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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 1. Take a Chance
Chance had always been a natural athlete, but wrestling was his true passion. He had been training for months, pushing his body to the limit in preparation for the big tournament. As he stepped onto the mat for his first match, he felt a wave of nervous excitement wash over him.

The crowd roared as the referee blew the whistle, signaling the start of the match. Chance's opponent was tough, but he was no match for Chance's strength and skill.

With a swift move, Chance pinned his opponent to the mat and earned his first victory of the tournament.

As the day wore on, Chance battled his way through the brackets, taking down one opponent after another. His muscles burned with exertion, but he refused to give up. With every victory, his confidence grew, and he began to believe that he could win it all.

Finally, after a grueling day of matches, Chance found himself in the championship round. His opponent was the reigning champion, a fierce wrestler with years of experience under his belt. But Chance was undaunted. He knew that he had trained harder than anyone else in the tournament, and he was ready to prove it.

The two wrestlers squared off on the mat, their eyes locked in fierce determination. The crowd held its breath as the referee blew the whistle, and the match began. For what seemed like an eternity, the two wrestlers battled back and forth, neither one gaining a clear advantage.

But in the end, it was Chance who emerged victorious. With a powerful move, he pinned his opponent to the mat, and the referee declared him the winner of the tournament. Chance's heart swelled with pride as the crowd erupted into applause. As he raised his arm, he knew he had done it. He had won the tournament.

And he knew that this was just the beginning of what was sure to be an incredible wrestling career. Chance celebrated with his family but there was one person missing, his girlfriend who was unwell and Chance looked forward to seeing her later that day.

Chance’s family wished to go for a meal to celebrate his victory but all he wanted to do was to go and see his girlfriend. However, his family persevered, and Chance went for the meal.

Back at home Chance quickly showered and changed, he took a selfie of himself in the mirror before leaving the house and starting the half hour walk to his girlfriends.

Dean Corll got into his van and started driving, he felt restless and feeling down lately and needed to find himself another victim.

Dean was a serial killer was well known for his generosity and giving employment to youths. However, behind this facade, he was committing a series of gruesome murders.

He had abducted, tortured, and killed a number of teenage boys and young men aged between 17–25-year-old.

As Dean drove aimlessly through the streets, he found himself scanning the surroundings, hoping to find a suitable victim. He drove past parks, shops, and restaurants, but nothing caught his attention. It wasn't until he reached the outskirts of town that he saw a young man wearing a pair of shorts walking by the side of the road. As Corll got closer, he saw he recognized the young man as Chance a nineteen-year-old who had just interviewed for a position

Dean immediately pulled over and called out to him. Chance looked surprised to see Dean and smiled as he approached the van. Dean rolled down the window and said, "Hey, Chance, what are you up to?" After some small talk where Chance told Dean about his wrestling victory Corll told him he had more good news and wanted to speak to him about the job he interviewed for as he wanted to offer him the role. Chance smiled, happy to hear the news that Corll had just given him. Corll explained he wanted to go through the contract and asked Chance if he was free to come to his house to look it over so he could start asap. Chance told Dean he was on his way to his girlfriends and was a little bit pushed for time. Dean told the young wrestler it was important and offered to drop him to his girlfriends after.

Chance wanted the job and jumped in the van with Corll to go and look over the contract.

Dean and Chance were sitting at the kitchen table in Dean’s house, discussing the contract for the job offer that Chance had been offered. They both scrutinized the documents carefully to make sure everything was in order. After an hour of review and discussion, Corll looked up and announced, "Well, it looks like everything is in order. Congratulations, Chance, my boy!" Chance's face lit up with joy and relief as he realized that he had finally landed a job. Dean reached across the table and shook his hand in congratulations. Corll got up and went to the fridge to grab a couple of cold beers to celebrate, announcing it was a double celebration for Chance’s wrestling victory as well. As they clinked their bottles together, Dean said, "Here's to your new job, Chance! You deserve it, buddy." Chance smiled and echoed the sentiment. They both took a long sip to celebrate as Chance was still oblivious to Dean’s true motives.

Both had downed a few drinks when Corll asked Chance if he had seen the handcuff trick before. Chance told him he hadn’t so Dean decided to show him how it was done and put the handcuffs on himself. He showed Chance there was no key there and then after a few moments of jiggling his wrists had the handcuffs off.

Corll now sat with Chance, trying to convince him to have a go at the handcuff trick. Chance looked at him skeptically and shook his head. "I'm not sure about that, Dean," Chance said. "It sounds like a bad idea. What if I can't get out of the handcuffs?"

Dean chuckled and leaned in conspiratorially. "That's the whole point, Chance. It's a challenge, and everyone loves a good challenge. Plus, you've got some serious skills that nobody knows about. How can a champion wrestler not get out of them."

Chance considered this for a moment, and a glimmer of excitement appeared in his eyes. "Alright, I'm in. I'll give it a shot," he said with a grin.

Corll slapped him on the back, pleased that he had convinced Chance. "Great, my boy! You're going to be a star.“ seconds later the handcuffs were on Chance, and the young wrestler now jiggled his wrists in attempts to get free.

After a few tries Chance told Dean he couldn’t do it and was horrified when Dean told him of course he couldn’t as he didn’t have the key. Chance’s face dropped “What do you mean?” He asked not sure as to why Corll would trick him that way.

Corll now showed a side that Chance had never seen before as he grabbed the handcuffs and led a protesting Chance through his house before throwing the protesting wrestler onto his bed and stripped him down to his underwear.

Chance struggled on the bed but soon stopped as the pain from the handcuffs became unbearable. He was able to move his legs freely, but these were also tied to the bed frame. Chance called for help, but none came. He pleaded with Corll to let him go but his captive refused. He began to panic; he hated feeling helpless. He was at Dean; s mercy, his mind raced with thoughts of what would happen., would it be death, or something less then death he prayed for the second option, he feared death, he did not want to die. He squirmed as he lay on the bed. Corll grabbed Chance boxers and pulled them down. The athletic wrestler tried to fight but was unable to do so as he felt a slap on his thighs and then what seemed to feel like someone biting them. Corll prepped himself and looked at his captive’s arsehole, he was amazed at the tightness especially on this hot wrestler’s body, Chance felt two hands grasp his shoulder blades, “no, no please no” he begged. He continued to beg as Corll rammed his uncut cock into Chance’s virgin arse he stopped begging mid sentence and his body flung forward as Corll forced entry, the pain was unbearable his face winched as he screamed. But unperturbed his captive started to fuck him, Chance screamed as the pain got worse with each thrust, Corll grabbed his shoulders tighter, after a while Chance submitted and when cORLL reached his orgasmic stage and fired, the young man winched one more time. Corll fell to the bed next to Chance and caught his breath as the young wrestlers sobbing pleas went unanswered.

Dean then pulled a gun and removed and warned Chance to be compliant or he would shoot him, Chance scared and worried agreed as he said “what are you going to do with me? Let me go please?” But Corll didn’t answer, instead he sat next to Chance and began to massage his chest, he tweaked his nipple and could see Chance getting turned on although the young man tried not to show it, he made circular patterns as he rubbed his fingers on the smooth hairless chest, as Chance began to rub the handcuffs erotically. Corll put his hands over Chance’s crotch, he felt the thick cock below, and gently pulled his boxers down, Chance tried to resist but it was powerless, he pleaded for mercy, but they were ignored. Corll placed his cock his mouth and began to give Chance a blow job, Jacob shut his eyes and tried to pretend that it was a girl at his waist and not his captive, Corll bite down on his penis and Chance groaned, he sucked faster and faster and as he did, Jacob enjoyed it, his legs moved and he groaned and moaned pleasurably, he left out a long “aaahhhh” as his cum fired into Corll’s mouth. Corll spat it out and pulled Chance’s underwear up, his erect cock made it looked like his boxers were a tent as it stood to attention underneath. Corll sat up and placed his legs either side of Chance as he moved up the body and sat on his warm smooth chest. “What are you going to do with me?” the young man asked nervously. “Why I’m going to kill you!” was Corll’s cold reply. Chance froze in fear, his worse fears were about to be realized. “Why me though?” Chance asked. Corll’s reply was short but sweet “simple, your hot sexy.” Chance was speechless. Then all of a sudden Chance got aggressive “You don’t have the balls to kill me, you’re joking. You fucking cunt.” And he desperately tried to free himself.

Corll wrapped his hands around Chance’s neck as the wrestler begged for his life “please don’t, please, please” Dean clenched tightly as he strangled his prey whilst sitting on his chest. Chance tried to speak but was restricted from doing so, his arms tightened up, and the handcuffs rattled, his legs kicked all over the place. His face went red and he gurgled for breath as he fought for his life, Corll gripped tighter, Chance kicked aggressively trying to bend his legs, but it was fruitless the handcuffs cut into his wrists as he fought for his life, he stared up at Dean, and tried to mouth for him to stop, Corll winked at him as the fight became slower and his arms stopped moving as his legs fell limp, Chance let out a sigh as his chest dropped. Corll looked at Chance’s face as he lay in front of him, his eyes were open with his tongue protruding from his mouth as some dribble came from the side of his mouth. Corll held his grip tight for another few minutes as he jilted on Chance’s belly as his body convulsed for the last few moments. Lifting his hands, he could see a ligature mark around the young man’s neck, he took the cuffs of and placed his thick arms by his side, he massaged Chance’s chest, and legs as he stare at the muscle definition for the last time before photographing it and then fucking it once again.

Corll wasn’t like many other serial killers, his physical attachment to his victims ended shortly after death. Yes, he fondled and still touched the bodies moments after death had visited but that was it, the bodies were no more than trash that needed to be taken out and the body of the recent wrestling champion was now nothing more than trash that needed to be disposed. Corll undid the restraints around the young man’s limbs and laid out a large plastic sheet on the ground.

He removed Chance’s body from the bed and with the ligature still tightly wrapped around his throat laid the body out on the plastic and then wrapped it up, he could see Chance’s vacant eyes looking up at him through the plastic.

Corll carried Chance’s body out to his van and drove to the woods on his family’s land where he buried the attractive wrestler in a shallow grave near a number of his other victims.

Chance’s disappearance was reported in the local press and the local paper ran with the headline.


And had a photo of Chance in his wrestling singlet.

Chapter 2

Dean Corll had always found joy in bringing pain to others. He had an insatiable hunger for young boys, and he would do anything to satisfy his cravings. He had been on the lookout for his next victim for weeks, and he had grown restless and impatient.

As the rain poured down outside, Corll sat in his car outside the gym, scanning the crowd for his next victim. He had a particular type that he liked, young and attractive. Someone who could be easily lured with his charm and good looks.

His eyes landed on Calvin, a young man with an athletic build and a charming smile. Corll watched him as he worked out, admiring his physique from afar. He knew he had to have him.

Corll couldn't take his eyes off Calvin as he watched him effortlessly lift his body up and down on the bar. When Calvin finished his set, he walked over to talk to one of his friends, still shirtless.

Corll sat in his car watching through the window as Calvin talked with his friend, his arms up, as his strong chest glistened with sweat. Corll licked his lips, feeling a familiar hunger building inside him. His mind began to imagine all the things he could do to that perfect body, all the ways he could make Calvin scream and beg.

Corll waited patiently for Calvin to finish his workout. As Calvin headed for the exit, Corll followed close behind, waiting for the right moment to make his move.

The rain was still coming down hard outside as Calvin stepped out onto the sidewalk. Corll watched from his car, waiting for him to start walking. As soon as he did, Corll pulled up beside him, rolling down the window.

"Hey there, you shouldn’t be out in this," he said, flashing him a charming smile.

Calvin looked over at him, a little taken aback. "Uh, hi," he replied, unsure of what to do.

"I couldn't help noticing you in there," Corll said, pointing to the gym. "You're really something, you know that?"

Calvin smiled, feeling a little flattered. "Thanks, man. That's really nice of you to say, it’s always good to have my hard work noticed.”

"Listen, I live just a few blocks from here," Corll said, gesturing down the road. "Would you be able to come back to my place and talk to my nephew about fitness and changing his life?"

Calvin hesitated for a moment, unsure of whether he wanted to go with this stranger. But Corll seemed harmless enough, and the rain was really coming down now. He didn't want to walk all the way home in this weather.

"Sure, why not?" he said with a shrug.

Corll grinned, feeling a twinge of excitement. This was always his favorite part, the part where he got to lure his victims back to his lair and do whatever he wanted with them. He could feel his pulse quickening as he watched Calvin get into his car.

It didn't take long for them to arrive back at Corll's house. He led Calvin inside, and pretended to call up his nephew as he offered Calvin a drink and showed him around. Calvin seemed a little nervous, but he tried to keep things light, making jokes and trying to put him at ease.

As they sat on the couch waiting for Corll’s ‘nephew’ to come down. Corll knew that he didn't have much time left and had to make a move soon or risk losing his chance.

"Hey, you know what?" he said suddenly, leaning in closer to Calvin. "I think you're really attractive, you know that?"

Calvin looked over at him, feeling a little uncomfortable. "Uh, thanks, man."

Corll laughed, feeling a sudden surge of power. "You know what else I think? I think you're going to be my special one tonight."

Calvin's eyes widened in horror as Corll lunged at him, pinning him down on the couch. He tried to fight back, but Corll was too strong. He pulled out a knife and held it to Calvin's throat, forcing him to submit to his every whim. And moments later Calvin found himself tied up.

Corll then led Calvin to his bedroom, where he began to undress him slowly.

Calvin knew something wasn't right. As Corll pawed at him, he began to feel uneasy. "Please," Calvin begged, "Let me go. I don't want this. I want to leave."

But Corll didn't listen. He had wanted this moment for too long, and he wasn't about to let Calvin go now. He forced Calvin onto the bed and continued to undress him.

Calvin tried to fight back, but he was no match for Corll's strength. He pleaded with Corll, tears streaming down his face. "Please stop," he begged. "I don't want this. Please, please let me go."

But Corll was relentless. He took pleasure in the fear and desperation he saw in Calvin's eyes. He continued to undress him, savoring the power he had over his victim.

As Calvin lay there, helpless and vulnerable, he knew that he was in grave danger. He wished that he had never agreed to come with Corll, and he hoped that somehow, someway, he would be able to escape this nightmare.

As the young, athletic victim Calvin lay helpless on the bed, Dean Corll relentlessly explored his body. Corll couldn't help but admire Calvin's physique – his chiseled abs, his muscular arms – and most of all, his impressive legs.

Corll ran his hands over Calvin's toned thighs and calves, feeling the warmth of his skin. He couldn't get enough of the way Calvin's legs looked and felt. He traced his fingers down the curves of Calvin's muscles, relishing the power he had over him.

Calvin tried to pull away, but Corll was too strong. He explored every inch of Calvin's legs, savoring every moment. He knew that he had found the perfect victim, and he reveled in his dominance.

As he continued to explore Calvin's legs, Corll knew that this was just the beginning. He had an insatiable appetite for his twisted desires, and he would stop at nothing to satisfy them.

As Dean Corll subjected his latest victim, Calvin to unspeakable torture, the young man begged and pleaded for mercy. But Corll was deaf to his cries and continued to inflict one horror after another on Calvin's helpless body.

He began to sexually assault him in the most vile and cruel manner possible. As Calvin's screams of agony filled the room Corll completely annihilated the young man's innocence.

Calvin's begging only seemed to fuel Corll's sick desires as he continued to defile him in the vilest ways possible. Calvin cried out in pain and fear, his voice breaking with every scream and sob, but to no avail.

Corll took pleasure in making Calvin suffer, knowing that he had complete control over him. He toyed with him, subjecting him to hours of torture and then letting him cry, only to start again all over again.

Until Corll finally grew tired of Calvin and decided to put him out of his misery as he strangled Calvin to death.

After subjecting Calvin to an endless cycle of unspeakable horrors, Corll stood above his victim and took in the sight of his lifeless body. A twisted smile crept across his face, satisfied at the destruction he had inflicted on another innocent life.

With a sense of fulfillment coursing through him, Corll got to work wrapping Calvin's body in plastic and disposing of it in the forest on his land. The weight of the young man's lifeless body was nothing to Corll, who carried him away with ease, a trophy of his cruel power and domination.

As Corll worked, he couldn't help but feel a sense of pride - in his ability to control Calvin's fate, in his ability to take another life, and in his ability to get away with it all. His sick mind reveled in the thought of all his other victims rotting, buried deep beneath the earth, their presence forever linked to him and his twisted needs.

Content with his work, Corll stood back and looked out over the landscape. His land, whether it was the woods, beach, lake or boat house was a perfect cover-up for his heinous crimes, offering him the freedom to continue on his path of destruction undetected. And as he contemplated this, he knew that he was far from done with his atrocities - his twisted desires already pulling him towards his next victim.
Chapter 3

The intense heat of the Texas summer was oppressive. Dean Corll waited patiently in the car park outside the gym. He leaned against his car, his eyes scanning the area. He had been here before and had successfully lured a few young men back to his house, where he would later torture and murder them.

Dean studied the young men in the gym through the tinted windows of his car. Most of them were muscular and attractive, with chiseled abs and bulging biceps. Corll had a particular type that he was always on the lookout for - young men who were fit, athletic, and vulnerable.

And then he saw him. A young man with broad shoulders, a tight waist and muscular legs.

Justin was only 19 years old, but he stood out from the rest. He wasn’t as buff as some of the other muscle-heads in the gym, but he was still incredibly fit. Dean Corll could sense that the young man was vulnerable, and he liked that.

Justin had been a standout athlete in high school, but he’d dropped out of college a few months ago. He had a steady girlfriend, a beautiful girl with long blonde hair, named Elisabeth, who he planned to propose to soon. He’d been working extra hours at his job, saving every penny he could for the ring he knew would make her happy.

Corll watched as a shirtless Justin left the gym and walked towards his car. Dean stepped out and approached him.

“Hey there, friend,” Dean said, smiling.

Justin stopped. He felt a strange flutter in his chest – not of fear, but of excitement.

“Hey,” Justin replied.

“Can I ask you something?” Dean said, leaning in. “I’m looking for a workout buddy. Someone to help keep me motivated and help keep me in shape. You seem like you really know your stuff. And obviously I’d be happy to pay for your time.”

Justin hesitated. He had never gone out of his way to make friends at the gym. But something about the man’s smile put him at ease.

“Sure,” Justin said, finally. “I’d be happy to help.”

The two men exchanged pleasantries, and Dean offered Justin a lift to his house. The young man accepted. He had no idea that he would never see his girlfriend, Elisabeth, or his friends again.

As they pulled up outside Dean’s house, Justin sensed something was wrong. But it was too late – Dean Corll had lured him into his lair and he had become another one of his victims.

As Justin entered Dean Corll's house, he instantly felt at ease as he sat shirtless in a large chair with his arms behind his head. Corll's disarming smile and kind words made him feel safe and secure. Justin had no inkling of the evil that lurked beneath Corll's friendly facade.

Corll quickly tied Justin to the chair, making him completely vulnerable, before starting his psychological torture. Slowly and deliberately, he probed Justin's deepest fears and insecurities, breaking down his spirit with every new revelation. Justin was helpless, locked in a battle of wills with Corll, who knew how to manipulate him into submission.

As the torture continued, Corll's true intentions became clear. He revealed to Justin what he planned to do to him, explaining in graphic detail the physical pain he would inflict on him before finally killing him. The realization that he was going to die, and that it was going to be a long and painful death, was almost too much for Justin to bear. Justin begged to be set free as he sobbed and pleaded for his life.

Corll was unrelenting in his cruelty, burned Justin's skin with cigarette ends as the young hunk cried out in pain before grabbing a knife and beginning to cut his fingers, and before finally whipping him on his bare torso a leather belt that left Justin in searing pain.

He wanted to break him down, body and soul. He subjected Justin to unimaginable horrors that no human should endure.

Finally, after hours of torture, Justin thought he was about to be shown some compassion, but Corll had other plans, and slung a ligature around his neck and pulled tight. The act was brutal and cold, leaving Justin gasping for breath, his eyes bulging and staring wildly at Corll. For a brief moment, Corll relished the fear in Justin's eyes before finally tightening his grip, snuffing out his victim's life.

Once Dean Corll had finished his heinous act of killing Justin, he turned his attention to the young man's body. He caressed it, touching it as if it was an object of great affection. He fondled Justin's body, relishing in the feel of his skin beneath his fingertips.

Corll even gave Justin's body a few playful bites, as if he was mocking him for being so vulnerable to his sadistic acts. Justin's body was now nothing more than an object to be toyed with, a plaything for the twisted desires of a deranged killer.

Corll took more photographs of Justin's lifeless body, capturing his final moments in a macabre and twisted way. The pictures were memories that Corll would cherish, souvenirs to remind him of his depravity.

Finally, Corll took Justin's body to the lake, like he had done with so many others. He lay Justin face up and buried him deep beneath the earth, hoping that it would never be found. The lake was a place of death, where Corll had hidden the remains of his numerous victims, Justin the latest one.

Elsewhere Justin’s girlfriend Elisabeth eagerly waiting for him to return home, excited to spend time with him. But as the night went on, her joy turned into worry as her boyfriend failed to come home. She tried calling and messaging him but received no response and never would so ever again unaware he now lay in a lonely cold grave a victim of a horrific serial killer.

Chapter 3

Dean Corll walked through the streets of Houston, his eyes scanning the crowds for his next target. He had been feeling restless lately, the urge to kill again burning deep within him. He had already claimed the lives of dozens of young men, but something about the thought of hunting down another victim excited him.

And then he saw him.

He was young and athletic, with bulging muscles and a confident stride. Corll couldn't take his eyes off of him as he moved through the crowd, his gaze fixated on the young man's every move.

Hudson was a dedicated and skilled 18-year-old wrestler. He first discovered his passion for wrestling when he was just a young boy, and he has been honing his skills ever since. With broad shoulders and a strong build, he boasted an impressive physical presence, which served him well when he stepped onto the mat.

Away from wrestling he loved listening to heavy metal music and playing video games and was an avid reader. Additionally, Hudson was a huge movie buff and enjoyed catching the latest blockbusters whenever he could.

Corll followed Hudson at a distance, trailing him through the busy streets of the city as he tried to plan his next move. The young man was a wrestler, Corll could tell by the way he held himself, the confidence and poise that came with years of training.

Corll knew that he had found his next victim.

Over the next few days, Corll watched Hudson closely, building up a profile in his mind of everything he could use to his advantage. He learned his routine, his favorite spots in the city, the times when he was most vulnerable.

And then, one night, he made his move.

Hudson was walking home from a late-night training session, his muscles still aching from the exertion. As he turned a corner, Corll emerged from the shadows, a look of hunger in his eyes.

The young man tried to run, but it was no use. Corll was faster, stronger, more determined.

For days , he toyed with his victim, luring him in with promises of friendship and safety, only to trap him in a web of terror and pain. He enjoyed the power he had over Hudson and the thrill of watching him suffer.

Until one day he tired of his latest plaything and strangled Hudson with a ligature before wrapping his body in plastic and dumping it at the lake in a shallow grave.

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