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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 1. Releasing the Bloodlust

Jonny attended a family function and was enjoying some quality time with family. As he spoke to his brother his sister pulled him to one side and asked him to go and speak to her son. Jimmy was his favorite nephew and his sister explained that he had not been being himself lately. This concerned Jonny who headed off to find his nephew to root out what was wrong.
Jimmy was busy playing some Xbox with his other cousins when Jonny walked in and he patiently waited until Jimmy handed over the controller before pulling him to one side.

“Jimmy your mom tells me that there’s been something on your mind lately. What’s up buddy?” Jonny politely asked as he put him arms around his nephews shoulder.
Jimmy looked up at His uncle, tears formed in his eyes “I have an issue at college I don’t know how to deal with it.”
Encouraging his nephew as best he could he got him to open up as Jimmy explained that he had tried out for the wrestling team and although he had done well and got in, the captain of the team came up to him and told him he knew he was related to Jonny. And that his dad had told him all about the pervert. The captain also threatened to tell the rest of the team about his uncle.
Jimmy turned to Jonny “What does he mean? What has he got to tell me?”
Jonny was startled, he was bisexual and only a few people knew about it and one of the things that turned him on was wrestlers. Hot, hunky guys in tight fitting singlets that didn’t leave a lot to be imagined. Jonny had also tried out for the wrestling team but his reasons were the contact sport was full of homo erotic overtones. Where young guys full of hormones clad in tight spandex Lycra grabbed and touched each other with dicks rubbing against each other and constantly being touched. It was a perfect scenario for him until one day it was spoiled and since that day, he had a hatred towards wrestlers.
However he needed to tell his nephew something fast and changed the subject by asking what the captains name was.
“Luke Jones. His dad was a former team captain” was Jimmy’s reply. And now it all made sense for Jonny. Luke’s dad was none other than the guy that spoiled Jonny’s wrestling aspirations. He spread rumors around the place that Jonny was gay and was only wrestling because he liked to touch the guys. ‘Ok, so part of this was true.’ But it quickly spread and Jonny became an outcast and was bullied because of it.
Jonny knew that he had to nip this in the bud right away and couldn’t allow Luke to spread anything, he had to try and speak to the wrestler.

He reassured Jimmy by telling him that bullies would always be bullies and that he should just carry on doing his thing no matter what the haters said. Jimmy looked him in the eye, gave him a hug and told him that was exactly what he was going to do.

Heading back out to the function he threw his sister a wink and mouthed that he had sorted the problem.

That night Jonny did a quick Google search on his laptop of the College Wrestling team and soon found a picture of Luke. Even without looking at the name he could tell it was him as he looked like his father did when he was younger. The brown haired young man stood in a red singlet his manhood proudly displayed, giving off the air of confidence and arrogance a jock usually did.

Now Jonny knew who to look for as he waited outside the wrestling hall where practice was going on. From a quick stalk of Luke’s social media he soon discovered what car the young man drove and after a drive around the car park he discovered it parked on the second floor of the multi-story.

A few hours later the practice was over and the wrestlers all dispersed their own separate ways leaving Luke’s and Jonny’s cars as the only ones parked up on the second floor. It didn’t take long for Jonny to spot the young man walking towards his car.

Luke walked past Jonny’s car and as he did Jonny jumped out and began to shout, “Hey Luke, Luke can I have a quick word with you.”

The young wrestling captain was startled as he turned around “Do I know you.?” He asked when he caught site of the unknown person calling his name.

“Sorry to bother you. I’m Jimmy Doneto’s uncle. Jimmy told me you guys have been giving him a bit of trouble.” Explained Jonny “I just want to ask that you guys leave him alone. Don’t punish him for the stupid mistakes of me.”

“Oh shit.” Luke exclaimed “You’re the dude my dad told me about. The faggot.”

Jonny shook his head in disgust “Please buddy. Let’s not say that.”

Before Jonny could finish Luke laughed “It’s true though. You’re the faggot that was touching my dad’s wrestling team up.”

“Look I don’t want to make this about me.” Jonny begged “It’s just Jimmy told me that you plan on telling the whole team and want to get him kicked off it. I’m just asking that you don’t do that. Please.”

“Hey I bet your thinking about touching me up. My singlets in the bag do you want me to put it on for you.” Teased Luke, “You’d really love that.” Luke teased as he threw his arms up.

Jonny could feel the anger building up in him, the apple hadn’t fallen far from the tree as Luke was as much of an arsehole as his dad had been at his age. Jonny again begged Luke to show some compassion but this time the young wrestler got into his face and said.
“Jimmy best enjoy his moment coz tomorrow I’m telling everyone.” Luke boasted “You know one of the main reasons im gonna screw things up for him. Its because Jimmy is a good wrestler and I’m not having him show me up on this team, so I’m gonna tell everyone about his uncle the fag and let them know that Jimmy the whiney bitch is just like his uncle. Now fuck off.” When he finished Luke went to turn away but Jonny had just about had enough, the personal insults to him he could take but when Luke just insulted Jimmy he blew a fuse and lashed out with a punch that caught the young wrestler on the side of the face as he was turning.
The force of the blow was enough to knock Luke off his feet and as he took a few moments to compose himself Jonny panicked. He knew that he had just committed an assault and that Luke would waste no time in reporting him for it. This would mean his secret would become public knowledge and Jonny couldn’t let that happen.

As Luke picked himself up Jonny undid his tie and immediately flung it around the young wrestlers neck.

The young man gasped as Jonny began to strangle the life out of him and brought his arms up in an attempt to pull his attacker away he bucked his body in attempts with wrestling moves to try and throw Jonny off but Jonny remembering his own wrestling moves stayed in control of the situation. Luke’s flaying arms tried to scratch out at his attacker as his legs desperately kicked out at the floor. Luke continued to gasp for air as Jonny’s attack was relentless. The young athlete had no intention of dying, especially this way, he still had his whole life to live and managed to put up a good fight, so much so his attempts to live made Jonny grow hard.
Luke’s face started to go red as he knew the inevitable would soon come, tears slowly began to run down his cheek. Seconds later Luke let out an elongated groan as his body arched up for a split second and his arms dropped by his side.

The killer looked down as Luke’s eyes were wide open and staring up at him as his tongue slightly protruded from his mouth as the last drops of dribble fell onto the ground.
Jonny was out of breath but felt something that he never felt before, an euphoric buzz as he strangled the life out of the young wrestler. The power of taking someone’s life and them watching them helpless as they tried to survive had really turned him on. The thrill of the kill had got to him and with his hatred of wrestlers and a job that took him around the country, Jonny knew he had maybe just found a new past time.
But back in the moment Jonny knew he didn’t have a lot of time to admire his conquest and moved his car next to the body and bundled Luke across the back seat. He had to dispose of the young man somewhere and began the journey out of town.

He’d driven about an hour when he turned off the interstate and down a quiet road, either side littered with overgrown vegetation. Jonny stopped the car and opened the back door, he looked down at Luke’s body and thought for a split second. He wanted to ensure that Luke wasn’t found for a while or if he was found soon the body was in a pretty bad state. He remembered reading somewhere that a body with less clothing on would decompose faster due to access to it from the elements and local wildlife that may snack on it. He stripped Luke down to his underwear and noticed that the young wrestler wore a cross around his neck. Jonny took this off and kept it as a trophy.

He paused for a moment as he wished he could spend some time with Luke’s athletic body and do all the things he wished he could have done to Luke’s dad with it but he didn’t want to get caught disposing of the corpse. He grabbed Luke by his ankles and dragged the young wrestler from the car and into the undergrowth, he lay Luke on his back, his eyes staring up into the night sky as his athletic body and hairy legs lay motionless.

Jonny did a quick sign of the cross and jumped in his car leaving Luke to mother nature.

Later that night Jonny worried a little about what he had done and couldn’t help but live over the kill again and again. He had the bloodlust and pictured himself dispatching more college wrestlers. Twenty four hours passed and Luke hadn’t been found which led to any worry that Jonny had now subsiding and growing into confidence.

The disappearance of the wrestling captain was the news of the town and rumors had begun to circulate as to what had happened.

On the second day of Luke’s disappearance a public appeal was made for him to return home safely as a wild weather pattern was about to hit.
Local TV stations ran with the disappearance and as to be expected used a picture of Luke in his wrestling singlet. Jonny chuckled to himself when his parents came on and Luke’s dad started explaining how his son was a model son and super athletic that took after him.
The news caption ended with the sheriff saying Luke was last seen walking towards the multi-story car park and after that they had no idea what had happened as CCTV there had not been working for months.
Jonny breathed a huge sigh of relief as he clasped his hands together.
The biggest benefit that befell Luke’s death was the fact that Jonny’s secret had died with him and Jimmy could carry on with his own wrestling career.

Around forty eight hours after Luke’s body had been dumped by the roadside a heavy snowstorm hit that covered the county with inches of snow. Jonny safely know that Luke wouldn’t now be discovered until the snow had thawed away as it would have completely covered his body and there was no idea when that would be

A few weeks passed and posters were put up of Luke and vigils were held for the young man. But life went on and Jimmy was enjoying being accepted by the wrestling team and quickly rising up the ranks.

Twenty six days after Luke disappearance his body was discovered. A prison inmate who was part of a litter picking team discovered one of the wrestlers’ arms protruding from a lump of snow. Police were called and the frozen blueish body that had initially been snacked on by animals was quickly identified as the wrestling captains body.

A somber moment hit the town as the college held a celebration of Luke’s life. Jimmy brought a copy of the pamphlet home that showed a picture of the young wrestler enjoying life.

All leads soon went cold and Luke’s death remained unsolved. His nephew had no idea of the part his uncle had played in the death of his teammate.
Jonny got on with his life although he struggled to contain the bloodlust Luke’s murder had given him and dreamed about having his way with other college wrestlers.
Chapter 2. A Sign from God
Cameron, a tall and strong college wrestler with a soft heart, stepped off the bus at the edge of town. He had just started his mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and was full of enthusiasm about preaching the gospel to those who would listen.

He adjusted his tie as he walked down the road, taking in all the new sights around him. After walking for half an hour, he arrived at a small house surrounded by trees. Taking a deep breath to steady himself, he knocked on the door.

Jonny had been keeping a relatively low profile since killing Luke, he’d loved the sensation of killing the young wrestler and been wrestling with the thought of finding more of the young athletes to kill. He been praying to God for a sign if he should continue killing but had so far seen none.

That was until he opened the door to find the attractive young missionary stood on his doorstep.

"Hello sir," Cameron said confidently . "My name is Cameron and I'm a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was wondering if you would be interested in hearing about our message."

The door opened slowly, revealing a young man who looked only a few years older than himself. He glared at Cameron with contempt. In the background, Cameron could hear the faint sound of the Tv playing from within the house.

Jonny looked at the young missionary and then immediately noticed a ring that his young visitor wore as one that was given to wrestlers that competed in a certain tournament.

Cameron continued his preaching and watched as Jonny nodded thoughtfully throughout his speech, then suddenly smiled. "You're a wrestler," he said in a soft voice. Cameron nodded back, eager to connect with the man before him on this subject that had consumed his life for years and hoping he could use it to help with his conversion.

The two began talking passionately about wrestling for what felt like hours until the sun slowly set, and night engulfed them both. Cameron showed Jonny a recent picture of him in his wrestling singlet and Jonny was impressed.

The night was drawing in and Cameron made his way to the door, with the young wrestler ready to turn around and leave, Jonny sprang forward and wrapped his hands around Cameron’s throat. His grip was strong; Cameron frantically fought for his life and tried to pry his attackers hands off, but it was no use. With one final gasp of air, his body fell limp and lifeless to the ground below.

God had given Jonny sign he was looking for by bringing him one of his messengers that he could dispatch. Jonny took this to mean that God wanted him to kill more wrestlers and there was better than the present.

But for now, he needs to dump Cameron’s body and stripped the young missionary to his underwear before cramming the body into a suitcase and dumping it in a ditch by the side of the road.

It would be 2 weeks until Cameron’s decomposing body was found by some convicts on trash patrol.

Jonny found out about his latest victim’s discovery when he saw an article in the paper detailing the discovery of the body and naming the victim. The article showed a couple of pictures of Cameron one of which showed the Mormon missionary from his college days and shirtless.

Jonny now looked forward to conducting his next kill.