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  • oh wait a sec, actually the prince DID find out that the princess got pregnant by his breath before he pushed her out of the sky world. lol sorry about that, i got mixed up XD i never understood why either but i guess he was angry because she got pregnant without him fucking her and that pissed him off for some reasons LOL it's a twisted story XD
    thanks so much for watching it :) ♥ and actually in the story, the prince never actually found out that the princess/sky woman really became pregnant from his breath.
    it's actually a red bandanna. it's my trademark and i wear it in all my youtube videos. ive been wearing it since i was a little kid.
    Kimmy Jong Un look like he's wearing a hair hat but I think you'll be put in the gulag if you dare diss the "hair" there. North Korea is really creepy. They have a religious like cult around the Kim family dynasty. They are seen literally gods there, with superpowers and shit but they tried to present it as secular humanism by calling it a cult of personality. Crazy shit!
    North Korea claims it is a cult of personality but rulership been passed down through three generations. Hmmm
    I see that I received a Reputation Comment, but I am unable to access the page that would tell me who sent it. Therefore, I will say THANK YOU here to the kind soul who's responsible, and hope he sees this message. I don't know how else to handle it. :D
    Alex!! Always traversing the globe, doing horrible but necessary things in the corporate world. ;)

    So, my friend, who am I??
    It's good to be past the holidays, and back on the CDG train!! (of course, seated in the bar car....)
    Hi Alex, yeah back for a look around and see if it is worth staying or not. The break was good but the nagging little interests keep urging a itch that needs to be scratched hehe. Will communicate more later, all the best and good to see you are still here.

    Thank you so much for your kind messages.

    This year I've had a fair share of medical issues, mostly around asthma. Last winter I caught the flu and it went into my lungs. It made my asthma much worse. I was hospitalized twice.

    Now I get to schlep a nebuliser with me everywhere I go. My lung doc says I might get to deescalate to a less-powerful inhaled steroid by the end of the year. This is good.

    OTOH, the startup is bubbling along, even though the ride is pretty bumpy at times. I do enjoy working for a small company, and keeping my own schedule. Our proof of concept is scheduled to be done by end of this month, and we might actually make it.

    I also got to do the motorcycle racing thing. Yow. As I found out: motorcycle racing is hard. But extremely fun.

    The behind-scenes vibe at a race track is amazing. If someone runs into trouble, the Tribe pulls together and helps.

    I am hooked.

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