1. B

    New Color and Design

    Just wanted to say I really like the new color and design of the board! A nice change!
  2. Meatpie

    2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash photos

    The 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash occurred on 10 April 2010 when a Tupolev Tu-154M aircraft of the Polish Air Force crashed near the city of Smolensk, Russia, killing all 96 people on board. These included president Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria, former president Ryszard Kaczorowski...
  3. Choke_Me!

    Are There ANY Stranglers Here???

    love this board, but lately it seems to be nothing but victims :( I am one of those victims and if you haven't figured it out already, my neck needs to be squeeze nice and hard, for at least a couple hours... Is anyone interested?
  4. S

    Decapitation play

    I saw that guillotine boy had some videos where he roleplayed having someone messing with his feet and severed head (prop). Those are very hot, but I was wondering if anyone has done something like set up a pillory or maybe a table board set up as a "neck brace" or basically what amounts to the...
  5. W

    What's hotter? Execution, certain youl die, or execution and possibility you won't?

    A while ago I saw a post, either here or in another forum, about Russian Roulette. It could be a revolver or short drop where the noose might release your neck after a few seconds, or electric chair with full voltage or just a small voltage that you wouldn't detect for five seconds that it's...
  6. Meatpie

    Police find naked dead guy

  7. BondageFanatic

    Extremely well equipped dungeon in Sacramento

    Me and my partner enjoy capturing and torturing willing bondage masochists in our extremely well equipped dungeon in Sacramento, CA. Three room dungeon includes virtually every type of bondage furniture. Hoist; upside suspensions to my favorite, pulling arms up until you are dancing on your...
  8. phyzzique

    Handsome banker dies in skateboarding accident

    The banker João Luiz Pires de Almeida, 25, died on the morning of Wednesday (17), after an accident on Sunday (14) at the Prado, while trying to descend a slope on board the electric skateboard he possessed. João remained in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for four days after he suffered severe...
  9. C

    Hanging Scene from German Television Movie

    Hi all, I've been searching this for years, because this scene made me being interested in hangings: Scene starts at 15:10 Chuncino
  10. N

    Random Naked/Autopsy Dudes

    Had to search for these. Enjoy.
  11. Meatpie

    CDG is free and always will be

    Hi all, Due to persistent rumours that CDG is turning into a pay site we would like to announce that CDG is FREE and always will be. If you have problems logging in or get warning messages email Also make sure you are familiar with the FORUM RULES to avoid problems with...
  12. B

    Where has everyone gone?!?

    It seems the last week or so there has not been much traffic coming through the board...where is everyone?
  13. R

    Email removal

    I posted my private email on a thread. How can I get it removed?
  14. W

    Your favorite method of beheading?

    There's and earlier thread here, plus in lots of posts and in lots of forums and almost all guys into beheading have a strong preference for either the guillotine or the chopping block or the sword. Personally until I reached my teens and developed a muscular jock neck I was always was lying on...
  15. V

    I'm a deviant girl I guess--My full story of drugging my husband.

    I'm new here but figured I'd share HOW this started with my man, I've been asked in PM a couple times. It started innocently enough--my husband is very physical and he had hurt his back and gotten a couple pain killers while it healed. It wasn't real bad but just bad enough for him to go to the...
  16. W

    Guillotine Summer

    All of us in the CDG chapter of the Guillotine Fraternity have set our 2013 summer project. We all rent the perfect beach house. It’ll be like an orgy that summer with our libidos in high gear as we commence building the ultimate sex toy and imagining at the end of the summer how we’ll fulfill...
  17. Sharkbait

    Lifeguard Shark Attack

    It was training day on Bondi Beach. Hundreds of lifeguards gathered from all around Australia, mostly for a mass drinking session, but the big part of the day was the surf race. Each guard grabbed a board, and Tom Hogan was at the front of the pack. He ran towards the water, jumping into the...
  18. Choke_Me!


    Hey guy, alot of you have to be into choking people right? for me, being choked is all about the lack of control and the high that gets continuously better the more I get choked. If you think it's something you're interested in or something you might wanna try, please let me know! Most people...
  19. abusaid

    execution exconvict and his mother

    Assassins await LEAVING PRISON FOR shower him, YOUR MOM also dies in the shootout! A young man just out of prison was executed by gunmen while traveling in a taxi with his parents who had gone by the prison. The attack also killed his mother, while his father was unhurt The 25-year-old was...
  20. N

    Cute bara guro guys