1. Q

    (story) "Discount"

    Going to this gay bar, for the first time in my life, turned out to be a mistake. Yes, I felt alone in the new city, isolated and depressed, and wanted to see if someone would find me attractive - just to boost my ego. But, it has cost me. The bass was deafening, the lights were bright...
  2. Brian2012

    The Candy Man

    Chapter 1. Take a Chance Chance had always been a natural athlete, but wrestling was his true passion. He had been training for months, pushing his body to the limit in preparation for the big tournament. As he stepped onto the mat for his first match, he felt a wave of nervous excitement wash...
  3. Brian2012

    The Smiley Face Killers

    Chapter 1. The Killing Begins “She’s a beast. I’m looking forward to all this fun.” Harry joked as Bubba drove the brand-new RV into the car park. “Dang look at that thing.” Jeb exclaimed as the vehicle came to a stop as Bubba stepped outside. “Well, here she is guys. The new machine where...
  4. Meatpie

    ONGOING ARMED CONFLICT Russo-Ukrainian War Photo Collection

    14 JULY, 2014 Morgue in Donetsk. Civilians victims of the bombing of the Ukraine Army in the comunities of Maryanka and Krasnogorovka, south western regions of Donestk and its suburbs.
  5. A

    Sack of Rome

    On 6 May 1527, I, as advisor, physician, astrologer and mage to Charles III, Duke of Bourbon, made a prophecy after observing the heavens: I thought it would be inappropriate for the Duke to attack Rome today, and that although he could take Rome, the Duke's life would be in danger. The Duke, on...
  6. A

    Looking for a slave or lover who is willing to obey my commands completely

    I am looking for a clean and healthy, lean and handsome slave or lover under the age of 41 who is willing to obey all my commands, but of course if someone wants to be both, I am happy to do so. I would like to write a series of role-playing games to satisfy our desires, but I will always play...
  7. Brian2012

    The Photographer

    Chapter 1. More Fun When Dead Tim was one of the world’s most respected fitness and physique photographers. His work was well-liked and had been published in many publications. Shooting with Tim was seen as a badge of honor within the fitness world and unluck his competitors Tim shot anyone...
  8. Q

    [story] Pizza

    "Hi pizza delivery", I said into the intercom. The door buzzed, and I pushed my way into the hotel room. I walked past the shower door, into the spacious opening. Large room with a big bed, yellow lamp at the nightstand. Andrew (I assumed his name from receipt) was a man of a fairly imposing...
  9. Frazeeme


    :Christmas Tree::Christmas Tree::Christmas Tree::Christmas Tree::Christmas Tree::Christmas Tree: This was running through my head when I woke up this morning. :geek: :Christmas Tree::Christmas Tree::Christmas Tree::Christmas Tree::Christmas Tree::Christmas Tree: THE NECRO RHYME A is for...
  10. B

    23 year old tranny in the uk who'll play dead for you <3

    hey my names faye, im a 23 year old transgender girl and i wanna be the prettiest corpse there is ! im really into playing dead for other guys or girls or whatever. ive done it a few times before with people on here but its been quite a while since then now. i really really adore morgue...
  11. Frazeeme

    2 Ladroes Raped and Killed by Homeowner in House of Wonder

    Too good to be true! Amazing story with photos if you can make it through the ‘Googlese’ translation of the Portuguese. :rude_anal::fast anal::rude_anal::fast anal::rude_anal::fast anal::rude_anal::fast anal::rude_anal::fast anal::rude_anal::fast anal::rude_anal::fast anal::rude_anal::fast...
  12. Jeremygay

    Young victim for texting roleplay

    Hi all, I haven't taken the time to really introduce myself yet, so here we go! I am a young gay man from Switzerland. I am 24 years old and speak mainly French but also English. Since my adolescence I have been drawn to the morbid and the gory. And often, reading comics (Spiderman...
  13. Jeremygay

    Looking for hot texting roleplay

    im a swiss young victim looking for texting roleplay , involving my death. especially looking for kidnapping, rape, drugs, dismembering , butchering, canibalism , and necro . feel free to mail or skype me at this adress
  14. Jeremygay

    Pen pals roleplay on skype

    I’m a Swiss victim guy looking for text roleplay , into necro , canibalism, hanging or any other sorts of death , if you’re interested please write me or Skype me on the same address .
  15. Q

    [story] Dirt Nap

    I stood in the shower, looking down at water droplets running down my skin. Reasonably toned, considering the Covid quarantine. Pecs could be larger, though... I reached back and grabbed my buttcheek. Was it a nice buttcheek? Would a gay man want to grab a handful of that? Who knows, I'm not...
  16. ringworldintercom


    felt like sharing two of the cutest images that i treasure the most in my gallery ^___^
  17. enji17

    PERFECT NECRO I always Horny when watch it!! So enjoy It
  18. N

    Looking for a New Necro Buddy

    Hey guys I am looking for a VICTIM who is really into necro in the Washington DC/Central Virginia area. I would prefer a regular thing where the victim and I could meet maybe once a month for some necro time but a one-timer would be fine too. MY STATS Caucasian male, 30 years old, 5’11...

    Walter Strickler set

    If you want me to draw a person/character in the situation of your dreams, contact me via tumblr (link in bio)
  20. N

    A New Necro Buddy II

    Hey guys A few weeks ago, I posted the script of a necro scene icarus19 and I did in late October. I am adding a link to it for those of you who haven’t read it. We have come up with a second script for a new session we are planning...