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Sep 17, 2011
Vancouver, Canada
Hi everyone .. I’m back because this fucking website FiNALLY let me in ... again!!

to be clear .. I’ve shared a lot of my artwork here on this site. The very least you could do (looking at you admins) is let me the fuck in!!! And I’ll be happy to share more. It’s costs me time effort and money to make this artwork so NO .. I’m not buying your sodding ‘elite’ membership.

yes I’m getting salty and angry .. because I’ve contributed to this site quite a bit .. and for my trouble I get locked out for months at a time and then let back in on occasion?!?

Either completely ban me and remove my profile .. or just quit locking me out will ya! I’ve already said I’m more than willing to share my torture / death porn artwork so WTF?!?

so .. without further ado .. here you go. An example of what will keep coming if you’d quit locking me out! Cuz seriously .. I get locked out again .. I ain’t coming back. Given you folk more than enough of my artwork only to get my face slapped .. a lot!



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Oct 7, 2008
We are doing our best to stabilize things financially and remain free and open for everyone. Just the redesign of the site cost several thousand dollars.

So while we appreciate your work and dedication it won't hurt you that much to buy elite membership upgrade as a form of donation and support for the site.

Also your photos come watermarked promoting your Sparkie Shock business.

You have been a respected and popular member here for a long time and you know our website is hugely popular and what you post here shoots up high in search engine results within hours so you need to rethink your strategy and support CDG.

It will pay off.


A man is a tasty morsel.
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Jan 13, 2012
Cannibal Heaven
I would hate to see Sparkie and his friends leave. He is sexy. And his neverending torment is a huge turn-on.

I've been an elite member since 2012 and have never regretted it. Nowhere else can I find content that satisfies my fantasies and cravings. And I know I'm in the company of "brothers", so to speak. I really do feel a sense of community. I am grateful to members who contribute content for my enjoyment. All I can contribute is a few stories. Nothing as creative as the photos and videos and, yes, Sparkie, that I feed off. Some here contribute more, actually a lot. But they seem to think it's worth it to be elite members. Like me.

A few years ago, I dropped out for a few months. Big mistake. I felt empty with out my daily dose of blood and torture and death. I signed up again and have been a happy camper ever since. I don't really need what CDG gives me. I simply want what CDG gives me. So I pay for it. And try to give back when I can.

I hope you stay, Electroboyuk. I miss you when you're gone.