Even days of spamming can't help Jo's new site


Staff member
Oct 7, 2008
JohannaXn is spamming the internet like crazy - via pm, IM on all major gore forums and via email as confirmed by the admins of other forums and by CDG users.

She hopes people will leave CDG and start posting on her latest forum.

Currently she hosts around ten different websties and this monster is never satisfied - opening new ones every few months.

What is truly sad is that the new gay necro forum has only 60 members after days of intense spamming and promotion.

CDG had 60+ on the day it went online, those who have been with the site from the start can confirm.

And her sad VD Forum has only 1,500 members and they have been online for several years.

People know what you are like Jo and just don't want to register - you can spam and troll all day and you will still end up with a dead forum because you sick, retarded lesbian.

You are so evil and cunning no one wants to be your friend. Only a dead girl's dry bone in your vagina can make you trully happy.

I am posting this not because I am interested in your sad life - I know enough but because naive dudes like SoldierTom keep fallling victims to your latest spam game.