Thanks for allowing little ol' me, a limited-user pleb, to come back.

For what it's worth I'm appreciative of your efforts, Meatpie, enough that I paid $10 to join years ago. And while it is not much, it is more than I've paid for 95% of your competition. It's insulting that the last time I visited here I received a notification that I could not access anything on CDG until I paid your ludicrous monthly fee.

I'm not bitter. I understand money problems and, again, I'm appreciative that you host a website that caters to gay males into the online gore scene. I applaud your decision to once again allow free access. Not only do I think it's beneficial to your site's popularity, but my respect for you as a dedicated Admin has increased ten fold.

I'm receptive to giving donations if I enjoy something enough.
Long time no post. Often meet the landing. Then a fee letter will appear. Don't know why. Because I don't know English. Only through the software translation barely see.
Confusing, isn't it?

It comes and goes. Sometimes guests get the "You have reached your limit of free views today" message after just a click or two. Most of the time when I actually log in I get the "Your account has been limited until you upgrade" message and can't read/view anything. On days like today when I can log in and poke around, I still see the "You haven't posted in more than 30 days" warning, which is kind of funny considering I'm locked out of the site almost all of the time...hard to post when you aren't allowed to log in. :smile:
ive just managed to logon for the first time in ages - i was getting the limited access message asking me for money!
I think that Meatpie has a problem which needs to be resolved. Assuming that the recent restrictions were deliberate on his part and not due to the upgrading of the site he needs to decide whether his focus is on the elite members or on the general membership. Having never been an elite member I have no idea what the secret room contains but as one who enjoys the fantasy the stories, the cartons, the debates rather than the actual photos of real death, excluding the manips perhaps, I find plenty on the free site to keep me happy. But given that many of the freeloaders like me contribute to the discussions and the postings the site would be much diminished were we to be excluded. And that might make the site less attractive to the elite members.
So there is the dilemma, whether to keep this a free site supported by donations and perhaps advertising ormto make it a pay site, lose a large percentage of the membership but hope that what remains makes it viable. And whilst I hope the first option is chosen I'm glad that it is someone else's decision.
But finally I think we all owe Meatpie a great debt of gratititude for starting and keeping this site open and enabling us all to indulge our fantasies.
One possible suggestion. As I said I, and doubtless many other members, have never thought about taking out elite membership. If it is as good as Meatpie claims then maybe one possibility is to throw it open to all members for a week to,let us decide if it is tailored to our needs. If so he may persuade more of us to join. And I doubt that this would cost much, after all it's what the sports and cinema channels like sky do on a regular basis and I doubt they would if it did not bring in paying customers.
Just a thought.
Hello everybody,

We had to perform a major server upgrade which affected access to the site for all members including those with elite accounts. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Hi all,

Membership restrictions will apply from Friday, May 19 you can read more here.

they should make cute dead guys 100% free no membership required except for those who want to donate but don't have to if they don't want to
If you were really blocked you wouldn't have been able to make this post.