1. Meatpie

    Pushing the boundaries of necrophilia - how do you have sex with dry bones?

    Former admin JohannaXn photographed himself "sucking" on a human skull. "I am a sucker for everything cute....corpses make my heart melt." That's the type of language former admin of Helena Ludvigsson used on his personal blog...
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    JohannaXn (Helena Ludvigsson) former owner of arrested in Sweden

    JohannaXn ran from this apartment building in Gothenburg, Sweden...which she turned into her own private morgue in 2011 JohannaXn former admin of real name Helena Ludvigsson has been arrested in Sweden after police found human corpses in her apartment. The...
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    Morgue Tour

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    Young Woman Attacked and Eaten by Polar Bear in Siberia

    residents managed to shoot the hungry animal but it was too late for the woman who was completely shredded by the bear's sharp teeth.
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    André Morais dead in bed ♥ PERFECTION LATINO ♥

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    2010 - Annus Horribilis?

    As the year draws to a close it's time to open our regula thread where users sharing their experiences during the year and discuss global events that are shaping our world. In my view 2010 has been just another annus horribilis, complete utter mayhem. Millions of people died, thousands in...
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    Cadmar's Forum Closes Down

    A message has popped up on cadmar's forum notifying users that "with the greatest of sadness we will be closing down". :retard: Oh man, where now for Opasan, Bachi, necrohomo and the others who hate CDG? Keep in touch via email? :aha: Today is the happiest day of my life, CDG will now reign...
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    Dark Stories Blog
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    More hot studs with crazy FEETS

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    Morgue Party Hot hanged guys in morgue. :hang: If you prefer DailyMotion or the Vimeo link doesn't work click the one below:
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    Young guys eating their feet

    I get rock stone cement hard when I see young guys who worship their feets - sucking their big toes, licking their soles or even better eating all the fingers. I can pass out with pleasure when a hairy fit guy let's me suck his toes. Unfortunately only a handful of the guys I've fucked let...
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    US Soldiers in Military Hospital

    Wounded in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. IRAQ
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    Free accounts for Viral Death Forum

    I am banned from JohannaXn's forum but I can make multiple accounts with a few clicks. I simply can't be banned. :aha: Their forum is full of dead girls pics, I know people who have been banned unfairly and I am ready to give them my account for free if you are interested in dead women of...
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    Lions attack and eat a naked dude alive in Zimbabwe

    HARARE - A lion mauled and killed a Zimbabwean man as he was taking a bath at a camping site in the northern Makuti district, the country's wildlife authority said on Thursday. "Peter John Evershed was on holiday with his wife and two local friends when he was attacked by a lion as he took...
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    I know why young fit guys are irresistible....

    One word - natural selection. Life on Earth has been evolving for millions of years, humans only appearead around 200,000 years ago. For 200,000 years they mated and the female preferred to get fucked by fit, strong healthy and handsome men. Undoubtedly there were ugly dudes, not fit, or...
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    White Socks and Sneakers

    Young man with white socks and sneakers inured in road accident in Mexico.
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    Autopsy on a Fat Lady

  18. Meatpie

    Obese Lady Gutted During Autopsy Procedure

    Notice the thick layer of yellow fat around her belly area.
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    Template Glitch

    Hi all, Some of you may have noticed that the board was unavailable for several hours yesterday and today, we experienced a serious glitch in forum templates that took several hours to fix. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Best, Cute Dead Guys Forum team
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    hahahaha - JohannaXn's stupid blog went down

    :wack: JohannaXn's stupid site which in her own view is "the best gore website in the world" went down today because it failed to handle heavy traffic related to the young man who commited suicide in Sweden. Johanna is from Sweden, she was online when the 21-year-old lost his life. She was...