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Oct 7, 2008
Hi all,

Due to persistent rumours that CDG is turning into a pay site we would like to announce that CDG is FREE and always will be.

If you have problems logging in or get warning messages email

Also make sure you are familiar with the FORUM RULES to avoid problems with your membership. We may not be able to help you or restore your membership if you break our TOS!

Pleading, begging, threats via email will not be tolerated.

Users who spread false rumours about the community on the internet will be lynched on the forum and are no longer considered friends of CDG.

You can go piss and moan about the site in our Flame/Hate section, don't do it in announcements.

Thank you!
So it's not just me? The CDG board goes totally inactive for me every now and then. Good to know its not just me, and that it will be here still!
it is Soooooo good to be back , I missed this site like you would not believe. Thanks
Users with low post count are definately getting locked out again enjoy your stay & post, we don't like lurkers!
Dear Sir: I joined the forum 48 hours ago but I cannot access to "My Profile". I got a message that I don't have enough privileges. Is this normal?
Well I'm very glad that CDG is back up and running. Thanks a ton Meatpie, this place is too full of interesting characters to do without. I'm also glad that I kept checking in even after the "Upgrade" notices were the only thing to see. I almost gave up.