, let them drive me to madness and violence, until there was no going back.

In the end, Josh didn't make it. He died in my arms, his body still and lifeless as I crumpled to the ground in tears and regret.

I had acted on impulse, on a twisted and perverse desire that had eaten away at my soul, and now I felt alive, having finally done something I had always wanted.

My cock was hard as I looked down at Josh whose beautiful blue eyes now stared up at me and into the abyss. This was what I had always dreamed off and I was going to savor this magical moment. I took some snaps of my latest victim to add to my own personal collection.

Then I began to explore his body, to touch and fondle and caress him in ways that I knew were forbidden.

My hands moved over his skin, tracing the contours of his chest and stomach, exploring the hard, muscular lines of his body with a fevered intensity that bordered on madness.

I found myself drawn to his meaty pecs, cupping them in my hands as I indulged my every desire. They were firm and solid, a tangible expression of the raw physical power that Josh had possessed in life.

Moving down, I traced the outline of his abs, my fingers dancing over the ridges and valleys of his stomach with a sense of fascination and awe.

For a moment, I hesitated, wondering if I should stop, if I should resist the temptation that threatened to consume me. But it was too late. My dark desires had taken hold, and I was powerless to resist.

And so, I moved lower still, slapping Josh's thick thighs with a sense of reckless abandon, lost in the sensations that coursed through me with every touch.

Finally, I found myself licking and tasting his flesh, my tongue tracing lines across his skin with a hunger that I knew could never be satisfied.

It was wrong, all of it. I knew that, even as I indulged myself in the heat of the moment. But at that moment, it didn't matter. All that mattered was the dizzying rush of pleasure, the final release of a desire that had been building within me for far too long. Josh was my friend, like a brother but it didn’t stop me from doing what I did next as I pulled down his underwear to reveal his fine uncut cock and shoved my fully erect tool into his tight hole. I wandered how many other gay guys would have wanted to be the first to take this blonde studs anal Virginity and laughed as Josh rocked back and forth slowly with each thrust, I made. Soon my rhythm improved, and I clasped his shoulders as I reached my orgasmic moment and fired my thick load deep within my friend before cuddling up and falling asleep on top of his body.

I woke a few hours later my cock still firmly planted in Josh’s hole like a harpoon as I lay onto of his cold body.

As I looked down at my friend my thoughts turned to having to dispose of him. Josh wasn’t like Nik; he was someone I knew personally. He was like a brother and that was when I thought about it. One of the biggest taboos known to man. The more I looked down at Josh the more I knew he was perfect for it.

For years I had playfully dreamt of chowing down on Josh’s fantastic body and now I actually had the chance to do it. Also, by consuming Josh I was ensuring that he would remain with me forever, never leaving my sides our bodies now intertwined together for all times.

As I continued to look at him, the urge to eat Josh overwhelmed me, to consume his flesh and take him inside of me in a way that was both primal and erotic.

It was a hunger born of desperation and despair, a need to satisfy a desire that I had no name for. And as I looked at Josh's body, I knew with certainty that I could no longer ignore the urge that had taken hold of me.

My mouth watered at the thought of his flesh, of the taste and texture of his skin as it slid down my throat. I could almost feel the ecstasy as I took my first bite, the rush of adrenaline and terror that would come with each passing moment.

I’d already down some research into the art of cannibalism during my perpetration years and now headed out to get the final items I needed to ensure my plan was a success.

A few hours later, with everything set up, I dragged Josh’s body into the body preparation room in my large house and hung him upside down from the metal hooks by his ankles.

I felt butterflies in my stomach as I grabbed the knife made an incision on one side of Josh’s neck, until I hit the carotid arteries. The immediate result saw my friend’s blood gushing out of the wound like a fountain.

I then made a deep ear to ear cut, slicing through the neck and larynx. This allowed all the blood, which was going down to the head because of gravity, to escape through the cut. I aided the drainage of blood into the large oil drum by massaging Josh’s powerful legs down to his trunk, and by pumping his stomach.

My attention turned to beheading my close friend. As I enlarged the cut I had done across his neck with the same knife, and cut until I reached the bones, slicing around his neck. I found it very hard to cut through his vertebrae with the knife so had to put in some extra effort to ensure I was successful.

Once I had severed Josh’s head, I couldn’t resist myself and skull fucked the handsome head as Josh’s blue eyes started back at me, once I was finished, I put Josh’s head into my newly purchased chest freezer.

Now came a messy part as I prepared to gut Josh. With a scalpel blade, I made an incision going from Josh’s pubic area up to his breastbone. I placed my hands inside as I pulled out his internal organs and intestines that were quickly thrown into a bucket.

Butchering Josh’s body for his meat was next. I cut the arms from the trunk by cutting through the meat under the armpit, round the shoulder, cutting the ligaments around the head of his humerus with a scalpel, and twisted his arm until the remaining tendons that tie it to the shoulder blade break free.

I chopped the hands off with a meat cleaver. Most of the meat that could be used from Josh’s arm was found on the upper arm. The biceps were saved for steaks and the triceps on the back of the upper arm minced up along with the excess meat from the arms.

It was now time to cut the body in half. I grabbed a power saw and ran it up the back from the buttocks to the neck.

The big lateral muscles of Josh’s back provided large fillets and were stripped to the bone, this gave me access to Josh’s ribs which would be excellent for a barbecue.

Josh’s oblique muscles of the abdominal part would also make for great, tender steaks. The meat between the neck and shoulder was pried away by making an incision through the collar bone. I sliced away both of Josh’s meaty pecs that would make perfect burgers.

Apparently, the legs were the best part of the human body to eat. I cut his feet off, and then separated his upper leg from the calves by cutting through the knee with a saw. The calves are similar to the biceps, but even juicier. The upper leg and meaty thighs were the part where I cut a number of succulent and juicy steaks. Josh’s rump was carved in triangular pieces from the pelvis.

I minced up all the excess meat I had left for Josh until nothing, but his stripped bones remained.

I grabbed one of Josh’s meaty pecs and a tender steak from his quad and placed it in the oven whilst the rest of his meat parcels were placed in the chest freezer. As I waited for it to cook, I took his organs and insides and fed them to my three large German Shepherds and watched as the dogs went made overt friends insides.

A nice aroma filled the house as Josh’s meat slowly cooked. And a short while later I felt like a kid on Christmas morning as I sat at the table with two succulent pieces of meat I had harvested from my best friend.

Josh’s severed head sat in the middle of the table and stared back at me as I lifted the juicy burger up from the plate.

I closed my eyes as I took a bite from the burger, the juices flowed into my mouth as I chewed and felt like I was in heaven. Josh’s pec tasted splendid just as I had imagined and for those brief moments, I thought I was in heaven. Josh didn’t disappoint me, and I looked forward to consuming the rest of the sexy young man’s flesh over the next few days.

Josh’s bones were cooked in the oven before being pulverized and spread over my beautiful garden.

That night a few tears rolled down my cheek as I looked back at pictures of Josh and the great times we had spent together as a tiny bit of guilt hit me before I told myself how much I had enjoyed the whole occasion.

Chapter 3

Death had taken over my life. Everywhere I looked I saw death. What I had just fantasized a few weeks before now warped with reality and two young men had already lost their life’s and I had already lined up my third victim.

Oh, my third victim was special. He had someone I had followed on Instagram for a long time and a perfect victim for the milestone that lay ahead.

You see according to the FBI, I was about to join an elite club. They said that “The term "serial killer" is often applied to someone who has killed three or more people with a cooling-off period in between each murder.”

I was excited to join this elusive club, whose prestige’s alumni included Gacy, Buddy, Dahmer, the zodiac killer and more.

I had been following Nick on social media for quite some time. He was a sexy and handsome model, and his chiseled physique was simply irresistible. I was enamored with his muscular body, solid pecs, firm abs, and stocky but defined legs. Every time I saw his posts, my heart raced, and my mind couldn't help but drift to the thoughts of him.

Whenever he posted a new photo, I couldn't resist staring at it for several minutes, to the point where I felt guilty. There was something about him that was so captivating, and I couldn't deny my attraction.

It wasn't just his physical appearance that drew me in, though. Every time he shared a story or a post, I loved learning more about his personality. He was always so charming, and his sense of humor never failed to make me laugh.

Following Nick on social media was almost like having a crush on someone in real life. The excitement and anticipation I felt every time he posted something new was intense and enthralling.

The crush I had on him for so long was the reason why he was to be victim number 3 to me.

I reached out to Nick on my burner phone and introduced myself and asked if he would be interested in doing a photoshoot with me. To my surprise, he was very interested and seemed excited about the opportunity and asked to look at some of my work which I happily sent him.

As the day of the shoot Drew near I was shocked when Nick told me his daily rate for a shoot was $1500 and that he would no longer do the shoot for free. I had no idea that some professional models charged so much money and unfortunately and told him that’s not what he agreed. Nick told me to like it or lump it and how it wasn’t his problem as he didn’t have to shoot. The money wasn't an issue and in fact $1500 was pocket change to me. But it was the principal of the matter.,

Despite the initial shock, I knew that Nick's modeling skills and experience would be worth the investment. Plus, I know I’d be getting all the money back after I had killed the sexy hunk, so I agreed to pay the amount and do the shoot. end.

Nick was the complete package- tanned and handsome with a smile that could light up a room. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Osu, he was a man that oozed intellect and was highly regarded amongst his peers. At first glance, Nick could come off as shallow and abrupt, leaving those who didn't know him to make wild assumptions about his character.

But what most people didn't know was that Nick was a total sweetheart and a Momma's boy at heart. He possessed a generous and empathetic quality that drew people towards him. Though he enjoyed spending time on his looks and had a talent for modeling, there was more to Nick than his good looks.

His modeling career took off easily, thanks to his chiseled physique and striking features. Modeling was something that came naturally to him, and he excelled in it. But it was his side hustle that let him see the world more broadly. Nick also did high-class escorting for both males and females in his spare time, a side hustle which took him all over the world.

Despite his secret life as an escort, Nick never once felt guilty about it, knowing that it allowed him to experience the world, live comfortably, meet fascinating people, and explore his own sexuality. Nick's life was full of intrigue and had so much more to him than met the eye. Nick’s sexuality in the modelling world had always been one of discussion but the young man kept his cards close to this chest although strong rumors persisted that Nick was in fact gay.

As the day of the photoshoot with Nick approached, I found myself getting more and more excited. I had spent a lot of time planning the shoot, and thinking about the perfect lighting and poses. It was a golden opportunity to work with a talented and experienced model like Nick.

We had already agreed on his daily rate of $1500, and Nick had even agreed to take only $250 as a deposit to lock in the date. The remaining balance to him was to be paid in cash directly after the shoot. This was a sign that I took how Nick trusted me and was eager to shoot.

The day of the shoot arrived, and I could feel my adrenaline pumping. Nick was prompt and professional, arriving 15 minutes early to ensure that everything was set up and ready to go.

As I anxiously awaited Nick's arrival for our photoshoot, I couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement mixed with dread. I knew he had a reputation for being a little rough around the edges, but I hoped that our shared passion for art and photography would be enough to overcome any issues. I also hoped I would be able to control my other urges for the duration of the shoot as I didn’t want to scare Nick off.

However, as soon as he stepped out of his car, I could see the arrogance oozing from him. It was as if he thought he was the center of the universe, and everyone around him was there to serve him. He walked with a swagger as he was shirtless wearing only a white pair of shorts as if to say, ‘he was sexy and he knew it.’

He quickly made his demands, stating that he wouldn't do any nudes, which caught me off guard.

I tried to remain calm and explained that I had no plans for anything beyond professional model shots and the least he would be wearing would be underwear. I then quickly showed him my vision board, hoping that he would understand my artistic vision and give me the chance to bring it to life.

Thankfully, he seemed to calm down a bit after looking at my ideas and understood the direction that I was trying to take. We worked together to bring the vision to life, and despite a slightly rocky start, Nick's modeling talent and charisma helped the shoot go off without a hitch.

As I stepped onto the set, I couldn't help but feel anxious. Nick was a well-known model with an impressive career, so naturally, I wanted everything to be perfect for our shoot. He’s just got changed into his first outfit when I saw him sitting in the middle of the room, my breath caught in my throat- he was shirtless, and his yellow shorts hugged his muscled thighs tightly. Nick looked like he had stepped straight out of a magazine.

He sat with an air of ease, perched on the window ledge as he gazed out into the sunset. His feet dangled down onto the couch below him, and he seemed entirely relaxed, as if he were in his own space.

As I started to set up the lights, I couldn't help but notice just how remarkable Nick's body looked. His muscles were defined and sculpted, and the various natural light shadows seemed to dance along his skin perfectly, each connected fluidly to the next, setting off each curve and leaving me in awe.

Even the smallest of details were captured in detail- from the leg hair on his toned legs peeking out from beneath those yellow shorts to the veins in his muscular arms standing out against his tanned skin. Nick really looked remarkable under the lights.

As Nick moved onto the next pose, my eyes were glued to him, mesmerized by his athletic physique. He now stood atop the couch, towering over me as he gave a double bicep pose. His yellow shorts still clung to his muscular thighs, drawing all attention to the contours of his incredible body.

As he flexed his biceps, all the contours of Nick's muscles seemed to pop out in magnificent detail. The light gently caressed every inch of his form, highlighting his powerful chest and six-pack abs. His biceps bulged with incredible power, as they protruded from under his taut skin.

I couldn't help but admire the definition and shape of his muscles as he flexed for the camera. His physique was a testament to all of the hard work and dedication he had put in at the gym. It was no wonder that he was such a sought-after model. It was just a shame that this was to be his last ever shoot. I felt myself going hard at sight of the sexy model and told my inner demon to shut up as they urged me to make my move and kill Nick now.

The whole scene was a stunning sight to behold, and the camera shuttered with a click as I captured each moment. With every pose and every flex, Nick's confidence radiated out and only added to his impressive presence.

After changing from his yellow shorts, Nick emerged from the next room wearing a pair of white Calvin Klein briefs. I was amazed by how the underwear hugged all the curves and angles of his body, emphasizing his muscles in all the right places. He literally looked like a Greek God!

With his chiseled abs, bulging biceps, and imposing physique, Nick was every inch the perfect model. I was sure that this picture would be nothing short of spectacular.

As he walked towards the black background, Nick posed slightly, making sure that every angle of his body was well lit. He then proceeded to sit down and bent his knees slightly, resting his forearms on top of them. He looked directly into the camera with the most intense look that made me feel weak at the knees. His dark gaze seemed to see right through the lens, and I knew that the photo would turn out amazing.

His legs, in particular, looked amazing as they bulged with strength and masculinity. Even the tiniest details, such as the hair on his legs, seemed to add to the overall aesthetic, making the picture look more captivating.

Nick's overall look was stunning and sexy, and I felt fortunate to be working alongside such a gorgeous model. I knew that this image would be an absolute hit with my followers as it showcased Nick's sculpted and magnificently toned body. Even now, as I recall that moment, I cannot help but remember just how breathtaking he looked in those shorts. It had seemed even Nick was saving the best until the end.

As the next part of the shoot began, Nick stood tall with his arms crossed, still wearing the white Calvin Klein briefs. His ripped chest, toned abs, and massive thighs were on full display as he gave the camera a menacing glare.

With his arms crossed tightly, Nick showcased his amazing taper and incredible muscle definition. Every angle of his chiseled body was sharp and precise, the result of years of grueling exercise and training.

As I moved around and adjusted the camera, I couldn't help but admire the incredible power and beauty of the model in front of me. Nick exuded an aura of raw masculinity that was both captivating and intimidating all at once.

Every inch of his being was a work of art, and the way he carried himself with such pride and confidence was truly inspiring. Even in just his underwear, he exuded an incredible sense of sensuality - a raw magnetic charisma that made it hard to look away.

In that moment, I felt like I was witnessing something truly special, capturing the essence of a true male model. As Nick remained motionless before the lens, I continued to snap photographs – each one capturing a different perspective on his rugged sex appeal.

His masculinity was both commanding and captivating, and I felt incredibly lucky to be able to capture it all. Although death would soon be claiming Nick, I ensured I had enough wank material around for when he was long gone.

For the final pose of this part of the shoot, Nick stole the show with a move that blew all the others out of the water. He stood with his arms down by his sides, clutching each side of his white Calvin Klein briefs, and pulled one side slightly down, revealing a teasing glimpse of his incredible abs.

As he glanced down at the floor, Nick radiated an unmatched sensuality. Every inch of his toned body was on full display, from his ripped chest to his massive quads. The combination of his incredible charisma and his stunning physique left me completely enthralled.

The light that bounced off one side of his body highlighted just how amazing his rounded pecs and abs were. The shadows that danced on his skin emphasized every single line and curve, elevating the overall effect of the pose.

As I took shot after shot, the power of Nick's presence continued to mesmerize me. He gave off an energy that was both wild and untamed, and yet also completely controlled – like he had complete mastery over his body and all of its incredible abilities.

In those moments, I found myself utterly captivated by his magnetism and beauty. It took all my senses to keep my urges under control as I inadvertently found myself reaching for the hammer, I had hidden away a few times.

After the breathtaking shoot with Nick in his white CK briefs, the next scene required him to change into a pair of jeans. We took a few minutes to carefully adjust the lighting and talk over the details of the upcoming poses before Nick emerged from the changing room, still shirtless, sporting a tight pair of jeans that hugged his muscular body.

Once we were ready, we headed outside to the pool area, where Nick took a seat in a pool chair. He casually draped his right arm over the top of the chair while his left arm held onto the handle, showcasing his bulging bicep. His jeans hung low on his hips, revealing the toned muscles of his abdomen and legs.

As Nick leaned back in the chair, his torso was highlighted perfectly by the sun shining down on him. The light bounced off his solid defined abs and sent shimmers down his chest, emphasizing every single detail of his incredible physique.

The pose was simple, yet incredibly powerful, conveying confidence and strength in equal measure. In that moment, there was no denying that Nick was truly an incredible male model - a testament to the raw energy and charisma that exuded from every pore of his being.

As I snapped shot after shot, I was struck by the sheer beauty of the moment - Nick's incredible strength and sensuality captured in stunning detail. It was an experience I would never forget.

After wrapping up the shoot outside, we headed inside to capture more incredible poses. Nick remained in his tight jeans, now sitting in a chair with both hands behind his head. This pose allowed him to show off his incredible torso and armpits, emphasizing his flawless physique.

The way he reclined in the chair was both seductive and powerful, showcasing his strength and virility. The light that poured in from the window highlighted the curves of his muscles, illuminating every inch of his toned body.

As we went through the motions of the shoot, Nick undid the top of his jeans, adding an extra edge of sensuality to the moment. This move emphasized the curves of his hips and muscular obliques, adding to the overall appeal of the pose.

There was something incredibly magnetic about Nick in this moment, something that drew you in and held your attention captive. Perhaps it was the way he moved with such grace and fluidity, or maybe it was the raw power that radiated off of him.

This photoshoot had been tough for me and my urges badly wanted to come to the fore. Every time Nick looked my way, or I continued to see his sexy body my thoughts turned to something far more sinister than lighting techniques and camera angles.

I thought I had done well and focused on the job at hand, despite having a boner for the entire shoot. But I don’t know why, but my urges just exploded as my dick throbbed.

Nick retired to the dressing room to change. And as he did, I fought with myself over whether or not to follow him. I shouldn't, I knew that. It would be inappropriate. But, before I knew it, I was outside the door, listening for any sound inside.

I could hear Nick's voice, muffled, through the door. He was talking on the phone, it sounded like to a friend and laughing how he had pitched $1500 bucks to me and how I could have given him a fraction of the price.

In fact, what Nick didn’t know was that the $250 down payment was a small price to pay to be able to kill him. I hesitated for a moment before pushing open the door and slipping inside.

Nick was already half-dressed, struggling to pull on a pair of track pants. I could see his blue underwear peeking out from underneath. My body pressed up against his, and I could feel his warmth against my skin.

The urge was too strong. And before he could say or do anything I swung the hammer towards his head. A loud cracking sound was heard as he let out an “Oomph” and in one swift move, Nick crumpled to the ground. As I looked down at him, a wave of mixed emotions flooded my mind. What had I done? But these were only momentarily.

I watched as a stunned Nick moaned and groaned on the floor “What did you do man? Why did you do that?” He uttered still trying to regain some composure as I rolled him over.

But before he could do anything I was on top of him with my hands wrapped tightly around his throat.

Pain and confusion spread over Nick’s face; as he still didn’t realize what was actually happening. I’m not even sure he fully understands that he’s going to die. I looked him square in the eyes and smiled making sure it was time to remove all doubt. I wrap my hands tighter around his throat and squeeze.

Instantly his hands came up, plucking and pulling at my wrists. I’m holding him down by his throat while I sit on his magnificent chest. The concept of death has penetrated his mind and it was fun watching Nick scramble as he tried to escape it. He struggles and fights hard, his muscular body bucking and kicking as it tries to throw me off, but in reality, it’s hopeless for Nick as I’ve pinned him to the floor and continue to strangle him.

“Bet you weren’t expecting this? We’re you?,” I taunted, “An Arrogant and sexy model who thought he was the one in control of this shoot. Hate to disappoint you buddy. But you were played, and it only cost me two hundred and fifty bucks. Dang you were too cheap.” I snarled directly into his face.

Nick clawed at my hands as gagging sounds erupt from his clenched throat. His eyes, wide and bulging, now stared into mine, begging in desperation. “Agghhh. Please stop.” Nick uttered as he continued to plead Oh god, his pleading and fear and pain—turned me on. Never in a million years did I picture him begging like he was.

“Ahhggg, uckkkkkk,” Nick gasped as he desperately tried to take some air in. I squeeze my hands together with as much force as I can. Thinking my coco is about to explode as I hear the sound of cartilage and bone cracking and feel his esophagus crushed in my hands. Nick’s face has turned a dusky blue and his gagging sounds have become intermittent but much more intense, as his swollen tongue now pushes between his lips.

“ Hurry up and die Nick so I can fuck your magnificent corpse. C’mon, you don’t tell me you haven’t been fucked by one of your many sugar daddies. oh, and when my fun is finished, I’m gonna play with and mutilate your beautiful body by cutting you into many pieces. The police will be doing a jigsaw trying to piece you back together when I’m done.”

Then moments later Nick’s struggles weakened as his brain dies. He’s not resisting me anymore; instead, his hands are caressing my face and my chest. I grip his neck more tightly, eliciting a final crunch, as He arches his body upwards, pressing his smooth flat belly against mine. His knees dig into my back, holding against me in a desperate dying grip. Before falling lifeless to the ground.

I sat on his body for a few minutes and moved his head from side to side as the last bits of dribble pushed past his tongue and onto the ground.

As I looked down at Nick's lifeless body, I felt a perverse sense of satisfaction wash over me, overjoyed at having taken the life of my latest victim and now officially becoming a serial killer.

The scene before me was ghastly in nature to anyone else but extremely hot for me as Nick's vacant eyes stared up at me, his tongue protruding from his mouth. He lay with his left arm up above his head and his right hand resting on his abs. His blue underwear was now showing as his track bottoms had fallen down slightly, during his struggles revealing the top part of his thighs.

Despite the macabre scene, I couldn't help but feel elated, almost euphoric, knowing that I had succeeded in my macabre mission. The memory of it would stay with me for the rest of my life, and I knew that I had to capture the moment. I took out my phone and snapped a quick picture of Nick lying there, my latest conquest.

I knew that it was a risk, but I couldn't help myself. I had to document my success, my thrilling victory. The thrill of the moment was almost too much to bear, so I stood there for a few minutes, basking in the glory of my deranged accomplishment.

I couldn't resist the urge anymore and removed Nick’s track bottoms and immediately began to Nick’s his toned, muscular body with my hands. I slowly traced every curve and contour of his abs and chest as my heart seemed to skip a beat.

I let out a small gasp as I ran my hands down his smooth powerful legs, feeling the warmth of his skin against my fingertips. I playfully slapped one of his thighs and watched as the muscle rippled before remaining still. The intensity of my feelings was almost overwhelming as I explored every inch of his body before me.

Nick looked peaceful as he lay in front of me, and I found myself losing control as I pushed my lips past his swollen tongue and began to passionate kiss him. I don’t remember what happened next apart from snapping out of whatever I was under midway whilst fucking Nick.

To any normal person this would have been concerning, but not to me instead I just smiled and continued to fuck my latest conquest and laughing as Nick jolted back and forth with each hard thrust. Soon enough I fired my load and knew what I had to do next.

I grabbed Nick by his wrists and dragged his lifeless body through the empty studio, his limbs flailing and hitting against the cold concrete floor as I went. It was a struggle, but I managed to reach the bathroom, where I could carry out the rest of my plan.

With a grunt, I lifted Nick’s body and laid him in the bathtub, clad only in his blue Onyx underwear. It was a pitiful sight, but I couldn't let my emotions get in the way. This had to be done. I took a moment to admire my handiwork, his arms and legs akimbo as if in a last dance. But I knew that I was not done yet.

I rummaged through my bag, pulling out my camera. I took a few snaps, careful to get the right angles and lighting. I wanted to capture the moment, to immortalize Nick’s last pose. I knew it was morbid, but the artist in me couldn't resist.

Once the pictures were taken, I knew that I had to continue with my plan. Using a sharp butcher knife, I began to dismember Nick’s body, taking care to make clean cuts. It was a gruesome task, but I steeled myself with each slice and enjoyed destroying the sexy model’s body. I placed each part into a black garbage bag, careful not to leave any traces behind.

The process took a few hours, and by the time I finished, I was exhausted. But the feeling of satisfaction was palpable.

I looked at Nick’s head and knew it was wrong but had to do it. I lifted his head and brought it into my crotch. I shuddered as his dry, swollen tongue rasps against the rose bud on the underside of my oozing mushroom head. I pumped his mouth hard, ramming my tool deep into his ruined throat, wondering if Nick would have enjoyed this if still alive.

I then cleaned up the bathroom, leaving no trace of what had taken place. I packed up my gear and left the studio knowing I had to do one more thing.

I had seen the perfect place to dispose of Nick’s dismembered body, I’d seen this old, abandoned house that lay down a country road many times and realized that no one had been there in a while. Windows were missing and broken, and the door was hanging off its hinges.

I drove an hour after I came off the freeway and pulled beside the house before dragging the black bags containing Nick’s remains and emptying the content in the front room. I then left, leaving Nick to be discovered or consumed by any wildlife that may have smelt the body.

I knew what I had done was monstrous, but I felt no remorse. Nick had brought this upon himself with his cocky and self serving attitude. And now, his memory would live on, in my art and pictures.

The guilt of what I had done didn't bother me, not one bit. Instead, I felt more alive than ever, eager for my next victim and ready to continue my heinous acts without a care for what might happen.

It was a month later that police discovered Nick’s badly decomposed dismembered remains in the old abandoned. Sadly, for Nick some parts of him were never found and had been carried off by animals. They found his skull in the yard of the house, albeit missing its jawbone and some various other bones scattered around the grounds.

I became aware of the discovery when I saw the news article on the internet and clicked to read it.

Remains found on Oakham Lans identified as those of missing model.

Police have identified the dismembered remains found in an abandoned house on Oakham Lane as those of missing model Nick Topel. Topel, 36, had been missing for several weeks before his remains were found by a perspective buyer of the property.

Pic- nick head

According to investigators, Topel's body had been dismembered and scattered throughout the house by animals, making it difficult to identify him. However, through forensic testing and DNA analysis, they were able to confirm his identity.

Topel had been reported missing by family members after he failed to show up for a scheduled photoshoot. His disappearance had sparked a widespread search effort, with friends and fans taking to social media to spread the word.

Investigators are treating his death as a homicide and are asking anyone with information about Topel's activities or the events leading up to his disappearance and death to come forward.

Topel, a well-known model in the industry, had been featured in numerous magazines and advertisements over the years. He was known for his chiseled features and striking good looks and had a large following on social media.

His death has sent shockwaves throughout the modelling community, with many expressing their condolences and shock at the news.

In a statement, Topel's family said they were devastated by the news of his death and urged anyone with information to come forward.

"We are heartbroken by the loss of our beloved Nick," the statement read. "He was a wonderful son, brother, and friend, and will be deeply missed by all who knew him. We urge anyone with information about his death to come forward and help bring his killer to justice."

The investigation into Topel's death is ongoing, and police say they are following up on leads and interviewing potential witnesses. They are asking anyone with information to contact the police department's tip line.

I smiled as I read it and wished the police luck in finding the killer as I had left nothing that could identity myself.
I had some similar thoughts while growing up, but decided that I wanted to be a legal executioner, so I wouldn't have to hide my pleasures.
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